Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2nd BATXILLERAT - Black Hole

This time I recovered this post from Oct 2009. Have a look at this short film, you will certainly like it!

Once you have watched it, drop a comment. Say whether you like it or not and say which scene is the best. Of course, do not forget to say the reasons why.

Submit your comments before April 5th 2011.


  1. I like this short film is funny and i laughed.
    obviously the best scene is when the boy stays inside the safe and the paper with the black hole falls.

    Aida Reyes. 2n Batx. B

  2. What a movie!
    I like it very much!
    The man who thinks that now, with the strange black hole print in the paper, he will be rich and could do anything commits an error introducing inside the safe. Just when he is inside, he touch with his body the paper and... bye bye!

    The scene that I prefer is when he use the black hole for take a candy bar, a sweet chocolate bar...

    Kevin Álvarez

  3. Good short, that's what happens with greed, he could stop when he had enough, but he wanted more.
    Like the idea behind the story, yeah, something like that.
    I hope he chose Mars chocolate bar. They are awesome.

    Martín González, 2nA

  4. I like this sort movie because it's funny and make me laught.

    My favourite scene is when the men introduce into the safe and disappear.

    Judit Aguilar, 2n batx.B

  5. I like this short film because in some way it tells a true story, when you have something you need more and more.

    My favourite scene is when he discovers the power of black hole, because of the face he makes.

    Raquel Pujol, 2nd A

  6. I like very much this short film. For me, the best it's the final scene, when the black hole fall to the floor and the man can't escape of the safe. Also I like the scene of the sweet chocolate, I smiled and I laughed a little.


  7. The film made me laugh too. But, tell me:

    what did you think when you realised that the black dot was in fact a black hole?

  8. I thought that it was really amazing! Also, I thought that it was a science fiction short film because this is imposible to happen in the real life!


  9. I like so much this short film because it's very funny. In my opinion this story it's very true because all do this things.

    My favorite scene is when he enters to the safe and the the black hole falls because I think that it is the consequence if you abuse that power.

    Mónica Lara, 2nd Batx A

  10. I liked this short film, because is funny and strange at the same time. My favourite scene is when the man enters for circle and remains enclosed in the strongbox.

    Miriam González, 2nd batx A

  11. This short film is very funny! especially, I like the expressions of the protagonist in the video.
    The best escenes in my opinion are when he begins to get the money from the safe and gets locked!

    Lara Rodríguez Márquez, 2nd Batx A

  12. I like this video because it is very funny with the expressions of surprise from the protagonist.

    My favorite scene was when the protagonist puts into the circle his hand the first time because he has fear for this because he doesn't know what happens with the circle.

    Jorge Ramirez Carmona, 2n Batx B

  13. I like this short movie because this movie is funny and I laughed.
    The scene that I liked it more is when it stays within the safe.
    That is what makes greed.

  14. Dear students,

    Don't forget to sign your coments. Otherwise nobody knows who made them.

  15. I like this film, is very curious.
    There is a Spanish phrase very known that many people say: the greed breaks the sack. I think that the man of the movie has relation with this phrase.
    It was sure that they dismissed it.

    Eric Giménez Aranda, 2batA

  16. Hello Mr. Lloberas!

    I don't like this short film, because it's a little insipid and lacks a too little of grace.
    My favorite scene is when the man gets locked in the safe and can't exit because the paper fall to the ground.

    Jose Ruiz Guerrero, 2nd Bat. B

  17. Well, I know this story but I don't know why, I think that when I was little I saw this video in someplace but I don't remember where
    Poor man but my mother always say : greed breaks the sack, this men remnember this in the future... Moreover... The black hole is a good idea...

    Aïda Moreno Campos 2º batx B.

  18. I liked the short film! It made me laugh ,it´s great. I didn't expect the ending.
    My favorite scene was when he took advantatge of the black hole and stole the money from the safe and he got trapped.


  19. This short film is very funny, I like it! If I have the same oportunity, I will stole a car. I think that he is a irresponsable person because he don't know the way to steal the money.


  20. This short movie is entertaining and funny.
    My favorite scene is when the boy goes to the chocolate machine and steal a chocolate. I like the expressions of the boy.

    2n BATX.B

  21. I think that it's funny but i've seen better short films in the past.
    From my point of view, the best thing in this short film is the greedy man's face when he's taking out the money of the strongbox.
    I hope that you upload soon a new video!

    2nd B.

  22. I like it a lot!
    This movie is entertaining because it's very funny see the actions that the man do with the black hole.
    The best moment is when the man enter in the safe and the paper with a black hole fall down and he can't go out.
    This teaches us that the people don't have to have so much greed for money.

