Monday, September 20, 2010


Hey, I have just found this short film. Whatch it and enjoy yourself.

Once you have watched it, drop a comment. Say whether you like it or not and say which scene is the best. Of course, do not forget to say the reasons why.

Click here if you want to know what the meaning of ANGST is.


  1. What a windy place this is! I liked this short film very much, I really enjoyed watching it! There are a lot of scenes that made me laugh, such as the one with the dog's poo attempt or the one with the birthday candles incident, but seeing that row of lost dogs with their poker faces on the top of an impossible rock was definetely the best! This combination of darkness,fear, dogs and tenderness really touched my heart. Good discovery!

  2. I don’t like the short film at all because it’s too sad and dark. There are a lot of scenes that makes me think but I like one in special. In this scene there is a lot of wind, the boy and the dogs are on the floating rock, thinking how to jump and a branch hits the boy’s head. After, a dress cover his dog. I like this scene because it makes me laugh.

    Raquel Pujol, 2nd A.

  3. I like this short film because the dog is very funny, but I don't like the problems that the boy have with the air.
    My favorite scene is when the comet takes the boy and the dog follow him, because it makes me laugh a lot.

    Sonia Zapata, 2nd A

  4. I liked it, black and white animation always will be awesome. First I thought was poor guy he's so miserable, always has problems with the god dammed wind. It's a curious video, but the best is the scene where he is saving all dogs on the strange rock that the wind eroded, there I laughed, hell I didn't expect that.

    Martín González, 2nd A.

  5. I don't expected this end!
    I was thinking that the end would be very bad, because the child doesn't have good luck.
    The scene that I like is when the dog went out the house, and the boy saw her dog's fly since window in the wind, because outside had a strong wind, and the sound that make the dog, this is very funny.
    The rest of scenes they have been sad and melancolic.

    Montserrat Paús 2n A

  6. I don't like this video because the animation is very slowly and so dark. My favourite scene is when the comet rolled up on boy's neck and he flew away, with the dog running behind him. I liked this scene because it's only part of the video I laugh a lot.

    Miriam Gonzalez , 2n A

  7. I haven't enjoyed this video a lot, because I think it lacks plot. Moreover, the short film is too dark, so it doesn't make me feel good. One thing I have liked is the dog and the relation he has with the boy. He is like a guardian angel for him, and this "relationship" shows how a dog can be our best friend. There is a scene that has moved me, it's when the wind blows the dog away and immediately a terror expresion appears on the face of the boy. Then, he runs away to save his dog because it's the most important thing he has.

    Laura Cardona, 2n B

  8. Oh! I doesn't like the pictures, has a very grey and sad... but the dog is so cute...!
    I think that the history is very beautiful because sometimes the people need win his fears for a save the people most important.
    I like the relationship of the boy and the dog, and I like what he does for a save his pet and the boy can satnd the wind , I undestent it because I have a gat and if somethink will pass I will feel so unhappy...
    I loves my pet and the boy save his dog and it is very lovely,sometimes no one save the animals only for be an animals...
    The friendship is sometimes the most important of live.

    Aïda Moreno, 2ºbat B

  9. I like it! I had funny with this video. It shows that we don't speak to express some things.
    My favourite scene is when the boy loose the rope about his dog and later when he saw them, he fly behind the dog because of the wind. I like this scene because it's produced me laughter.

    Mónica Lara 2nd A

  10. It's a funny video, for me. I like it 'cause it makes me laught for a short time.
    The poor boy, always with his dog, had problems caused by the wind and the scenes are funny. My favourite scene is when the boy want to see the butterfly and suddenly caused by the wind, the butterfly goes and the boy introduce inside the skirt of the woman who was waiting for the bus. And I like too the moment when the boy, looking for his dog, begun to fly and fly until he arrive to a rock, and later he low with the another dogs... and happpy end.

