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2nd BATXILLERAT - Michael Moore

A few years ago, I read the book Idiot Nation written by Michael Moore. I found the whole book really interesting, but I was delighted to hear someone say positive opinions about my profession. This is why I reproduce them here.

Just read the text and drop me a comment. Just tell me two things:
1. Can, in your view, any of Mr Moore's comments be applied in our country?
2. Do you agree with him?

OK, here it goes:

Sure, there are a lot of teachers who suck, and they’d be better suited to making telemarketing calls for Amway. But the vast majority are dedicated educators who have chosen a profession that pays them less than what some of their students earn selling Ecstasy, and for that sacrifice we seek to punish them. I don’t know about you, but I want the people who have the direct attention of my child more hours a day than I do treated with tender loving care. Those are my kids they’re preparing for this world, so why on earth would I want to piss them off?
You would think society’s attitude would be something like this:

Teachers, thank you so much for devoting your life to my child. Is there ANYTHING I can do to help you? Because you are helping my child –MY BABY – learn and grow. Not only will you be largely responsible for her ability to make a living, but your influence will greatly affect how she views the world, what she knows about other people in this world, and how she will feel about herself. I want her to believe she can attempt anything –that no doors are closed and that no dreams are too distant. I am entrusting the most valuable person in my life to you for seven hours each day. You are thus, one of the most important people in my life! Thank you.

No, instead, this is what teachers hear:
  • “You’ve got to wonder about teachers who claim to put the interests of children first –and then look to milk the system dry through wage hikes.” (New York Post, 12/26/00).
  • “Estimates of the number of bad teachers range from 5 percent to 18 percent of the 2.6 million total.” (Michael Chapman, Investor’s Business Daily, 9/21/98).
  • "Most education professionals belong to a closed community of devotees… who follow popular philosophies rather than research on what works.” (Douglas Carminen, quoted in the Montreal Gazette, 1/6/01).
  • “Teachers unions have gone to bat for felons and teachers who have had sex with students, as well as those who simply couldn’t teach.” (Peter Schweizen, National Review, 8/17/98).
What kind of priority do we place on education in America? Oh, it’s on the funding list –somewhere down between OSHA and meat inspectors. The person who cares for our child every day receives an average of $41,351 annually. A Congressman who cares only about which tobacco lobyyist is taking him to dinner tonight receives $145,100.
(Michael Moore. (2001). "Idiot Nation" in Stupid White Men. Penguin Books)


  1. Hi mister Lloberas:
    The first comment that I have to make is that education system in America is based in money, here in Spain is similar but not too "heavy". In EEUU the people who study in a payment school has ensured a good studies and a good future. On the other hand, if you are a poor student in a public school you are evoked to the failure. I think that in Spain public education offer good quality, but the people who study in the high level schools(private schools with ancient tradition...etc) have more chances to be an important person, even if they are stupid but rich daddy's boy/girl. But I agree that in this country, for some parents, the teachers are the bad people that put bad marks to his perfect sons. For the other points, I think (and hope) that this horrible things doesn't happen here.
    I think that I can't give an opinion for a situation that I don't live, but I'm sure that good teachers deserve better treat because they're are forming the future people that, tecnically, will grow up our contry.

  2. From my point of view Michael Moore’s opinion could be applied without any problem in our country, maybe because we are in a global world and problems in EEUU are not so far away than problems in Spain.
    I agree with Michael Moore’s opinion because I think that the society underestimate teacher’s work and I’m quite sure that is because something in the education goes bad (We spend a lot of hours at school and when we finish our studies we are unable to site Latvia in a map). Sometimes we forget that teachers are not the only responsible of our education, although they have a very big influence.
    In any case, I also agree with another opinion we can read in a text, those who told us about bad teachers. Some of they don’t like his work and do it bad, some others have lost his energy.

  3. Hi people!
    I'm completly agree with Miguel Ángel, we cannot give to you and opinion of that because we don't life here.
    But one thing is true, you, the teachers are the masterly of the new society, of the little children that come after us.
    But, in my opinion, not all is your work, because the world is very unjust, and the people who have money, surely, will have a very good future than the people who don't have these security. For that, I think that teachers are important, but, the family too. Because, if you have a very good family, teachers and a lot of money, you have posibilities to be a "perfect" importan person, but, if teachers or family in bad, you can be an "BAD", for example, president of something.....



