Thursday, November 25, 2010

4th ESO - A Strange Piece of History

It was 6:10 and I was waiting for the bus...
I borrowed a wonderful activity from Colin Granger (2002). Imagine English - 3. Macmillan-Heinemann. A brave woman called Rosa Parks tells us the terrible experience she suffered one day when she was going back home from work.

We spoke quite a lot telling and retelling the strange piece of history of a woman who was asked to leave her seat to a "gentelman".

Then we did an oral exam.

Next, my students wrote their own strange story. Click on the COMMENTS link to read some of their work.


  1. A strange story

    It was a Sunday morning. It was hot.
    I got into my car and drove to the beach. When I arrived there, I got out of the car, and I was surprised by the beauty of the sea. Suddenly, I saw a strange creature in the sea. I looked around, but nobody else watched them.
    I was very nervous, I went back to the car. I got into the car, a scary scream paralyzed me. People started to shout and ran desperately. I didn’t know what to do. I turned on the engine, but my car was dead. Then I tried to call 112, but my mobile phone displayed the message “low battery”. I was so scared.
    I closed my eyes and I prayed.
    Suddenly I heard a familiar voice. My mum was telling me “wake up, Dani. It’s time to go to the high school”.

    Daniel Domínguez Losa 4tA


    It was two o'clock and Andrew was alone at home. He was playing computer games. Suddenly, he heared a strange noise. So he stood up and looked through the window. He saw a cat crashing with the door again and again. Andrew was surprised but he closed the window and he went to play again. A few moments later, his parents arrived. They were very strange. They told Andrew that the cats of the city were turning crazy. In the news they said that the cats were turning crazy because they heared a strange noise. Andrew went out to the street. He was really scared. All cats were crashing with the walls. He decided to search the noise. He walked down the city a lot. Suddenly, he heared a noise. It was the same noise that he said when he was playing computer games. He followed the noise and he arrived to a home. He rang the bell. He explain all. The door opened and he went in. He searched the noise again. Finaly he found the noise. It was the vacuum cleaner because it was damaged! When the vacuum cleaner was regulated, all went back to the normality.

    Alberto Moragrega Láez

  3. A strange story

    It was six o'clock and Alejandro was wating at train station, for a train to take him to Cornellà. A few moments later, the train arrived and he got on. I was in the train. I saw him in the next coach. I went to the next coach and Alejandro looked at me and smiled. At the next stop more people got on the train. A man was stading next to es. He was getting angry. Told us that we were to get off the train. A man on the other side of the coach, told us to go down that man was dangerous we obeyed above all because it was our stop.

    Laura Herraiz 4A


    One day in July, I went with my family on holiday. We went to a lake. That lake was hiding among mountains. Everything was completely natural. There were a lot of rabbits, birds, butterflies and other animals living on that place.
    Suddenly, we went to a shelter and arrived at the bedrooms. Next, we started to play games because it was raining.
    Then, next day, there was a very big sun and we went to the lake to go fishing and took the boat.
    One hour later, we had fished many fish and we werevery happy.
    Next day, we were having breakfeast and were deciding what to do next. In the end, we decided to leave the shelter but, what was happening? While we were arriving to lake, the time was changing. In the shelter, there was a good sun, but on the lake, there was a strange cloud and that cloud had taken the pier and every fish that existed in the lake. It was very strange...!

    Jordi Alemany Bartomeu 4tC


    One day I was on holiday with my friends. We went to Splau in Cornellà. We met the famous singer. We were running towards him he Dani Martin! He said 'can I go to your house?' We said 'Yes, we went to my house' We couldn't belive it! The situation was very strange!
    We went to my house. In the house Dani said 'I need the hiding place because in Cornellà ther are a mafia, they work killing famous.' We stayed in my house all afternoon. I was very strange... but we spend it to ourselves very well!

    Anna Jiménez García 4tC

  6. A strange story:

    One day in December a boy and his girlfriend went out . They arrived at a park and they sat on a bench . A few minutes later the couple went to feed the ducks.
    Suddenly a duck spoke to the gril and said pet me and the couple were very surprised .
    The next day they went again to look for the duck, but they couldn't find it .
    A homeless came towards them and asked
    " Are you loking for the duck "
    they answerd : Yes, we are.
    Be caurful it's dangerous, if you don't do what it says you can finish as me .
    " Once I was rich "

    Arnau Ferreres

  7. Anna Garcia Cuxart 4t CFebruary 23, 2011 at 9:01 PM

    Strange story

    Once upon a time, there was a very important city where very strange things happened. Many important people like lawyers, judges, criminals, polititians appeared dead in their houses, cars, offices, cell of prisons… with no signe of violence. They had a heart attack. Apparently their weren't any reasons for their deaths.
    The news papers, the televisions, the radios talked about this event. The people were very scared. The police tried to find out what happened but, when ever someone had important information, he appeared dead soon, always with a heart attack.

