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Some people say that a moment of silence is when you are walking in the country and the only thing you can hear is your own footsteps crack, the wind blow, a nearby river rush, and the birds sing.
For me, a moment of silence takes place just ten seconds before the train arrives at the underground station: all conversations, readings, and thoughts stop and all the eyes concentrate on the tunnel's black mouth until the train appears with a thundering noise.

Now, tell me: What is your moment of silence? What describes it?


  1. In my stressful life, there aren’t so many moments of silence. When I’m at school, the noise from all the kids running by the halls is always present. At home, the ambient is disturbed by the washing machine or my parents talking to each other from end to end of the house.

    Despite that, I enjoy the few moments of silence I can have. The one which I like the most is when everybody in my home goes to sleep. I can spend a few minutes getting ready my schoolbag for the next day and putting on my pajama.

    When my house is in absolute silence, a feeling comes across all my body, a feeling of peace, but also of fear. Just me and my breath.

  2. I have a lot of moments of silence and I love them, but the moment of silence that I like the most is when I come back home late in the night after training at the gym and after having a refreshing or hot shower.
    What describes this moment is the noise of some car driving on the road, the absence of people on the street, the dark of the night with the streetlights, the cold weather that makes me feel good and that while I’m walking on the street I don’t stop thinking about good things. When you join all this things you have a short , peaceful and special moment.

  3. Literally, we consider a moment of silence is when you do not hear anything, when everyone is silent, when we hear only our mind ... But I go beyond a simple noise that we can perceive with our ears.
    For example when you are walking around town full of cars, music, people coming and going, but even so your mind is cut off from that environment and you almost always thinking about your problems, your day or just listening music, but when you're able to master your mind and this gets go white, that's a moment of silence.
    But the best moment of silence that comes to my mind, that I like to me, is a beach on a summer night, with the only sound is the sea, the waves breaking on to reach the shore, causing a totally relaxing sound and if you add to this the power to let your mind go white, the sum of the waves over the pleasure of letting your mind along with your body totally relaxed, creates a perfect union moment of silence. Do not lose the opportunity to do this, But I have to say to you that possibly you should fall asleep
    Does not he feel the desire to do it?

    Marta Moreno Anguiano
    2n batx B

  4. In my life there aren't few moments of silence, for one reason or another there is always some noise, plus I talk a lot and it's hard to remain quiet.
    But there are some moments of silence in my life that I love. For example when I take a shower or bath, and dive under the water, then do not hear anything for a few thousandths of a second, and calms me and makes me feel good. I also like when I'm in the field and nobody talks, it's all quiet and you only hear some bird or animal, that is great and relaxing, I love it. I also find it very nice when you're with a person sitting on the sofa or stretched and nobody talks, because no need to say anything, that moment is also very nice.

    Anna Jiménez García
    2n Batx A

  5. Like more people can say, in my life, I have a lot of moment of silence, because for me, a moment of silence is when you don’t want to say or do anything because is when you are listening the wind to pass and you are relaxed. A moment of silence is the best, because it’s when I can think really and I decide a lot of things.

    The moment of silence that I like the most is when I’m running and I’m listening the music. It’s the best moment because I feel single and nothing can distract me, but in general, I feel a moment of silence when I listen the music, because the music can do relaxing me.

  6. For me, the best moment of silence only takes about three seconds, and it is when you are playing a piece of music in a concert and you finish it. This moment, between the last note and sound, which are just in the air, the tension, the relief of finish the piece, the long and deep breath and the complete silence before the applause describes my perfect moment of silence.

    Pablo Rodríguez 2n Batx A

  7. Literally, a moment of absolute silence is very difficult to occur, there will always be something or someone at that time is doing some sound.
    For me the moment of silence is when I'm taking a shower at night and I can only hear the sound of falling water. As I said, that time is not absolute silence, and I'm also listening to the water, but it relaxes me and gives me peace. Do this every day gives me the opportunity for to think about my things, what happened during the day, and if I have any thing to do after.

    In conlusion, I think it is important that all people find a moment of silence for ourselves during the day so that everyone would haveess stress.

    Carol Parera
    2 Bat B

  8. My moment of silence is when in the middle of the night I wake up to study or to eat o something like this and my family sleep and nothing destroy the silence. I know that nowadays it's difficult find a moment of silence because of the people, the tv, the train, the cars, the loud music, the animals o something like this and there are a lot of noise. Spain is one of the noisiest country, that's the reason.

    Finally, I think that things could be done better to have more moments of silence in this stressful life.

    Patricia Álvarez Peñalver

  9. I think, about find the moment of silence was difficult to any person.
    In my house are six members and is very difficult to find a kind of moment of silence, one of my moments are in the shower because I only listening falling water, I hate the night silence but is better than stay in house and don't have silence in the night, other of my moments of silence is when I go to the sea or walk in the morning. This year I go almost 4 days at week to the library to have a momemt of silence to study because in my house it's impossible.
    Personally, now in century XXI is most difficult to have a moment of silence.

