Monday, March 19, 2012

2nd BATXILLERAT - The Box / Poltergeist

Wow! Believe me, when I watched this video I couldn't stop saying wow. I'm sure you have three little minutes to watch it and then two more minutes to answer a couple of questions. So just tell me, did you like it? What was best? What was worst?

TheBox - Poltergeist from dadomani on Vimeo.


  1. I have seen the video and I liked it; it's funny, but, at the same time, it's disturbing, because when you finish watching it, you don't know the meaning or the conclusion of the video. It is surrealist, however, I'm sure that the creator of this video wants to express something.
    Perhaps the meaning is a criticism of television, expressing how our lives can be affected by it, because in the video we can see that when, for example, the dog puts a channel in wich appears a religious ceremony, immediately after appears, in the room, in the real world, "The creation", a part of the Sistine Chapel, a Michelangelo's work.
    Finally, I would like to emphasize that this animation looks gloomy and grim: knifes, blood, a repulsive creature, dark colours, shades...

    Jesús Cañizares
    2nd BAT. A

    1. Yes, Jesús, but you don't need to psychoanalise everyone and everything. You don't need to find hidden meanings and intentions behind any artistic piece you see. Do you?

    2. Yes, you are right; my comment was excessively objective, seeing the video as a psychologist. I totally agree with you, it's just an artistic piece and I don't need to do that analysis.
      However, I think that absolutely everything that we do is very influenced by external factors (culture, family, law...) and internal factors (personality, mood, temperament...); graphology is a very good example to ilustrate this. Therefore, when we say or do something, we are never truly ourselves: we can't do something in the same way every day, we are different every day. So, it's absolutely impossible to do something without our personal influence.
      In conclusion, I'm sure that in the video there are, implicitely, some mental aspects of the creator of it, even if he didn't want to express anything. It's unavoidable.

      Jesús Cañizares.
      2nd BAT. A.

    3. I agree. There's always a bit of the artist's personality in their work.

  2. I like it because it was a worked surralist video,
    The best part of this video was when the dog-box see that his owner was asleep and he takes over the TV remote and another good part was when the dog-box dodge all the weapons
    And the worst part for me was when the owner was bleeding by the head, because it was to ugly

    Andrés Rodríguez
    2nd Bat A

  3. I liked the video too. The dog was very cute. For me, the best part of the video was when the dog was very scared because a "monster" started to appear from the other box, so the dog hides under the cushion for protect himself. An other good moment was when the box started to throw knives and the eyes of the dog get out of the orbits.
    The worst of the video is that is so short and I want to see more funny moments.

    Liliana Roa
    2nd Bat A

  4. I don’t like the videos because the poor dog is very scared at the end of the videos because someone wants to kill him.
    The best moments are when the dog pees above and it hides under the cushion for protect himself. And finally, the worst moment, as I said before, is when someone wants to kill the dog.

    Lara López
    2n Bat A

  5. I don't like because is a meaningless video and because the end it's not clear...
    The best moments are when the dog sees the hand and he get scared and his eyes will put like dishes and when he pees to the box for revenge.
    And the worst moment, as I said, is the end because I haven't understood.

    Marina del Castillo
    2n Batx A

  6. Dear Marina, you have the right to like or dislike anything you see, hear or read. But liking it or not is not as good argument for saying that a piece of art is good or bad.

    1. Dear Agustí, I agree with you, and you have all the reason that it's not a good argument for saying that a piece of art is good or bad. If I may repeat my argument please I want say that this is not a bad piece but I don't like, because the surrealist videos don't like. I like the videos that the meaning makes clear, so I must say that it's a good surrealist video. I don't know if it's understood, but I hope that has been a good argument,at least better than the first.

      Marina del Castillo
      2n Batx A

    2. You are free to have your own opinions and my objection was only about your arguments.

  7. I like the video because it’s short but at the same time is intense. The funny moments of the video are when the dog got scared when a kind of alien got out of the box and when the dog tried to be brave and it got so scared too that he pisses. And the worse moments were when I lost in some moments of the video because I didn't understand everything. But not everything that you doesn’t understand it doesn’t mean that you don't like, instead it make you think.
    Andrea Gil
    2 BAT A

  8. Well, in my opinion the video is a little bit phsychedelic but it like me.
    It is weird because the men and the dog are like boxes, and it’s tiring because you empathize with the dog and you get scared to know that he will die.