    There was a guy called Michael Stuart who happened to have information by his own, but didn't shared it with anyone.
    He knew that his school partner had a secret notebook that he carried everywhere. It happened that, once, Michael could read it. There was all the names of the dead people written in red.
    When Michael was still reading, his partner arrived. He looked very angry. He took a blue pen and wrote in the notebook: Michael Stuart.
    Michael didn't understand what was happening, while he was looking his name it turned red and he noticed a huge pain in his heart.
    Now, the Death Note still exist, and nobody knows where is it...

  8. A sweet strange story

    Athens bewitches me . How I wish to be in a terrace, breathing the smell of the food and the exotic spices! That sky so blue would watch over me while I'd be picking up the little rose and white flowers on Makri street. I'd watch out on those chaotic roads to arrive to the hills. The whole city is surrounded by some wavy and green hills, with little temples on it. From there I'd see thousands of buildings and the tender sea...

    All of it looks impossible to do now, but I've just fallen asleep and I've seen my dear Aegean, the joyful city, its silent temples and the cute turtles who live near them. Like a bee, I've flown over the roads, the people and I've picked up some little rose and white flowers on Makri street. I've soared above the cypresses and the olive trees, and finally I've woken up with the dream still in mind.

    Hmmm... just a dream has made the day better :) !!

    Irene Cuxart Sánchez 4tC


    On 22 of september of the last year at 20:00 o’clock, when I was waiting for a friend at Plaza Catalunya, I saw a very beautifoul girl, she was blond,and had a red dress, high heels, and expensive bag. This girl was waiting for her boyfriend outo of the bar, the name of the bar was “Gangsta’s Bar”. When I was saiting also I saw a suspect boy, this boy was towards, the beautifoul girl and stole the bag, the thief ran, but the boyfriend of the girl want out of the “Gangsta’s Bar” and took the gun of his pocked and he headshot the thief. The girl’s boyfriend took the bag and they were to her “Lamborgini”. I was very scared, for this reason, I went home. Three hours later they called me and fat Voice told me: “If you speak whith the Police you are dead man”. I had hell and I went I to the police and I explained what I had seen, after I went to my home and two hours later I was dead.

    Arnau Llaudet Sendín 4t A

  10. A strange story

    It was four o’clock and I went to Dani’s home to play monopoly with your family.
    A few moments later I arrived at his home and rang the bell. Dani answered and down the stairs.
    Then we went upstairs and went inside his home, Dani’s mother had ready a Monopoly. Next to start a game.
    When we finished the game made dinner and we had dinner in the terrace. While dinner all presents told scary stories.
    Suddenly I heard a strange sound and Dani went to see happened. When Dani returned he explained what happened and he said “the window was open”.
    Next minutes my dad called me with Mobile phone and he said “Don’t come to home, too late”. I answer “Ok, in five minutes I’m there”.
    After the call I said “Goodbye” and went home. When I returned home I heard again a strange sound. It’s a man, he follow me! I started to run.
    At home I explain the incident to my dad, he said “No problem, you are well?” and I said “Yes, thanks”.

    Ivan Batlle González 4t A

  11. A strange story

    One day I was standing in front of a tree waiting for my friend. I looked my watch and I saw that my friend didn't arrive.
    Then a man was running very fast to me and asked me too excited: "Have you got a cigarette?" and I quickly said: "No". Then the man continued running and two seconds later the man fell down into the street. I saw it and I run to the man and asked him: "Are you alright?". The man didn't answer. I looked more at him and I thought he was dead, I called the ambulance. When the ambulance arrived the doctors took the man to the hospital.
    Two minutes later my friend arrived and I told this story to him. When we were walking to go to a park we saw a strange accident, a car crashed into a wall. The police came to see what had happened and saw that into the car there wasn't a driver.
    After this strange things I went to my house to see a film asking myself the reason of this things.

  12. It was nine past eight and Ainara was waiting at a taxi stop for a taxi to take her home. A few moments later, the taxi arrived. When Ainara open the door of taxi, the driver said “ I take me to street Marco, number sixteen, please”. The driver was to street and went straight on. Ainara asked him yo stop, because he was in the wrong street. But the driver replied “No!” and although Ainara screamed, the driver went on and she carry it to a back alley, away from the city. In the alley, the driver stopped the taxi and told her to come down. He asked suddenly, angry, give me the password. And Ainara said “No!” I’ll say it never”. At that time, three men appeared, who again asked the some question. Ainara said the some thing and beat him, then, we repeated the some question, but she kept saying the same thing, until finally, Ainara was killed.

