Friday, December 9, 2011

2nd BATXILLERAT - "Merchant of Venice" - Reading and film

We are going to read William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice in the abridged version retold by Victoria Spence published in BlackCat-VicensVives (ISBN 978-88-530-0315-7)

The reading plan is:

Jan 11th/12th - Chapter 1
Jan 18th/19th - Chapters 2-3
Jan 25th/26th - Chapters 4-5
Feb 1nd/2rd - Chapters 6-7
Feb 8th/9th - Chapters 8-9
Feb 15th/16th - chapter 10 and exit test
Jan 22/23th - Internet projects 1 and 2.

Here's a trailer of one of the 2004 movie version of Merchant of Venice.

You can download the Reading Circles (issued by Oxford University Press) sample workseets here.


  1. this video is wonderful, very faithful with the history

  2. Gemma verdu

    I think that this story is very nice, but anyway I would like to read Romeo and Julieta or maybe Hamlet... but I like the book and the story!

    (sorry for posting such late, I must admit that I thought that I had to write just one comment.)

  3. I like this film! I watched this for some years.. I don't remember the all film but the book reminds me.

    Alexandra March
    2n Bat.B


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