    The best part of the video is, as many partners said, when the dog pees on the floor because he is afraid, and the way that the video’s director transmits us the different channels that the dog changes (e.g. the tennis balls getting out of the head of him owner, the cava bottle when he put the erotic channel, etc.).

    For me the worst part is the end of the video. I would like that the dog would survive… :(

    Finally, I shall to say that when the dog changes the channel to the religious channel and appears the image of the “The Creation” of Michelangelo, it reminds me the last summer, when I travelled to Rome and I saw “The Sistine Chapel” in St. Peter Basilica.

  9. In my point of view, this video is astounding; I opine so in the view of the fact that it's a brand new concept of what a short film is; not only for the fact that their creators attain the communication with the spectator in a simply but a perfect way, also for the connotation that offers its scenario. I deem the plot of this little story a very amusing and surprising idea.
    Between the amount of funny sequences, I'd like to emphasize the scene in which the “dog” runs from the knifes and tries to switch the channel and in a matter of seconds, the biggest box, which represents the owner of the “dog”, starts emanating blood against the wall and writing in capitals: you are the next.

    By: Àlvar Piracés Buitrago
    From: 2nd Batxillerat A

  10. I'm sorry but I need to say WOW!
    In my opinion this is a great surrealist video.
    When I watched the video I really felt happy because it's too funny, but at the same time I think that I took the message of the video. How the television is present in our lives until form part of us. When the dog change the channel, the owner experience something related with the channel, the fish(fishing documentary), the hands of a "monster"(terror films) and the blood(Gore movies).
    The best part of the video is since the start to the end, I liked all the video but when the dog hides himself under the cushion it's really funny.
    I can't said anything bad of the video because for me it's really worked video.

    Sergio Gayet
    2nd Bat. A

  11. For me it has been a boring video, i had three minutes for watching it and I did not enjoy it. Sure it has loads of strange and weird meaning i don't feel like think of now.
    The worst thing of this video are the white and simple characters of the film. It made it be so deading and heavy to watch.
    If this video have to have something laughable i would say the dog animations while the guy was aslept in the sofa and the dog was switching the channels.

    Carles Moreno 2A

  12. Seeing that a lot of my classmates say that don't like this video, I changed the routine.
    I like the video. It's funny and intense but a little psychedelic.
    The part that I like so much is when the dog pees all the stage.
    The only part that I don't understand is why the characters are boxes, but I like it.

    Miquel Badrines 2 Bat A

  13. I like the video because in my opinion it is very funny.
    I am agree with Andrés when he said that the best part of the video is when de dog-box takes over the TV remote because to my reminds me when my father told me that my cat looked at the TV when we were not at home. Another good part is when the dog-box pees when see de hands of a monster and when the phone rings. I laughed so much at that time.
    In my point of view I think that there isn’t any worst time in this video. There is little psychedelic but that doesn't make that I don’t like.

    Laia González 2BAT A

  14. Impressive! I like the video, at first I didn't understand and I had to watch the video again.
    The part that I like more is when the dog changes the channel and appears a religious channel, and the man rises and iluminates the wall with the picture of Miguel Angel, has been a nice scene. Sincerely, there aren't a part that I believe that is worst, but even so, the final is tragic, and I think that the creator could have done a nice final.

    The video is very well done, I love it and it has a good efects,I wish I could have this imagination!

    Edurne Bautista
    2 bat. B

  15. The video is entertained and strange. I liked it because it makes you think, because as there isn’t a narrator to speak, you have to be very imaginative and know what is happening.

    Overall I liked the whole video. When the dog (small paper box) changes channels, the big box (the dog owner) gives you clues to what are they watching on television. The video is a little bit psychedelic, we watch as the dog tries to flee and escape of his death, but it can’t and dies.

    Patricia López
    2nd Bat.A

  16. I think that video is very funny but a little strange. Despite that it is very well-done and I enjoy watching it.

    In my point of view the best part of the video is when the dog change the channel and appear two arms and it begin to pursue him. At the end the dog pees on self because he is so scared. I laughed a lot with that scene. I'm agree with Edurne when said that the end is tragic and maybe a nice end will be better.

