Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2nd BATXILLERAT - Trompe L'oeil

Watch this video:

Trompe L'oeil from Tyson James Dale on Vimeo.

Post a comment that includes the following information:

1. Did you like the film? Why?
2. Say which scene surprised you most.
3. Did the story make you laugh? Why?

Send your comments before May 20th, 2011.


  1. The story didn't dislike me, it's pretty funny how expressive are the characters.
    I think compassion's scene and theater's uncovering scene are both the ones who more impressed me. First one because I thought he wouldn't take pity on the Mime, and second one because I didn't expect it.
    The story didn't make me laugh, because in my opinion it wants to surprise you or try to make you have a good time, but not laughing.

    Martín González.
    2nd Bach A

  2. I like it very much but I think the story is difficult to understand and morover the mime support with facial expressions.
    The scene that has surprised me is when the inspector sign the permission, that scene is very good.
    The video made me smile, especially when the owner try to be an electrician and get a cramp.

    Lara Rodríguez
    2nd Bach A

  3. I like this! Because the plasticine dolls are very well done, and the history it's good.
    The final scene suprised me, because I did not expect, I thought I was crazy the mime!!
    In my opinion this film It's a simple history and doesn't have a funny scenes...

    Mireia Cancer Domene
    2nd Bach (A)

  4. I like this video though is very slow and until the end where I understood the history. My favourite scene is when the inspector went away and the mime lifted curtain and then I saw the old theatre. The story made me laugh because in the scene I said before was the last thing I could expect on this video.

    Miriam González
    2n BAT A

  5. I like more this video! I like the small man, the inspector, because is so cute, always I laughed with faces that he put. The end of the film is the best moment, when the mimo up the curtain and we can see the teatre in an entertaining story that I recommend.

    Aïda Moreno Campos
    2n Batx

  6. I like this film especially the characters. I think it's so hard invent this story with peculiars characters (because they are made of plasticine) and also with mimicry.
    The scene that I liked is when the mime discovered the teather. I was surprised!
    It is a very good film and I had good time but has not made me laugh.

    Ana Romero Jiménez
    2n Batx. B

  7. I like this film because it's funny and creative. I think that it's very difficult make a film with plasticine characters.
    From my point of view the scene most surprising it's when the mime gives a beer to the inspector and he break the imaginary glass.
    I don't laugh with this film but I smile a lot when the mime do things. In addition, I smile with the face of the inspector, it's funny.

    Alex Ríos 2n BAT B

  8. I don't dislike the film. But I haven't understood the film until the end. That made me to keep the focus until the end.
    The scene that most surprised me it's when the mimo draw the curtain and I have seen the theater. I didn't expect.
    The film haven't produced me laugh because I think that the film is only interpretation.

    Mónica Lara
    2n Batx. A

  9. I like this film because the characters are made of plasticine and they are a little funny.
    The scene that surprised me was when appears the theater behind the mime.
    The story didn't made me laugh,personally.

    Judit Aguilar
    2 bat B

  10. I like very much this film because it is very original, it has scenes very good and I also like it because I like the mime. The scene that surprises me the most is the final scene when behind the wall appeared the true theatre.

    Marta Rodíguez 2on Batx A

  11. I like more this video! I like the inspector and his facial expressions.
    My favourite scene is when the mime prepares the glass of beer, the inspector comes off and listen as broken. The inspector's face is very funny.
    I like the music video.

    Sergio Jiménez Nieto 2n B

  12. I liked this movie.
    The scene I most enjoyed was when the man didn't find the theatre ,but the only thing that I didn't like was the music because the music was stressful and I had to stop the music.
    The characters of this movie are very well done.

  13. Yes i like the film, because is a good exemple of perseveration to find your goals.
    the scene that suprised me more was the one when the mime reprove, and feel dissaponted with himself, because of his failure on that mime examn, but the inspector, seeing mime's sadness decides to finally aprove him.

    Eric Giménez Aranda 2batA

  14. Well, I like the story. But I prefer videos with sound and voices of characters. I think that is funnier. The mime is really good and fantastic!
    My favourite scene is when the mime was conected the electric. He falls from the plug to man and he hits his face! haha.
    The story, for me, didn't make me laugh, but make me smile.

    Raúl Font Sanchez
    2 Batxillerat "A"

  15. I like this story because Is so original but i prefer videos with voices in a characters.
    The scene that i prefere is when the mime prepares the glass of beer and the inspector comes off and listen as broken.
    This story didn't make me a laugh but it likes me.

    Ivan Martin
    2 Bach A

  16. I don't like the film at all because I don't like this type of animation and I hate mimes.
    The last scene was a big surprise because I thought that was all but obviously I was wrong.
    The film make me smile because of the inspector faces, but that was all.

    Raquel Pujol
    2nd A

  17. Hello Agusti!!!
    I like the story because is original and creative. And I really like the plasticine dolls.
    The scene that I most surprised is when the inspector leave and the mime lifted curtain and then I saw the old theatre, I didn't expect!!jaja
    The story I don't made laugh because I was surprised only finish. But I like the mime by the things that makes, is incredible!!

    Beatriz Cuadrado Just 2ºBatx B

  18. I like very much this film becase it's too original and the end are more curious and funny.
    The last scene is the best this scene surprised me it's wonderfoul.But only is imaginative, It has not made me laugh.

    Isabel Pantoja
    2ºA Batxillerat

  19. I didn't like the video because I haven't understood. The scene that surprised me most was when the mime left for the first time because it seems a very strange, and curious. I laughed at the last stage when the theater has appeared.

