Monday, February 27, 2012

2nd BATXILLERAT - Photo inspiration (1)


  1. An unknown girl…

    Who can she be?

    Is she a teenager?
    Is she a lover?
    Is she sleeping
    Or just dreaming?
    Is she living
    A moment of peace,
    A moment of pleasure,
    Or a moment of pain?
    Is she a wife
    Or maybe a girlfriend?
    And is she enjoying
    Or maybe she isn’t?

    And do I want to know
    What is happening to her?

    Inspired in «Le phénomène de l'extase», photography by Brassai (1932).

  2. Who can it be?
    Is it me or someone with the same appearance?
    What can be this sense?
    Why do I do it?
    Does it make me feel good?
    Does it make me feel new experiences?
    Does it help me to forget bad moments?
    Or, I just did it because I want?
    What can I do now?
    Do I have to feel guilty?
    Do I have to blame who gave it to me?
    Do I have to stop?
    Or I just like some much the sensation that I have to continuous?
    Help, what I should do?

    (Inspired in Brassai picture Le phenomena de l'extase.)

    Andrea Gil

  3. Mysterious Reading

    What book can it be?
    Is it a tragedy?
    Is it an exciting adventure?
    Or a romance?
    Or just a fairy tale?
    It doesn't matter, I'm sure it's nice
    I open the book and I lose myself in its pages
    The story makes the minutes pass quickly
    What time is it?
    I don't know, but I doesn't matter.

    And I don't want
    To stop reading.

    (Inspired in Ferdinando Scianna's picture "Mujer que lee")

    Judith Peralta

  4. POEM

    Who can she be?
    is she waiting for me?
    is she in a cafe?
    or in a living room?
    What is she reading?
    A drama or a love novel?
    She is alone
    inmersed in the story,
    forgetting the outside world.
    And do I prefer
    to dream with an imaginary world.

    (Inspired in Ferdinando Scianna’s picture “Mujer que lee”).

    Patricia López

  5. Who is she reading?
    Is it a novel?
    Or a book to travel?
    Is it a magazine?
    Or a book to design?
    A book by a famous writer?
    The biography of an actor?
    A manual for a doctor?
    The begining of an amazing history?
    Or the end of a great glory
    Shall I read it?

    (Inspired in Ferdinando Scianna's picture "Mujer que lee").

    Alejandro Roda
    2batx A


    Who it can be?
    Is she an angel?
    Or is she a princess?
    Is she sleeping?
    Or is she thinking?
    Thinking about someone?
    Thinking of her prince?
    Is he there?
    Or is he away?
    Is she sad?
    And what I must do to
    Help her to be happy?

    Poem based in "Le phénomène de l'extase" by Brassaï.

    Liliana Roa
    2Batx A

  7. POEM

    Who can he be?
    Is he looking at me?
    Is he a police officer?
    Is he a guard?
    Does he seems a little hard?
    Who is in fornt of a creepy door?
    Is he on duty?
    Is he bad?
    Or a little mad?
    Is he waiting for someone?
    Or is he protecting something?
    How can I know?

    (Inspired in Robert Doisneau's picture "Hell's Gate Paris")

    Judit Hidalgo

  8. Who can it be?
    Is she alive?
    A poisoned tea,
    or a ireful knife,
    both can be
    the cause of her demise.
    I can see
    in her closed eyes,
    the disheartening absentee.
    Is she dead? Is she alive?
    Do I dare
    to look at the sky?

    [Inspired in "Le phenomene de l'extase" by Brassai (1932)]

    Jesús Cañizares
    2nd BAT. A

  9. Who can it be?
    Is she ill?
    Is she asleep?
    Or is she only resting?
    Is she drunk?
    Or is she dead?
    I hope she’s alive
    And only tired
    But is not night
    Because the room has light
    Can you see her long hair?
    And her beautiful face?
    And do I dare
    to wake her up?

    Based on the picture “Le phenomene de l' extase” by Brassai

    Andrés Rodríguez
    2nd Bat A

  10. POEM

    Who can it be?
    The protagonist of the story?
    A friend of the protagonist?
    Or the antagonist?
    Is that the end of the story?
    Or only the beginning?
    The start of the problems?
    Or the end of many troubles?
    A lover of the protagonist?
    Or the person who kills him?
    And should I to read it?

    Inspired in “Mujer que lee” by Ferdinando Scianna.

    Sergio Gayet
    2nd Bat. A

  11. Who can it be?
    Is he interesting me?
    I never believe in coincidences
    Or in love at first sight
    But, I think one thing...
    In the sensations of life
    In the unexpected moments
    In the improvisation of of the time
    In the ignorance to face the problems
    When something better is presented
    In other moment we never shall see
    And her am I looking at you
    Does he smile me?

