Monday, October 1, 2012

2nd BATXILLERAT - In Spain, Austerity and Hunger

Picture from The New York Times

Have a look at this image collection published by The New York Times. The pictures are really powerful but tell me if you think that they reflect the reality of your country.


  1. It's true that Spain is living really hard times. The crisis is hitting us and a lot of families are now homeless here.
    I think all those photos are so much extreme but sadly true.
    I also think that it doesn't reflect all the reality of my country. People are getting together and are ready to fight the corrupt politicians who are the actual cause of all those photos.

  2. Those images are real and that's happening now in Spain. I see all days people searching for whatever useful in the containers.
    People have to fight for their rights, have to express their feelings, and if they don't like a thing they obviously will manifest theirselves.
    Hunger is other subject that is increasing in the last years. It isn't general in Spain but is true that a lot of people is becoming homeless because they lose their jobs and they can't pay the house, the water, the electricity (the price of those things have grew up)...
    Spain is living hard times and it's going to be difficult to get by without the commitment of all the people in the country.

  3. I do not like to say it, but it is true, and as the days pass as much true it is. Maybe not the whole people is in that case but many of them are getting really problems like unemployment and having a big family.
    Refering to what Guillem said, I disagree that the politicians are the actual cause. It is true that at the moment they have lot of fault, but homeless and hunger have been present always.
    We all should think carefully about the delicate situation Spain is going on, and take the streets. We citizens have to finish with this corrupted system and start again.

  4. I think that those images are true because Spain, at the moment, is living one of the worst situation in his history.
    There are some families that are living in houses, but also there are more families that are living in other places different of their houses, for example in a bridge. There are more families that they need to help because they haven't any place to sleep, and other thing more important... They haven't food to eat.
    In conclusion, it's true that Spain is living hard times, Guillem say, and I'm agree with him, but I also think that we can to change this situation with the time.

  5. As Agustí has said in the description of the post, the images are very powerful, showing dramatical situations. Nobody can deny that a lot of people in Spain are having a hard time. There are people who want to eat and they can't, and people who want to have a house and they can't; there are seriously ill people who need medical assistance and they cannot have it. The images show the decadence of this society; capitalism has wrest the dignity of a very large sector of the country, the "working class", I mean, the people who don't have money or don't have enough of it. This is the only thing that matters at the moment: the money.
    Lamentably, we will never solve this problem. The industry, for example, are killing thousands of people every year in all over the world. The same with the additives in food, the pollution, the pharmaceutical industry... But nobody cares about it. The history shows us that the dominated class only open their eyes when they are in a extreme situation: The Russian Revolution in 1917, the French Revolution in 1789,etc. As long as people have some food, anything will change.
    Regardless, the images of The New York Times are not objective. They are very exaggerated and deceptive. Photos in grey color, showing the worst of all; we can only see in that images aged and emaciated people, dirty and ruined streets... We can't say that these images are false, but they are not a fair reflex of this country. Anybody could go to Denmark or Sweden, go to their worst street, photography the most gaunt beggar and make a report like the The New york Times's one. And someone who don't know anything about these countries could think that this is the reality, and obviously it's not. The fifth image of the collection called my attention specially. Please, it seems a nazi concentration camp...
    So, in conclusion, this is just a sensationalist and deceptive report, and it hurts the image of Spain, but hurts even more the image of The News York Times.

    Jesús Cañizares Sánchez
    2nd Bat B

  6. In my opinion, this images are true becouse they reflect the reality of these days. It's sad but it's also true, people are much poorer than a few years ago and the cause is the economical crisis. The hunger and the austerity has ever exist but in these years they are too much noticiable, Spain isn't the unic country with this problems, all the countries of Europe have this problems and someone have to stop them.
    I agree with Guillem when he said: Spain is living hard times.In my opinion this sentence is the unic conclusion about all of these photos.

    Daniel Marquez
    2 Bat B

  7. Jordi Alemany Bartomeu
    At present, those images are being seen in Spain and the worst news is that more and more people look for garbage in the skips to survive. All these things are amazing but very sad too.
    In fact, Spain's situation is one of the most complicated has happened in recent times and I think that we know the situation in Spain is difficult but one of the main ways to get ahead is paddling together and in the same direction..
    As Alberto said, I also think that politicians aren't the only cause. They have a lot of guilt but these problems have always existed.
    Finally, with the time, I believe that all things will be solved, but it will be difficult and hard.

