Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2nd BATXILLERAT - Edward Gorey

Here's one of my latest findings. Believe me, as a book illustrator, Edward Gorey was a great artist. You can find out more about him at the Edward Gorey House.

The Gashlycrump Tinies is the first book I saw. A dark morality alphabet. Every letter is illustrated by a child's misfortune.

Now, watch the presentation below. Your comment this time must have two parts:
1. General comment. Did you like the presentation?
2. Discuss two of the stories. One must be the most beautiful and the other must be the saddest.


  1. Hi mister Lloberas:
    In my opinion there are very sadistic and sad histories, and I feel worse if I think that this things happen to some real kids. That are situations that a child don't have to live, and that won't happen if there was an adult that takes care of child, and that's the problem, that a lot of childs don't have a familiar near.
    I think that a history where a kid dies or takes hurt couldn't be a beautiful history,and that's why I won't discuss any of them in this part. For me the saddest history is the last one. A kid have a bad final because he drunk too much. A kid musn't drink alcohol, and if he can do it that's why there is an irresponsable adult that have this alcohol at home and don't control that the kid leave it alone, and for me is the saddest history because the child teorically have somewho for take care of him but he don't do this.

  2. I’m very sorry Agustí but I hate this presentation, it puts me in a bad mood. I don’t like the illustration and neither do the stories.
    As I have already said, I didn’t find funny any of this stories, so I’m going to discuss two of them. One of the most sadistic stories, in my opinion, is that where a girl was struck with an axe, I have felt myself the pain. The cries of the girl who was consumed by a fire are also very disturbing.
    I prefer not to see this video never again, is worse than a video about the real live, because for me it’s free violence that doesn’t took us anywhere. Maybe I have not understood the sense of this video, Has it a vindicate intention? I don’t know why but it got me nervous.

    Laura Calabuig 2nd B

  3. Hi Mr. Lloberas!
    Well, I like this video, because the pictures are beautiful and because i remembered the style of Tim Burton, one of my idols.
    But I recognize thar it's very sadistic and, some stories feel me bad. For example the child who are burns in fire or the chil who was devorate by cockroach, they are a sad stories.
    But you can see the videos of two forms. In one hand you can see it as if it was a free violence, a real stories, and on the other hand you can see it as if it was a parody of the death.

    2nd BAT A

  4. Agusti, you're a sadic men!!!!!! :S I didn't like at all!! I think this is the worst in the world...
    So I can't say you that I like any because it'll be a lie. But if I must chose 2 I chose:
    -The Ernest history because if I will stay with him now I could save his live!!!with the maniobra the helmich o helvich xD
    -And the other is Rhoda history I disgusting so much because I didn't laught with no one.

    Agusti, do you like this history?Any of this?



  5. Hi Agustí!
    In my opinion, this presentation is very sad and I don't like it, because is disagreeable see as a children die. I don't like the topic and some stories feel me bad.
    I can't choose one beautiful scene because I don't like anyone. I discuss the saddest for me: when one child is in a boat, falls into the water and dies. The childrens must always be accompanied by an adult, although now there are incidents like these.

    Marina lozano
    2nd Bat B

  6. Hi Agustí!
    I don't understand why you have put these in your blog. The pictures aren't beautiful or artístic, and, the little film is very bad. Now, I'm in my home and is rainning and shooting; these and the little film have done put me very scared....
    With the stories, I'm agree with Laura.I think that the cries of the consumed fire girl are horribles!!!! In my opinion these in the most sadist story. Other... The girl that was played near the lake, and fell into the water...
    From my point of view, these children death because haven't got and adult near...

    See you soon...


  7. I'm agree with Laura and Lara. This video I did not like anything ... has given me very sad when I saw that all children in the video coming out one way or another ended up dying. Especially given that I was very sorry for the boy who fell from the stairs or even the girl who was burned or that he fell on an ax, the truth is he has made me a little nervous. I do not know if the video has some meaning but I have not understood.


    Alba Ivorra Condud 2n BTX B

  8. hi agusti!
    let's start, I think that this presentation is the worst thing I've ever watch related by children. I don't understand why the illustrator did those paintings unless he was a mad person, because a normal person could never imagine those terrible things for children. I'm thinking whether each ilustration has a double secret meaning related with the dnager of live of something like this.
    I dont't find any of those ilustrations beautiful because, as Laura said, it's free violence that don't take us anywhere. The saddest, and it's difficult to choose, could be hector who is kidnapped because is one of the most propably to happend in the real live.
    To sum up, I hope you never put this video again without explaining it previously. In my opinion, it's a very bad video.
    Rocio Ortiz

  9. Hello Agusti!

    This video I did not understand very well, but from my point of view to it reflects the fears and traumas that people have from a young age or the fear of death is manifest.Or also the different fears that exist in society.
    This video I did not like, neither images or voices used for children.
    The most horrible history is the history of Kate and I did not like any of the other stories, I also like other reviews have said violence by violence.


