Sunday, September 25, 2011

2nd BATXILLERAT - Sexist words or sexist speakers?

I took these word clouds from Crystal Smith's blog (you can read the full article here). They show words found in boy's and girl's toys. Font size means the frequency with which each word appears throughout a number of toy adverts.

Cloud A:

Cloud B:

Which one would you say describes a male stereotype? Which one a female stereotype? Why?
Now, read the article and say whether you agree with the author.


  1. I agree whith these resulsts because it represent what i played when i was child. Anyway i think that boys prefer action and science fiction.We might be more active.

    Andrés Rodríguez
    2 Bat A

  2. I agree with Crystal, because I do not need to say much in the photos is well reflected, girls always liked that kind of toys, so that vocabulary is used, while the boys have always attracted to these things, heroes, fight ...

    I almost agree with Andrew, I liked those things kids but do not think that is most attractive science fiction or science.

    Alejandro Roda
    2 bat A

  3. Of course the second one is the picture wich describes better the male stereotype, and the the first one the describes the other.
    I mean, male sex always had in mind( since long time ago, not sapiens yet I can say )all kind of war, defending, strenght ideas. In another words, male sex had to be the alpha male in order to breed. He had to be the strongest one, the best one so the females could notices his presence. This is the fact that makes male sex have this sterotype in a simple explanation.
    In the other hand, females had benn always depending to the males. Should their little babyes survive without the male oversight? No.
    The fact is the female needed male to look after her and her criatures, I mean, the male can kill better than a female because of his strenght.
    I don't like to say this though but yes, strenght was the fact of what we are nowdays.

    Carles Moreno
    2n batxillerat A

  4. Personally I agree with this writer,
    we only need see one or two words to know that
    "CLOUD A" is a girl stereotype and
    "CLOUD B" is a boy stereotype.

    I think that all the article it's right because I see a lot of TV and when I read this article I start remember all the adverts that uses stereotype words as fight, war, battle, etc.

    Sergio Gayet
    2Bat A

  5. The first photo describes a male stereotype and the second one a female stereotype.
    Since I was a child I played with Bratz, Barbies and other toys like that. But, why I liked this type of toys? The answer is simple; since we are childs we see adverts that influence our preferences about toys. An other factor that influences us is our parents; normally (not always) they buy toys based in our sex.

    I think that Carles's opinion describes the reason of separate the toys in two groups. Long time ago woman must take care of their babys and work at home, men must protect the family and do activities like hunting. So toys are match with this concepts.

    Liliana Roa
    2Batx A

  6. In my opinion, this article is so interesting. I’ve never stopped to think in this fact, but at first, I can realize that man and women are always opposites. Carles has definite it very well, we are a product of evolution (that means that in the past, man’s task was get food and fight and women’s task was take care of children) and this fact remains nowadays. So we can take out a clear conclusion: the words that appear in toy adverts are specially selected to parents to buy them (boys always will want fight and war toys and girls always will want toys connected with beauty toys and dolls). But... what about if a boy wants a doll or if a girl wants an Action Man? There aren’t adverts for them, because society isn’t yet evolved enough to recognize that there are also boys who want to play with Barbie’s. I think that this type of stereotypes must be disappear of our life’s, because… what better than see a child playing what he likes?

    Nerea Fresneda
    2nd Batx. A

  7. I’m agree with Nerea, I’m totally agree. When we look these photos I’m sure that everybody thinks that the first photo belongs to a girl and the second belongs to a boy because since we was children we learned that a girl plays with a Barbie or baby and a boy plays with the ball or cars… Then I say although I don’t like say these, that the first photo belongs to a girl and the second belongs to a boy, and I hope that another generation say the opposite that I say.

    Marina del Castillo
    2nd Batx. A

  8. Hm! Marina, I'm glad to see that there are still optimistic people like you.

  9. I'm absolutely agree with the conclusion of Crystal's blog. To understand what Crystal says, we have to start from the premise that boys have a natural, instinctive and subconscious predisposition towards anything related with death, victory, power, etc. (obviously this irrational attraction that kids feel about these issues is explained by the gut instincts that remain in the subconscious of the boys, the fruit of a wild and primitive past). If we talk about girls, is the same: girls also have a primitive instinct, but, evidently, different; the small women have a natural tendency towards protection and care of children, as well as a lower level of aggressiveness and taste for violence.
    Toy makers know all this, and they use this knowledge to make the most efficient advertising: they make ads with elements like the ones of the blog's clouds; words and concepts related with instintive tendencies of both genders. When children see the ads with this kind of references, they feel an unexplainable desire to get the toy. It's just a business strategy, a way to increase revenue. Someone might say that this way to advertise their toys is a bad influence to children, because it could increase violence among boys. However, I don't think it's something bad; from my point of view, the two main reason of violence are our aggressive and primitive subconscious (a natural problem) and the social inequalities, produced by a capitalist system where the law of "all agains all" prevails (a social problem). Our society is so competitive and unfair that it's impossible the absence of violence, it's a natural reaction from people. It's the blight of western culture.
    Jesús Cañizares Sánchez
    2nd Bat. A

