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2nd BATXILLERAT - The Devil's Dictionary

Sorry, I don't know who took this picture.
Ambrose Bierce was a North American journalist and author of the Devil's Dictionary, a book where he collected his critical, ferocious and etherodox definitions. Let's see a few examples:

History, n. History is an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools.

Responsibility, n. A detachable burden easily shifted to the shoulders of God, Fate, Fortune, Luck or one's neighbour. In the days of astrology it was customary to unload it upon a star.

Revenge, n. Sending your girl's love letters to your rival after ha has married her.

Wedding, n. A ceremony at which two persons undertake to become one, one undertakes to become nothing, and nothing undertakes to become supportable.

Now, the usual exercise: say which definition you like most and why you like it.


  1. The definition that I liked most is the "History" one.
    The four definitions, and particularly the definition of "History", are very interesting, because they combine serious criticism with astute humor.
    According to Ambrose Bierce, History is "an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, (...)" I have writed the part of the definition that I consider most relevant.
    This part of the definition ilutrates something very important that we should consider when we read history books: history is written by victorious, so it's not objective, it's not reliable. The more near is an historical event, the more distorted it will be. We have a lot of examples that demonstrate that this is true.

    Jesús Cañizares
    2nd BAT. A

  2. As Jesús said, the four definitions are very interesting. Usually, if your search these words in a common dictionary you cannot find these definitions. Also there's a touch of humor in these descriptions.
    The word that more I have liked is "Wedding". The author started to describe this saying that a wedding is a situation when two persons become one. But if you continue reading there's a touch of humor: "one undertakes to become nothing, and nothing undertakes to become supportable", said the author. I suppose that he believes when two persons get married the conviviality become weighed as the years went by, so he is giving a warning to us. Not all the people who get married is happy for the rest of their lifes.

    Liliana Roa
    2nd Bat A

  3. The word which I like the most and I choose, is revenge because is the most funny definition
    I like the definition of this word because is a good joke for do to a friend but
    apart from this I think that I wouldn't be able to do it because is awful,
    also perhaps it can destruct the relationship between a couple.
    This definition of revenge is probably one of the most dangerous acts of revenge that an human can do apart from remove the live of someone

    Andrés Rodríguez
    2nd Bat A

  4. I choose the word "revenge" because I read the other definitions and I don’t like them. Apart, I prefer this definition because I think that I am a revengeful person but although in my opinion be a revengeful person isn’t a good quality.
    As Andres said, revenge sending your girl's love letters to your rival after ha has married her, can be funny for the person who send the letter but can break the relationship of the person who receives the letter.

    Lara López
    2n Bat A

  5. My word is "Wedding" because when I read the definition made me laugh, and think that this definition, as my point of view, it's exactly like a marriage.
    In the beginning when said: " A ceremony at which two persons undertake to become one", it's the "first" part of the marriage, the love, the flame of love.. The second part would:"one undertakes to become nothing, and nothing undertakes to become supportable" that in this part, when after some years and the arguments starts , this flame will gone and only there're ash. So finally the marriage become supportable.

    Marina del Castillo
    2n Batx A

  6. As Jesús and Liliana said, the four definitions are interesting ‘cause each one have a part of humor because Mr. Bierce wrote what must people think but don’t feel able to say in loud.
    The definition that I like the most is “Wedding” and “Revenge”. I think that Revenge it’s very funny if you think at the face that would have the man when reads the letters. But at the same time I find it poor because I think that they are more cruelty examples to defined too. So for this reason I prefer “Wedding” I like how he played with the words “one undertakes to become nothing, and nothing undertakes to become supportable”. A lot of people think that when you will marry you will be happy forever, as a lot of films and books ends, but it’s not true. Instead the reality is that the most couples are unhappy as the definition plays with "nothing" and "supportable".

    Andrea Gil
    2 BAT A

  7. The word that I like the most is “revenge”, that according to Ambrose Bierce means sending love letters to your ex-girlfriend when she is married.

    I chose it because it makes me laugh when I read it and because I think that it’s a good way to revenge. In most films, we saw that revenge is a word that they use to say that they desire to repay an injury after an act, sometimes after a familiar death.
    There’s a film that is the representation of the revenge (I don’t know if you watched it but I recommend it to you): The Count Of Monte Cristo, that relates the life of Edmundo Dantés, a sailor that wants to marry with Mercedes but his friend Fernando betrays him and Edmundo decides to revenge.