  10. Hi Mr. Lloberas!
    jajaja, sorry, but the video make me laugh, is very original, and express the principal death causes of the child's... Well, not ALL the causes are really happens today in the society, like "Basil assaulted by bears" (my favourite), but the more real is "Hector done in by a thug"(is the saddest part), because a very high number of kids are kidnapped actually.
    I think that is very funny, but reflects sad feelings.

    See you Mr!!!

    Andrés Valencia
    2 BATX A

  11. Hi Agustí

    I have seen the video and I think that Tim Burton is based in Edward Corey because they have the same black humor.

    I wanted information of this author and I saw this: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlVwTK2thkQ&feature=player_embedded) that is a interesting video where we can see people that love the drawings of Edward Corey, we can see her home, listen to her manager and see part of her works.

    I like this movie, it is a little diabolic but this make you laugh.
    Is very difficult choose the most beautiful because all pictures I seem equally tragic, but if I must choose, I choose the picture “T “, because in my opinion is the least painful.

    And the saddest is: “I” because he died in a lake and this is a very bad die.

    See you!

  12. hello Agusti !!
    the other day in class the people spoke about that video, but it's worse than the one I imagined. i don't like it, i find the pictures very sad and the histories horrible. like Marta has said, it remainds me to Tim Burton, in special to the characters of The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    you have said that we have to choose the most beautiful, but I can't understand what you mean by "beautiful" because for me all are horrible. so, I will choose two very sad an desgusting. one is the one that the girl is burnt and she is still alive, and the other is the boy who is eaten by mises. i hate his two.
    please Agusti the next time broadcast more enjoyale and funy videos, like the Homer's one.

    see you tomorrow!

    Alicia Herreros Carmona 2º bat. B

  13. Agustí,in my opinion, this presentation it's very sad!! I don't like Agusti, I'm sorry. In this "story" only there is death and horror scenes.
    Every time it went past the movie, the scenes were more bloody. The characters often screamed a lot and I have a sensation very sad.
    In conclusion, I think that I don't understand this film. ¿This movie has any meaning, Agustí?

    See you!

    Alexandra March
    2n Bat.B

  14. Hi Agusti!

    Like a lot of classmates comment on class I find this video disagreeable. The pictures shows a very poor children. From my point of view the pictures are good because only with them you can feel what happens to the children, so that means that are very good drawings, but the content of the video is very awful. I didn't like any story so I don't find any of them beautiful. The story that made more impression and I find sad it's the story of kate that was stuck with an axe.

    Alba Orellana
    2n BAT B

  15. Hello Agusti!

    I'm sorry, but I don't like this video. And none story is funny, is a sarcastic video. Then, explain two stories that I don't like. One, is a girl when was burned, because is hard. And the other story when the child is in the snow, and cuts off an ax, because is very very sarcastic.
    Also, I don't understand why doing this video.

    See you soon

    Bye agustii

    Ainhoa Lineo Hurtado
    2n bat B

  16. Agusti! but, damn it! why did you put this awful video on your blog? It's the most disgusting thing I ever seen, even more than SAW! unless in saw there are some scences empties of horror and disgusting things...
    I TOTALY agree with Laura's comment.
    I can't tell you which one i would choose JUST IN CASE i'd like some one. I think that this video is too weird, I didn't like it, because of screams and Kids crying. Neither the drawing is good, and i'm sure yo did'nt choose this video because of the painting...

    Well, as I already said, I didn't like the video, so i'm going to comment 2 stories I found very sad: first, that one with a girl that dies with an ax, because i felt really disgusted when the blood has just start rolling on my screen.... And that one of the girl that gets burned.


  17. Hi Agustí !

    This video is sadistic! I don't know in that Edwuard Gorey was thinking in to do this, but I hope that he doesn't have children... hahaha. Sincerely, I'm surprised about some deaths because are very heavys!

    In my opinion, the worst story is the K. I've tried to imagine the situations of all stories as if I would be the protagonist, and I've concluded that to be killed for an axe is very distressing.