  4. Hello Mr. Lloberas
    At first, I have had some difficults for understand the text but acording to the information I can understand, I'm agree with Michael More, because it's true that often, we despise this job. In general, we think that be a teacher it's not difficult, only you must go at clase and explain the lesson. But actually, the teacher is something more that the person who shows you the lessons, is the person who shows his opinion of the world, who explains you her experiences, who advices you sometimes, who see you grow...

    In conclusion, the society must valorate the work of the teacher and respect his figure in the world, becaUse they are very important for educate the poblation, the society.

    2n BAT A

  5. Hi Angusti!

    I'm agree with the phrase who sound like that: "Sure, there are a lot of teachers who suck[...]" because I used to think that all the teachers are good person and that's not true(for all). There are a kind of teachers who makes your live a little bit worse because they think that they are perfect and they've the trust of the world or, more simply, because they are really stupids, and I think in this teachers for educate my childrens and I've fear! Imagine, what happens it my kid seem like an idiot because he "love" an idiot teacher? But I'm not really scared by this because there are other kind of teachers who make you think in te real live and teaching you very well and that's kind really kind.

    I'm agree with him but I think that we can make some diferent changes too and also I think that many teachers must be more kind and more happy day by day.

    Bye Bye!:) XOXO


  6. Hi Mr lloberas!!

    How do you do? I found this article very interesting. I think that what Michael Moore tryed to said is as near as in Spain happens today. Parents don't really think in teachers as the person who is growing up their child, and who is taking care of him while they is working,and sometimes parents are not very concienced about that. in my opinion, I totaly agree with Mr Moore, because we spend a lot of time at class, and teachers become more than a simple educator. I think that Mr Moore is totaly right when he said "The person who cares for our child every day receives an average of $41,351 annually. A Congressman who cares only about which tobacco lobyyist is taking him to dinner tonight receives $145,100." Is tobacoo even more important than education...? Very interesting article.


  7. Hello Mr. Lloberas

    I’m completely agree with this text. The teachers are some very important people for children because as the text says they spend many hours with them and teach them to learn but not only from books but also in life. So in my opinion a teacher should always encourage students to not feel "useless", and feel the strength to face all the challenges they present for life. In short, I think being a teacher is very hard but at the same time is a very nice because children can learn many things thanks to you, and I think that nowadays that is not valued.


    Alba Ivorra Condud

  8. Hello Agusti!

    I agree with the comment by Moore, and also with Marta and Gemma.
    I think many people today think that being a teacher is lucky, you're going to teach, do your work and home. and above have a lot of vacation! But I think being a teacher is more than that. Future is to teach children is also a way to guide them, with the help of the parents also. It is a good listener and know your concerns and solve-the. I agree with Gemma that is very sad that a person who sells snuff win more than one person who helps to improve the future of new generations.
    But I also believe that there are teachers who have stagnated and have been on the road easy, they no longer interested and will work like it was the most horrible thing you do, and what they do so is to discourage students .
    the text I found very interesting.


  9. Hi agustí!
    I`m agree with the article and I think that Moore’s comments be applied in my country,because in that sense, we are coordinated with EEUU.
    Actually, the teachers have much influence on the students, but not as much as the family.
    I think that this job is a very helpful, because the teacher instruct the children’s,because they will be the future. The parents are not aware of the teacher’s responsibility, and sometimes teachers become more than a simple educator. In my opinion, although they spend much of the day with the students, parents are the ones that have to guide their children's.

    2 Bat B

  10. Hi mister lloberas!
    Asking to your question, I think that this article, what says in it, happens every day in our country. more and more parents every day judge teachers as is they were only a kindergarden for their childs, as a zoo for their pets. the parents don't realize the difficult job that the teachers do. I think that if they had to look after their children every day, 24 hours a day, they would finish noticing the huge job that the teachers do. I hope that people nowadays notice the importance of the teachers.

    Rocio ortiz

  11. Hello Mr. Lloberas!
    I agree with Rocío that the teacher's task is very difficult because the children they teach, in the future, will become society that hold all of us.In our country happens because parents rely too much on the education system and pay no attention to the home education, and can't accept the fact that are not educating their children themselves.
    See you Mr!!

    Andrés Valencia
    2 BATX A

  12. Hi Agusti!

    I agree with Rocio.
    In my Opinion, the teachers doing a great job every day. Is a hard work. Are a big influence on our future. But, I think that, teachers aren't all the influence, the family too. Although,create a path for forming you follow. The education is very important for all. But it's also unfair to have so many inequalities in society.

    In conclusion, people have to learn respect this job.

    Bye agusti lloberas !