  10. Is true that if someone asks us what is the difference between these two pictures. The answer of many people will be:
    (The first image is aimed at a female audience and the second to male)
    As well my classmate have said, is something from the past and still can not change. The women had to care for children, be beautiful for their husbands, as men, they had to defend the family...
    Today we see in advertising remains well, so in children's toys whenever the word 'power', 'fight' or similar. And in the girls 'fashion', 'pink'...

    Patricia López
    2nd Batx. A

  11. Jesus introduced an interesting point. The question is whether the difference shown in the word-clouds is instinctive or learned. What do you think?

    Patricia, in contrast, says that the clouds only reflect the discrimination against women in our society. Do you agree with her?

  12. I think that cloud A is a girl stereotype and cloud B are boy stereotypes.

    Many years ago the boy toys was action and fight toys, and the girl stereotypes was dolls and dresses. But now that stereotypes are being change a little. I know girls that they play with cars and sports toys and boys that play with dolls and dresses.
    The child can be play with "boy toys" and "girl toys".

    Miquel Badrines
    2nd Bat A

  13. I totally agree with Crystal because I played with a lot of these types of toys when I was child.

    I think that these stereotypes are connected whith our culture: Imagine that your parents, grand parents and more were played the men with dolls and the women with action toys. Don't you think that you would have played same with them?

    Adrià Muñoz
    2nd Bat B

  14. I agree with Crystal, since we are children, the society says that the man have the strong and the power, meanwhile women only have to look after the children and do it the dinner.
    If you look the girls toys, they are a babies and dolls, and you look boy toys, they are warriors and fighters.

    Víctor Gil
    2nd Bat B

  15. We don’t need to read a lot to see which picture represent the girl or boy stereotype. First picture is for female stereotype and second is for male stereotype.
    All the things (or much of them), since we was Childs, are made for a specific sector of the society. In one way, corporations make products for a sweet, pretty and lovely girl and in the other way, make things for competitive and powerful boys. They do this and don’t want to change this. In the sector of toys; you imagine a boy playing with a Barbie, or a girl playing with an action man?
    Society creates the stereotype and an alone person don’t can change this.

    Judith Peralta Álvarez
    2nd Batx A

  16. I agree with Carles and Nere. I think that now we seems equal, but this is false, and big toy companies knows it. They want to sell a lot of products and the easiest way to get it is continue this stereotype. I think they know that they can spend a lot of money in mainly female toy advertising for boys are not economically profitable. So they opt for more secure sale, advertisements with male words for sale male toys and female words for sale female toys.

    Laia González
    2 BAT A

  17. I think that the picture where there are words like battle, power or heroe is releated with a male stereotype and the picture where there are words like love or fun there is a picture with girls stereotypes.
    Although there are still things to change, the society is getting equalier but the stereotypes that used to be before haven't disappeared yet. In one hand I'm optimistic and I think the society will change but in the other hand I'm pessimistic because I think the steorotypes won't disappear.

    Arnau Grarcia
    2BAT B

  18. I agree with Crystal, but I have ever played with toys that were suposed to be for children and I had a good time and girls liked played with "mim houses"and mothers and fathers

    Carlos López Collado
    2nd Bat B

  19. Of course the second one is the picture wich describes better the boy , and the the first one the describes the women.
    I agree with Crystal, but I think that in this times all of toy are unisex. I saw boy playing with a barbie or a girl that playing with a car or a other toy of 'boy's'.
    I think it is not more important than a ball or a car is for a child, but playing with them, learn different things. Because the color pink is not only women or only blue is for men.

    Manuel Caño Díaz
    2nd Bat A

  20. I also agree with Carles, the society has stayed like we’re now, I mean, with the stereotypes that live in the moment since we were in Palaeolithic times. And it’s so clear what words are describing a male and what words are describing a female. I think that this is a serious situation but, does society really want to change it? I think that no, companies that sell toys only want to make money, so they give to the society what they want and in consequence, what they buy, there are a few families that buy to their sons toys that are made thinking into the other genre if their sons want to, nobody wants his son to be different, “what will people think if my daughter plays with toy guns?” (I’m sure that they think) or another example, when a boy is born, there is no one who buys him a pink dummy.
    We want that things stay like now because we’re not prepared to change, because if we’re different, society will marginalize us and there is no father or mother that wants his son to be alone.