    Of course that there are more ways to revenge, but in my opinion the best way is the silence; there isn’t exist a way to revenge that disturbs more than ignorance.

    To sum up, revenge is a bad quality, so if you must revenge the best thing you can do is forgive. Forgiveness is for me the best quality that an human can have.

  8. History: events in the past, such as those of a nation, arranged in order from the earlier to the later, esp. events concerning the rulers and government of a country, social and trade conditions.
    (by Longman dictionary of contemporary English)

    I decided to come up with my exercise focusing on Ambrose BIERCE's definition of “history”.
    I chose the word “history” because, between the others, was the one with the gloomiest and deleterious definition. Even though I use this libellous and unflattering adjectives to speak about BIERCE's definition in his Devil's Dictionary, I am not in dispute of his explanation, however, I wanted to work on the definition of “history” in view of the fact that I got utterly bewildered to see how this author vetoes what historians enquiry, what students are taught by their teachers and what countries and cultures are eager to reminisce.

    By: Àlvar Piracés Buitrago
    From: 2nd Batxillerat A

  9. The word that I choose is "revenge", for me is the best definition and the funniest too.
    I liked because it's a really sarcastic definition about an act of revenge,
    in my opinion too radically.
    I consider myself a sarcastic and revengeful person,
    this is why I choose the definition of this word.
    I could take note about this revenge...

    Sergio Gayet
    2nd Bat. A

  10. In my opinion, the four definitions are very interesting because, like my companions have said, combine the serios with a touch of humuor.

    But the definition that I choose is "wedding" because I agree totally with the definition of Ambrose Bierce.
    I think that when a relationship are falling in love, is normally that they think about a future, or think to do some plans together... But it's also true, that when two people get married the conviviality worsens the relations. And maybe, with the passage of time is difficult the relationship.

    Mariona Izquierdo.
    2on Bat B.

  11. Oh my! So young and so pessimistic! I can't believe it! Most of you are choosing the definition of WEDDING as your favourite and claim to agree with it. Where are your expectations?

  12. I opt for the responsibility definition because I think that a responsibility is something as foolish as some things people has been created during the time.
    We consider the best for us and for our beloved and nearest people is something the society has created. Our lives are built in a prototype, I mean, we don't have to live as someone told us to do so. We should find the best way to be happy, developing ourselves into something steadier.
    That is why a responsibility is something that somehow is controlling our every time behaviour. Thus we have to avoid all responsibility but ourselves willings.

    Carles Moreno 2A

    1. Hmm, I'm afraid you are walking on the thin line of ethics and freedom. So, Carles, I think you should improve your arguments unless you want to fall into nonsense.

    2. I cannot catch out what you're saying with your reply. If you don't undertand what i wrote, it doesnnot mean it has not sense though. I mean, because of what you've said about improving my arguments.


    3. Well, er, you say "we have to avoid all responsibility but ourselves willings" but do not give convincing reasons. People like Hitler followed only their will avoiding any kind of responsibility. The question is whether your "will" has a limit or not. If so, maybe you should re-consider your ideas about "responsibility".
      That's why I think that you are walking along a thin and dangerous line.

  13. I’m agree with Liliana and Marina. The word which I choose is “Wedding”. Everything Lili and Marina have said is true. At the beginning everything is very nice, things are going well, and two persons are fall in love and only see good things in the other.
    But the situation is twisted when starting the arguments and after a while goes from being something romantic and desired to something supportable.

    Laia González 2A

  14. I choose the word "revenge". The four words are very interesting but the definition of this word is very funny.

    I think that there are differents ways for revenge of other person,when one people betray someone, the betrayed person mostly want to do a revenge for pay their actions. With the variety of things that happen to betray someone, Ambrose Bierce did a definition that I think that is one of the persons see more, for example in the cinema, in the books or in the real life.

    For my point of view, I believe that I never revenge of this way, but I like this definition and its probably that many people can identify with it.