    Ainhoa Lineo Hurtado
    2n bat B

  13. Hi Lloberas!

    I think that the education is basic for all of us, for that reason in my point of view is important to teach well. and I'm not speaking about the issues in the books, I mean the things that happends to us every day.
    in the future I think that I will become a techaer, and I know that is a difficult task. not all the teachers are similar.

    in the text I like that setence: "I am entrusting the most valuable person in my life to you for seven hours each day."
    children spent a lot of time with teachers, and they have to wllbehaviour, because CHILDREN SEE CHILDREN DO.

    Alicia Herreros Carmona
    2º bat. B

  14. Hi Agustí!

    This world is filled of injustice, and in the text that is showed. Much people blame to the teachers of the school failure, but they are very mistaken.

    In many countries, the education only is reserved for the people that they have a lot of money, but in Spain and others, the education is accessible for all people, and this is more important.

    In General, I agree with him, but also is very important to try that the most teachers are goods in his profession.

    See you!

    Albert Negrete Hurtado
    2nd Bat A

  15. Hi Agustí!

    In my opinion I agree with Michael Moore because the problems in EEUU in the near future can happen in Spain. Althought for me Spain is different because the education is acessible for all people, without thinking about money.

    Finally I want to say that many teachers are good in their work, so all the teachers deserve respect


    aitor pozo cardenal 2 bat A

  16. Hi Agustí!

    I am in agreement with the writing of moore, I believe that the children need good professors since they are a reference for them, but not but who the parents. I believe that to be professor it is a difficult work since you must try to transmit everything what knows, to be able to form a good future for all.


    Miireia Adell

    Mireia Adell

  17. Agustí Hi!

    I agree with Michael Moore Because parents do not realize the difficult job teachers do, they think it as another profession, but I think being a teacher is a huge responsibility, and that he will educate our children, show them their life experiences, their views. So be a teacher requires respect for our part, for the role he does in this society.

    Ángel Sánchez
    2nd Bat. A

  18. Good evening Agustí;

    In my opinion, Mr. Moore generalizes a bit with his words when speaking of current teachers, since it seems that only seek other hand you money to do nothing.

    As in all sectors, there are always people who have the philosophy of charging a lot and work little, but there are people who are more involved than others.
    I therefore consider that his words also refers to teachers of our country, but I disagree with that all are equal, but whether the proposed definition of Maesteg.

    Pau Culillas
    2nd BACH. B

  19. Hello Agustí!

    In my point of view Michael's opinion could be applied hear because Spain and USA are near, the two countries have some similarities, but it's real that the money is more important in USA. But the fact is that I don't live in USA and I can't understand really the situation.

    I agree with him because we don't admit the hard work that the teachers carry out with students. They explain and teach a subject, but they listen you, help you and a lot of things more too. They are very important in our lifes because we stay with them 6 or 7 hours every day, they teach some rules or little things that are very importants in real life, in the future. They influence in us and can change a bad habit, a wrong choice or other things.
    The same problem are the doctors, lawyers, politicians... Their jobs aren't important and it's a wrong thought, they are REALLY IMPORTANT. In the other hand: Footballers, Actors, Musicians... their jobs looks really important and very well-paying, but are less important that others.

    Finally, usually the students love and respect their teachers and have good memories, but sometimes we forget all they do for us.

    Bye! Very interesting this text!

    Neus Cámara.
    2º BAT B

  20. Hi Mr. Lloberas!!!

    My opinion about this article is that Michael Moore has the reason when he says that society don’t value correctly the teacher’s work and I think that this happens in our country and in most countries in the world too.
    But I think that Michael don’t says the most important that is what he thinks is value the teacher’s work:
    If he thinks that teachers should earn more money than now, and I think that in some lines he do it, I don’t agree with him because teachers ear money to have a good level of live, have a lot of free time and if they work for govern they have his place of work secure for all his working life. I don’t know exactly how it is in EEUU but I think that is a bite worse than here.
    If he thinks that teachers should have more authority we need to fix the rules about it. It maybe will be very good for education and is true that in last times a lot of cases about student’s and parents that intimidate teachers appeared in news, but it will be very dangerous for the free thinking in a extreme situation and this will be very bad for our society because when I remember that the teachers has a lot of power is in franquisme and it was very bad and all my family has bad experience with their teachers and they aren’t bad persons, they just follow the system.
    I agree with my mates when they say that a private school gives you more chances to be someone important in life but I think that is a prize to pay for it like have a determinate way of think or owe something and I was proud to be like I am and do my own way in life.
    My parents think that thought is formed especially during adolescence, the transition to adulthood and they decide that I and my brother go to a public school to have more freedom of choice, more variety of teaching and I have the last word about my education because at last we decide learn that teachers teach and we must do it judiciously.
    But if Moore wants to say that society should value more teacher’s work in the way they give credit for grow up students physically and psychologically I agree with him absolutely.