    Emma López Villena
    2n Bat B

  21. In the society or our family has educated us with some stereotypes, and so we have learned that the dolls are for girls and the cars are for boys, but are stereotypes.

    I include myself, when I was little, I had always played with dolls and had never played with cars or others toys because were for boys.
    I had never liked to play with toys for boys, because I was raised with influences of these society stereotypes.

    I disagree with this, everyone has to have their own likes, and are not to be influenced by these stereotypes.

    Raisa Teijeiro
    2nd Bat B

  22. I agree with the Crystal Smith’s blog, because it’s true that our parents, the society in general, are the first in keep this idea.
    The parents bought some toys depending on the sex of their child ( I suppose that they buy the toy that their child want, but influenced with this idea) and the toy’s advertisements are the first to sell their products like this.
    I think the same that Carles, this picture has connected with the past.

    Mariona Izquierdo Corominas
    2on BAT B.

  23. If we see these two pictures there isn’t any problem to identify what is for girls and what for boys. The first one belongs to girls and the second to boys.
    This stereotype appeared a long time ago when man’s task was get food and fight with other to had more power and women’s task was take care of children and did the homework. In my opinion this is sad because the society continue with this stereotype and for this reason the words that appears in the pictures reflect all the things that the men like to do: fight, have power and action, etc. Instead the women had learned that she must play with dolls, Barbies, etc.
    As well, my classmate had said even now there is a lot of discrimination against women because they had to be beautiful for their husband. But some day all will be change and maybe the boys will start play with dolls and girls with cars and action man. I think that children must play with they want it, not because they are bound to follow this stereotype for be not different.

    Judit Hidalgo
    2nd Batx.A

  24. After reading Crystal Smith's blog and also all classmate's comments, I have to say that their opinions or conclusions are very correct. I want to say that, from my point of view, their reflections have a very appropiate structure. In fact, I think that all of them have a part of reason, but not all, because in some topics nobody has the real or totally true, it happens because this topics are opening for the public's opinion and this fact generates a lot of different points of view, hidding the thue to human comprension.

    Now, according to "sexiest words" topic I want to say my humble opinion. For explain it, I'll use comments or conclusions of some classmates. In first, I must say that I agree with their points of view about that the cloud A represents girls stereotypes and cloud B boys stereotypes, in consequence and introducing Carles opinion, I think that he has reason when he said that this preferences comes of primitive human minds but I would want to propose a little question for him and also for someone that wants to answer it. It comes only of our primitive minds ?. Well, in my opinion, one of the most important influence are the society, I know that some persons have already speaked about it, but according to Marina's point of view and also according the begining of my text, if society have a lot of importance in some topics and also people make the society, we can hide the true and make stereotypes like this sexiest words. I mean that, probably we are blame of this discrimination of sexism and it is in our hands the change of this topic because the society is ,and it will be ever, done for us.

    Sergio Morales
    2n Bat A

  25. Hm, Sergio, perhaps your mind played you a trick. I imagine you mean SEXIST words not SEXIEST (superlavie of SEXY).

    However, there may be some truth behind that trick: do you think that everyone (men and women) try to be SEXY through their elections? Do girls feel SEXIER imagining themselves as princesses? Do boys feel SEXIER imagining themselves as heoric soldiers?

  26. I'm agree with Carles and Nerea, In the Palaeolithic,the tasks for the man were protect women's and get food for the family, and for the woman was take care for the kids, so since that we continued thinkin that the man's are better for the war and the woman's are better in homework.
    So it's not very difficult to see that the picture one represents the woman's and the second one the man's stereotypes.
    But now the thinks are not so clear, why a girl can't play with cars and what happens if a girl doesn't like to play with barbies, she can't ?
    No I think she totally can, and we have to be agree with that, if we want to change these stereotypes.
    Andrea Gil

  27. All we know which picture belongs to girls, Cloud A, and which belongs to boys, Cloud B. But if we know that is because we live too with these stereotypes. Of course, I agree with some of my partners that say that these stereotypes become from long time ago and that are implanted to us by our families, TV... I think that there are a lot of wrong things in the world and that we have to change, and the stereotypes for boys and girls, not only with the toys, is one. Because we can do what we like, a girl can play with a ball and a boy can play with dolls.

    Helena García Hernández
    2nd Batx. B

  28. If we take a look at the two word clouds given, it's easy to know that the first one reefers to the girls' stereotype and the second one to boys'.
    As far as I am concerned, it seems to me that the reason why each one represents its stereotype it's the common matter.

    On the one hand, I'm going to start with the girls' stereotype. The one which is represented by “soft words”; those words that reefer to the common things that from a long time ago are related with girls, but nowadays, in our society, they are not seen the same way. Things like cooking, looking after babies, making up themselves or chatting with their friends about gossips.