    The other story is the F. There isn't beautiful, but is the only death that is funny for me...is very pathetic to be killed by a leech.

    I hope that the next video or text can be more cheerful!

    See you

    Albert Negrete
    2nd Bat A

  18. Hi Agusti! I don't like this type of video and I don't know what's the meaning that you want to transmit. The video is very sadistic and desgusting, so I thhink like the majority. If I have to choose two stories to comment, I choose the Ina's story because she fall in the lake and she doesn't make as hurt as the others, and the second is Kate's story because it's very sadistic and very cruel.

    Ana González

  19. hello Agusti!

    I do not like anything the video because she makes me bad, seeing this video I have thought or everything what it at the moment happens in the world and all the children who die without being guilty. I do not like any history, but the one that I like less it is the history of a burned boy. But also I must add that the drawings are very original and I like it.

    Mireia Adell

  20. Hello Agustí;
    I don't like this video because the scenes are very dramatic and many of them occur daily, but it is also true that when a person writes a book has several purposes, one is to translate an experience so that others may know and not make the same mistake, an example is the girl who is kidnapped by bringing a stranger-is, so the author seeks the maximum violence or aggression to instill fear and prevent other persons.

    The story that I disliked was the child who is choking, as if death is a very common and that people are going in case of emergency it is difficult to help if much time has passed.
    The one I liked or the less dramatic was the Z, since it is an impossible case, drinking and the head falls off.

    Pau Culilas
    2nd BACH. B

  21. Agusti,in my opinion,this is a sadistic video, some many of chapters are very cruel,but others are funny,for example,the chapter of bears are some funny,I like it.
    Also,I think of this artist there are interesting their paintings. They have something which make very interesting pictures.
    This video is very sadic,but you can see some interesting things.

  22. Hello! :)

    Is really fantastic! Oh yes, ok, it's horrible and very cruel but it's funny too. This video is quite alike to Tim Burton because the draws are very similar, and is quite alike to Happy Three Friends because is very cruel and funny too.

    What is the most beautiful? Really these stories aren't beautiful, but if I must choose one, the funniest are Basil that he’s assaulted by two bears, Leo and his WC assassin and Clara that she’s wasted away, is really funny when his head fall. The saddest are Kate, Xerxes devoured by mice and Zillam that she drinks a lot.

    Is really good! I choose them in my favourites at youtube.
    Thanks for video! Bye!

    Neus Camara
    2º BAT B

  23. Hello, after of I see the video sequences. I think that dislike this video for different reasons ,I don't mean that don't like the black humour if not the stupid voices when the child’s die, it seems AAAAGGGHHH!!!! also the black and white video, it could be better in colour and finally, in the video has got deaths without sense of the funny.

    There are vicious death.I've liked for example the child falls into the chair and burst the head and appear blood or the axe that break for the half the body of a child.
    I for my the worst death is N,Q,Y,Z

  24. Hi Agusti!
    I agree with my mates I don't like this video at all!! The style is very bad and I gives thancks for it becase it will be more bad for our sensibility if it was more good draw!
    Is very bad black humor because isn't funny in any moment for me, maybe because explains absurd ways to die and the persons who die are only little childrens.
    I disagree with david when he says that Gorey has the same humor as Tim Burton, is true that they two are gothics and draw about death, but I think Burton search the humor in it and he includes it in the story don't separate it. Gorey is more sadistic because the effect of isolate the different deaths and draw all followed and in black and white is more dramatic the same as sounds because childrens only sing happily before death and play sounds when die and all of them dies alone.
    The story I like most is the kidnapping because you can think that little children don't death and anyone make money with his organs.
    The worst story is the burned boy or the girl who was struck with an axe because if I can choose the way I die definitively I don't want to die like this.
    From my point of view this video teach us that death is very absurd, easy and we are nothing for nature.
    This makes me think of the phrase we are dust and to dust we shall become. So sad think.

    Sabina Niubó
    2 bat A

  25. Hello Agustí ! :)

    In my opinion the video is sadistic, but at times I found it funny.

    If I have to choose a history "beautiful", or I think the funniest, would choose the Basil, because it's funny as the bear hits the child and then held with another bear.

    And the saddest story would Rhoda, because it is very bad burn while you're alive.