  10. I think that there are a lot of moments of silence in the day of a person, but one of this moments is more important than the others.
    In my case the most important moment of silence is when I ‘m listening to music because the outside noises disappear and I am concentrating on the music.
    There are more moments of silence in the day for example when I go to bed for sleep because the outside noises that bother me when I’m awake, disappear when I’m sleeping in my bed. In this moment I have a funny dreams.

    Laura Delgado
    2n Bat B

  11. I really like silence, I'm not comfortable when someone speak so loud and I can't stand listening to loud music. Anyway, my favourite moment of silence is a very short one that comes after a noise.
    Imagine you arrive home from school, you're hungry, so hungry!! Your lunch is in the fridge, so you need to heat the delicious macaroni in the microwave. You put it in, immediatly you know what it happens now. You have to wait three pretty long minutes to your food while you are listening to the most disturbing noise I've ever heard, the microwave!! But then a new noise surprise you "cling", the microwave has stopped. Then your ears hear the silence and they report to your mouth that it's time to enjoy a delightful macaroni. That's a moment of silence for me!

    1. Yes! You're right. A lonely lunch time may be nice. But... who are you?

    2. Maria Calabuig. Sorry!

  12. For me, the only moment of silence is when I find myself above the podium, with a blank mind, ready to swim my race, my challenge, my dream, and in a few seconds comes now. The referee blows the whistle, at that moment, I took a deep breath and strength, and my gaze fixed on the swimming pool, I get fired for the sole purpose of spare myself in that race and meet my goals.
    Jordi Alemany Bartomeu 2n Bat A

  13. Like all the other students, actually, in my life, there's just one moment of silence. And even I've got a lot of work, homework or exams, this sacred moment is essencial: when I have a shower. Most times it's at the afternoon, or after having lunch, and I really enjoy it. Being alone with hot water falling down at my face and my naked body, that's the best way to keep you mind away and just get relaxed. No feelings, no problems, nobody, no sound. Just silence and hot whater. What else do I need?

    Anna Garcia Cuxart
    2n Bat A

  14. Unfortunately, I don’t have so much moment of silence in my life. My life is plenty of noises since I wake up until I go to sleep. Living in a city doesn’t allow you to get so much of peace or moments of silence. I would prefer to live, for example, near a wild sea hearing only the wave’s sound or in the mountain, hearing the sway of the leaves in the trees…
    But returning to the real life, my moment of silence is without any doubt when I’m swimming. I can swim for hours and I can hear nothing, only the sound of the water sliding in my hands. For me that’s the best moment because I can led my mind in blank and it’s like if I were dreaming awake. I can think of my things, I can reflect and basically get relaxed enjoying the moment while I am swimming.

    Cristina Muñoz 2nd BAT B

  15. My moment of silence is when I'm taking a walk late in the afternoon in a rainny day. Walking slowly, relaxed, feeling the rain and smelling the humidity. Walking without thinking, only paying attention to those detaills that you normally can't see because of the stress and the rush.
    I enjoy taking a walk in a sunny afternoon too, but rain makes it special, and I think this is because there are only a few people in the street, not like in a sunny day, that the streets are crowded and everybody have rush.

    Alberto Moragrega
    2n Bat A

  16. Everyday I have little moments of silence such us having a shower, having a meal…but the most important for me it happens every two weeks when I go to my father’s house.
    The Saturday after eating, he looks for a movie for see it together, but his sofa is so confortable that every time I lay putting my heard on her legs I fall sleep staying in silence listening, without paying attention, 10 min of the film.

    Claudia Pavón 2n Bat A

  17. A moment of silence that I enjoy is when I get home after school and there isn't anybody. It's not just a physical silence, it's also one of the first moments in my day when I don't have to think, to concentrate or to work. So I think it's like to calm the mind, like taking a deep breath. I actually appreciate these short moments while I prepare the table for lunch, put comfortable clothes on me or take a little sunbath.
    This delicious time ends when someone arrives, but it's nice to talk while having lunch too. And, well, sometimes my birds decide to deny my little peaceful time and sing like there's no tomorrow!

    Irene Cuxart Sánchez, 2n Bat A

  18. My favourite moment of silence is the moment when I am walking through the dark streets in the late night after a party. If I am alone I do not care about anything and I can think about what really matters, or just do not think and come back slowly to my house.
    I would like to have more times like the one I have said, but nowadays it is a bit difficult because of the work the students have to do.
    Alberto Gonzalez 2n BAT A

  19. The most beautiful moment of silence I know is one of the acts which shows the values of rugby. in rugby when one of the two teams decide to use a penalty kick all fans of the stadium make incredible silence for the kicker can concentrate. But the most incredible, is that the local fans do with their kicker and the opposite kicker showing great respect for the contrary. I choose this moment because is one of the most beautiful moments in sports.

