Monday, January 20, 2014

4th ESO - VOICEScomputer assisted task: Unit 4

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"It's all over honey. Now, I'm gonna be the happiest girl in the world."

Go to the VOICES  STUDENT'S WEBSITE, introduce your password and do these exercises:

GRAMMAR:Will and be going to
Be going to 1 & 2
Present continuous for future 1 & 2


Personal qualities

Voluntary work

Remember that you can use your book if you have any problems with the exercises. I'm sure you will find similar exercises there.

I will check your work on Wednesday, February 15th, 2011.

3rd ESO - Voices-3 Computer Assisted Task: Unit 6

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If you get up early, you'll see the sun rise.

Go to the Voices web site, introduce your password and do these exercises:

Prepositions of movement

Extreme adjectives
Will and might
Be going to 1
Be going to 2
First conditional 1
First conditional 2
First conditional 3

Galapagos Islands

I will check your work on Wednesday, February 10nd, 2014.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Here's a class activity I made to spend some sessions reading a beautiful poem by Margaret Atwood called You Begin.

Here you can see the presentation I prepared.

Here you can hear Margaret Atwood herself read the poem. You can use it to correct some of the exercises.