    Edurne Bautista
    2 bat. B

  15. The definition that likes me the most is the one of "revenge", it's for me the funniest one.
    I also think that the person who has written it give to "revenge" the sense of "love revenge" because it is the one which he has lived, and in my opinion he has specially lived one with love letters! I say this because I think that there are a lot of types of revenge: "Friendship revenge", "love revenge", "familiar revenge" etcetera... and that when someone, (like your imaginary little sister) asks you what is the meaning of this word, every of us think in a different situation he or she has lived ones in live.
    I think that I would like to have a look to this book one day.

    1. Oh, yes, my imaginary little sister, she always asks for the meaning of words but never understands my defintitions! I'll tell her that you thought of her. Unfortunately, i can't tell her who you are.

    2. Agustí, I forgot to put my name in my comment! Is the one which speaks about your imaginary little sister.

      Emma López. 2n Bat B

  16. All the definitions of Ambrose Bierce are very interesting and curious, because he gives it a touch of humor.

    But personally, the definition of the word “wedding” is the one that I liked more. It is defined as two people become one. In my opinion, it is the union of love between two people. (I won’t go in case that someone gets married without love for correspondence as before.). The definition goes on saying that once these people have become a person, become nothing, and nothing undertakes to become supportable. I guess that means that not all people are happy when they get married for the rest of his life.

    Patricia López
    2nd bat.A

  17. I like all the definitions because everyone have a little of true and it's funny to find a person who think like you.

    If I need to choose one definition, i think that wedding is the best description. It's true that all the people (me too) think that when you loves someone, after you have a relationship is marry with he/she. But it's also true that some studies says that after time living together, a lot of couples finish in divorce. It's sad, but is the truth.

    Judith Peralta
    2nd Bat. A

  18. I think that all the definitions of Ambrose Bierce are special because he says what he think to his point of view and these have a dark humour.

    In my opinion the best word is "wedding" as a lot of my parteners have chosen. In our times, our society there are a lot of people that thinks about marriage and they feel exactly what this definition says. I think that the author want to warning us and try to say that you don't have to married to be happy. In my opinion he do this because since we were little we saw a lot of movies which the main characters get married and they are happy forever but the problem is that these films don't show us what happen next.

    With my opinion I don't want to say that there aren't happily married couples.

    Judit Hidalgo
    2nd Bat.A

  19. I think that this four definitions are very original. But if I have to choose one of them I prefer the definition of “History” because I’m totally agree with Ambrose Bierce says. Every day we listen a lot of news but the most important are manipulated by the journalists and the rulers. A very clear example is the case of the king of Spain and the hunting of elephants. Today, the same new was very different in a channel than an other: TV3 News explains that this case has been very repercussion and a politician of the PSOE has speak about the possibility of the abdication; at the same time, in TVE1 the only thing that the News says is that the King can walk with crutches. With this simple example we can see that maybe a lot of events in the past was too manipulated and now we only know the version that power give to the people.

    Pau Minguet
    2nd Batx.B

  20. These definitions are very curious and interesting. All definitions of Ambrose Bierce have reason.
    But, the definition of ''wedding'' I liked more, is really so.
    In some cases, wedding is a celebration, where there is harmony, and where the couple shows its best side, although they only do it for the benefit of both. Deceiving everyone, for example, to their families. In a sense, just they pretend something that is not.

    Fortunately, there are couples who come together in marriage for life.
    These people are compatible and can share their lives to the end.

    I think that to join for a other person, you must be sure and
    one thing very important, being in love of your couple!

    Raisa Teijeiro
    2nd Bat. B

  21. As many of my partners said all of the definitions are interesting, sarcastic and a bit cynical, and I love the cynicism.

    I choose "Revenge: Sending your girl's love letters to your rival after he has married her." Because I think that it's the funniest and because,I know that revenge never ends good but,I think that I'm a revengeful person.

    In my opinion the way of Ambroise Berce revenge's is funny but a little bit mad too.

    Helena García Hernández
    2 BAT B

  22. All the definition are are very original and, unconfortably, true.
    But, if I had to chose one definition I would chose "history". We can see every time that the powerful people tries to manipulate the history according to their interests. For example, when Manuel Fraga died all the right (and "left" spanish nationalist) newspapers praised their role during the transition and they didn't speak about their role during the dictatorship. The same newspapers that forget the complicity of the King with Franco and, in order to protect him, speaks about his "great" role during the transition.
    Looking at this examples we can see that the history is always manipulated and so the definition of "history" is very true in our times.