  13. Who can know?

    It was eleven PM and I came back to my friend's house. I was visiting her because she was ill, but I didn't imagine this situation!

    I mean, at first she had some fever and I was taking notes, but, suddenly she began to halucinate and I was scared because she was very strange and saw strange shadows and monsters in her room.
    I decided to phone the hospital, but she stopped me. Then, I decides to come back to my house, but she stopped me again and I scramed. I ran to the door and, then, she took a knife and threatened me, I opened the door and went out but she was shouting very strong and the neighbors phoned the police. I was very scared and ran to my house.

    I haven't seen her again but I think she had an overdose of medicines, but... I don't know...
    ...Who can know?...

    Mireia Malcampo, 4t ESO C

  14. A strange story

    One day in August a girl and her family wenton vacation to the Caribbean.
    A day at the beach, there appeared a very large ship, the captain told them: Go up to the boat. The family is strange, but boarded the ship.
    After half an hour they sawer very large island and the captain when they arrived said: This island is a treasure theh I hid in a cave.
    To find the cave you have to find a very large waterfall. The Captain, I lenthem a smallboat, tha family went and started looking for the waterfall.
    In a little while circling the island they found the waterfall and looked like it had a secret entrance.
    The family looked at both sides of the waterfall, but there was only one kind of phrase written in Latin. This phrase was wondering if there were animals on the island, as the family did not see animals when respondents circled NO.
    They heard a loud noise and saw the younger sister of the waterfall next to a door opened. The family went to the door and when they entered they found the treasure, seized the treasure and took it to the ship that had left the captain.
    When they reached the hotel were very happy.
    They were rich!...

  15. The story

    We were two explorers. We travel in India because
    we wanted a type of plant called ‘aloe vera’
    but it wasn’t an easy mision.
    We arrived in India in the morning of the 21 the
    November 1990. Then we went to our hotel, in the
    capital of India.
    Next day in the evening we arrived to the jungle.
    In the jungle, we looked a lot of plants, but we
    didn’t look the plant that we needed.
    Two days later we found a temple, we came in
    and saw the plant but it was in a inacessible
    We cost a lot for catch the plant, but we caught
    the plant.
    We returned to house, then sould the plant and
    we did rich.

    Pablo Rodríguez y Xavi Macià 4t B

  16. It was last Saturday, in the afternoon I was going to the restaurant.

    When I arrived at the restaurant, I saw a dog, the dog was big, and beutiful. This dog was eating the flowers of the park. The park is in front of the restaurant.

    He saw me, and I was afraid.
    I wat to the restaurant very afraid, because it was the at night. I opened the door of the restaurant, I saw my parent and I sit in the seat.

    This is my strange story

    Diego Díaz 4tA

  17. The murder:

    One night back in 1853 in London. A woman had a party. She invited many people.
    She was very beautiful and rich. She had a big house and butler.
    The guest were enjoying when they saw the woman dead in the library. One guest killed her. The others guests called the police.

    The police discovered that she was killed with a candlestick.
    The killer left a glove stained with blood in the library. The glove was his husband’s. The killer was the protagonist’s husband. Because the woman had a relationship with the butler. And the killer was jealous and so he killed the woman. The policemen arrested and took him to the police station.

    Elena Esteller i Aida Subira de 4t B

  18. through the window

    There once was a guy who was very sick.
    He looked sad and depressed the looking at sky through the window of his room.

    Time passed, until one day he saw a strange shadow on the window.

    It was a penguin eating ice cream, which came into the room, said to him good afternoon, and left.

    The boy was surprised when he saw a monkey in diapers eating a bananas on the same window.
    He wondered what it was, while more crazy characters appeared at this strange window. The boy could not stop laughing, seeing a pig playing the violin, an elephant jumping on trampoline, or a dog with glasses who spoke only policy ...

    The characters ended up cheering the boy's spirit, and in no time improved and could return to school.
    Then one day while talking to his best friend, he saw something strange in his backpack. He asked what it was, and insisted to see the contents of the backpack. There were all the costumes that his good friend had used to try to brighten hid mood. Since then, I smile every day through the window.

    The END

    Meritxell Tardío Bonilla i David Simón Asensio
    4t B

  19. One day, the trainer said, yhe next day, saturday there are training. The next day my fathers told me not to put the trainers and I put the shoes. When I arrived at training, my father saved the bag in the car. When we were all left the pavilion and we took the tram. We got off t Perdalbes. There were many options, we would see a basketball match, but F.C.Barcelona did not play that day, the other option was that we were going to the bowling and it was. The coach invited us all to the bowling, that one day will not forget.

