Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2nd BATXILLERAT - Writing a narrative

Here's the topic for the first composition this year. The assignment is writing a narrative but, for the moment, I don't want you to invent your own story. Instead, watch the Time Machine: An Interactive Adventure which I got from Chad, Matt & Rob. Then, tell me the adventure you saw, the decissions you made and the effect they had.

Remember to use time expressions to introduce the action (one day, last week, etc.) and sequencing words to show order of events (first, then, next, afterwards, later on, etc.).

Remember as well that, since you are telling a story, you must use past verb tenses.

If you need help you can follow the pattern suggested in:
- Wheeldon and Campbell. Get It Right - Student's Book. Oxford University Press, pages.10-11.
- Thacker. Get It Right - WorkBook. Oxford University Press, page 118.

Well, I hope you enjoy the film and write a nice composition. By the way, I will collect your essays next Friday, Oct 8th, 2010.

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  1. In my opinion this exercise is funny, interesting and important because we can listen the accent of people. And this is important and necessary for learn more English, because are not the same accent that we listen in class. It's more characteristic and you need it understand it. But it's true that there is any words that we don't know and the most difficult it's the speaking speed.


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