  8. In my opinion, in these times Spain needs to be united and fight for one other and it is necessary show that citizens are struggling to overcome the crisis, because it is true.
    Also, these pictures in black and white only show the poverty, as if there were nothing else. But it doesn’t show the citizen’s help, comradeship or solidarity.
    But it’s also true that we have been living over our means and we spent more than we enter, and now we are paying our debt.

  9. Those images, are really sad, they express some of the situations that we are living in our country at this moments.
    I must say that, I don’t agree with the tittle of the photographys, and the approach that the New York Times gives to it.
    First, those situations, like people searching food on rubbish, families evicted, people manifesting against politic corruption, etc. Those are things that happened since ever! Those situation didn’t began with the crisis, as they write in the newspaper.
    It's true that this situations wasn't so frequently to see in the past, but they always had been here.
    What I think is, for the first time, we haven't got enough money to hide this problems of our actual society and now affect a lot of people, much more than in the past and makes inequality more evident every day.
    Finally, as I say a few lines ago, I think these problems are not exclusive of any time, and any country too. Those situations of the photographys are a problem of the society in general.
    So my questions to the New York Times is, United States hasn't got:

    Many people with hunger, or searching in the rubbish?

    Hasn't got people without medical assistance because there is no social security?

    Hasn't got people getting evicted of his houses?

    Is just my opinion, I don’t defend anyway of Spain, because I think we have a long travel to do, and the only way we can do is working hard and united.

    Pol Reig Jané

  10. Yes, Pol, you're right. You know that things are getting worse and worse and that the problem is global. However, don't forget that the commitment of newspapers is information. Some people say that the New York Times is giving a wrong image of the Spanish society. What do you think?

  11. I think that in this images it show a big part of Spain. The economic crisis is affecting all of us but unfortunately some families more than others: they are unemployed, they have a big family.
    The Governor instead of helping and giving opportunities he cuts in health, education, worth of research ... and so we have to go out and manifest.
    I hope that we will go ahead and that the economic crisis and the bad times will soon be over.

    Claudia Pavón Díaz
    2nd Bat A

  12. The situation that we're living in Spain it's very worrying. The last data show that they're about 5 million unemployed people. Most of them that have all the members of the family with no work, and a big part that are in the poverty line. The photographs show that, the demonstrations that the people have to do to show how disappointed they are and what the people in poverty line have to do to have something to eat. They show the concern about the biggest part of people in Spain, that don't know when this will finish. And maybe politicians have something to say about these problems, because while unemployed people see how this is getting wrong, they only criticise what the other party say, and make stupid projects, like airports without any utility. We can't eradicate poverty and hunger, but we can do something with this government, and the only way is showing how disappointed we are.

  13. This image is sadly becoming popular in a lot of places, and also in our country. Due to the crisis the quantity of people that have not economic possibilities to cover their basic needs are dramatically increasing. People with no job and with a family to take care are forced to do whatever necessary to feed them, including searching in a trash container. I think that politicians must work to find a solution for this problem. The government has to guarantee that, all the vital needs of the population, as home or feeding, will be covered.

    Ruben Alvarez

  14. This image, like more others, reflects really well the actual situation of a lot of people in Spain who have been forced to leave their homes and their jobs (or that have them dismissed and evicted directly!) for the actual crisis.
    All these pictures are really disturbing but don't show all the reality, as they don't show all the people who are struggling to change this situation.
    I think if all of us demonstrate, with peaceful complaints because it's not necessary the violence, that we can change this moment, this situation, we can do whatever it takes to improve it and help a lot of this people who needs our support.

    Mireia Malcampo
    2nd Bat A

  15. Patricia Alvarez Peñalver 2batx BNovember 15, 2012 at 4:18 PM

    The picture I think that reflect the reality of my country because nowadays in Barcelona or in general in Spain, unfortunately, most people lives on the street and for can eat the people search the differents dumpsters for found something to can change for money.
    It’s an extreme situations that the crisis increased the numbers of people have to use dumpsters to can eat and survive.

    1. Well, Patricia, maybe you are going too far when you say that "most people live on the street...", perhaps you mean A LOT OF PEOPLE, don't you?

