Sunday, September 12, 2010

2nd BATXILLERAT - Unspoken communication

See this comic stripe by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman. When you do so, write a comment with your opinion.

You must write a paragraph answering these questions:

Do you agree?
Do you think there is any difference between boys (men) and girls (women)?
Do you behave as the characters in the cartoon?
Say WHY in each case.


  1. Well, I agree with cartoons, because we boys don't analize ourselves like girls do, I think it must be because we don't give so importance on what wears or how is our friends (boys, of course). Girls pay more attention on it, I suppose it's due to how women are, they classify themselfs or something like that, I never understand their quirk of criticize them when the person criticized is not there. Well, we guys do it too but, it's not normal.

    I'm not all behaved with the cartoon, I use to observe all people carefully, but not for what cartoons explains.

    Martín González, 2n Batch A.

  2. I agree with this pictures because the girls we always notice in many details about the other person in the moment.
    I think that the boys normally don't notice about details, the opposite that the girls. The women are more thoughtful.
    Most people behave as the pictures, it is the real life.

    Mónica Lara, 2nd Batx A

  3. I agree with the images because I think that it expresses how we act everyday because when we women see other people we always look at all the details. However men don't they look at anything.
    I believe that between men and women there a big difference because women give too much importance to appearance instead men, who give more importance to the way of being.

    Miriam González, 2n Batx A

  4. I agree with this pictures.
    Personally I don't fixed carefully in the appearance of the people. Sometimes I look with more attention, but it's true that girls are more carefully with her appearance and they fixed more in the other girls and boys, specially when it's a boy or girl that she like... anyway, this pictures show the truth of the society.

    Kevin Álvarez, 2nd B

  5. I'm disagree with the picture because I don't think that girls we are so materialists. When I meet someone new I'm not thinking what is that person wearing or if he or she is beautiful.
    Personally, I pay more attention to the inside. So I'm not behaved with the characters in the cartoon.

    Raquel Pujol, 2nd A.

  6. I agree with the pictures because i think that girls fixes in a lot of details, and boys don´t do it.
    But I use to fix in more details if I have a girl in front of me, than if I have a boy.

    Éric Giménez Aranda

  7. I agree with the cartoon because I think that the boys don't pay attention to pysical appearance or clothing, while the girls, pay more attention to details. In my opinion, the important thing is that person is good.

  8. Miguel angel Rivera

    I am completely agree I think that in a part of guilty of that woman critized between themselves is the programs about gossip indirectly receive influence.

    But this two image certainly show female psychology, because I watch that she says hello but she think in a comparison about the other girld, this I give me the impression, that exist a rivalry themselves.

  9. Well,I agree with the cartoons because I think that look at all kind of details of another person is more something of girls.From my point of view we just need a few minutes to take our own conclusions about how is the other person,but boys don't usually do that.
    So I'm behave with it but not completely because I try to Know the person inside before judge her/him..'cause at last is the most important.

    Mariela Justiniano 2nd A

  10. Hahahaha! I like! I agree with these pictures.The girls look more into the details but the boys don't look the details usually. I like so much the picture!!

  11. I agree with the cartoons, I think that the boys, when they meet someone, they don't see details that the girls did see.
    Actually, I don't pay attention at the clothes that she or he wearing.

    Montserrat Paús 2nd A

  12. Hi!
    I desagree completly with the picture of the boys, because I think that the boys also setting an other boys, with their clothes,sneakers... And no only girls see everything of the others girls with the unspoken comainucation.

    Bye Bye!

    Miriam Ballesteros Ruiz 2n.Batx.B

  13. I agree with this pictures because the girls we always notice in many details about the other person in the moment, and the boys normally don't notice about details

    Toni Cañizares Molino . 2n Batx A

  14. Yes, I agree with this comic because the girls see more in the details and they like criticize
    but also there are boys that do the same but they are minority. I think that there is a difference between girls and boys; the girls think more in all and the boys are more carefree.
    I usually don't behave as the characters of cartoon, I like more to see in the inner of people.

    Alba Díaz Bassons, 2n Batx A

  15. I agree with this cartoons. The girls see a lot of details that boys don't see. The boys are more simples. No in cent per cent of cases but in general is true.
    But the first thing that everybody must know is If the other person is a good person.

    Raül Font Sánchez 2 Bat "A"

  16. I disagree with the picture, because I think that it’s a topic and it’s outdated. That I want say is that…yes, usually the women pay more attention to the appearance of another girl, and it could be because the girls are very materialistic, but actually all the society is materialistic, and the boys too, so they also pay attention to how the others dress, and the appearance in general. But I’m shore that this topic will accompany to women forever.

    Sandra Rosas Salgado
    2n batx B.