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2nd BATXILLERAT - Michael Moore

A few years ago, I read the book Idiot Nation written by Michael Moore. I found the whole book really interesting, but I was delighted to hear someone say positive opinions about my profession. This is why I reproduce them here.

Just read the text and drop me a comment. Just tell me two things:
1. Can, in your view, any of Mr Moore's comments be applied in our country?
2. Do you agree with him?

Post your comments before May 20th, 2011.

OK, here it goes:

Sure, there are a lot of teachers who suck, and they’d be better suited to making telemarketing calls for Amway. But the vast majority are dedicated educators who have chosen a profession that pays them less than what some of their students earn selling Ecstasy, and for that sacrifice we seek to punish them. I don’t know about you, but I want the people who have the direct attention of my child more hours a day than I do treated with tender loving care. Those are my kids they’re preparing for this world, so why on earth would I want to piss them off?
You would think society’s attitude would be something like this:

Teachers, thank you so much for devoting your life to my child. Is there ANYTHING I can do to help you? Because you are helping my child –MY BABY – learn and grow. Not only will you be largely responsible for her ability to make a living, but your influence will greatly affect how she views the world, what she knows about other people in this world, and how she will feel about herself. I want her to believe she can attempt anything –that no doors are closed and that no dreams are too distant. I am entrusting the most valuable person in my life to you for seven hours each day. You are thus, one of the most important people in my life! Thank you.

No, instead, this is what teachers hear:
  • “You’ve got to wonder about teachers who claim to put the interests of children first –and then look to milk the system dry through wage hikes.” (New York Post, 12/26/00).
  • “Estimates of the number of bad teachers range from 5 percent to 18 percent of the 2.6 million total.” (Michael Chapman, Investor’s Business Daily, 9/21/98).
  • "Most education professionals belong to a closed community of devotees… who follow popular philosophies rather than research on what works.” (Douglas Carminen, quoted in the Montreal Gazette, 1/6/01).
  • “Teachers unions have gone to bat for felons and teachers who have had sex with students, as well as those who simply couldn’t teach.” (Peter Schweizen, National Review, 8/17/98).
What kind of priority do we place on education in America? Oh, it’s on the funding list –somewhere down between OSHA and meat inspectors. The person who cares for our child every day receives an average of $41,351 annually. A Congressman who cares only about which tobacco lobyyist is taking him to dinner tonight receives $145,100.
(Michael Moore. (2001). "Idiot Nation" in Stupid White Men. Penguin Books)


  1. Yes, they could be applied on our country, where the teacher's work isn't very grateful by parents.
    I'm not very agree with him but I think he is right in some things. He says people are too close-minded with teacher's job, what I want to mean is that most parents thinks they are a bunch of lazy people.
    Spain problem is that we have a big bad educational system, in my opinion, and teacher's recieve people's dissapointment.
    But this doesn't vanish that there are a lot of professors that they would be better on another job, better for them and for students too.
    Well, it's a very subjective question, and most people only knows what they can see, not all are what it seems, it could be different in other parts of the country.

    Martín González.
    2nd Bach A

  2. Yes, I don't think it can be applied it depends on the teacher and the school.
    I agree with some parts of the text but there are some ideas I don't.
    I agree because people needs have more respect to teachers.
    I don't agree because I think that teaching isn't a work so hard or maybe so long in fact.

    Miriam González
    2nBatx A

  3. I agree with Sr.Moore and obviously they could be applied on our country I think that being teacher isn't easy, there are more complicated situations on this matter the treatment of students. Morover I agree with Martín because I think too the Spain educational system is bad . There are teachers who can’t know teach , so maybe, they should to devote others professions. If I’am objective, it’s a topic complicated to give the opinion.

  4. The education in my country in this time is not valued enough.
    Some young people dislike study because the students thinks that the education of the professors has decreased. But in the reality, the education has decreased because the students doesn't strive for her notes.
    I think that the work of professors is undervalued, because they are the people who helps a childrens and youngs for have a good education. And his salary not is the adecuated.

    "If the world did not have professors, the world would be useless."

    Mireia Cancer Domene
    2nd Bach (A)

  5. Lara, you are right. It's sometimes difficult to express an opinion. How ever, the opinions you expressed here are very well justified.
    And Mireia, thank you for your conclusion.

  6. After read this extract of the book "Idiot Nation" writen by Michael Moore, the things I think are the next:
    These opinion can be applied in our country. Teacher's work is very difficult in some cases by fault of parents whose only purpose is to protect their sons no matter what the teacher thinks.
    I am not totally agree with he. Mr. Moore said that there are a lot of bad teachers but I think that the student have also an important paper on this, because the are a lot of bad students too! But society does not charge against students, but with teachers yes, which is easier. For this, I am agree with Martín about her opinion of educational system.

    Kevin Álvarez
    2nd Batx.B

  7. Be a teacher today is very difficult because the childrens and teenagers every day are more rebellious and have less desire to estudy, this happens in all world, for this I tink that this can be applied in other countries as. Maby the teachers not receive the salary earned but... moreover we can found some teacher...
    Many parents are fighting with teachers instead of wondering where is the problem.