    And another thing, I think this video is a good way to learn the alphabet! :)

    Jose Ruiz Guerrero
    2 Bat. B

  26. Hi Agustí!

    What a strange video! I have to say that it doesn’t make me laugh at the beginning, but there are some really nice histories!! I know that this is a sadistic video, but I also know that it’s not true. I don’t know what is the objective of this presentation; if is only a funny video with no objective or a sadistic video with a didactic purpose. Right, I will perceive him just like a funny video without sense.
    I will choose the scene with the letter L of Leo, who swallowed some tacks, because it’s completely absurd! I like the absurd things that happen in the films or in this kind of videos. But I also love the letter T of Titus, who flew into bits, a curious child… that happens by snoop!
    Well, in my opinion, the worse situation is the letter E of Ernest who choked on a peach, because I think that this could happens and it makes me feel bad…

    Nice video Agustí! Always surprising!

    Òscar Miño 2nd B

  27. Hi Agustí!

    The presentation of this story is very sadistic, sad and scary. But there are scenes that have made me laugh. i do not know Edward Gorey, I hope that their works have the aim of making us laugh, because with me he has. However, some of my classmates did not like.

    In my opinion, in this story there is no beautiful scene, but there are some scenes that made me laugh, one of them has been the C is for Clara whowasted away.

    Ángel Sánchez
    2nd Bat. A

  28. Dear students, I have seen that many of you think that this books illustrations and stories are sadistic. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the adjective SADISTIC derives from the noun SADIST which is defined as "a person who gets pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, from hurting other people".

    I wouldn't say that the author's intention was that of having or getting sexual pleasure from the stories he told in his book. Maybe what many of you meant is that the book is MACABRE which, accordin to the same dictionary, referts to something "unpleasant and strange because connected with death and frightening things".

    Nevertheless, I must say that I amb very pleased with your opinions and comments.

  29. Hi Mr.Lloberas!
    So after have seen the video I think that we don't like for scenes of crimes. And in my opinion you see the art that have this video and we only see the wrong. The video that I like much is the James who took lye by mistake because makes me laugh but all the videos are very good. On the other hand, the video that I don't like is the Clara who wasted away because she only died with cough.
    Well it's all.

    Iker Lineo 2ºBAT A

  30. Hi Agusti

    Agusti I think these shorts are quite violent and I agree with the vast majority of my classmates because the images we have seen are all sad, the great majority explains a horrible death by the boy or girl and in part the sequences are very sadistic for my taste and that's not what I refer to has commented on the definition of a sadist, but the images deal for themselves.

    If I have choose one I have liked and is the only one I've seen that is not as sadistic is the letter "P is for Prue Trampled flat in a brawl", is the most fun encounter, and the truth would not know which take as more sad because there are several that would like more sad.


    Luis Ramirez

    2n Batx. A

  31. hahahahaha what a estrange video!! why it's only children dying? see how dies a children is macabre, and we are not used to see it kind of scenes! some of them are very stupid ways of die and others very cruel, like the children who is died by a lot of children running on he.

    I can only say that it's estrange.

  32. Hi Agustí:

    I'm sorry but I found the presentation really horrible, I hadn't seen nothing of Edward Gorey, I'm agree with Marta because it reminds me of Tim Burton films, it is probably because such drawings have become very fashionable.
    Under the guise of making the presentation of the alphabet with the names of different children have searched for stories that end, in all cases, with the death of them all.
    The story that I liked is the Victor who is to squash under a train (two times). The video that I don't like is the Amy who fell down the stairs because I think that could happen to anyone.

    Sara González
    2º BAT A

  33. Hi Agusti!
    I don't like this video. it's horrible see how the children die... And as people has said it's similar at Tim Burton and i dont like it too.
    For me the worsts shorts are the boy who falls at the top of the stool and the girl whos is attacked by an axe. And the less horrible and more funny the second short taht appears two bears with a boy.
    But if you see this video of the other point of view is a way to learn the alphabet like says Jose jaja

    See you!

    Raquel Garcia
    2 Bat A

  34. Hellooooooo Agusti!

    I think that this video is a little strange. I wouldn’t like to learn the alphabet with these sad and ugly histories, but some of them have a little part of funny. Some of the deaths are absurd, I don’t really think that a kid can die under a rug, it doesn’t have sense.
    In my point of view there isn’t any beautiful history, but I have laugh when the bowl swallowed Leo. It is a curious way of die.
    I think that the worst is the Kate’s death, which is struck with an axe. I don’t like the image that the axe bit her a lot of times, it is really disagreeable.
    To sum up, maybe it is not a beautiful video, but I think that it is original.

    byeee :)

    Carolina González 2n Batx B


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