Saturday, October 17, 2009

Children See

Have a look at this video. You may like it. Your children see you, so teach the children well!


  1. I saw this video a few months ago and I think that is... real, sad, hard... The video explain what learn the kids with our actions and our behaviors. I like it, but it's hard, it's very hard. The world need one big change.

    Neus Camara
    2º BAT B

  2. The video is hard because children are innocent if you educate them wrong, but instead will go bad if you give them a good example will be good.

    Iker Lineo
    2º BAT A

  3. This video is very hard because explain the video childrens are see that her parents and they have see do the parents, and the finaly of video is the example an a correct behavior.

    Luis Ramirez
    2º BAT A

  4. Hi another time mister Lloberas!
    This video shows the cruel and real life of the children in this times. If we show to the children bad behavoirs they will repeat it now and in the future. It's our responsability to teach to the childhood correct behavoirs, and in this way they will become polite adults.

    Miguel Ángel Alejo Martínez
    2nd BAT A

  5. this video is very cruel. When I saw this video i felt embarrassed because I think that in the future, if my son was as the video's children.
    I will be the worst father in the history.

    aitor pozo cardenal
    2 bat a

  6. I like this video a lot because I think that is real! The children do that they see in the adults, and for this, is very important that the adults do a good things.
    At first, a person only has the information that he receives of his parents, and if the information is good, the children will do a good things, they will have a good habits, but if the children see, for example, that his father mistreat his mother, the children will think that mistreat the person is accepted for the society, because the figure of the father is of the person that all of he do is good.

    In my opinion, this video is great for thinking about the society.

    Marta Millón Cabrera, 2n Batxillerat A

  7. Hi Mr.Lloberas!

    I think that this video ir hard, but it's real.Children always make anything that see in his parents.
    In my opinion,the fault is the his parents. Because children are innocent, and his parents are adults already.

    I like this video. I agre with the opinion of Marta Millón.

    Ainhoa Lineo Hurtado
    2n BAT B

  8. This is a hard and a real video. He explains that the children see these parents and imitate them, especially the bad and harmful actions. In the end of the video, appears the violence, the abuse by the father and the child to the mother. I’m agree with the video, is a very serious theme and I think that the society have the obligation to educate well his children.
    It’s a good manner to reflect!

    Marina Lozano
    2 BAT B

  9. This video is very realistic. Adults have to be consious of their influence, because children take them as a model, so parents and all the society in general, have to act cosequently and try to do possitive things.

    Mireia Adell
    2BAT B

  10. This video is very good to demostrate the education that parents teach their children.
    Children imitate adults and if education is bad the child will follow the same steps in the future and teach the same thing to the next generations.
    the video seems like a good campaign for education.

    Maria Villena
    2Bat B

  11. Hello Lloberas!
    This video isn't beautiful, but it's the real life. If the parents do bad actions the children will imitate them, and they will grow up with bad habits and a bad education. We all have to change and not transmit bad mood to te children, becase children see, children do.
    good job with the videos!

    Alicia Herreros
    2n Bat B

  12. Hi!
    well, let's start, this video is very real and I liked because of that. The main topic is that what the little children see is what they do in his/her live as adults. It's very hard because of this, so what we have to do is to act always like we would like them to act in the future, though it's not always easy we have to try to achieve it!

    Bye!! Rocio Ortiz, 2 B

  13. Hello!!

    This video shows how the childrens are influenced by their parents. If they smoke, hit and and shout to the other people, throw away the garbage to the floor, etc, their childrens will do it too. They have to be a good example for them. It's very important that we stop the violence and the bad habits. In my opinion this is a good campaign to get it.

    byeeee !!

  14. Hello Mr. Lloberas!!

    I liked this video because it reflects reality. Parents need to know how to behave in front of their children because children do everything they see.

    Alba Ivorra
    2 Batx B.

  15. Hi Mr. Lloberas!
    I'm a person with a good education because my parents tell it to me, and I will be do the same in the future with my son's, cos I think that the education of the child's are good if the parents have the same good education, and this is important.
    The video mostrate the problem when the parents have bad education or bad habits.
    It's a good video, and mostrate material to think about it.
    See you in school!!!

    Andres Valencia
    2n Batx A

  16. Hi Agustí,

    This video is real, hard and cruel, but real in the end. The people who adopts incorrects behaviours in front of the children should think before act. Good video.

    Aitor Orias
    2nd BAT A

  17. Seeing childrens repeating this adults behaviours had make me think how violent is our society, and also how important is children education. In my opinion the last message is completely true, if we raise children in a violent environment the society of the future won't be paceful.

    Laura Calabuig
    2n bat B

  18. I saw this video a few months, it´s a video that reflective a part to reality, not all.
    It´s true that worries conducts in children impact in your future, but also it´s true that very people learning the errors to parents and reconstruction your life.
    In definitive, this video pretends that the children are happy and the parents aware of what they do.
    For a happy childhood!

    Pau Culillas
    2nd BAT B

  19. Hello Agusti,
    This is a hard video but this is reality, the children are the image of their parents, and the education is very important in the first years of age to the children.

    2 BAT B

  20. "Hi Agustí,
    This video is fascinating for his contains!This video was the first that I've seen and I recognise that it's reflect the reality, unfortunately..
    In this small video, we can see how the parents are, like it or not, an influence for their childrens, so it depends the future of childrens.
    If we try to be a good example, the children learning from us correctly and we'll be satisfed!"

    Alexandra March
    2n Bat. B

  21. Hi Agusti!

    This video shows that the children do that they see, they see us. For that we have to set a good example. It's a very good video!


    Raquel Garcia
    2 BAT A


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