    Inspirated in "New York" by Louis Stettner

    Edurne Bautista
    2 bat. B


    What can it be?
    Is it a special book?
    Is it an ordinary one?
    Does it have her hooked?
    Or is she comfortable holding her head with her hand?
    A work done by a poet?
    A novel written by her?
    Perhaps the first thing she gets to read?
    The start of a boring lecture?
    The end of an exciting one?
    And does it force her to
    be concentrated?

    (Inspired in the picture named “Mujer que lee” by Ferdinando Scianna)

    Posted by Àlvar Piracés Buitrago
    From 2n de Batxillerat A

  13. Who can it be?
    Is he looking at me?
    What is he thinking?
    Is he a policeman?
    Or a soldier?
    Or a commander?
    What is the wall?
    Is it the devil?
    Or the Hell’s Gate?
    I don’t know
    Does he know it?
    Is he going there?

    (Inspired in Hell´s Gate Paris by Robert Doisneau - 1952)

    Aleix Porqueres March
    2n Bat B

  14. Who can it be?
    Who make me feel these?
    A sensation that brings me
    To an unknown situation
    Who did this?
    Is it for me?
    What's this!?
    Is an eternal situation?
    Or maybe a revelation?
    Perhaps a good moment
    Wait! This continues?
    Why do I feel a shiver?
    Is she having a great time?
    Yes... it's like a fever
    All the pain is gone
    Do I dare to try again?

    (Inspired in Brassai picture "Le phenomene de l'extase")

    Marina del Castillo
    2nd Batx A

  15. POEM

    Who can it be?
    Is it a dream?
    Is it real?
    Or a story?
    Or an actual event?
    I don't know that my mind invent.
    What do I read?
    Should do I rest?
    What do I do?
    Do I dare
    To continue
    Reading it.

    (Inpired ''Mujer que lee''by Ferdinando Scianna)

    Aris Rocosa

  16. Who can it be?
    It is my turn?
    Have I got one pair?
    Or a full house?
    Or a four of a kind?
    They know that I can't play poker?
    That I don't know the rules?
    Have I got a good hand?
    Must I bet?
    Must I wait?
    And do I dare
    To see
    Their hands?

    (Inspired in the photography "Round of Cards" by Umbo)

    Adrià Muñoz

  17. Who can it be?
    Are they good players?
    Does any one have a good hand?
    Will he win money?
    Which will the next card be?
    Will he lose money?
    He can see another hand?
    Is he trying to seen boozy?
    Can he be cheating?
    Can he be bluffing?

    (Inspired in the photography "Round of Cards" by Umbo)

    Carlos López
    2nd Bat. B

  18. POEM

    Who can it be?
    Does she likes the book?
    I see that she's concentrated
    Is it a dramatic story?
    Or a thriller?
    Where is she reading the book?
    Is she in a café?
    It is the most likely
    And, why is she can't stop touching her hair?
    Surely she's nervous
    Or perhaps she has to do another thing
    Should I stop her reading?

    (Inspired in ''Mujer que lee'' by Ferdinando Scianna)

    Raisa Teijeiro
    2nd Bat.B

  19. Who can it be?
    Is he a wise man?
    A man with the experience of years?
    A person who risks his life every day?
    Is he a Gendarme who helps the society?
    Or maybe the appearances are wrong?
    Is he another part of the system?
    A person who only obeys orders?
    A worker who only wants the money?
    Sometimes a war machine?
    Do i have to trust him?

    (Inspired by the photography "Hell´s Gate Paris" by Robert Doisneau , 1952.)

    Pau Minguet
    2nd B

  20. Who can it be?
    Who is she?
    Is she a beautiful women?
    What is she doing?
    Is she sleeping?
    Why is she sleeping?
    Where is she sleeping?
    What did she do before?
    Did she go to a party?
    Did she dance?
    Did she meet someone?
    Did she drink alcohol?
    Did she take drugs?
    Did she have a good time?
    And do I really want to know?

    Inspired by the photograpy "Le phenomene de l'extase" by Brassai (1932)

    Carolina Cabrero Piqueras
    2nd Bach B

  21. What can it be?
    Which cards should have?
    Do they have one couple, one poker?
    They are too concentrated
    They don't drink, or speak, or blink!
    I am so nervous
    Wait a minute, one is quitting
    We're only two
    It's time to make an all-in!
    Wait a few seconds and..
    I have won?
    Did I win
    the game?

    (Inspired in the photography "Round of cards" by Umbo, 1935)

    Júlia Farré Arnau
    2nd Bat B

  22. Who can it be?
    Whose is the bag?
    The bag is not from the boy on my side
    What is there inside?
    I want to know it...
    There is important things?
    Or is it empty?
    Or is it a bomb of some terrorist?
    Or is it stolen?
    Or has he stolen it from some girl?
    Why they have left it here?
    Better not touch it.
    Where will be the owner?
    Do I call to police?