    But in my opinion the video es very imaginative and you can think everthing you want. This video was awesome.

    Judit Hidalgo
    2nd Bat.A

  17. For me is a good video, but more than the video I think that the best is the idea. I’m agree that the people are very influenced by the TV but they are people that know that the majority of programs are bad and explains lies. So, this people can see TV and don’t be influenced. The best moment in the video is when the box man listen a religious ceremony and see in his imagination the Sixtina Chapel of Michelangelo. And the worse moment is when the box dog tries to escape of the knives and we see that the dog has scared.

    Pau Minguet
    2nd Batx. B

  18. I don't like this video. Maybe because it's very surreal, maybe because you say that you was amazed when you saw the video or maybe because when I saw in the title "poltergeist" I thought that the video was a parody of the film. The worst moment? For me all the video was too boring.
    The best? Well you can say that it's original but nowadays I saw videos that for me (I repeat: for me)are more originals.

    Adrià Muñoz
    2 Bat B

  19. I like this video, it's good, but I think that is a little crazy and I come back to me a little crazy too, but it's pretty funny. For me, the best part of the video is when hands out of the box and try to catch the dog, but can not and the dog pees. It's a funny scene, actually all the video is funny. I also like when the box begins to bleed and the scene of the knives. the end I did not like much, but neither dislike me.

    Carolina Cabrero
    2nd Bach. B

  20. I think that it's a original video, because there aren't too many videos where the protagonists are boxes, but I don't love it because, in my point of view, it's a little bit boring.
    For me, the best part of video is when appear the two hands and the dog get scared and he hides under a cushion of the sofa. The worst moment is the beginning because nothing interesting happens.

    Helena García
    2 BAT B

  21. Spectacular! I think that it's a funny video. Is an original idea, I am laughed so hard.
    This video is made with a good imagination.

    For me, the best of this video is that dog it's so scared and do not know what happens. This is so funny! Is an irreal situation, and I like it! The worst of this video is the end, it is so tragic and I don't like.

    Raisa Teijeiro
    2nd Bat.B

  22. I didn't really like the video at my first view, but in my second view I found it very curious.
    In this video we can see two boxes, one is a dog that is changing the TV channel and the other represents a dog owner that represents what is being reproduced on TV.
    The moment that I liked the most is when the weapons are trying to kill teh box that represents the dog, because it's very thrilling.
    The moment that I didn't like is the first, because there don't happen anyithing, but it is necessary to introduct the story.

    Arnau Garcia
    2n Batx.B

  23. I like the video because it’s creative and funny. The idea of represents the characters like a box it’s original and the dreams of human go out of his head and invade the room.
    The best of the video I think that is when the dog see the zombie hand and go fast under the sofa, the zombie hand try to catch him but he can’t.
    And the worst I think is the first minute because the video is passive and the characters don’t do many things.

    Aleix Porqueres March
    2 BAT B

  24. I like it because for me, it's a original video and it broadcasts me craziness. I admire people who do this video and others videos like this. In my opinion, it is so difficult work to do this video and the creators have worked a lot of time to make three minutes of video. My favourite part is when the dog bites the bone in the beginning of the video. The worst part is the end because I think that it shows a lot of blood.

    Laura Parrado
    2nd Bat A

  25. I like this video because is amazing. Nowadays is trend make this videos.

    The part that I like was when the ''box man'' is sleeping and the dog change the channel I choose this moment because I have a dog and is funny think that my dog can change the channel of my tv. The part that was the worst is the end when there are a lot of blood because is repulsive.

    Aris Rocosa
    2 Bat B

  26. I like the video because it’s funny and mysterious; the part that I like is when in the wall appearing a picture of Miguel Angel is so cute! The part that I do not like is everything seems a horror film; I hate the horror films, but in general the video is enjoyable and very creative, the end is tragic and I don’t like.
    Carla García Valverde 2 Bach B.

  27. It's a very funny video, I like it, but if I say the true, it is a video I didn't understand very good because a lot of things happen at the same time.
    The part of the video I like the most is the part when the big box starts to attack the little box with shapes and weapons. It's unrealist to think that the boxes can do all this things...
    The worst part is when the little box starts to blood, it's very scary and repulsive.