    Arnau garcia
    2n batx. B

    1. You're completely right. Moreover, the "Transición" was real rubbish, I know it because i survived it.

  23. All of these definitions are curious but the definition that I like most is of "Responsibility", because for more years ago the humanity was trying to decide everything with time, fortune, and the most used, God. Everything was because he wanted and they didn’t do more than wait the things he wanted to pass. Because the humanity thought that they couldn’t do anything to change this.

    But for fortune, these things, now, aren’t important because the most part of the people decide for himself.

    Aleix Porqueres March
    2 BAT B

  24. I don't like any of definitions because they are more negative. I think these definitions are not correct and do that words lose value. Ambrose Bierce underestimates the culture of other people that have ideas opposite of him. But if I have to choose one, I will choose history, but I don't agree with all the definition.

    Laura Parrado
    2 Bat A

    1. OK, Laura, but you don't say why you don't agree with Bierce's definition of History. Do you?

  25. In my point of view all definitions say the topics that the are in the society.

    I choose the definition about ''Revenge'' because it's a think that some people like to do but do not.I'm not a revengeful person but I know this because I've heard of anyone a similar situation.

    To finish the comment I want to say that Ambroise Berce had a good idea to write this book and it's probably in the future I will read it.

    Aris Rocosa

  26. As many of my partners said all of the definitions are interesting, but, if I had to choose one definition I would chose "history". I like the history but I tired to study past mistakes, also the history is always manipulated and we never know the absolute truth and sometimes so it's not objective. For example the same new was very different in a newspaper than another. In conclusion the history is very difficult to explain.
    Carla García Valverde 2 Bach B.

  27. Well, the definition I like the most is Revenge. It's a very funny definition.
    If i were the men who received the letter, I would feel very sad and rabious.
    I have to say that all the definitions are funny and interesting, but this definition call my attention since the moment I've seen it.

    For me, revenge is more than that, but I'm very sure that this definition wouldn't be my definition for revenge.

    The part I like the most in the definition is the part that says "send a letter to your rival after he married her" I imagine this situation and I start laguhing!

    Andreu Medina

  28. I prefer the definition of "history"
    All the things the definition said, are funny and interesting. It's a different form to understand the history.
    Who say us that thte history is what we are studying? No person, so this definition can be real.
    Other thing interesting, is the quantity of adjectives the difinition say history is.
    I also say that all the four definitions are good, but history is the best and the funniest.

    Carlos Lopez 2b

  29. THe definition "revenge" I like the most, because all is true and original. I can't imagine
    the situation, it's unreal, but it's very funny.
    For me, to live this situation will be very bad. I never want to receive a letter from the ex-boyfriend of my
    girl, will be very sad and I don't want.
    I'm sad for the man who receives the letter, sure he will be sad.
    I have choosen this definition but all the definitions are good.
    Other definition I very like is history.

    Alejandro Rincon Gonzalez

  30. My word is "revenge". it's an incredible and an amazed definition of revenge.
    A very funny definition that makes me feel happy and makes me laugh. The person who do this, is very evil and can't be a kind persons, because you shouldn't do this to anyone because only a bad person do this.
    If you want to send a letter, you have to send the letter before the girl has married with your rival, because you want to revenge to your rival, no to the girl. The girl is not guilty.

    Jordi Garcia Romero 2A

    1. Hmmm, I would say that nobody is guilty. But if someone deserves revenge in such a case, it should be both of them. But, well, it's just an opinion.

  31. Well, before starting my decision in wich definition I prefer to do my comment, I have to say all the definitions I've read in this article seems to a very original and strange definitions. It's been difficult
    to choose one, all are fabulous, but I'm gonna talk about the wedding's definition. Sir Ambrose Bierce makes a type of supposed, it's mix of ingenious and sincerety. It shows with perfection
    what the autor has tried to make understand in this strange dictionary.
    Anyway, it has called my attention since the moment I saw it. Doing this exercise, I've enjoyed a lot :D

    Raul Quiles

    1. Raul, you can't say Sir unless the person has benn given the title. You should say Mr Bierce or just Ambrose Bierce.

  32. Ooh, such a good definitions this dictionnary has! All are goods, but the best for me is revenge.
    It's so funny the imaginary situation you have married and suddenly you received a letter from your girlfriend ex friend... I don't know, but it didnt' sounds very good...
    I'm very sure that whatever this letter contains, nothing good of course.