    Núria Trigo Pujol
    2º Batx. B

  23. I like this film because it's very funny.
    In my opinion are very short but beatiful.
    My favorite scene is when the man gets locked in the safe and can't exit.

    Toni Cañizares Molino
    2n BAT A

  24. It's a funny and courious short film. He had an unexpected luck but he could not use it correctly. If he had conformed to only a bundle, he wouldn't have had so bad luck.

    The scene that I have liked more has been when he discovers the black hole and is surprised.

    Sergi Artís
    2n Bat B

  25. I really liked this short! It is very funny!
    Clearly the best moment is when the man gets locked in to the safe. I like this scene because it is a punishment for abusing the situation.
    It is a good short film!

    Ana Romero Jiménez, 2n.Batx.B

  26. I like this video because I think that it proves the greed of the humans by fortune and by money without realize that is more important a friendship, the love and the positives feelings.
    And the scene that I more like it has been, when the man becomes trapped inside the safe because is the moral of the short film.

    Alba Díaz Bassons, 2n Batx. A

  27. Hello Agusti !!!!
    I like the short film.
    When the men introduced in the paper and the paper falls, my eyes have become bigger because I didn't expect it to fell the paper!! But I would like to have a paper that could be transferred in other place!! jajaja

    Beatriz Cuadrado Just, 2n. Batx.B

  28. I like this short movie because is very original and funny. The scene that I like most is when he go to the vending machine to take the chocolate.

    Marta Rodríguez, 2on batx A

  29. I like this short video because is so funny when the man starts to take out all money of the safe and later he gets locked in to the safe.
    In this video we can watch all the greed of the humans.

    Ivan martin 2 bat A

  30. It's a great shot film but i think can only happen this when any person are working many hours and the brain begins to imagine. The boy's face is amazing!

    Joan Aguilà Cuevas, 2n Batx. B.

  31. Spectacular!
    I like this short, is original and mysterious. My favorite scene is when the man take the chocolate bar. This piece of paper is perfect for steal something.
    And the face of the man at the few moments, when the short was started, I find very funny.
    Please put more videos like this in your blog that we can comment =).

  32. Hello!
    I think that its a funny short film.
    I like the scene that the man put the cup in the black hole and the cup fall, because the face of the man its very funny, but the end of the video could be expected.

    David Avila Coronado, 2n Batx. B

  33. Hi Agusti!

    I like the short film! it's very funny and entertaing, but maybe it could be a little more longer..because I would have liked the man before being caught in the safe, he used the "black hole" to get more things!jajaja

    My favorite scene is,like the most of people, when the man becomes drapped inside the safe!

    Nice video..good bye!

    Mariela Justiniano 2 Bat A

  34. Hello Agusti!
    It's a short science fiction very short but really fun.
    Part of the video that I liked, no doubt, was the part that gets locked in the safe.

    Really good short and I hope that soon upload more videos like this.

    Bismarck Sanchez 2 Bat B

  35. Agusti, this short is very good. It's fun. Upon seeing the video I thought that if exisit would be very useful, but at the end of the video I thought it would not be used properly, as is the end of the movie.

    The best scene is undoubtedly the last, when he disappears. That has been the one I liked.

    Alfonso Fernández Sánchez.
    2n Batxillerat A

  36. Hmmm, how moral you are guys and dolls!!

    Is there at least one who would use the "black hole" in a, let's say, "reasonable" way?

  37. I like this short film because it is fun and made ​​me laugh.
    the scene that I liked more is when the man discovers that the paper that he printed is a black hole and the face that he makes.

    Alba Fernandez, 2º bat.B

  38. Hi Agustí!
    I like this short. I think that it shows the true essence of the humans: we are selfish and we only think in ourselves. It’s a bit sad to think: what would the man do with a black hole with this properties and powers? – (Answer) Steal.
    However, the short is funny. The scene that I like most is when the man discovers the powers of the paper, with the plastic cup. I like too the expressions of the actor.

  39. Oh!
    It's so funny.
    This short film is so cool, because this man is one exemple of humanity sometimes we aregredy and the greed can be destructive, is never pleased.
    The best scene it's the last are a good and peculiar end.
    I like it very much!!
    thank you, bye.
    Isabel Pntoja Ludeña 2ºBatx A

  40. I think that it's a good short film. It's very expressive without the need to talk. Sometimes I would like to have a black hole like that, but knowing me, sure that I would be trapped too.
    It has also made me think about the proverb: greed breaks the sack. It's a typical thing in humans.

    Nice short!

    Laura Cardona 2n batx. b


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