    Andreu Medina Girones 2B

  28. I like a lot this video, is very funny. The creator of the video have very good idea doing videos.To do a video like that, you need a lot of time.
    The part I like the most is the part when the dob-box change TV. I choose this part because as Aris said, I also have a dog and I like imagine my dog doing this.
    The worst part of the video for me is the bad end of the video. The dog don't need to die.

    Alejandro Roda

  29. Wow, what incredible video! It is an amazing video! I very like.
    How can a person do a video like this? Is incredible.

    For me, all parts are good, because all parts need a lot of work.. But the best part is the end, is very funny.

    And the worst part is the first part, because don't happen anything.

    Jordi Garcia Romero 2A

  30. I like this video because it's funny and strange also it have a good animation and have a lot of hard-work .
    Choosing the best and worse moment, i think that the best is when the dog-box runs around the room with the knifes. The worse moment is at te end, when you think. What the autor pretends call to mee with this video?

    Its a good video but a little bit unusual.

    Judith Peralta
    2 BAT A

  31. I like the video because this video make me laugh: the part that I like the most is when the big box try to kills the small box. I don't know why but it is funny.
    The worst part is when the beggining, because nothing happen.

    Alejandro Rincon 2 Bach B.

  32. Oh, such a good video. Unless I haven't understood very good what the creator wanted to show to the viewers, or what he wanted to make undertand.
    Well, the best part for me is when the dog change the channel and appear two arms and it begin to pursue him. At the end the dog pees on self because he is so scared, this was the part that makes me laugh a lot.
    The worts part is when the box that represents a dog, starts bleeding.

    Raul Quiles

  33. Although I can't stand cartoons were characters don't talk like "Pingu", "Wall-e" etcetera, this one has surprised me. I think that it is a good and an original idea; a box which reproduces his dreams, or maybe what it watches unconsciously on TV (I haven't understood very well this part), and another which represents a little dog which lives what the other reproduces.

    I don't know if this video has something to do with the "silly box" because in it appeared a box and also a TV..., maybe they are related ideas!

    Emma López 2n Bat B

    Finally I would like to say that the part which in my opinion is the best, is when the little dog urinates next to the sofa because it is scared, it's great to see a box urinating! And what for me is the worse is that cartoons don't speak, but I also think that if they had spoken this video wouldn't be the same so... it doesn't really matter.

  34. I like it. I passed three minutes so good.
    From my pont of view, the best part is the moment when appear the stumps of a tree, and the moment when appear the work of art of Michelangelo.
    The worst part is the beginning, because it's a little bit boring.

  35. well.. I must say that I've really enjoy seeing this artistic short film. For me, and as some of my partners, the best moment is when this kind of dog box pisses over his mysterious and cursed friend, it does it because in that moment the poor dog box are very scared for all the strange things that his box friend does him. I think that it's a fantastic short film with awesome techniques and a really nice story and argument.

    To end, I would like to say one thing to my partner Carles Moreno who said that: "The worst thing of this video are the white and simple characters of the film". Dear Carles, I want to say you that you shouldn't qualify as bad an artistic expression for his simplicity, you should to know that, sometimes, the beauty are behind this kind of simple things because they have just the necessary to be understood without any kind of ornament.

    As the famous modern architect Mies Van der rohe said:"Less is more"

    Sergio Morales
    2nd Bach. A

  36. I have seen the video many times and in my opinion the idea that the characters are boxes is very original and ingenious.
    The creators of this video exaggerate all the accions with the aid special effects and make their work very excellent.
    The moment was I like it is when the dog do zapping tv, I`m sorprised because the video effects are amazing. I like all parts of the video.

    Jon Ander Jiménez Corral 2 Bach A

  37. I like the video because it’s short but at the same time is intense.
    The dog was very funny and cute.
    In mi opinion the best part of the video was when the dog was very scared because it appears a monster.
    I like video effects, are very well done, but I don’t like is the end because is tragic. But the video in general I like but especially liked the caráter of the dog.

    Meritxell Jiménez
    2 bat B

  38. I find this very funny video for the unreal and especially the fun. I find it very original and had to take much imagination to realize it. The part I liked most was when the dog is completely scared that he pees. The part I disliked was the end because after fighting for his life both should have followed the dog alive and not dead.

