Thursday, January 5, 2012

2nd BATXILLERAT - The 7 Wonders of Winter

The frozen waters of Lago di Resia.
Visit the Lonely Planet website and have a look at their winter proposal. Read the 7 wonders of winter (don't just look at the pictures) and say which you would visit if you had the chance.
Give at least three reasons for your choice.


  1. If I can, I would visit the norten lights of Canada. I always saw photos about these fantastic lights but I never knew that there are in Canada so when I read this article I was very surprised because this place that I always want to go exists.

    I chose this place because I am fascinated by the lights. It's incredible that in a place of the world there's a site that the sky is green, pink, blue... We can't see this in Spain. It's amazing that the nature can create things like this.

    I think that if I can go there I will become crazy because I will take a lot of photos.

    Liliana Roa
    2Batx A

  2. I'm agree with Liliana comment but I prefer another natural phenomenon like Yellowstone’s boiling waters and geysers, because I can see the power of the nature and how beautiful it is.
    I saw some photos and it seems done by computer but it isn't.
    I want go there for see a geyser in action, throwing a jet of boiling water and see the bison near the geysers basins, waiting for stream of water for warm themselves
    It must be amazing.

    Andrés Rodríguez
    2 Batx A

  3. Yes, Andrés and Liliana, you are right, the magic of nature is really amazing.

  4. I totally agree with Andrés, but totally, I read the seven wonders of winter, and amazed me most was the Yellowstone National Park, some amazing photographs.
    When I saw the picture with the lake in the middle, surrounded by brimstone, I'm out of words, how wonderful!

    That two opposites elements can coexist in harmony, and also can live animals adapt to it, must be of the most beautiful things to see!

    PD: I've also been to London and Italy, but I will come back after what I read, I have to see these wonders of nature!

    Alejandro Roda
    2batx A

  5. If I had the chance, I would like to visit Sweden, to see Sweden's reindeer migration. Since I was a child, I always have seen reindeers in movies and cartoons. See a reindeer face to face would be something very nice. Besides, I like cold places, so, for example, Italy is the last place that I would like to visit, because is very hot in summer and is one of the most similar countries to Spain, with Portugal and Greece (in all the aspects). If I had the chance to visit a different country, I would choose the most different country of Spain, to see something new.
    In conclusion, I would like to visit Sweden because of the following reasons:
    It is a very different place in relation of Spain, and it's a pleasure to visit new and different places.
    I would like to see the landscapes of Sweden, and the reindeers.
    It isn't hot, unlike Spain.
    I'm sure that this travel would be amazing.
    Jesús Cañizares Sánchez
    2 BAT A

  6. Taking a look, reading and regarding about the different sort of odd places that the winter offers, it is so hard to decide a hundred percent sure about what you have chosen, but as well as I am to chose a landscape, I'd keep with the Yellowstone National Park.

    In case I had the chance, I'd like to visit this marvellous place because of its mixture of green nature, its odd phenomenons like the boiling waters in the middle of the snowed mountains, the geisers, the enormous waterfalls and the wild animals that inhabit these lands like the wolf, the moose, and my favourite, the grizzly; the biggest bear in the world and one of the most dangerous for the humans.

    Furthermore, this is one of the best places for the geological sources and for the science in general, as well as it's a protected natural reserve and every single thing grows in its wilderness.

    By: Àlvar Piracés Buitrago
    From: 2nd of Batxillerat A

  7. If I had the opportunity, would visit all these places and many more. Each place has its charm. Each with diferenets features, each with its history. So I can not choose one, because I want to go to all. Travel around the world, make a million of photos.

    But in this activity, you say me that I had to choose a place so, I choose the norten lights of Canada. The photos are amazing and I’m fastinated, but the other places are beautiful too.

    I I've been to Italy and is a very, very nice city and I would return someday.

    Patricia López
    2 BAT A

  8. The Italy's sunken bell it's amazing, these landscapes, the frozen bell... and if I had the opportunity I would visit Italy, and the northern lights of Canada too, this photo of nature it's beautiful, surprising.

    But my choice is the Icebound St Petersburg. Always I wanted to go to St Petersburg and I would visit this city not only for this frozen art and for drink vodka in ice glasses...I want go because it's an amazing city, wondeful, magic... There're like a castle with colors, and an underground made like Sistine Chapel with these paintings.And if I had the opportunity I would go to this magical city.

    Marina del Castillo
    2 Bat A

  9. I agree with Liliana that if someday I can have the chance to travel to one of these places, the northern lights of Canada will be my choice. I can’t expect something more beautiful than these lights and it is one of the reasons why I chose it. Sometimes I have watched a movie and when these lights appear I’m fascinated because I couldn't imagine that something so amazing existed.
    It’s hard to believe that the nature can create something like that. When this kind of phenomenon happens, the sky becomes pink, turquoise and green.
    It will be fantastic if I could take a lot of photos to remember me that this phenomenon exists in some part of the world.