  16. In my opinion I think that this image reflects the situation of my country.
    Although this picture aren't exactly what I see every day in the streets of my city, because not all the families look in the rubbish to find food or something usefull, nowadays more and more families that don't have or don't find a job and need money could be in that situation.
    I agree with the approach that the New York Times give of the situation of Spain, because Spain is living a hard times and I believe that the solution of this problem is that the people have to fight and have to express their feelings and their opinions for can solve this situation.

    Carol Parera
    2nd Bat-B

  17. Unfortunately this image is true, and reflects the situation of many countries of the world, included Spain. Many people can not pay for their food because the "crisi" has left them without work, as having a job, the people search food in a trash container. In my opinion the politics have to do something, because people do not deserve it.

    Diego Díaz
    2nd Bat A

  18. The pictures are impactful but unfortunately they are true. The crisis makes that this situations are increased and not only in Spain, because others countries have a similar situation or it’s worse, but now it’s a hard period of time for Spain.
    Many families have members in unemployment and they don’t have enough money for pass the month and sometimes they can’t buy food or they can’t pay the rent and they have to live in other place or in the street. Like this a lot of aspects of the society like the health or the education.
    I wish, like all the people, that this situation be improved as soon as possible.

    Andrea del Puerto
    2nd BAT A

  19. This picture reflects the poor economic situation that is happening Spain, showing us a man looking for food in the garbage.
    Our leaders lately ignore the problems of the working classes because their idea is to reduce the public debt. The problem is that to pay the public debt we have to cut social services. without these services many people can't eat, have to leave your house, we have to go out to the streets to demand our rights and change the current society in which we live. Many people don't go out to the streets because don't affect these problems,and I say to all this people that fight to end all injustices.

    Xavier Macià
    2nd Bat B

  20. These pictures, published on the New York Times, are the reflection of Spanish current situation. Most of us, probably unknown how difficult is to live day by day for some families who have economic problems caused by unemployment and trying to keep going even so.
    I don’t think the politicians of this country are conscious of the serious problems and consequences of this huge crisis but of course they are the most responsible. Their objective should be avoiding this terrifying situation offering some aids to help the poor people.
    It’s a shame that in our country a lot of employees, well formed, should move to other countries where they might achieve better chances. This is not the solution for face up to that crisis, cutting in essential services as they are education and health because everyone is entitled to decent housing the right to education, to a public health and the right to employment. Most of the times forgotten by others.
    This is a job that responsible politicians should do. Honestly, I don’t know how far that might arrive but I just hope that this situation would change on the future; it should change towards the progress, not to go from bad to worse.

    Cristina Muñoz
    2nd BAT B

  21. I think that this pictures are true. Nowadays, the situation in Spain is very complicated. The famous crisis affects the poor people, the big families, the working people... The people that aren't affects for the crisis are a rich people, the governing, the banks... I think that the problem is this people steal the poor people, and the money is not distributed, and this makes that the rich people are every day more rich and that the poor people are is every day more poor.
    I hope this will change soon.

    Anna Jiménez García
    2nd Bat A

  22. This type of image is more frequent in a lot of places and one of this places is our country. A lot of people doesn’t have a job because of the crisis and they do anything for have food. This people can’t aliment their family because they haven’t got money. What we can do to help this people?
    Everybody deserves to work and earn money for to cover the basic needs.

  23. With those images we can see the “bad face” of Spain. In our town, we don’t use to see that problems but in actually a lot of the people are in these conditions. With the crisi, a lot of people have lost their houses or they don’t have anything to eat and they have to go to the churches or something like that for eats. A lot of people have to live in bad conditions and have to share their houses because they can’t pay for it. And this is sad, because in these times you can see the two points of the society, like the old times, rich people are living very very well and a lot of people are living in bad conditions.
    In the other hand, we can see at the images that the people fight for the things that they want and they go to demonstrations. This is good, because if the people manifest their opinion we can do big things and big changes.
    Andrea Contreras, 2n BATX A

  24. Every time is more common to see these pictures in the street. Every time is normal as they pass people hadn't never imagined. This is a bad time for the economy and as every time there is bad times always pay the same.
    A few years ago people help underdeveloped countries and now moments more on the people of our country. Now it's normal to see people in Spain as the photography publish in the New york times newspaper.
    Every time increasing people who are and those pay them less . Increasing number of homeless and increasing the people they have not place to live, and not even sleep. Aren't employement or people with careers. Not to be pessimistic, but the situation will get better until a few years.
    All we can do what people see how bad some people are have is that we can help.Eihter offering our second home where they live or offering food to help who has not.