    Xavier Macià

    2nd BAT B

  20. I think that I could choose more than one moment of silence, but I will speak about one of my best moments of silence. I like when I am in the sofa, watching the television with my mother, eating some potatoes and drinking orange juice. We are watching one of our favourite TV programs but at the same time we are speaking about our things. I love the moment when my mother change the program because the other is finish and don't find other TV program. In this moment, the dining room is in silence, I look my mum and I think, she is my mother, the best of the world... Then I feel that it is the best moment of silence because in this silence I can hear my mother, and it haven't price.

    Andrea Muniesa Muñoz

  21. In my opinion I think that during the day there are many moments of silence, but my favorite moment is when I lie in my bed and review everything I have lived during the day. I don't hear the TV or my sister, who talks a lot and sometimes is very boring. if it was a good day I sleep happy but if it was a bad day I think "life two days'' and i go to bed to dream beautiful things. Also in this moment I think of what I will dream this night.
    I think everyone who reads this comment should try my second favorite moment of silence, it's funny because if you dream what you want you wake up happy.

    Cristina Ruiz

  22. My favourite moment of silent is at Friday at 14.30 PM, when last class of week finish and all the students go out. In that moment, if I alone, I collect my things in complete silence, I concentrate in my thoughts or I think in what I will do at weekend. And when finally I go out I break from five days of intense work and exams and I can do things that I like: go out with my boyfriend, play the guitar, listen music, watch a film or read a book.

    Mireia Malcampo
    2nd Batx. A

  23. I think that we have some moments of silence during the day but this moments go unnoticed because they aren’t enough important for us. A moment of silence that we remind has to be a special moment that makes you feel good or simply depicts a part of your life.
    We have a stressful life but one moment of silence that the students have is when we’re doing an exam. All the class is in silence and in peace. When the whole class is totally quiet and there isn’t any sound, because the people are concentrated it's a moment that in this days that we're finishing the course is always present and I like it.

    Andrea del Puerto
    2n BAT A

  24. As some of my partners have said there are a lot of moments of silence in the day of a person
    For me this moment is when I'm in the hospital and, suddenly, the speaker sound announcing the following patient. This moment is when, in some way, the world stops expecting that the next name was the yours and can go to home knowing the reason why you’re in the hospital.

    Marçal Blanco Martí

  25. In my life there aren’t lots of moments of silence. And I like the silence because it’s good to concentrate and think. For me a moment of silence is when the teacher gives me the exams for do it, because in this moment I read the exam and I think in the questions and all my colleagues are in silent.

    Elena Esteller 2n A

  26. I think that we can not talk about a unique moment of silence. Every person has several moments of silence during his life. There are a lot of situations that can generate this feeling in a person, the sensation that everything stops for a while waiting for something.
    Because I am not an exception, I have to confess that I have this feeling several times but, in order not to be very too extensive, I am going to talk about only one of them.

    The moment of silence I have selected is the moment when your football team is going to shoot the decisive penalty in the final of a trophy.
    Just in this moment you know that all the effort done by your football team to reach the final will be nothing if the ball does not enter in the goal. All the passion that you have experimented during the previous matches will be totally unproductive if this ball does not overstep the goal line. In this instant a lot of things go through your mind, but you can only hold your breath and hope that the ball reaches its target. This ball is your ticket for the glory.

    Ruben Alvarez
    2 BAT - B -

  27. A moment of silence for me is when, in a math test everyone is silent, concentrating on the exam, i do not hear nothing but pens writing quickly in order to finish the review as soon as possible. Another moment of silence is when in a basketball game, the teams are matched in the marker, and a player decide to try and shoot baskets, then all fans are silent and are watching the flight of the ball, when suddenly rings horn.

    Roger Ytarte

  28. My moment of silence is when I'm relaxed in my bed with the lights off. Is one of my favorite moments of the day becouse my life is very noisy for example, everyday when I'm in my class everybody speak at the same time and this is very awful for me, I hate when everybody is speaking and I'm in silence trying to calm myself down trying not to scream : everybody shut up!!. And this is one of the reason of why I like my moments of silence becouse there are very few moments of silence in my live.

    Also I hate when I'm in my bedroom in my moment of silence and my brother arrives and put his music very high, he doesn't respect the silence of the others.

    Fortunately I'm used at this annoying things.

    Dani Márquez
    2BAT A

  29. I dont have a lot of moments of silence in my life because I'm always speaking, singing or listen to music. So one moment of silence that I have is at the night, when I'm going to sleep. I stay at my bedroom and the rest of the house is sleepimg. I don't hear any noise and in this moment I'm totaly relaxed.
    Another moment of silence that I have it's at the morning, when I go to the high school. All the people are in their house because is so early and I'm always walking alone at the street.