    Alejandro Roda 2A

  33. At first, I want to say that I like all the dictionary definitions. I like this type of humor.
    I think that the definition I like the most is "revenge". I like that because it's a funny description, but we have to be careful with these type of jokes, because it can be dangerous to a relation.

    Fabian Padron
    2 B

  34. The definition that I liked is:

    History, n. History is an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools.

    I choose this definitions because is very ironic, enjoyable and I agree whit this. I think that this definition is really. The information is manipulated and we dont know all the thinks about the history.

    Jon Ander Jiménez Corral 2a Bach A

  35. The word which I like the most and I choose, is revenge because is the most funny definition

    I think this word is very present in our lives,I know that revenge never ends good. in my opinion people shouldn't be be so and wait because as they say time puts each one in its place.

    I believe that I never revenge of this way because is horrible, but I like this definition and its probably that many people can identify that it.

    Meritxell Jiménez
    2 bat B

  36. I believe that all definitions have some reason and are very interesting.
    but I'll choose the definition of marriage because I love the menera in this set.
    The wedding from my point of view is the union of two people who want to start a family to start having their own.
    Love in a relationship is not important because not only love lives, one can have a great time and be happy with people who really love him.

    Times change and people too. Unfortunately we live in a society where there is more selfishness and hatred than love. Love comes and goes but life goes on and is full of beautiful moments.

    2º Bat
    Bismarck Sanchez

  37. The definition that I like most is the wedding. I think that not always is necessary to marry with other person to swear eternal love. In my opinion the only condition is the commitment.
    Ambrose Bierce do an awesome book. I like so much the definitions.

    Miquel Badrines
    2Bat A

  38. I think that the most true is wedding because nowadays more and more couples don't believe in weddings and I prefer live with my couple without in married.

    Is cheaper and if happing something will be not problems. But they are people that married for moneys, papers or questions about posessions.

    I haven't in my plans beeing married with any person but I have thought to share my posessions and at all my love.

    Gorka Jiménez

  39. I'm not agree at all with these definitions because there seems topics. But if I must choose one there is "history" because I'm agree with the statement that says: "The history is wrote by the winners" and I think that we study some historic moments that are not important. Specially the American history has a lot of unimportant events because they not have a lot of years of history of the country and they explains all the things that was happened important or not.

    Adrià Muñoz
    2 Bat B

  40. After reading the four dictionary definitions, although they all seemed to me good, I choose revenge because I think that it is the funniest, althought it is a little cruel and nobody would like to be in this violent situation.
    Although I chose this word, I am not a vengeful person, because when someone does something wrong for me, then I won't to do anything to him, because if he apologies, I will forgive him, but if he do it more times, I believe that revenge is a good solution.
    If I had to make a revenge to someone because he has done wrong things to me many times, I would do it of this way: I will do that he will lose his most preciate thing, because, the way of revenge that Mr. Ambrose Bierce explained in his book Devil's dictionary does’t like me.
    In conclusion, I have to say that this is only a way of revenge, although I I know there are many different ways of revenge.

    Carol Parera
    2nd Bat B

  41. All the definitions of Ambrose Bierce are true but with a little of irony, but they are funny.
    I like the definition of "Wedding" because is a little real. If we divided the marriage in three parts, the first one all is pink, the love, the dreams; the second one is the consolidation, the sons and the responsability; the last one is when we find the defects and became it in soportable.

    Melisa Bruzzese Rennis
    2nd Bat. B

  42. hello Agusti! my favourite definition is:

    History, n. History is an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools.

    I tried this definition because the history is very important for me,and the definition says the oposite because Ambrose Bierce in Devil's Dictionary is very ironic. In my point of view, the history is very important because all the people can learn the devil that people hides around the world...fascism, capitalism, racism and other types of explote the poors or the diferent people.