    Alícia Ruiz 2ºBatx A

  25. I think that this photo is very hard,but this is true. In this moment Spain has a very strong crisis. And many families don't have money to pay the mortgage because they haven't got the work or they don't charge enough money.
    The economic crisis is affecting all of us but unfortunately some families more than others
    All this is because of the crisis. The politicians should help but are increasingly higher prices and lower wages.

    Noelia Ramos Gomez,
    2º bach B

  26. After I have seen the collection of images, I think they are sensational because they show extreme situations of daily things that happen anywhere in the country. Such as the fifth image, which shows a demonstration in a town of about 10,000 inhabitants, instead of showing any manifestation of a big city, creating a false image of the country in general.

    As my classmate Pol says, with whom I agree, in all countries, if you search a bit, you'll see images like these and worse. Can’t be denied that Spain is living hard times, but these photographs don’t show the reality, only small pieces of a big puzzle.

    Daniel Domínguez Losa
    2nd Bat A

  27. In the picture we can see a man in the rubbish. Spain was a good country but now a lot of people can't eat,can work and can't have any place for sleep. Is now a good country? Politicians aren't doing a good work.If the politicians do a good work we couldn't go to the rubbish for eat o for found things that we need. If the newspaper put this picture is because is true and i think that the politicians could do something for the people that live in his country.
    Andrea Muniesa Muñoz.2B.

  28. In my opinion these pictures so extreme reflect some situations that unfortunately are true for some families in Spain, but isn't 100% real because in this pictures we don't see the good actions people do to combat these situations.
    It's also true if we do nothing to stop the situations shown in the pictures, the country, Spain, will become a country where its citizens will haven't job, home, and food to feed.
    Change is needed to improve the country!

    Marçal Blanco Martí
    2nd Bat B

  29. I think that these pictures are true, but the pictures only show specific situations of the country.
    The crisis is a serious problem in this moment in Spain and it’s the cause of these situations. In my opinion the crisis will last many years because we don't work hard all of the people. If we don’t solve this problem the rest won't help.
    In conclusion when we searching a common objective to solve the problems we back to good stage.

    Ivan Batlle, 2nd BATX A

  30. After I have seen the pictures, images of people who have nothing to eat, families are being evicted from their homes ...
    We realize that these are situations that are repeated in Spain increasingly unfortunately, and when we think it can not get worse, it gets worse.
    We can blame the current economic crisis we are going through, but because many people are not aware of it, until it happens to them, the people's voice is still small.
    Also on the subject of politics, we complain that all they do it wrong, but we must bear in mind that it is the same people who elected its President, this is because of the great ignorance that is in Spain. ..
    I think the voice of the people would have to be increased, and perhaps so we heard the top and change some things, but unfortunately with the government that we can not ask for miracles...

    Marta Moreno Anguiano
    2nd Batx B

    1. Marta, you can say it louder but you can't say It better. Great comment!

  31. Now in Spain there is a big crisis. Every day there are more homeless because the poverty and evictions are increases. Spain has nearly 6.000.000 unemployed. But many people take parts in a demonstration because we don’t understand the politics and their actions.

    In conclusion, I think the pictures reflect the reality of my country.

    Elena Esteller
    2nd A

  32. I'm agree that austerity in Spain is a current fact. But, there's another fact connected with austerity: richness in Spain. There's some people in Spain that is getting rich with the crisis. They are powerful an rich people that doesn't care about homeless, people without work, poor familys... They just want more and more money to buy really expensive cars and houses.
    I would like to say that if we don't do nothing to stop "richness in Spain" we won't stop austerity and things will get worse and worse...

    Maria Calabuig Fuster

  33. The pictures really represent the bad situation of a lot of families in Spain that have to go to the social dining places to eat and receive help of the government. Nowadays, when they really need the help, is when the government is investing less resource to the social politics. The government that we have now, which is PP, thinks that the financial situation of the banks is more important than the families that haven’t anything to eat and fight for their rights in the demonstrations.

    Roger Niubó Clavé
    2ns Bat B

  34. Dear students! All your contributions are just great. Marta said that we can't expect any miracles and she's right. But, if there is ever one, sure you'll be part of it.