    Aïda Moreno Campos
    2n Batx B

  8. Frrom my point of view, some comments of Michael Moor could be applied in this country.
    I agree with him when he says that the teachers needs more respect but I don't agree totally with all his comments.
    In my opinion, Kevin have reason. A lot times the problem it's created by the students!

    Alex Ríos 2n BAT B

  9. I think that these opinions could be applied in our country. Be a teacher is very difficult today, because the students don't want to learn. But I think too that there are a lot of teachers that don't teach well...

    Judit Aguilar
    2 bat B

  10. Yes, I totally agree with Mr. Moore as in Spain is not valued the work of teachers.
    I also think his saying that teachers must have more respect, but I don't agree with other comments.
    From my point of view alex and kevin are right when they say that many times those who are to blame are the students.

    Sergio Jiménez 2n B

  11. I'm agree with the text. The teachers are very important in the education of the children, because they spend a lot of hours together, the teachers are important both in academic education, as in the way of being (I think that only when they are small). I think that a teacher should always encourage at the students when they have problems. From my point of view be a teacher it's a very hard work but think that a student is learning thanks to you should be fantastic.

    Sergi Artís
    2n BAT B

  12. After read this text of “Idiot Nation”, I can answer two main questions. First, I think that Mr.Moore’s opinion could be applied in our country because it’s true that teachers’ work isn’t appreciated as it should; our parents blame to teachers our misbehavior saying that teachers don’t know how to teach and that most of them go to school to receive their average which, in fact, is less than a congressman salary. I think that it is wrong done because in my opinion, teachers provide more useful things than a politician or any profession like that. Teachers help us to be a helpful person and guide us to improve our future, so I agree with the comments that Mr. Moore say like the attitude that society should have about this issue.

    Eric Gimenez Aranda 2BatA

  13. from my point of view these ideas could be applied in our country. I think that being a teacher nowadays is very difficult because the students aren't in their work.

    Alba Fernandez 2n bat.B

  14. I read the text of Michael Moore and some comments of my colleagues, and I totally agree with the topic that students have no interest in learning.
    The teacher's job is to teach students, and the students pay atencion for him.
    However, the parents blame the teachers for lack of learning of their children, but they don’t think that their children are who have the fault.
    In my point of view I think that in the actuality the job of teachers is very dificult by students and by parents.

    Ana Romero Jiménez
    2n Batx. B

  15. Yes,I think that in Spain the education is very badly,genally. The level it's under of more european countries,but I think that the higher education and the university have appropriate level for all people and sometimes are the responsibility of teachers .But sometimes is dificult because normally we don't have the appropriate level and we can't change the teachers.I think that the salary it's not good actually but I think that many teachers take advantage with their advantages, but the congressman haven't got positive social function.
    I agree with Mr. Moore because the education is one of the most important values of one country.

    Isabel Pantoja Ludeña

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  18. I think yes, they could be applied on our country too.
    Being a teacher it's difficult because you have to deal with students at the same time you try to teach them. I think the problem is in parent's education, some times they thought that teachers have to educate their kids, but I think that childrens have to had a base on education and respect before. And then teachers would be able to give their knowledge correctly.
    It's a bit complicated issue and I don't know if I have explained myself well, but I hope you could undestand me.

    Raquel Pujol
    2nd A

  19. I agree with this text. In my opinion the teachers are very important for our learning. They help us to grow.
    I agree also with the bad things that he said. In this country also produced those facts. I think that there are some teachers that have to endure many things.
    In conclusion being a teacher it's a hard and difficult work.

    Mónica Lara
    2n Batx A

  20. After read the text from Michael Moore, I'm totally agree with this topic, because in this country there is a bad education, and the students don't do that they can do. For to be a teacher, is necessary a lot of vocation and patience, because there are students that they haven't a good education and for that, the teachers receive bad words and bad actions from his students.
    For this reasons, I think that these opinion can be applied in our country.

    Núria Trigo Pujol
    2º Batx. B

  21. Yes, I don't think it can be applied it depends on the teacher and the school.
    I also think his saying that teachers must have more respect. I think that doing the work of the theacher is very difficult, because sometimes students do not get easier this work.

    Manuel Caño 2btx.A

  22. I read the text of Michael Moore and I think that some Mr Moore's comments are applied in our country. In my opinion, nowadays the point of view of students is that the fewer work better and if the teacher doesn't come is better. And this don't help to the teacher to do his work and neither it help to have a good education.
    I think that every time the teacher's work is more difficult to realise and all would be more easy if the students would put on our side.

    Alba Díaz Bassons, 2ºA Batx.

  23. I have found this text very hard, and also very interesting. Well, I think the bad realationship between parents and teachers is also a very common topic in our country. The majority of the parents, fortunately or unfortunately it's not my case, use to think their children are perfect, handsome, super nice, polite, innocent, good students though it is not true at all. It means that whenever a problem raises in the school with their children, parents always blame the teacher. Or he is inept and unable to see their child's intellectual potential, or the teacher has got it in for him or whatever. Moreover, there is the widespread opinion that the teachers who are civil servants are paid to be almost always on holidays and that their work is minimal.
    Well, it's excesive. I think the teacher's task is very important and though. As Michael Moore says, there are some teachers who should work as teleoperator. There are also a high number of them who do their task right, which is very important for the growing process of a child.