    Sabina Niubó Clavé

    2 bat A

  21. Hi Agusti,

    In my opinion, I belive that the text is totally right! Actually, the society is declining in education. As we know, that not all the teacher enjoy their profession and when they do a class, they do bad and only think in their economy or anything and they not think about the students that their'll have a good future and it theacher's depends.

    This isn't good because they have the obligation (when the students are in school) to give them, especially moral support because the childrens have belive in them.

    We are the example for them!!

    See you

    Alexandra March
    2n Bat. B

  22. Hi Mister Lloberas

    First, I agree with what the text says, teachers are an important part of the future of the children as individuals and students also have to help the teacher's task is easier to teacher and students so they can learn for the future.

    This text is very important to be exposed in many places and very interesting.

    Goodbye Agusti

    Luis Ramirez

    2n Batx. A

  23. Hi Agustí,

    I love the books and the films of M. Moore because is a man that live in a American society and if he see things that don’t like he, he express this things.
    This text have many information, for example: the fathers relation with the teachers, the money that win compared with a Congressman, that the teachers make a good work with the childrens, etc.
    I like M. Moore and I’m agree with he; the Spanish society isn’t same that American society, but this problems are universals. I thing that we are little stupids because only we see the bad thing, because we are egoists, for this, when we have a problem we thing that this problem isn’t our, this is a example of the parent relations with the teachers. And never we thing that the problem are our, we can’t stop one moment and thing that the teachers help in every things to our childrens and only we think that is a problem of the teachers.
    The teacher work is very difficult because you want do the best possible and only have complain.
    I think that the society are crazy, everybody are angry with the world, we go fast and with stress to all places every day.

    see you!

  24. I think that Michael Moore in this text is completely right. Education is a such important issue we(politics and general people) don't give it the real importance that is has. We never stop to think about if the education system is the appropriate one, I'm not saying that is bad here in Spain, I'm only trying to say that it can improve in some aspects like the type of teachers, because in my student life I have had some teachers without energy and without the wish of transmit any knowledge, and that is very frustrate for the student.

    in conclusion, education and teachers are important because they are the route of build future societies. We should have it more in mind.

  25. Hello Agustí:

    I'll give my opinion on this article, I agree with Mr. Moore, the teachers have a great responsibility as they not only teach but also educate but this responsibility is not rewarded either by the gratitude of our society or in valuation or financial reward.
    The Spanish system also suffers from some symptoms Americans, lack of appreciation and in other cases teachers' lack of vocation, but I must say that from my point of view from each department is a joint research effort to learn what works and and implementation.

  26. Hi Mr Agustí.

    This is a very interesting article. I agree with Mr Moore, and I think that we live this situation in our country. We only have to answer some parents about the education of his childs, and they always will say something badly about the teachers, but then they don't do nothing at home for the education of their children, which is in the teachers hands, "of course"!!! Also I think that the teacher's task is very undervalued.

    At the last moment!! BUZZER-BITTER

    Òscar Miño Peralta

  27. Hi Agusti!!
    I agree with Mr Moore, of my point of view the USA educational system and our system are in the same situation because we live in a world that the rich countries have a similar way to do in differents aspects more or less.
    As say Laura, i think that the society have a bad vision of the teachers because the education goes bad.. and for that they have this opinion.

    Raquel Garcia
    2 Bat A

  28. Hello Agusti!

    The text of Michael Moore talks about what he thinks about the teachers and the education at school. He thinks that one of the places where the children spend more time is in the school and he would like that they have good teachers. He says that the most part of teachers don't are goods. He would like to be grateful with the teachers. Some information about teachers that he has heard shows that he says. All of this information can be apply in our country. Always in each school there are some bad teachers and no one does anything to change it, because they can’t dismiss them if they don’t do something serious like have sex with a student. Furthermore, there are still some teachers who have an old mind with the same ideas that there were in the Franco’s time.
    I’m agree with Michael Moore, because I think that the education is something very important. The things that the children learn when they are young will be the base of their studies and it is necessary that they have good teachers.

    Carolina González 2nd Batx B


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