    1. All hope so and that everything changes, but we have to make an effort all the people so that they will listen or they will continue to do whatever they want with us ...

      Marta Moreno Anguiano

    2. Nowdays, the country is not as well as few years ago, as often as the goverment takes off our prices, our economy suffers. Unfortunately this image reflects the poverty that there is in our country, furthermore of being like that, that is not all. What we can see in this image is a men picking up food of a container, this simple picture says all what I wanted to explain. Not only the fact of tell you the situation but all in general. Seeing that nobody is not going to do anything, that is all.

      Esther Boix Grandio
      2nd A

  35. Of course these pictures are real, all of them reflect the actual situation of our country and with these kind of pictures, people who are not affected, can realize the situation of the rest of Spain and help them by going to the demonstrations.
    However, in United States of America believe that Spain has poverty only and they use Spain like a bad example which they won't ever want to be. It's true that actually Spain is in one of his worst moments economics, but we need a motivation to go out of the crisis which noone gives us.

    Ferran Martínez Villena

  36. It's really hard to think that many people and families are going through some very bad times. Both Spain and other countries are immersed in a crisis very hard, and that is lasting much. But now we realize that the world is so unfair, when developed countries are not well practically forever.

    Roger Ytarte Gil

  37. I think that those pictures reflects as well as their title what situation are we living in Spain. But it's not just austerity and hunger: a lot of people and families are being keeped out from their homes, a lot of fathers and mothers are losing thier jobs and have no money to hold up their families.
    In this moment, we are living such a hard recession because we have spent more money than we had. I don't know exactly who's to blame for it (maybe the banks, the government, everybody...) because I have to say that I don't know so much about this. But I'm sure that there had been a lot of stupid (sorry for the adjective) and egotistic people that have spent our money for theirselves. I mean, actually, when you are in the top of the society pyramid (in general) you stop to think about what have to do for the rest and begans to think about you own gross.
    But I'm not here to talk about politics ( I have chossed science for something...) I just want to say that if we look back to our history, all the countries had lived a lot of crisis like this, with more or less gravity.
    So, keep going and study a lot; in a future we can: work for others or make others work for us. I don't know you opinion, but I prefer the second one. So come on!!

    Anna Garcia Cuxart
    2n Batx A

    1. Anna: who told you that we spent more than we had? According to yesterday's newspapers Bankia is going to fire more than 6,000 employees (six thousand!!!). Did you contract them? Did I contract them? Who did?
      In contrast, these people are going to be helped by the rest of citizens in the hope that they find a new job soon. Anna, tell me, will Bankia pay them every month? I tell you the answer: NO.
      Just think about it.
      Moreover, Bankia is going to get an amount of money that I can't count or even imagine. Will they use it to help anyone?

  38. I think that these images show to the world a dramatic image of Spain. But I also think that these is our current reality. A lot of people is suffering too much because of this crisis, and if the system doesn’t improve more people will fall in poverty. No images can tell the feelings of someone who’s going to loose the home and maybe will live on the street. Or someone who’s waiting for medical attention but has to wait two years.
    I don’t know if so many demonstrations will change something, in this country we have a big problem with those who have power. There are a lot of thiefs among them.
    Finally, I think that is good to show these images, but also say that these people are in this situation because of our political and financial management

    Irene Cuxart
    2nd bat A

  39. No! I think that these pictures aren’t reflecting the reality, only a little part of it. It’s true that in Spain every year there is more poverty, but it’s also true that the media manipulate the information and only show the bad face of the country in crises.

    Maria Villarejo

  40. I think the pictures reflect the reality because harly ever I see how people are busy looking for thinks the containers in the trash.This pictures speak to us or a lot of poverty in our country and this passes by the blame for the crisis.

    Darya Kulyk

  41. Regrettably this pictures shows the present in Spain even though this thinks also ocurred before and will continue happening. The problem is that situations are in increasing. The politicians should do something and find solucions because many people are suffering.

    Jon Ander Jiménez Corral

  42. I think the photographs are an exaggeration since Spain conditions are difficult but not go so far that a bourgeois person is forced to look for food in the garbage. It is only a small portion of the population of Spain like the homeless or vagrants like everywhere.
    All you have to say that Spain is in a moment that the economy is very weak but this is only a season, we'll get!

    Cristian Fernandez Pellicer. 2n Bat A.


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