  24. I agree with Mr.Moore, I think that people's opinions about teachers ara similar in Spain and USA. I think teachers are very important for childrens growth, but unfortunately people don't seen to notice that.
    I also think that there are teachers who are not good at their job.


  25. From my point of view I'm agree with Mr. Moore as in Spain is not valued the work of teachers.
    I agree because people needs have more respect to teachers.

    Toni Cañizares Molino
    2º Bat A

  26. In my opinion I don't agree with Mr. Moore. I think that is impossible or very difficult to aplicated this ideas. It's clear that Mr Moore don't know our system education! haha.
    Sometimes I saw teachers that they would be better in other job and others no, is depend.
    But, from my point of view, the problem are maybe the childrens. They are who have to work in the school and don't blame it on the teachers about his failures.
    The ideas, which are in the text, I seem an utopic. The job of teacher is important for the future of every children and the same time for the country.

    Raúl Font Sánchez
    2 Batxillerat "A"

  27. Agusti Well, my opinion is:

    I agree with some things he says Sr.Moore, but not all of what he says. I think that we could use the method that tells us Michael. Like others in his comments explain, the educational system in Spain worsens daily. I should say that blaming others is easy, would be the case of the parents who blame the teachers, their children they have extremely spoiled. With the last thing I said I disagree. The blame is neither of the teacher, or students, if not both.

    Alfonso Fernández Sánchez 2n BATX.A

  28. In fact,Nuria, what you mean is that some students are not POLITE. The word "ducation" refers to the time you have spent at school being taught. So, what you call EDUCATION is, in fact, POLITENESS.

    Anyway, thank you very much for your opinion.

  29. This text are very difficult to understand, because are very beautiful in the part when give thanks for the teacher's job, because it's true that the teachers are the people who learn the more important things in the life, and we are very grateful.

    Daniel Gutiérrez García
    2nd Batx. B

  30. I agree with Mr Moore. I think that the teachers are undervalued, they teach us the things that parent's can't teach.
    Here, his comments could applied here, in our country. In my opinion the teachers have more work than Congressman. Well, in fact the Congressman have a job very important but the teachers have to teach to students and this isn't easy job.

    Montserrat Paús
    2º Batx A

  31. Hi Agusti,

    For me it's a bit difficult to say if the comments of Mr. Moore can be applied on this country because I'm just living here two years ago and I don't feel able to judge people, but what it's a fact is that in the most countries the parents don't value the theacher work like it should be, because they think that all the education of their children is in teacher's hands but they're wrong...and of course I don't generalize to all the parents of the world! because there are all kind of people.
    I'm agree with him in some things, because is clear that being a teacher isn't easy, they don't just teach people,they prepare them to face the future and the people maybe should learn to be more thankful for it.

    Mariela Justiniano
    2o Bat A

  32. I think that they could be in our country. I agree with him because the teaches work for the futur of the childrens and his works are very important for the futur of our country but the parents don't help the teachers and difficults their work

    Jorge Ramirez Carmona 2n Batx B

  33. Hello Agusti!!!
    I think that teachers are bad valued because teachers work more than the account of teaching in school then have to correct their homeworks, exams, etc. Teachers would have to charge more!
    I believe that education isn't the whole responsibility of the teacher, much of it is the responsibility of parents.
    On the other hand, I think that students would have to put more on your part, to pay attention to the teacher for your convenience.
    Goodby Agusti!! This is my final comment!!

    Beatriz Cuadrado Just 2ºBatx B

  34. I think that Mr. Moore comments can be applied in some cases. There are teachers who dedicate their lives to teach to their students the important things in the real live. On the other hand, there are teachers who take advantatge of their job, because they have a medium salary and a lot of holidays. All the things considered, I firmly believe that depending on the teachers, Mr. Moore comments can be applied or not in our country.

    I agree with Mr. Moore when he says that teachers are undervalued, because in primary school teachers really spend a lot of time with children and teach them to have a good live. But I disagree with him because there are teachers in secondary school that they are only worried of doing their classes and they don't take care about the students.

    Aida Reyes
    2n Batx. B

  35. As I saw at some comments, it's true that the text is a bit difficult, but I extract my own opinion. Here it goes!:
    In my opinion, the parents don't see the reality of his sons. On a lot of cases, they think that his sons are "the best sons of the world", and they don't accept any type of criticism. And when it is a teacher who has a complaint, they defend them convincing themselves saying that the teacher is an incompetent, or that he doesn’t know his students.
    I agree with Mr. Moore. A teacher has a task very important in society because they must educate it. For me, it is more important than a Congressman, but there are teachers and teachers too… Well, my conclusion is that the professor is very important to ensure the welfare of society.

    Sandra Rosas Salgado
    2n Batx B


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