    Judit Hidalgo
    2 Bat A

  10. Wow ! I had never seen the 7 wonders of winter, and I must say that I'm very excited to see some of these amazing photos. Absolutely, I'd like to visit all of them because I'm one of the biggest fans of this season, but as the instructions say, I must choose one.

    I think that all of them are wonders, as their recognition says, but from my point of view the most amazing place is the northen lights of Canada, I think that this phenomenon is one of the most beautiful nature's expressions and it must be exciting to see it in direct. hopefully that one day I be able to see this show of space lights over my head and my senses.

    Sergio Morales
    2nd Bach A

  11. I think that I choose travel to St Petersburg,the other places are interesting too, I love travel and if I can, I would go to all world for visit different cultures, but of this seven wonders of winter, caught my attention St Petersburg because I like the tradition of the sculptors to transform blocks of ice into elaborate models of people, animals and objects. Is very interesting the story of why the sculptors do this ice sculptures.

    Travel to Russia must be a very impressive experience for us, because it's a different place and it would be amazing to live in a different style of life.

    Edurne Bautista
    2 Bat B

  12. If i had the chance I would visit Canada. Overall Canada in winter is known as a very good place for skiing and, of course snowboarding. What is more its spectacular sightsee while travelling in the mountain, or anywhere in that country I think, makes me feel like going there. Another thing I like from that country is that I would be able to practise my english with the local girls.
    Another thing I would be looking forward to do is to get lost into those big mountaing zones in order to connect myself with something that, unfortunately, we are not used to nowadays.

    Carles Moreno
    2n Bat A

  13. If I would have an opportunity, I would visit the northern lights of Canada. This scene is wonderful. If I could see all these lights in the sky during the night would be a majestic spectacle.

    I would like visit this place because I like the photography and would take a lot of photos.
    In second place it's a nature's gift that I would never forget it.
    In the end, I like the snow so much, and could ski in the middle of a beatiful landscape.

    Melisa Bruzzese
    2n Bat B

  14. If i could go to only one of this seven place I would visit Canada. I saw photographies of these northern lights of Canada and they are really beautiful.

    Who could imagine that this phenomens exists? These lights are awesome, it must be exciting to see them with your own eyes. It would be like feeling the mysteries of the mother Earth.

    These lights on the sky, with those colors must be really wonderfull. As Louis Armstrong said.. What a wonderful world!

    Marc Martinez
    2BATX. A

  15. After reading the description of the 7 wonders it's easy for me to choose one of this wonders, if I had to choose one of this wonders I would choose de the northern lights of Canada.

    The northern lights of Canada because are the most espectacular, the most exciting and the most incredible, in conclusion, the northern lights of Canada is the unic wonder that made me pay an especial attention. All of the wonders are beautiful, but the northern lights of Canada have an especial espectacularity that made me focus my attention on it.

    There are a lot of places where I could practise my english, but practise my english in Canada with this perfect natural scene is a reason more to choose it.

    In addition, I have to say that I don't use to sky but the few times when I sky I have a good time and taking advantage that I'm in Canada I can go skiing during the day.

    Arnau Garcia
    2n batxB

  16. I choose the northern lights because it's not only an image that we can take in a photo. It's look like a feeling and they are really beautiful.

    You must be in the middle of anywhere, alone and you can feel that anything it's important. No works, no stress, no problems. It's the time. Time for thinking about your family, about your friends, about you, about the happiness.

    Judith Peralta
    2nd BAT A

  17. I choose the northern lights of Canada because is a beautiful and surprising landscape. When I read this article I went to "google" and I searched images of this lights. I was very amazed. Also I took a lot of information and I saw that this is produced with little light pollution, are very cold and plenty of clear nights.
    I will like go to Canada with Liliana and I will take a lot of photos together.

    Lara López Tajahuerce
    2 Batx A

  18. I agree with Marc. If I could go to a place, it would be Canada to see the northern lights. According to the people who have seen this phenomen, it is the greatest show that nature can offer us.
    I choose this place because I have seen many photos and it is something really beautiful. I love all things related to the nature, and I think that this is something that everyone should see.

    Laia González
    2BAT A

  19. For me, the best place to visit is Icebound St Petersburg. Since I saw this photo, I have known where I want to go on holidays. I love animals, so I like this photo.
    Other reason I like this photo, is the landscape. St. Petersburg has an incredible environment and a very beautiful mountains to visit with a lot of animals.
    The third reason I would go there, is the culture you could learn in Russia. Russia is one of the countries I like the most because the Russian culture.
    I know the winters in Russia are very cold, but for me this is not a problem because I feel very confortable in winter.

