Friday, October 16, 2009

2nd BATXILLERAT: On the Importance of Sleep

Dear students,

Remember that you must sleep all night even during the rush of final exams. You can read this very interesting article at the Science in School website.

Just drop a comment. Say if you found the article interesting, if you agree with the author and how you feel when do don't sleep all night.


More: if you want to learn further on the topic click here or go to sleep.


  1. This text was really interesting. I always thought that sleeping was very important, but I didn't know why. And know I'll take care to study at nights, so while I'll be sleeping I'll be studing to!!
    And I now realize that it is true, because sometimes I have troubles that I can't solve, and I dream with the solutions!! The hardest part of this, is that sometimes I forget it... and I have to think it another time.
    In my opinion, this article do not solve a main question I have... Why do the time past so fast when we are sleeping?

    Gemma Verdú

  2. This article is very interesting. It talks for a basic necessity to persons, sleeping.
    Recently, in math of psychology, we have study the process of dreams, and I have expanded my knowledge.
    I´ m very interested in everything about the world of dreams and in relation to Gemma opinion, dreams can provide solutions to questions on real life problems.
    I agree with article, but I sleep very little and if I sleep a lot I´m tired.
    If I don´t sleep all night, I need to sleep but little.

  3. Hello Agusti,
    This text is really good because explain how important to our lives is sleep, if we don't sleep a determinate number of hours you can't to live good your life.

    2 BAT B

  4. In my opinion this article is very interesting becaus it explain the relation of sleep and learning. In the actual society, a lot of teenagers sleep few hours that we must sleep because we play in the coputer with friends, we see the TV series at night, or films, etc. And this text can make a explication of the school failure. If teenagers don't sleep at minimum of hours, the next day, at school, his minds aren't actives, with less memory and less receptives to the teacher's lesson.
    So, I think that it must educate, since childrens, to go to bed early and sleep the necessary hours for a better output.

    Marta Millón Cabrera. 2nd Batxillerat A

  5. All the thigs that are sayed in the article are so interesting and the final conclusion is quite logical. If you sleep well, you will have a good wake up. But there are more subjects to talk about. For example, students like me, like my class pals or like university students sometimes need to study a whole night for having the knowledge for pass the exams. We know that it's bad for our body, but if it's necessary, sleeping it's not a important thing, not only for having social night live. I think that now we are young and strong, and if we don't do it very often our body can bear this situation quite well.

    Miguel Ángel Alejo Martínez. 2nd BAT A

  6. Hi Agusti!

    I agree with the text.
    I tink that sleep is very important to perform on the day to day, and pamper the body. Because a person without sleep, is not a person. A person has to sleep at least 8 hours if sleep deprived, your body doesn't produce 100%.
    It's necessary to sleep.

    Ainhoa Lineo Hurtado
    2n Bat B

  7. I have found this article very interesting. We have recently study the importance and the stages of sleep and also what happend if we didn't do it enough hours in the subject of psicology, but the text says a lot of things I didn't know. One of those things is the tapping-finger experiment, it's very curious.

    Laura Calabuig
    2nd BAT B

  8. Hello Agusti!!

    I agree with the text because it is absolutely necessary to sleep properly every day because if you do not sleep or sleep very few hours during the day do not have power and those too tired.

    Where can I go to sleep early because later in the day, I feel much better.


    Alba Ivorra

  9. I think this text is really interesting.My mother told me many thing of those long time ago and I laught of he because I think that she only want that I went earlier to bed. But now, by the age and after read this article, I reconice sleep is very important for us, students or not student, sleep is necessary for have a good health (brain-body).
    I think too the 'experiments' are so interesting to do.

    My conclusion is: If you sleep more,you are better the next day!(and that is VERY importanta).


    Blanca Molina.
    2º Bat. B

  10. I like this text because I agree with most of the things that are said in this article.
    Not all the people need to sleep the same number of hours, but I'm of the ones who need to sleep a lot. During the years I've realised that I prefer to sleep that not to study for hours and don't relax, and this text says more or less the same. we need to sleep to take it easy most of the things.

    Alicia Hereros
    2º Bat B

  11. In my opinion this article is very interesting because it tell the importance of sleep. Do not sleep entails negative consequences, such as the aptitude to remember and learn. The advantage is that during the sleep improves the memory. In conclusion, the article advises us that we need sleep hours, because the society today, in particular the teenagers, do not sleep much, since they spend the hours watching TV or studying.

    Marina Lozano

  12. The article explains how important is sleep and I think that sleep is very important because all of us sometimes don’t do it or we sleep only few hours and then we are very tired, we can’t think well or we can’t pay attention because our brain isn’t totally active, and our body is tired too because our brain control it and it is a risk when we are driving or in a dangerous situation.
    It’s very interesting that our memory works when we sleep and maybe is for it that I study better at night. I think that phases of sleep are very interesting too and they can explain why we sometimes don’t remember our dreams and why some persons gets up in the middle of the night.

    Sabina Niubó Clavé

    2º bat A

  13. hello agusti!

    It's true that sleep is very important, since we were childrens parents take cure that we sleep all the hours that we need because is imporant, like the article says, for our learning. I have found this article so much intetresting.

    See you

    Alba Orellana 2n BAT B

  14. Hello Agusti:

    In this article there is revealed the importance that of sleep in our life, so much it is so there are departments of research relative to this topic in some Universities and Hospitals. I think that the sleep not only is important in the life of the human beings but in addition also it is in the life of the animals; so much it is so works realized with cats in the moment in which they were entering a phase of deep dream and, were woken up, repeatedly of form lengthened for some days it gave like proved the death of the felines.

    Sara González
    2ºBat A

  15. Hi Agusti!

    This article is very interesant. Now i learn a lot of things about the important of sleep and all things that affect in all our ways.
    Also i didn't know that not sleep had many bad consequences. It's a very good article!

    Good Bye!

    Raquel Garcia
    2 BAT A

  16. Hello Agustí,

    This article is very interesting, to sleep more important in our lives. If a person don't sleep sufficiently, his performance will be minor. Nevertheless, the society every day neglects more his dreams, for the TV, the friends, the computer... . In my opinion, every person shoud sleep the hours that his body needs.

    Albert Negrete
    2n Bat A

  17. hello!!
    This text explains the teal importance of be rested. There are some studies of the scientist that demonstrate that a people who has slept the necessary hours have a better performance. The person who doesn’t sleep too much makes more mistakes than the others. The action of sleep is not only for rest. When you’re sleeping you process all that you have learnt along the day. In conclusion, sleep is very important to learn and do the well.

    Carolina González
    2n Batx.B

  18. Hi Agustí!

    I thought that I just comment hear. I read the text once again and is very interesting. I agree with most of the things that say this article.

    Sleep is very important and people need it for fell well and be happy and healthy. Why? The body and the mind need a few hours for relax and they work calmer while we sleep. This text explain a lot of things that I didn't know. This "world" offer a lot of way.

    In conclusion, sleep is very necessary and is very important if you study anything.



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