Sunday, September 25, 2011

2nd BATXILLERAT - Sexist words or sexist speakers?

I took these word clouds from Crystal Smith's blog (you can read the full article here). They show words found in boy's and girl's toys. Font size means the frequency with which each word appears throughout a number of toy adverts.

Cloud A:

Cloud B:

Which one would you say describes a male stereotype? Which one a female stereotype? Why?
Now, read the article and say whether you agree with the author.

2nd BATXILLERAT - Are you bilingual?

Read this article about bilingualism written by Jessica Marshall. Then you can drop a comment considering the following questions:

Can the things the author says apply to our country?
Are you an example of any of the cases discussed in the article?
Are you bilingual or monolingual? Do you feel you have an advantage over the counterpart?

Remember that you don't have to answer the questions one by one. In fact, they are a guideline for your comment.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Get Back In Your Book

Image borrowed from Lit for Kids
There we go again. Get ready to get back in your book one more time. Forget about the new collectables they bomb us on the TV because a new year does not mean a new life. Enjoy, study, and learn as much as you can.