    On the other hand, the boys' stereotype. The one which is always related with the kind of words that expresses things like movement, the power over the others and the battle, all in all, those things that require being strong and superior.

    In my point of view, we shouldn't create any stereotype about anything. I think stereotypes stop our society becoming an open minded society in which anyone is able to do what he or she wants. In these days there are women who are generals of the military forces and men who are househusbands.
    It seems to me that stereotypes are old habits that come from old generations, and I consider that new generations should adapt their thoughts according to the time they are living.

    Àlvar Piracés Buitrago
    2nd of Batxillerat A class

  29. In my opinion the cloud A belongs to a girl and the cloud B belongs to a boy because since we was children we learned that a girl plays with a Barbie or baby and a boy plays with the ball or cars.
    I had always played with dolls but also sometimes played with my brother or racing cars and I think that isn't bad, so I think that everyone has their own taste but there are things for women and things for men.

    Meritxell Jimenez
    2n Bat B

  30. Perfectly the second one is the picture wich describes better the male stereotype, and the first one describes the girl stereotype.
    This is a great idea, but of course the result is sad – though I must say at least I’m happy that the girls play with dolls, while I’m truly worried that the boys play mainly with stuff that inscitan to war.
    The girls play with dolls and the boys play with car, guns ...
    What if a boy wants to play with a barbie? or a girl with a car?
    I'm loved to play with cars and football ...
    I also agree with Patricia Lopez because today we see in advertising remains well, so in children's toys whenever the word 'power', 'fight' or similar. And in the girls 'fashion', 'pink'...

    Laura Rincon Gordillo
    2º bach B

  31. My question is why? Why we have to live in sexist society? The sexism start when we are child, all our toys, our dresses, our plays ... are ones or others depending if we are boys or girls. Why a boy must have toys for doing wars, or cars for doing races? A boy can’t play with puppets? Or girls with a plastic gun? Unfortunately I think that is very difficult to change the society. We have to accept that we live with the sexism.

    Pau Minguet
    2nd of batxillerat B

  32. After reading the article that you shows at the link, that describes the best stereotypical male gender is inferior image (Cloud B), and the feminine stereotype image above (Cloud A). Because the words which you shows in each image, are respectively associated with each sex as the author of the study findings.

    I am identified with the author, because I think the words are completely true and is reminiscent of my childhood. The words in the image of the female I think they also represent their toys, but I can't stay really sure 100% because I have not been a girl.

    Andreu Medina
    2n Batx. "B"

  33. I think it is true that there is a difference in the advertised toys for boys and girls is also true that companies who design, manufactured and advertised these toys generalize the tastes of children ultimately that most children prefer games of racing car.. and girls prefer dolls and other accessories.

    Aris Rocosa Fernàndez
    2Bat B

  34. Cloud A describes a female stereotype and Cloud B describes a male Stereotype. I think that this type is something horrible because discriminate and does the people thinks like this clouds.For the years, these stereotypes have reduced, but still these behavious that try to characterize. People have left behind many of these stereotypes, but even still alive in the toys and and so make children grow up in a society full of stereotypes. Today a lot is sold by advertising, and these things are also sold.

    Carolina Cabrero Piqueras
    2º bach B

  35. I think that cloud A is female stereotype and the cloud B is a male stereotype. Because when we are child, our parents and family give us objects and toys conditioned by our sex. Also there are more examples like when born a child his bedroom is painted acording his sex, blue if he are male and pink if she are female. And other example is tath when the children are more older and they like a things of the opposite sex, it are frowned upon.

    I'm agree with Crystal and I think that stereotypes are a bad factor that limit the development of the personality of childs.

    Carla García Valverde.
    2nd Batx. B

  36. Well, after reading all these comments, I amm going to say my opinion without mention any of these points of view beacause if I have to comment with who I am agree or disagree, my comment would be so long.

    As I know, since a long time ago, there were two differents stereotypes: the male one and the female one, and during this time people have followed it... But nowadays, I think it is not so easy as it was before, to separate a male/female stereotype, beacause the times has changed and the perception of woman that existed before was not the same it is now. In our century, a man can do or can think the same as a woman do and viceversa. So it is more complicated it seems.

    For me, any of these images reperesent a stereotype or an anohter one.

    Raúl Qules Petidier.
    2nd Batx.A

  37. In my opinion, this article is very interesting. Because children can not play with dolls and girls with cars? Probably this happens because I live in a sexist society, or simply tradition. In my opinion I think we've gone far enough to break the tradition of a logical cause.
    I think every child can play with the type of toy you like most either sex.

    Bismarck Sánchez Lopez
    2 Bachillerato B


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