    Sergi Artís
    2n B

  20. I like this video because it's funny and interesting, but it's very difficult to understand, but the expressions of the faces of the mens have helped me to understand the video.
    The scene that surprised me most was when the theater appears, because i didn' expect this.

    David Avila Coronado, 2n Batx. B

  21. Yes, I like the film because is funny.
    The scene that surprised me most: when the clown serves an imaginary drink and the inspector refuses it, throwing the imaginary glass, but it actualy breaks into pieces.
    Yes, It made me laught because the inspector an angry man, is the end truts the clown.


  22. I like this video though is very slow and until the end where I understood the history.
    The scene that surprised me was when appears the theater behind the mime.
    I like the music video.

    Toni Cañizares Molino
    2º Bat A

  23. I like the story because it's funny and the end it's amazing. My favourite scene is the last one because I was surprised of the theater's appearance. I laughted when the inspector began to panic.

    Alba Fernandez, 2n bat. B

  24. I like this movie, although it was very slow. I like this film because I appreciate the mimes and for that, I was surprised when the mime draw the curtain and I have seen that he was in a theater. I think from the beginning of the film, that the man with a inspection paper say to a mime that he is not accepted at the theater.
    It make me laugh in some scenes, for example, when the mime must to do an electric action and then he hits a man, but accidentally.

    Núria Trigo Pujol
    2º Batx. B

  25. I like the film because it is original and funny. It is different because the characters don't speak and who watch the film must be more attentive. The story hasn't made me laugh but I have found funny the face that put the inspector for the situation.
    The scene that surprised me more has been when the inspector leaves and the theather appears.

    Alba Díaz Bassons 2ºA Batx.

  26. This is the third time that I post a coment here... I send you Agusti two coments before this and they did'nt appeared on the blog! Please accept my coment haha.

    Reffering to the film, it is a bit funny because the plasticine mime does a lot of thing and the inspector can not believe what he is seeing!
    The scene that surprised me was the last, when the theater appears behind the "wall".
    If the film make me laugh? Personally no.

    Kevin Álvarez 2n B

  27. The video you've posted, I liked. It is a very entertaining and makes you look to the end. One of the things that surprised me most were the faces of the inspector and reactions, because at first you don't know if the inspector sees things or not. Another thing that I liked, such as others, has been the end when it appears the theater.

    It is a story short, it serves to entertain more than to laugh, but at some time I laughed.

    Alfonso Fernández Sánchez 2nBATX.A

  28. Yes, Kevin, I know. The problem was that there were some mistakes in the first comment but we didn't see each other and I was not able to tell you what to do. Anyway, thank you for the comment.

  29. Ha ha ha ha!
    I like this story, are very funny. I like because the film has a lot of points of laught.

    I surprised in the scene when the clown puts up the wall and we can see the true local.

    I laught when the men exploits the balloon and when the clown hits the men's face. In addition, I laught because the men seemed Sponge Bob.

    Daniel Gutiérrez García
    2nd Batx. B

  30. I don't like the film, the mimos for me have a special humor and this humor I dislike.
    The scene which surprise me has been when mimo's touched the false wall and appeared the real theater.
    The first scene make me laugh, inspector's face when didn't find the number of theater.

    Montserrat Paús Arroyo

  31. Hi Agusti!
    The video you've posted it's nice, I liked it because if you wanna understand it, you have to see it 'till de end.
    The scene that surprised me most, was practically the last one, when the mime uncovers the theather because I really didn't expect it! was a good end.
    But this short film didn't make me laugh because there aren't funny things just, maybe some scenes that make you smile, but it's all.

    Mariela Justiniano
    2o Bat A

  32. I think that the video is very funny and interesting because it is different for the others videos.

    My favorite scene was the latest scene when the inspector go out and he open the blind and appear behind him the theatre

    In my opinion the history make me laught because I was very surprise with the history because in was different.

    Jorge Ramirez Carmona 2n Batx B

  33. I liked the video because it's fun and I like characters who are plasticine.
    My favorite scene is when the mime offers a glass of beer and the inspector thrown to the ground and listen as if he broke the glass.
    And the story made ​​me laugh, especially when the mime it happens electricity.

    Jose Ruiz Guerrero.
    2º Batx B.

  34. I think that it is a good video. I have enjoyed it but I have not laughed. Probably I am wrong, but I think it is not its intention. Instead I have seen there a lot of beauty, i.e., the typical sensitinity of mimes. The moment that have surprised me a lot is the end of the video. Well, I think that it is the key to understand its message.
    I have liked that it was made of plasticine dolls, it has reminded me the famous film of Chicken run.

    Laura Cardona.

  35. Yes! I like the film especially the character of inspector, because at first he don't believed to mime but after even he cries.
    The scene that has surprised me has the last, when the mime touches the wall and appears the real theater and is in ruins.
    Personally this story hasn't made ​​me laugh, because I don't like silent films.

    Aida Reyes
    2n Batx. B

  36. Hello Agustí!
    Yes, I like this short film! It’s one of my favorite posts on the blog. And another important thing is that… it’s really easy to understand! (I say it because it doesn’t have any kind of text in English, so I could enjoy it more)
    The scene that surprised me most is when the inspector also interacts with the mime, with the beer. But I really laugh when the mime hit the inspector by the electric shock. And the end surprised me a lot, but I think that it’s the perfect end for this story.

    Sandra Rosas Salgado
    2n Batx. B

  37. Well! I like so much this film, fristly I like the dolls of plastiline, are my favorite animation. The moment that surprised me is when the inspector throws down the glass of water and breaks it. I don't believe that the inspector touch the invisible objects. In resume, I like this film because is different that the videos you post in blog, and from my point of view I think that a mimic story are interesting

    Miriam Ballesteros Ruiz
    2n Bach B


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