Saturday, December 5, 2009

2nd BATXILLERAT - On the Importance of Speaking

Dear students. Here's a very interesting article that I was e-mailed a few days ago from a teaching organisation called Scientific Learning. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Click here to read the article.

When you read it you can post your comments by telling your opinion about the theory discussed in the article.

By the way, there are some children in the picture: can you connect them with any of the stories in the article?


  1. The text is aboute the importance of image of parents for her childrens. When I read this article, I have remember the video where the childrens does what the adults does. This article is the same. In front of the same situation, the children will learn a one kind of sentiment or another depending the reaction of his parents in this case. The first children is happy and smiled because his mother is happy too, but the second children is furious and frustrate because his mother not pay attention to his cryes.

    Marta Millón Cabrera. 2nd Batxillerat A

  2. I'm agree with Marta. From my point of view children are the most important in the worl, because they are the futur and all these depends of their elections.
    Like the video, this article says that children copi adults, they are the influence.
    I think that, if we need to change the futur of the world, we need to change these influence, or, we need to change the people.

    All mothers must be like Jane!


  3. The final conclusion is so interesting. The childhood it's an important age because the kid try to copy the way of adult's doing, and a very important part of his psychological growing depend on the behaviours he see in his parents. But not only the way of doing it's important. If the parents talk with their child with a sweet voice and without shouting or saying incorrect words, the kid will grow up happier and less stressed like a kid that hear always nervous adults shouting or argueing. We have to think it very calmly because the future hapiness of our kids will depend on the world we show to it, and which is more important, the way we show to it these world.

    Miguel Ángel Alejo Martínez. 2nd BAT A

  4. The text is about the influence of the parents with her childrens. And the attention. Because, Carol, the first parent, not demonstrate attention with her son. And she's furious.
    Instead, the Jane, the other parent, she's happy and her children is happy too.
    Children learn from their parents.

    I agree with the text, and with Lara too.

    Ainhoa Lineo Hurtado. 2n BAT B

  5. This text explains the importace of language and also the text says that parents have to be conscious wich the use of the language and wich their behaviour, because children leard from what they see and their parets are the biggest reference.

  6. Hi agustí! I think that this text is very interest because many times, the parents don't have a good behavior, and this is a influence for his sons because they learn of his parents. For this, all parents when they have a child, they must be careful how to express themselves, because the children understand the things that happen around him.
    When you are parent, you must speak good, with a correct words.

    Good Bye Agustí!!!
    Remember that tomorrow is my birthday!!! ^^
    See you!

    David Escobairó 2Bat.A

  7. Hello Agustí!

    This text shows us a reality through a daily scene, he explain the responsability that parents have whith the language that they use, because he will afffect in the future of their children.The article give us two examples:Jane’s mother show the right attitude when the car spatters they in the street, but the other mother gets angry in the same circumstance, and not pay attention to the cryes of his children. In conclusión, we must set example to the childrens by the language, because they are the future.

    Marina Lozano

  8. From my point of view this texts shows two different but real tipes of education to the little childrens. As we all can see, the perfect situation would be that were the mother is caring and tries to educate her children from the base, the first scenario, where mum and child enjoys being together. On the other hand, we can see the scenario two, where the mother doesn't care about her baby and is more worried about the mobile phone.
    My opinion is that everyone should be like the first mother in order to show the best values to our children.

  9. The text speaks about the importance of the education of parents to their childrens. According to education of children receive they react front of differents stimulus.
    The comunication of the parents with their childrens are very important about their behaviour.

    Álvaro Sánchez Pradas.
    2 BAT "B"

  10. In my opinion the text explains perfectly the two main ways to see the live: the mum in the first scenario laught at adversity and the mum in the second scenario gets angry. This article shows us that if parents are positive and take care of their toddlers, will theach them a lot of things as for example words or how to behave and face situations. But if parents didn't care and the only feeling they show is frustation childs will learn and repeat it.

    Laura Calabuig
    2nd BAT B

  11. Hello Agusti!!

    This text explains the importance of language in our lives, is very important that parents are aware of how they speak and behave because children learn from them and do everything they see.


    Alba Ivorra Condud.

  12. Hello Agustí!

    [Oh my God! Is the 3 time that I write this comment because when I finish or I write two paragraphs my computer wants be another thing and changes the page, deletes the text, it turns off...]

    Ok. I read all comments after I read the text and each and every one are true. The children education, the language, the situations, the relations with the parents, the reactions, the comprehension, the influences on childhood… My TR investigated about this and how changes children and their futures. A bad childhood can create a lot of problems and the guiltiest are the parents, and after the society and the social environment.
    The text uses two examples for show how change the same situation with different reactions. In situation 1, the mom “Jane” calms her son and laughs with him, the child feels better and smiles. He is happy because all is right, her mother controls the situation. The situation 2 is very different, Carol drives her auto and phone someone because he need some information, the event disturb her and she feels very nervous, she shouts and doesn’t calm her son. The child cries and feels fear, what happen? He is worried and frustrate because his mother is angry, something is wrong, her mother doesn’t control the situation.

    In conclusion ours reactions and ours acts always have an influence on our life. The children are the future and we must be responsible and efficient because they need us.

    The world needs a change. Children deserve a better world!

    Neus Cámara
    2º BAT B

  13. The article tell us about the importance of learning. when we are children our first contact with the world are our parents, and they have to introduce us to the world, teaching us. they have to do that activity with dedication and caring about their children. all the parents must be like Jane, teaching her child with patience and good humor. children must een teached in the correct way.
    children are the future.

