Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stop motion project

See some examples of "Stop motion" animation. The sensation of movement is achieved when you see a sequence of 24 images per second. See some examples here...

... and some more here. Enjoy.


  1. WOW!I'm writting here because I love so much the stop motion and I like so much this videos!:)

  2. Hello Agusti!!

    I have really enjoyed the videos, but the second seems a fantastic video!!

    bye bye!!

    Alba Ivorra Condud

  3. hello lloberas!

    I like so much the first video for the trick to make between the drawings and real objects!
    The draws of the second video also are very good, especially the gun.

    Maria Villena

  4. Hello teacher!

    I believe that both videos are good because the graphic animation has been worked with much patience. To finish is very interesting.

    Miguel Angel Rivera
    2batx A

  5. Hi Agustí!

    This second video is very funny, is made with a good imagination and patience.

    good video!

    Ángel Sánchez
    2nd BAT A

  6. Hello mr Lloberas!

    I really loved the second video!!! It is quite difficult to draw all of this pictures. but they actually seem like the comic one's!!!

    Have a nice weekend teacher!

  7. Hello Agustí!

    Two videos are really good and funny! It's very difficult make anything like that, but it's very interesting too.

    I like so much! :)


  8. The two videos are awesome, but I would stress that to get two minutes of feeling and emotion have required many hours of work, so we must stress the great work of the authors.

    I must also comment that in the second video notice the shape of the work, that is copied many times the same image but with nuances, the old way, while in the first video we doubt whether there had been to the old way or intervention computer, the future.

    Both are impressive and I liked a lot.

    Pau Culillas
    2nd BACH. B

  9. Wow!! I like the two videos!! But I like more the second video because it's very original!

    The two videos, with their music, do that was very fanny!!

    See you Teacher!

    Alexandra March
    2n Bat. B


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