    Jordi Garcia

  20. If I have to choose, I prefer to visit Itlay in winter. One of the reasons I like it, is the good recomendations I have received from my sister. She said me Italy in winter is very beatiful and has a lot of places to visit, one of them, the Alps.
    Appart from what she said to me, I've search photos to know more about the winters in Italy and I can say with total security that all the photos I've seen, are beatufiul.

    Andreu Medina

  21. I think that I choose travel to north of Sweden, this seven wonders of winter caught my attention because I had never seen this and the photos are amazing.

    Sweden it's my choice, because it's a place that I will like visit some day.
    The story of the reindeer I liked it so much, I seems incredible. Really I didn't know that the reindeer migrate each winter. This information it's incredible and interesting. I would like so much seen the stars at the sky of Sweden without pollution and know the real cold.

    Would be an adventure, I like know other countries and of course other cultures.
    It would be an impressive experience for me.

    Raisa Teijeiro
    2n bat.B

  22. After reading the information from the photographs, the image that I like the most is St.Petesburg photography. I have choosen this photo because I liked St.Petesburg and the palace that appear in the picture is very elegant and has a colour that stands out with the white snow.
    In my opinion this type of sites are very interesting for visit an very beautiful to contemplate.

    The only think that is bad is that the winter in this city is very cold but is balanced by the beauty of the landscape.

    Juan Antonio Ruiz Camacho
    2 Bach A

  23. I like all the places the 7 wonders of winter but I choose The northern lights of Canada.
    In summer I love to stretch in the beach and look the sky.
    I would go to Canada because is wonderful to see the sky of many colors.
    I didn't know existed this place, and I chose this because I am impressed by the lights.
    It's spectacular!
    But also I agree with Raisa because I also like to visit Sweden.
    My grandfather went to Sweden and he liked it a lot.

    Laura Rincon
    2 bach B.

  24. As someone said if I had a chance I would like to visit all the places, because I think that all of them are different but interesting, but if had to choose I think I would choose St. Petersburg or Canada.
    I think that the northern light of canada is so beautiful and that I've to see it someday. But probably I prefer St. Petersburg, because I think that the frozen art would be surprising and that if I go to somewhere is for more than one reason. I imagine that I love the art of there, specially the architecture, in St. Petersburg because it's very different to here, and I always want to visit that city, it would be an amazing experience.

    Helena García Hernández
    2 Bat B.

  25. If I can, I would visit Italia , the Italy’s sunken bell, because I love Italia I visited in two times and last this summer I visited Pisa and Sicilia , also love the language and is very easy to understand but for to change I would visit The northern lights of Canada I am very surprised by the pictures and what I read I have been fascinated, in the next holidays try to take my family to Canada , these would be my priorities.
    But all are spectacular so I cannot choose one, because I want to go to all because my dream is to travel around the world.

    Carla García 2bach B

  26. After a few photos and minutes reading about "The Seven Wonders Of Winter" I choose the nicest one for me, the northern lights of Canada. If in my life i have the chance to go to that place, probably i will go and if I will see this extraordinary scene of lightness and darkness, the silence and mystery of this place probably I will fall in love and stay live there.
    I have to add in this coment a little observation about another place, that I see interesant to say. Is about "Yellowstone’s boiling waters". I think this is a beautifull place to go (probably the second opcion of the 7) because in this rare place there's a quimical affair, that I will not speak, that is too interessant to my knowledge.
    Congratulations about choosing this topic!

    José González Castillo
    2Batx A

  27. If I had the chance I would visit the Northern lights of Canada because it's a phenomenon that in Spain we will never see.
    Since I was a child I saw a lot of photografies about the Northern lights and always I was surprised. The lights represent for me the exotic and the wonderfull of a place that seems another world.
    The Northern lights are not the only reason for visit Canada because I saw another photos or this country and it's fantastic.
    All of "The Seven Wonders of Winter" have earnied their name but I will always be a Canada's lover.

    Adrià Muñoz Pinto
    2 Bat B

  28. I love travel and if I can, I would go to all world for visit different cultures. I love Italy but I think the other opcions I get more attention because I have already visited Italy four times I love the lenguage. I have a family in italy, my aunt is married to an Italian and has now had two babies who are my cousins. I love italy and i like see Italy’s sunken bell, but the opcion of Canada called my attention because he photos are amazing and I’m fastinated.

    Meritxell Jimenez
    2 bat B

  29. I have read this article ("the seven wonders of winter"). I think that it is very interesting. I have seen some extraordinary places that we have in the world. It's difficult to choose one of them, but my preference maybe can be "The northern lights of Canada". Since I was child when I saw the stars I always have seen the contaminated sky. Canada is an opportunity for see something new for me. I’m sure that see all this colors and lights it’s a thing that I would never forget. Canada is also a very good opportunity for practice two languages that I’m learning, French in the zone of Quebec and English in Toronto’s zone. Finally, I think that the forests of Canada are a very good place for doing adventures sports like excursions or mountain bike, sports that I often practise.