    Sergio González Segador
    2nd Bat A

  43. I prefer revenge of all these definitions because it is a funny definition, althought it is an idea too evil and I would not like be in that situation. In fact anyone would like be in that and I see incorrect the definition because one part is true, but does from an opinion and it does from a subjective point of view. I do not know how to explain it better, but what I want say is that Ambrose Bierce says an example instead of explaining it as a concept. This is my opinion and I think that I can be wrong my opinion but I think this. Really all the definitions are a little incorrect.

    Carolina Cabrero
    2nd Bat B

    1. Carolina,

      What is the meaning of "the definitions are incorrect". Do you mean that they are "wrong" or do you mean that they aren't "politically correct"?

  44. So good definitions Agustí! I laugh too much while i'm reading and probably I will send it to my father, because he will love the last one! ! Well I must say the best for me was the first one, and probably I make some connections while I was reading with the political and social state of Spain in franquism dictatorship, with all the fools included. I'm not a expert of this delicate situacions and ideologies but that sentence describe perfectly the situacion in Spain, while the dictatorship and well.. now too!
    I finish with a little reflexion. My father teach me this a few years ago and this is it: ''When you marry with a girl, you are convicted to be understood with her all the live.'' (something like that, in spanish obviously)
    PS: I'm still laughing with the sentences!

    José González Castillo

    1. I don't really understand what you mean when you say "to be understood with her". Does it mean that the rest of people must see you as an "addition of you and her" or does it mean "understood BY her"?

  45. Firstly, I want to say excuse me for the delay.
    Well, starting my comment and after reading that original and pessimistic definitions of that words, I think that I agree with the first one because in my opinion the History is the most manipulated creation of the man. From my point of view, it has been written during the pass of time by the goveranametal societies, when I said "governamental" I refer to the emperors or kings of ancient times too, and all kind of dictatorial system. Ultimately, it could say that, all the ancient history is an invention done it by the preferences of the emperors. So, as we know the history thanks to the written documents and the artistic expressions and they were all chossen by the king, all our knowledge is built over a false foundation.

    Sergio Morales
    2nd Bat. A

  46. The definition that I like most is History
    I like History because her definition in The Devil's Dictionary is true,we do not know the true because History is written by the winners and by the powerful.
    One example a investigation says that Colombus was not the man whe discober America,this investigation says that a chinese king sended ships for exploerer the pacific ocean and this ships arrived to california.

    In short we do not know history according as it is, we know history according to the powerful they want to know it

  47. In my opinion the definition that I like the most is History.

    I thing that this is the best definition because in part it's true. We knoe the history that is in the books but, is it quite real?
    In many case the politicians can change the events on their behalf and as it is before us we don't know the real truth.

    Juan Antonio Ruiz
    2Bach A

  48. In my opinion, these four definitions are very funny and interesting because,the definitions that makes Ambrose Bierce in the Devil's Dictionary are different from our actuallity dictionary.

    They have a touch of humour. I like to read definitions similar to those of Ambrose Bierce because, many of us I´m sure that we think like him.
    But this is not my case, because for example I am not a revenge person.
    I think the definition of "revenge" is a little hard as it can break a relationship.

    The definition that I choose is "wedding" because the autor to describe that is a wedding started: "A ceremony at which two persons undertake to become one" but if you continue reading there's a touch of humor: "one undertakes to become nothing, and nothing undertakes to become supportable".

    I agree with the second definition of Ambrose Bierce, because many couples think they are compatible but with the time are known and are not compatible.

    To marry is to be in love and get to know your partner!!!!!!!!

    Laura Rincón Gordillo
    2bach B

  49. I liked all the definitons, they are ingenious and interesting, Ambrose Bierce tries to show the hidden face of the words. As Laura said, the Devil's Dictionary is not the kind of dictionary that we see everyday.

    His definitions are like the darkness of the words, they are not perfect. I choosed history and I searched it in Oxford's Dictionary. The definiton is: the study of past events, particularly in human affairs.

    For Ambrose Bierce, history is not this, history is telling what happened in the past but only a few of facts are true. No one can know what happened if he didn't saw this with his own eyes. That's my point of view.

    I also liked the deffinition of revenge, it's a funny one. He finds the sense of humor in the "bad word" revenge. He put an example of what can revenge be.

    In conclusion, I think that is a interesting dictionary, a funny one, not for use when you need a concrete definition, but his definitions can be really truths.

    Marc Martínez
    2BAT. A


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