    2º Bat B
    Bismarck Sanchez

  39. I do not like this video because it is very crazy and is a bit paranoid. In my opinion, the best part of all the video is when the telephone rings and the dog is scared. The worst part is when the dog changes the channel of the TV because is very boring.
    The scene of the knives has surprised me because I do not imagine that do not happen that.

    Carol Parera

  40. I love this video! It's very funny and the dog is spectacular, he look like the ice age squirrel (nose and eyes!) when he looking the acorns! This video, at the same time, it's hard to understand. The best moment for me is when the dog is very scared and he pisses, and then he up to the couch and make piss in his owner, it's too funny. I think that this video is too original, with the spectacular effects, and is curious because I never seen anything like this!

    Andrea Molinero
    2 Bat B

  41. I don't like this video, because I think that is too boring and is too surrealist.
    Well, in my point of view, although I don't like this video, the best part is when the dog see that the owner is asleep and takes over the remote control, and I think that it's beautiful when appears "The Creation of Adam" of Miguel Angel.
    What was the worst? I think that the worst part of the video is when appears in the wall "You are the next" alluding to poor dog.

    Melisa Bruzzese Rennis
    2nd Bat. B

  42. I like the video poltergueist, this title connect with a name of the film that disappear the actress by tv. It's a funny video, in mi opinion, the best part of the video was when appears in the wall "you are the next" in blood letters. But in specially, i'm very surprised when i saw the effects of video, is very dificult work and is so good. The worst thing is that the video is very short. Bye Agusti!

    Sergio González Segador
    2nd Bat A

  43. I like this video because it's funny and creative.I think that as Alejandro Roda said to do this video, you must to spend a lot of time.
    The best part of the video is when the dog was very scared because it appears a monster.
    The worst of teh video I think that is the first minute, it's a passive minute and don't happen nothing.

    Mariona Izquierdo
    2on Bat B

  44. There's a lot of things that I like it here in this video, and one thing with I'm disagree/I don't like.
    At the beggining I was impressed because the video was a nice-quality animation video. And I enjoy the video a lot. There's a nice factor in the video, when you realize that the characters are boxes and you look at them like a normal things (a person and a dog). This make the video funnier than a simply video where appears typical characters.
    I must say, in opposite, that the topic of terror and fear of the dog in the video don't like me, and become heavy at the end of the video, just the opposite that they want to create.
    PS: I congratulate the "fathers" of this video, right here and right now.
    PS2: You probably close the moodle because I can't enter to do the exersice, really? So bad :(

    José González Castillo

  45. The video I like it because it's fun, but I think it makes little sense. I do not understand why it comes in the box that appears on TV.

    My favorite part is when the dog tries to survive, and the part I hate most is when the dog doesn't stop changing the channel.

    Dídac Talavera Jiménez
    2nd Bat. B

  46. I like the video but i do not understand it.
    I only see two funny boxes in a sofa,I do not found any logic but is funny.
    My favorite part is when they are watching an horror film,the moviments of the little box are great!

  47. In my opinion this video is pretty interesting butnot for the content. Thetechnique that de producers have used is very original and, in my case unknown, because I haven't seen this type of recording, using boxes to recreat de characters.

    On the oder hand the content in my opinion is very simple and can be boring.

    But in general is an interesting video.

    Juan Antonio Ruiz
    2n Bach A

  48. I liked the video but is a little surrealist. I agree with Jesus Cañizares when says: " the creator of this video wants to express something." because this video is a little surrealist and I also think the creator of this video wants to express something.
    I also I observed the picture of the "Sistine Chapel" of Miguel Angel, because last year I studied in art history with Alicia Santiago.

    The moment I most enjoyed was when to the box started to throw knives, is very funny.
    I also when show in the Capella Sistina, because I love that square.
    In the 1:32 minute, show one hands and is very funny!

    The moment I less I liked was the beginning, because it seems boring.

    Agusti has posted a good video!

    Laura Rincón Gordillo
    2bach B

  49. I found this video without any meaning. I liked the job of the animations, how are they created, the expressions of a simple kind of " dog-box " and the scenes that they created.

    Maybe this video is created just for fun, with any onther purpose, but i still thinking that is really weird, a dog-box watching TV and the other one sleeping.

    The dog-box just live what he watches in TV, i found it, well, entertaining. I just a random video for having a little bit of fun.

    Marc Martínez Molano
    2BATX. A


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