    Inspired by the photograpy "New York" by Louis Stettner

    Laura Rincon Gordillo
    2nd Bach B

  23. What are you doing here?
    I heard that you're settled down
    That you found a girl and you're married now,
    I heard that your dreams came true,
    Old friend, why are you so shy?
    I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited,
    But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it,
    I hoped you’d see my face,
    And that you'd be reminded
    That for me
    it isn't over.

    Inspired by the photograpy " The New York"

    Carla García Valverde 2bach B

  24. Agusti, I thought that I had already commented with my poem but I can't see it published in the blog, I send it to you another time:

    What can I do?
    Do I talk to him?
    Do I look at him waiting for an answer?
    Will he think I’m desperate?
    Oh! He’s looking at me!
    Does he want something with me?
    Maybe my skirt is too short!
    Am I wearing too much make-up?
    Is my hair well brushed?
    Oh! My nails aren’t painted,
    Maybe I had to wear exorbitant high-hilled shoes...
    But, what am I doing?
    I’m like that; I don’t have anything to hide:
    My face, my wearing style,
    My way of make myself up,
    The way I brush my hair...
    And isn’t it stupid
    to worry about
    what will think
    someone that I really
    Inspired in New York by Louis Stettner

    Emma López
    2n Bat B

  25. Who can she be?
    What is she doing?
    Is she dreaming about me?
    Or a boy?
    Or with enjoyment?
    Is she dead by me?
    Or by her pet?
    Or by an ecstasy tablet?
    The woman is vulnerable when sleeping.
    The woman is beautiful when sleeping.
    For these reasons
    I don’t dare
    To wake her up.
    (Inspired in Le phenomene de l’extase by Brassai (1932)

    Lara López
    2n Bat A

  26. I'm by your side and I think what I feel for you
    I think and think and feel that I like
    I think what we could do together
    and what could done for you.

    Do not you feel the same for me although I would like
    but I think I would not be able to tell you
    I hope someday we can find out and be together.

    I love you.

    Inspired by the photograpy " The New York"

  27. What can it be?
    Is it a bluff?
    Or has he a good game?
    Is my three of jacks going to win?
    Or has he a better hand?
    Is he too crazy to risk his money?
    Or is it a sure bet for his part?
    Is he thinking what he do?
    Or has he only dunk a lot?
    Will I be rich if I pay his bet?
    Or will I lose all of my money?
    And should I risk
    To pay
    his bet?
    Inspired in the photography "Round of cards" by Umbo, 1935

    Arnau Garcia
    2on Batx B

  28. Who can it be?

    Who leads the Ace?

    Can it be Humberto?

    I can't decipher his pokerface

    He may bluffing

    This is driving me crazy

    But my mind is awesome

    It is simulating a boozy?

    Do I call to see the next card?

    (Inspired in Round of Cards by Umbo (1935))

    Andreu Medina
    2n Bat B


    Who can they be?
    Are they together?
    Are they strangers?
    Are the friends?
    Are they talking?
    Or are they angry?
    Are they in the park?
    Or are they in the street?
    Is it the start of meeting someone?
    Or just the end of a romance?
    And should they dare
    to be in

    Inspirated in "New York" by Louis Stettner

    Helena García Hdez
    2 Bat B

  30. What can I do?
    Am I dreaming?
    What about?
    Whith his kiss? Whit his hands?
    I'm dreaming in his eyes, his hair,
    Or maybe with his voice?
    Why is he in my dream?
    It is stupid to dream him.
    He left me and i'm still crying.
    He hurt me and I'm still dreaming.
    Because I still love you,
    and I will still dreaming
    until the day that I
    can get back
    to you...

    Inspired in ''Le phenomene de l’extase'' by Brassai

    Andrea Molinero Baixas
    2 Bat B

  31. Drugs

    What can it be?
    Is it funny?
    Or is it a lie?

    Does it give emotions to your live?
    Or does only helps you to die?

    Is it your only reason to exist?

    Does it help you to see the truth?

    Or is it just your excuse?

    Does it help you to fight your problems?

    Or is it just your biggest problem?

    You will live dreaming?

    Or will you dream of living?

    Inspired in "Le phenomene de l'extase" by Brassai

    Sergio González Segador
    2 Bat A


    Who can it be?
    They are unknown person?
    Do they know it perhaps?
    Are they in a date?
    At the start of a romance?
    At the end of it?
    Will do have they broken the hearts?
    What would be happening?
    Where is you ring?
    Who is she?
    And he?
    Does she want to leave him?

    Inspirated in "New York" by Louis Stettner

    Melisa Bruzzese Rennis
    2nd Bat. B


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