    Pau Minguet
    2nd Batx B

  30. Northern Lights Canda seems incredibly spectacular. I had never seen anything like it and I am very agree with the opinion of Lily Roa.

    View as one eye is located there in the middle with the banks to freeze but you see you can see how hot steam.
    Another thing that surprises me a lot of this site is that the variety of colors that can create nature.
    I never imagined you can get to be a paisage well but I love it.

    If I were to canada without doubt would happen by this site and would make a lot of pictures to remember forever.

    Bismarck Angel Sanchez

    2 Bat B

  31. If I ever go to canada I would like see the northern lights, because is a experience that in Spain you can't see because the geographic zone.
    Other reason to visit Canada is see the difference area: where french is spoken on the area where english is spoken I like do this to prove if there are the same traditions.
    Finally I would visit Canada to feel the difference lifestyle, more people say that in Canada lifestyle is better than Spain because haven't got such pollution and is therefore healthier.

    Aris Rocosa Fernández
    2Bat B

  32. I agree with all my classemates when they say that this places are amazing, but if I have to choose one, I prefer Italy.

    If I would visit it, I enjoy so much because I like the lenguage, and I think that if I could go someday to Italy I can learn a little bit because it's similar to the Spanish lenguage.

    Carol Parera
    2º BAT B

    Another reason that I would go to Italy is that I love all the monuments that are in this city, and what I'm studing the culture and the most important places of it in one subject this year, Art History.

    In addition, the latest reason that I would visit Italy is that my favourite food is pasta and pizza, and both are Italian food and if I go to it city I could eat them.

  33. If I can travel a lot, I will go to the whole world. But If I can choose a place, I will go to Italy.
    I will go here because I think that Italy has got a lot of history, a lot of place to visit, the weather is like Spain's weather and I love the Mediterranean's weather.
    But I love London too, because I like the city in general, his culture, the youngest ambient and there are a lots of shops!!

    Mariona Izquierdo
    2on Batx B

  34. In my opinion the best place to visit is Icebound St Petersburg. I really like all the wonders of winter, but I stay with St Petersburg because I love the cold, and see all the sculptures in winter with the cold and with sunlight should be awesome. Also I found amazing the nature that exists in these lands, the variety of woods and mountains, and is a place surrounded by nature.
    Antoher reason why I like to go to St. Petersburg is because the river Neva is frozen, and i would have the change to skate on the river with my ice skates! I think that this should be fantastic!

    Andrea Molinero
    2 BAT B

  35. All the places are beautiful and I love to visit all, but I think that the first place to visit would be Yellowstone National Park. There aren't a lot of places with that special beauty because when people want to visit snowed places, but this is different. It is a place of fire and brimstone, a place to breathe hot air and you surround yourself with an environment different from the typical winter cold. It also would go to know a different place, away from the typical and wonderful spaces to know that people in our country is not used to seeing. I would love to travel more for know spaces so beautiful than this.

    Carolina Cabrero
    2 Bach B

  36. Wow great places, but if I can visit any of these beautiful places I would visit Icebound St Petersburg because I like the ice and in this place when winter arrive they make many figures of ice and in Spain i can't see nothing like this.
    But other reason is that St. Petersburg in January everything is frozen and the people and me can slide for the river and the places where is possible.
    And the last reason is the pool that the water is most cold but they heated with a glass of vodka.

    Aleix Porqueres
    2Bat B

  37. Well, if I have to choose, I prefer to go to St.Pertersburg. I very like Russia and Russia, when is it snowing, is it more beautiful. For me, Russia is one of the most amazing countries around the world. I know that all the photos are beautiful, but to go to Russia is one thing I also want to do.

    The reasons I want to go there are: to know his culture because I very like Russia culture, to see the cities and the streets snowed and for the last, to visit St.Petersburg and also Moscu.

    Carlos Lopez 2bat.B

  38. Considering that all the photos and all the places to visit are amazingly well to visit, I oppted to visit Italy.
    The reasons why I have choosen to go there, is the love I have for Italy. Since the first I visited Italy with my parents on holidays, I've knew and I've discovered one of the most incredible cities in the world. What's more, if when I've been in Italy it wasn't snowed, and without beeing snowed Italy impressonated me so much, I'd like to imagine how many would Italy impressionate me beeing snowed.
    Other reason I'd like to go there, is the things I could learn, I mean, Italy is a big country full of culture. Going only one or two times there, you always will have more to learn for the next time you go

  39. I agree with all of you. In fact, every corner in the world is worth a visit. And well, I see that most of you show a preference for Canada and the Northern Lights. I love it too.

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