Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hmmm, the Simpsons... they have always been there!


  1. I think that this mini-film is perfect to know and understand the history and the evolution of humans, of people... Is funny!

    lara baqués 2bat b

  2. Hello Mister Lloberas!
    I love this video because explain the evolution with simples examples and very famous characters, "the simpsons". It's great!

    Neus Camara
    2º BAT B

  3. I love this video because it's fun as explained through pictures and drawings of the simpson the evolution of man on earth.

    Iker Lineo
    2º BAT A

  4. This video are more interesting because expalin the evolution of man on earth in a way more fun. I love this video. That's a very interesting video.

    Luis Ramirez
    2º BAT A

  5. Hi mister Lloberas!
    Very funny video. I think that the evolution of the men will be explained better with things like this!
    I love this serie, I follow it since I was younger and I still laughing like the first day.

    Miguel Ángel Alejo Martínez
    2nd BAT A

  6. I love this video because is very original.This is other form for eplain the evolution is more funny and i think that this form is more entertaining and the young people will understand better.

    2ND BAT 1

  7. Hi Mr. Lloberas!

    I like much this video. Is nice and very funny. Explain the evolution with the simpsons, I lke this. Is interesting.

    Ainhoa Lineo Hurtado
    2n BAT B

  8. Hello mister Lloberas!
    This is a very interesting video, is one easy and direct manner to explain the evolution of the humans. He teaches, by the characters of “The Simpsons”, one funny form of understand the evolution. Is a good idea!

    Marina Lozano
    2 BAT B

  9. Hello!!

    I think that this video is a funny way to summarise the human evolution; but in my opinion, Homer is not the better example of human evolution because sometimes his acts are like the primates.

    Mireia Adell
    2Bat B

  10. Hello mister Lloberas!

    The video I like very much.The Simpsons is a very entertaining series and the process of evolution of man is very good at explaining to people who see it. I liked to have characterized as all the characters.

    Very good video!

    Maria Villena
    2Bat B

  11. Hello Agusti!
    I like this video because without words and only in 1 minute and 9 seconds it explains the evolution of humans. I also like The Simpsons and for that reason I find it a great video.
    See you toorrow.

    Alicia Herreros
    2n Bat B

  12. Hello Mr. Lloberas!!

    I like this video because it's funny and because I liked to see the evolution of humans with the characters of “The Simpsons”.

    Alba Ivorra
    2n Batx B.

  13. Hi Mr. Lloberas!!
    jajaja, the video is very interesting!! it's great to see with friends, and explain the process of evolution very... well? xD

    good video!

    Andres Valencia
    2n Batx A

  14. Agustí!

    The video is very good,I think that it is an entertaining way for explain the human evolution. In addition, I love The Simpsons because they represent the American life with a ironic and humorous form.

    Aitor Orias
    2nd BAT A

  15. Hi Agustí!

    This video is very original, because in a little time explains the evolution of an enterteining form.
    I love the Simpsons and this video isn´t an exception.


    David Escobairó

  16. I saw this video a few months. I love because the Simpsons are my favorite TV Program.
    Is a form to see the world. Although it´s fiction, for the children´s is the form to learn the history the form dynamic and can your types.
    This video you are to travel history, since primitives, until actuality.

    Pau Culillas
    2nd BAT.B

  17. Hello Agusti,
    Is very interesting how the video explain the evolution in a little time, and with the funny of the simpsons, good video!

    2 BAT B

  18. Hi Mr. Lloberas!!!
    I think that video is interesting but not totally complete because we cannot see seaweed, that is really important because they create the actually atmosphere. Equally the video is a good general idea about human evolution and is funny too! I recommend to everyone!!!

    Sabina Niubó
    2 bat A

  19. Hi Agustí,

    I look this video, and I recognise that it's very funny! this little video is a summary of the evolution and explaining a funny way by famous drawings; The Simpsons.
    So, I like this video.

    Alexandra March
    2n Bat. B


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