    Alicia Herreros
    2º Bat B

  14. hello!
    The text talks about education with children receive in the first years of life. In my opinion in these years must be careful with verbal and non-verbal language we use in front of them because they can interpret things from different points of view which then affect them in the future.The first mother teaches her child not to be afraid of different things,has a positive reaction and the child smiles because he has seen something new. But the second mother, Carol, transmitted to her child insecurity and angry, and the child does not learn that this is natural and not have to worry about it.
    In my view the parents would have to do more in the attitude they have in front of their children.

    Maria Villena
    2n Bat.B

  15. Hi Agusti,

    This text of "on the important of speaking" it's very interesting for a lot of motives.
    Firstly, because the text explains the importance of parents in children's education. When they're
    young, parents are who have the absolutly responsibility with him (in the all aspects)
    in the other hand, we can observe that the childrens are, sometimes, very similar with his parents..
    It depends on the parents to child growth. If, as in example 2, the mother was very nervous woman, she sent her son to be wrong, however if a woman is funny (in the example 1)and patient (and so on) your child will like it and not be nervous.

    Alexandra March
    2n Bat B

  16. Hello Agusti,

    This text is about of importance parents upon in his sons. In first example, the mother, Carol, wasn't attent in his son. And she is angry.
    Instead, the Jane, the other mother is happy and her sons are happy too.

    This happens because the sons always are fixing in his parents. The parents who give a good education for his sons will have good sons.

    Iker Lineo Hurtado
    2º Bat A

  17. my point of view is that the children are the future.
    If we wants change the world we should be a good influence. Because the children copy adults and i want that my future sons saw the best possible world.

    aitor pozo cardenal 2 bat A

  18. Hi Agustí!

    In my opinion, this text speaks about the importance of the parents in their children education. They have an essential role in their young lives. The text told us that the child’s also learn like the parents, and their reactions depend of the parent’s reaction.
    We can see that in the first scenario, when the son laughs like his mother, unlike the second who cries while his mother is completely angry.
    I agree with all the comments that I read before giving my opinion, especially with Iker Lineo, who said that The parents who give a good education for his sons will have good sons.

    Oscar Miño Peralta 2nd Bat B

  19. The text is about how learn the little kids. Learn is a process that begins when we born and it takes all our life, but is true that in our firsts months of life we learn more and faster than the rest of it. At that time our reference about the world is our parents because they are the persons who are more with us and they should teach us about the world and their rules.
    All parents in the world are different and their character too, but they should thing that when they teach a little kid they are forming the character of the kid and if the parents are happy, patient and responsible their son will be happier that if they aren’t, and most important of that if they teach well their son he grows up confident and can interaction better with the world.
    I think that the environment of a child is very important for his growth and for this I think that Jane get it right. Is important pay attention of the cries of a baby because is his form to communicate that something is wrong and Carol don’t do it.

    Sabina Niubó Clavé

    2º bat A

  20. Hello !!

    This text shows us the real importance of be communicated with the children when they are little, because it is the age when they begin to associate sounds with objects and learn basic things. In this age is important that parents have a union between their sons. This is demonstrated in the 2 situation that the text shows. In the first situation Jane smile to her son when the loud siren screams and when a puddle spray they two. It produces that the child smiles too. On the other hand, Carol acts with fury and frustration and the child begins to cry.

    Carolina González
    2n Batx. B

    byee :)

  21. hi Agusti!

    The article is so interesting because is telleing us the importance of learning.The first contact that we have with the wrold are our parents, for childrens parents are in the first stages of their life like a mirror,they always try to do the same as they parents does, so it's very important the way of how they teach you, the way how they talk with you for the future of the children.

    Alba Orellana 2n BAT B

  22. After reading the text. I understood the importance of speaking. The adults behavior can alter the knowledge of children in situations, for example, that adults always should act with good acts in front of children, especially babies.
    Children always do the same as adults. And is the responsibility of adults to be patient forever.

    Aitor Orias 2BAT A

  23. Hi Agusti:

    I think that the article clearly shows that adults are always the role model for children and adolescents, so everything that the adults should do will be imitated by the children, creating a pattern of conduct that will last normally for all his life and also establish a model for later generations.
    The language, values, love, ... will be the basis for knowing what kind of adult will become.

    Sara González
    2ºBat A

  24. Hi Agustí!
    In my opinion, this text speaks about the importance of the parents in their children education. They have an essential role in their young lives. The text told us that the child’s also learn like the parents, and their reactions depend of the parent’s reaction.
    We can see that in the first scenario, when the son laughs like his mother, unlike the second who cries while his mother is completely angry.
    I agree with all the comments that I read before giving my opinion, especially with Iker Lineo, who said that The parents who give a good education for his sons will have good sons.

    Oscar Miño

  25. In this text I think that attempts to explain two ways as we can express with the babies when they are small and have an open world to know.

    In the 2 examples we can see how as they should learn and the other what not to do so that the child can learn, and I think it is a good example for us to learn from such situations and to learn from them in the future.

    This text is an example and I quite like

    Thanks Mister Lloberas

    Luis Ramirez Carmona 2n Batx A

  26. Hello Agustí!:)

    I agree with Oscar, for the next sentence that he said: " the parents who give a good education for his sons will have good sons"

    I believe that the children are how a sponge, since to absorb and to learn everything what his parents do.

    Jose Ruiz Guerrero.

  27. Hello!
    When i read this article i remembered the other video about that parents have to be a good example for his soons, and I think that this video is connected with that article.

    The children are the future of our society and for that of my point of view, the children should to have a good education. Also they should feel our love and our sensibility.


    Raquel Garcia
    2 BAT A

  28. Hi Agustí,

    This text show us the importance that it have the comunication and the relation that we must have with the children. In my opinion, the fisrt situation is better, because the son learns things with a smile, and I surely that this is the best way for the learning of the child.

    Albert Negrete
    2n Bat A


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