    Roger Ytarte 4t A

  20. A strange story

    It was summer and my friends and I were into Lily's house. We were having a good time in her pool. We are five friends and we've got only one dream: to succed in the music world. My name's Amie and I sing in our band, my friend Lily plays the guitar, Rachael plays the piano, George is a drummer and John sings with me. Suddenly, Lily's mum was coming with us because she had the telephone on her hands. She spoke to a record company because the group will play the next week, on a concert. When we heard that news, we could not believe it.So we decided practise the song at Lily's house. After, Rachael says me where were the new scores to practise them. I was looking into my bag and I took them when George sayed me that if I had a srew driver. I asked Lily for took her keys and watch into the boot. So, I went to the boot of the car to give and suddenly John had a very good idea. He thought that it will be better invite more friends. Time later, I thought " where are the scores?". Anybody saw them, and I started to worry. One hour later, the scores didn't appear and the I thought " that's not possible, the scores should be here in the garage and the things don't disappear alone". Rachael sayed "why us? If we don't have the scores we can't play and we can't act in the concert" John sayed " That's very strange, in this house there aren't any ghosts, that's impossible we follow all the corners in this garage". One week later the scores didn't appear, and we were very sad. We didn't have any strength to go to sing and play the instruments. We had just lost our only chance, probably the only chance in our lives. Five days later Lily's father sayed: "Lily, why are these scores and these papers here into the boot?". Lily sayed "oh! Dad thanks for finding them, you're the best, but it's to late.

    Cristina Muñoz 4tC

  21. Lídia Flores and Guillem ZafraApril 1, 2011 at 10:40 AM


    It was12 o’clock when Tom and Sam started that game...
    They put their fingers on the glass and they said: Spirit, if you are here, let be seen!! The glass didn’t move. Then they repeat: if you are here, let be seen!!
    Then the glass started to move and the children were so scary. The spirit said: “I’m here...”
    Tom and Sam started to run to the door but it closed suddenly.
    The spirit was so angry because they had broken the connexion with the glass. So he grudged at the kids.
    Tom and his friend started to cry, they didn’t cry tears, they cried blood. Their skin started to putrefy and spiders came out from their mouths. At the end they were only ashes.
    They were never found.

  22. One day Cipriano (for her friends “Cipri” ) went to shopping centre in Beverly Hills, with her buddies and her girlfriend Maialen , they went to ate to McDonalds.
    But her buddies never thought, what Cipri (Abu Mustafa Al Paklatan ) really was a terrorist of Al Qaida. While they were eating , that food manufactured full of fatty acids, the swat came trough the window by jumping from a helicopter, killing 3 of his 7 friends, and also an employee , and arrested Cipri , Maialen and 4 friends who survived (traumatized , but alive ).
    The swat them away to police station and the friends didn’t know what was happening.
    In the police station, interrogated her best friend Wenceslao even lead to death.
    While the policeman was touching Maialen’s ass (you must have bad taste), took the time to steal the gun and kill the police. Moments later escaped, but in the dramatic flight Emeterio (one friend) trips over a banana skin and fell back staying quadriplegic, but no only that, his friends accidentally stepped on her face and deformed it.
    They successfully escaped.

    To this day , they 4 are missing, and the police are looking for they in all the world.

    Albert Suero and Carlos Sánchez 4rt B

  23. A strange piece of history.

    One day, in her house, Miley where when she saw advert os models in Barcelona and she decided to go in, and participate in the casting. At first got ready, she was beautifu.

    A few moments later she telephoned information of the conditions for the casting and the women said, who had to come naturalley, without much make-up. She was very happy, because she saw his dream come true.

    The last week she was at casting and she was waiting for a couple of hoyrs until she was called, she took all the data and waiting to be called to take, the pictures, when the women called, they are made, and then made him wait a while and he was told by her beauty and her character would be picked to participe fully in the project, but could not catch because she was fat...
    She took a big disappointment but her family support!

    One day there was a man that was weighed down by all his bills.
    He asked for some money to the Italian mafia.
    They threatened him to break his legs.
    Finally he decided to rob a bank.
    But before he needed to look for some gear.
    He bought a water gun for kids and put on a balaclava.
    When he went to the bank, he entered and aimed to the cashier’s head with the gun.
    He said “All people to the ground, this is a robbery!” and the people sat on the ground and told the cashier to give him the money.
    At this moment she pushed the “panic button” and five minutes later the S.W.A.T appeared.
    The man took a woman, the cashier and the bank director for hostage.
    The man didn’t know that the bank had a rear door through where the S.W.A.T entered and arrested him.
    Some weeks later the mafia discovered where he was and sent one of their man, Luca.
    Luca paid the prison guard to take out the man and once outside Luca shot him at close range and threw him to the sea with a rock.

    4 ESO B


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