    Kevin Álvarez, 2nd B

  11. hahahahaha!! In my opinion this video is very funny. But I prefer videos with the all colors, is more beautiful.
    This boy have a very bad luck! My favorite scene has been when the child was dragged by comet.
    Finally, I find them that, the end, I choose other alternative funnier and shocking. =)

    Rául Font Sánchez, 2nd A

  12. Miguel angel rivera

    After watch the video,I find this video very funny, it has got great scene,but I prefer the erotic scene. When I was watching it seemed foreseeable, the butterfly see for down of the skirt, afterward the kid enter ,for the guilty of the blast air, in inside of skirt.Jejejeje
    But Agustí ,I don’t want that you think,that I am a perverted. Only comment this nice scene

  13. I like this video, is very creative.
    The scene where the dogs fall down of the sky is very funny.
    My pet is a dog. I think that if the wind is very hard, I won´t extract my dog out of home jajaja.

    Éric Giménez Aranda 2nd A

  14. Agustí! the video is very funny! I like the pictures in this video but in my opinion the film is very dark...
    My favorite scene is when the child hair burns! jajaja! good choice :)

    Lara Rodríguez Márquez

  15. Well..I find this unusual short film very nice!I like it.. although it was a little sad to see the bad lucky that the boy had with the wind, was so nice to laugh with his misfortunes!
    There was many scenes that I liked, but for me the best was almost arribing to the end, when the boy is kind of traumatized in the corner of a room seeing from there the window when suddenly see how his dog is gone with the wind!jajaja..was so funny.

    Mariela Justiniano 2nd A

  16. I enkoyed the video very much! There are a lot of scenes that made me laugh, like when the little boy burns his hair! I love the relationship between the dog and the child. And it shows how dogs can be your best friends. It's a beautiful story. The only thing I disliked is that it is very dark, and I feel sad and melancholic. The dog is the man's best friend.

    Laura Rincón Gordillo. 2n Batx B

  17. I don't like this video because I think that this is stupid. I don't understand this humor and I don't laughing.
    but when the boy wake up to the dream and he goes out with his dog, I like this. because I remim me my relationship with my dog, Laika.

    Aida Reyes. 2n batx. B

  18. Hello Agustí!
    I think that this video is strange because the cartoons are unusual and peculiar, and the color is black and white, the sensations that produce that are cold and afraid. But on the contrary the situacions are funny and comic.
    The dog are cute and the boy have a big head.

    Bye Bye !

    Miriam Ballesteros Ruiz 2n. Batx.B

  19. In my opinion this video is very funny, but If the video have some colours, are more beautiful.
    The scene when the dog went out the house, and the boy saw her dog's fly since window in the wind, and the sound that make the dog, is the part more funny from the video

    Toni Cañizares Molino. 2n Baxt A

  20. Hello Agustí!
    I like this short film but it is very dark, I feel sad because in the story the child had problems caused by the wind. In a scene of the comet I thought he was dead! Is horrible!! Poor child!!:(
    In my opinion just have to laugh cartoon :D

    Beatriz Cuadrado Just. 2n Batx B

  21. I like this video because it is funny for me though I don't like the scenes in that the child have some problems by the wind, he has very unlucky. I think that this short story is sad but at the same time it has a touch of comedy.
    The scene that I like more is when the child helps all the dogs get down of cliff and they come back with its owners.

    Alba Díaz Bassons. 2n Batx A

  22. I don't like this film because it is very dark and goes to the bad luck of the boy that he has since he was a baby. The dream of the boy is the only moment funny whit old the dogs. But i think that the short film is well done.

    Joan Aguilà Cuevas. 2n Batx. B

  23. This video is so funny but ridicle at the same time,seriously, it's a good video to put a comment.
    I like the scene when the boy try to cacth the butterfly but fails and he enter inside the skirt of a woman.
    Alfonso Perpiñá 2BAT-A

  24. Hello Agustí!
    In my opinion the short film it’s funny and cool, but I don’t like too much the type of cartoons, ¡I’m agree with many people that have already commented! But my favorite scene is when the boy burns his hat in his birthday’s party, it made me laugh.
    I like a lot the relationship between the dog and the boy, and the meaning of the short film: we must overcome our fears to enjoy a better life.

    Sandra Rosas Salgado
    2n Batx B.