    Andrea Contreras 2n BATX A

  30. My favourite moment of silent, It's when I go to my home from the mountain, and I take a walk through in the forest. It's the best because you only hear the birds sing, but very weak, and it relaxes me a lot.
    I can stop of thinking in my problems and I can leave the mind in white.

    Noelia Ramos
    2nd B

  31. The best moments of silence for me,are the moments before starting an athletics competition. Just when the judges are going to shoot his starting pistol. At that instant, all the spectators keep quiet from the stands, and pay attention at the start of the race, and the athletes give up their nerves for concentrate on the race.
    After the shot, the silence is broken and all the spectators start shouting and encouraging the athletes.

    Ferran Martínez

  32. For me, a moment of silence is when my brother isn't in the house. My parents are always arguing with him because he doesn’t obey to the things that they asked him. Then, when my brother is in the school or playing handball my moment of silence takes place. Unfortunately for me, this moment is short.

    In this moment my concentration is bigger and my time is more productive because I can't study without silence. In conclusion, in these weeks of exams I have had to use all the time that my brother wasn't in the house.

    Daniel Domínguez Losa
    2n batx A

  33. According to Oxford's dictionary, silence is the "complete absence of sound". It's really hard to have a moment of silence in the noisy and distressing city, even very late at night there are always cars going around. I don't think silence is the absolute and complete absence of sound; I consider I have a moment of silence when the noises I hear are natural, I mean, when I only hear natural sounds, like a river rushing, birds's songs, the leafs of the trees being rubbed by the wind, and so on.
    Therefore, I can only have moments of silence when I go to my house in Tavertet, a little village in the woodland of Osona, and walking in the forest is, for me, the best moment of silence.

  34. I have two moments of silence, one positive and one "negative", the positive moment of silence is when I
    leave the class of Full contact and I walk alone through the streets of Cornella, In this moment I relax.
    The negative moment is when you're talking to a person and the two stop talking, that awkward silence.

    Diego Díaz 2n Bat A

  35. For me a moment of silence is when I don't listen to anything, in other words, when I only hear my own mind. That comment cannot be literally in silence but I only need my personal silence to be concentrated on my personal thoughts. Normally that moment happens on my bike ride home from the gym, after training. At that moment I only think that I have finished everything, and that rest is the only thing that I need. That moment makes me feel so relaxed.

    Arnau Llaudet Sendín
    2n batx B

  36. For me a moment of silence is one of the best thing in this life. In that moment I don't worry for time, for problems, for feelings... only silence is in me.

    One of this moments are when I have a rugby match. When the referee whistles the start of the match, the fly-half kick the ball to the sky and all the forwards will run for the tackle. Are a few seconds, but there is only silence

    Ivan Batlle
    2 BAT A

  37. I love silence which is difficult thing to describe I think. I don't use to have a lot of moments of silence here in the town, surrounded by thousands of cars, works in the middle of the streets, people talking and shouting everywhere...
    For me, unlike you, my moment of silence is when I'm completly alone, apart of the civilization.
    My very moment of silence is when I go to the montain, to the wild, to walk, only hearing the birds and the wind. Is when I can really think, when I'm totally free and relaxed.

    Carlos Sánchez

  38. There are many moments of silence. But in my opinion the best moment of silence is when you look at the people you love (boyfriend, family, friends...), or embrace them. That moment in which needless to say any words, that a look or a simple hug in silence says it all, and conveys many feelings and what you feel in that silence speaks louder than words. That to me is the best moment of silence.

    Esther Boix
    2 BAT A

  39. My favorite moment of silence is the time between when I go out the gym of Can Mercader until my house. I make this way at ten o’clock at the night when it closes. The sensation of when you’re tired, the muscular relaxation and the relax that gives you the shower after do sports make a mix that makes me feel that I’m meditating, sensation that I have in all the way to my house, although this way is too short. This is one of the moments that I love the most in the day.
    But when I arrive home this moment ends and it’s time to do all that my mother orders to me, that isn’t a few of things, because when I go to the gym my mother isn’t at the house and I leave my room untidy.

    Roger Niubó Clavé

  40. My favorite moment of silence are when I'm in my village to the top of a mountain and all you hear is the sound of the river and the wind caressing the leaves of the trees. The only light that lights are the stars and the moon with a cool breeze gives you chills. When you breathe hard wood and wet earth smell. It's the best feeling I've ever had.

    Cristian Fernandez Pellicer 2n Bat A

  41. For me, the best moment of silence in my day is when I wake up in morning and turn off the alarm of mobile. In this moment I stay in my bed 5 min in silence and I listen a song on my speaker. I listen more types of music and everyday I wake up whit a different song. The music is very important in the moments of silence, in my opinion.

    Jon Ander Jiménez Corral



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