Thursday, April 9, 2015

4th ESO - Scotland's Graffiti Castle

Read the text about a castle in Scotland and do the exercises below. I will check your exercices next April 28th.

Scotland's Graffiti Castle

When Lord Glasgow heard that his son and daughter were planning to cover his castle with graffiti, he wasn't very pleased. At first, he thought that they had gone mad! But they did their best to convince him, by explaining that it would be a collaborative project with some of the best graffiti artists in the world.

Nina, Nunca and the identical twins Os Gemeos are all well-known in Brazil. They were invited to spend a month at Kelburn Castle to complete the Graffiti Project. All of them agreed that it was an amazing opportunity to make their mark, and to unite two different cultures through art.

First, the design was created in the studio, and then the walls were painted white. After that, 1,500 cans of spray paint were used. Now the back part of the castle is covered with faces, figures and animals. The brightly-coloured designs are painted on the walls, turrets and chimneys. The whole project was completed in four weeks. It was also recorded on video, so you can see it on the website.

The graffiti won't be left forever – it will be removed when repair work begins on the castle's walls. So make sure you visit soon if you want to have a look! Kelburn Castle is located on the west coast of Scotland, 35 miles from Glasgow. It's open to the public every day from 10 am to 6 pm. The Graffiti Project definitely won't be forgotten. Even Lord Glasgow changed his mind – he loved it in the end!

Now, do the exercises below.

I took this activity from the book:

Catherine McBeth. (2009). Voices - 4. Student's book. Macmillan. pages 72-73.


  1. Wow, it's a impresionant video! I got surprised when I saw how fast they do the graffiti on the castle. There are two graffitis that I like the most and those ones are the green eye and the trunk. The green eye is in the bottom and on the left. The trunk is in the rear part of the castle and I think graffitis are nice.

    Maite González, 4 ESO C

  2. I liked the video a history and having this great graffiti. A shame not to see it go, but would be happy to go.
    David Cano, 4t C

  3. It is impressive with how quickly they do graffiti.
    The drawing that I liked most is the green eye, but overall everything is great.


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