Saturday, October 17, 2009

Black Hole

Have a look at this short film, you will certainly like it!



  1. This is the video I like the most.
    At the beginning had make me dream with the possibility of having one black hole and can have free chocolates, enter at a prohibit places and stole money with a very little risk of being catch, and at the end had make me laugh.

  2. I want one of this black holes!! It's a very funny and peculiar video because I had never seen this in any science video or film. I also liked it because of the boy, his faces were hilariuous!!! But what i liked the most it's the surprising end,I would not like to be in his shoes...

  3. Hi Agustí!

    I think that this video is entertained and originally, and I believe that the people in his situation would do the same.
    In my opinion this video is very well thinked.


    David Escobairó

  4. This video starts when a man (an administration worker) realized a copy in photocopying.
    The man seemed tired and he was nervous.
    When the copy out to the photocopying, he looked that had a hole, but thought that had ink.
    When he looked that pierced objects he hallucinate and went to the eat machine to steal, and he went to the cash to steal money and he was trapped.
    The video it´s very fantastic because the bitter man demonstrates that wants to steal .
    This video content a error, if paper can pierced objects, why the hand to man not pierced the paper and appears behind.

    Pau Culillas
    2nd BAT. B

  5. Hello Agusti,
    This video is interesting, and explain that a man have a black hole in a piece of paper and try to steal the money of the box.

    2 BAT B

  6. This video is very funny and had make me laugh a lot because shows the human essence, we first have curiosity, then we think how we can use it and usually we use for our own benefit. In the video the man does it and at the end it become against him. The human greed is like this. I love this video, it is absolutely the best of three videos!!!

    Sabina Niubó
    2 bat A

  7. Hi Agustí.
    This video is funny and interesting. Funny because the men can obtain all that wants (chocolate, money...), and interesting because his greed causes him the ruin.

    Albert Negrete
    2ºBAT A

  8. The subject of the film is a avaricious man.
    I like this project, it's reflect the reality because the people are very avaricious and they move for the money, a lot of money! if they have money, they will like more money.. it's not good.

    fantastic video, teacher!

    Alexandra March
    2n Bat.B


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