Friday, March 29, 2013


Some years ago, I found this short film. Whatch it and enjoy yourself.

Once you have watched it, drop a comment. Say whether you like it or not and say which scene is the best. Of course, do not forget to say the reasons why.

Click here if you want to know what the meaning of ANGST is.


  1. At first sight, you can think that this video makes no sense and it’s a little bit stupid. But once you have seen it a couple of times, you start to think and imagine second meanings of it. That’s why I liked it, because it made me think.

    The scene I liked the most is when the kid is dreaming and he starts to “control” the wind and, in part, enjoying it. But then he gets waked up by his dog and his fear of the wind stills there.

    I liked that scene because it shows us that our fears will not disappear by itselfs and we have to fight against them.

  2. First, I want to say that video it's so strange because only appears the scenes when this boy have bad luck, especially with the wind. It's true that boy have bad luck with the wind, but I think that he could have more other scenes so good, comparing with these.

    Like Guillem says, the "best" scene in this video it's when the boy is dreaming and he starts to "control" the wind, and is when he starts to counteract the bad things that he happened.

    In general and conclusion, I liked so much this video, because it's strange and confusing but at the same time it's funny and I liked the drawings too.

  3. First of all, I have to say that at the beginning of the video I did not understand much the topic, until I started to see that all the scenes has one thing in common: the wind.

    The young child protagonist of the video has had very bad experiences with the wind, and the scene that I liked most is when the child imagines (or dreams) that goes on outside to help his dog because the wind is taking he.

    That was my favorite scene because thanks to that fact the child has overcome his fear to the wind, and then at the end of the video, was out walking his dog and he has not cared the weather out.

    In conclusion, I think that this video is funny, because it has humorous scenes as a child just under the skirt of a woman by a gust of wind, and it is also nice, because it shows how a child is able to overcome his fear for to help a friend (although he was only imagining).

    Carol Parera
    2Bat B

  4. I liked this video so much; it's very interesting, and intriguing. It's not just a senseless cartoon, it's something more. Obviously the author wants to say something, to express something. Behind the apparent simplicity of this video, undoubtedly a deeper meaning is hidden. So, what's that covert sense? Well, let's analyze the video briefly.
    The wind seems to be the key; when the boy (the protagonist) is a baby, the wind enters into his bedroom and make him cry. He is celebrating his birthday outside, and the wind moves the flames of the candles burning his hat. He is doing anything, and the wind puts him in an embarrassing situation, then the wind almost asphyxiate him. So, wind makes the boy's life unbearable; he is only safe in his house. After all this, the boy becomes really afraid of wind, to the point that he becomes even paranoid, obsessed; he is so afraid that he can't go outside, because the feared wind is waiting for him, and something is going to happen if he leaves the house. But the dog leaves the house, and the boy see how the wind got it air above. The boy immediately goes outside in order to find his dog, but the wind makes him fly like a sheet of paper. He finally lands in a place where he find his dog, and many others dogs. Those dogs were brought to that place by the wind, like the boy's dog. Some clothes were also brought to that place, and the protagonist makes a kind of rough and ready hang-gliders, one for each dog and another one for himself. With these gadgets they come back with their respective masters. Just after, the boy wakes up; it was a dream, his dog didn't go outside and anything happened, he just fell asleep. Then he takes his dog and goes outside, and that's all.
    I've got several theories about the meaning of this video; in any case, the most probably meaning is that the boy daren't go outside, and he fell asleep and dream what would happen if he doesn't go outside. Then, after the dream, he understands that he have to face his fear and go outside, with the wind. So he finally overcomes his fear. Besides, someone could say: "well, the meaning is just angst, the title says it" and that's right: boy's angst about the wind.
    In conclusion, I really liked this video; it's made in black and white, it's simply and short, and, at the same time, it's very interesting and striking, and makes you think about it.

  5. I like this video, it’s dark and it has peculiar pictures, but it has a lot of funny moments like when the child burned his hair in his birthday, or when he is waiting at the bus station. I think one of the ideas that the video shows is the relationship between the dogs and persons. The main character has a miserable life, because he doesn’t have a family or friends, he is alone all the time and he only has the dog that stays with him practically since he was born.

    Pablo Rodríguez 2n Batx A

  6. At the beggining I don't understand nothing of this film, was strange for me.
    Later when I see the film again I began understand some scenes.

    Personally, I like the scene of this film when the boy was swinging in the park (I'm not really sure)and later jump and fell to the ground because of the wind. The dog, that see all, followed him.

    I like this part of the film because apart of I think that it's funny, when I was a child I happened the same, only the difference was that I didn't have dog and my brother stay with me in the park.

    Luckily that my brother was here that nothing bad happened.

    Finally that's the reason that I like this scene, I remember me when I was a child and it's very funny.

    Patricia Álvarez Peñalver.

    2º Bat B

  7. First of all, I've to congratulate the author. I love short films, because they show a lot of things in a short period of time. I personally admire the authors of this kinds of films, I think that they are very openminded and have an interesting imagination. There are a lot of things in this short histories: the intention, what the author wants to transmit; the music, most times whitout lyrics, a kind of music called "minimalista"; and the way to link them, doing the short film with cartoons, with real people, in colour, only in white and black...

    I found this short film very strange for many reasons: it has no music, only sounds; the images of cartoons are like blurred and simple; the story is quite confusing... But I like it, nevertheless is very original. At first sight it seems just a simple and neutral story about a unfortunate child that's affected by the wind. But when it ends it makes you think... and then you want to whatch it again, with more attention. In summary: I liked it because with simplicity it wants to transmit a hidden message. Good idea!

    Anna Garcia Cuxart
    2n Bat A

  8. I don’t like this short film because I think that the stories don’t have sense. In part I’m agree with the opinion of my friends because these stories express the control that we have to have on our fears.
    The part of the video that I like so much is when the cap is full of flames and the dog tries to help and put the cake in the kid’s head.
    I like this part of the video because is funny and this part can symbolize the fantastic relationship that have the two characters.

    Laura Delgado
    2n Bat B

  9. I do agree with Guillem, the first time I watched it I couldn't understand the meaning. After whatching it a couple of times I found some second meanings on many scenes that make me think...
    I really liked this video for many reason, one is that his shortness doesn't make it boring. An other one is the drawings, I love them for their simplcity, unrealism and originality. The other reason for loving the video is that I don't know why you end loving the charaters!

    The scene which I like the most is the one where the boy is following a butterfly and when it flies away the boy gets trapped on the girl's dress and she starts screaming. I like this scene because you can see who a peaceful quite moment turns in a annoying noisy one.

    Maria Calabuig Fuster
    2n Bat A

  10. Honestly, I have really enjoyed watching this video. The drawings are simple but they are very well made, especially because the author wants to send us a message with this short story. All the video is in black and white and without voice, I mean, the characters don’t speak. But this is not a problem because that allows you to think, to reflect and meditate about the real sense of the story. There are a lot of funny and interesting passages but that that I have liked the most is when the main character goes out of the house because his dog is been carried by the wind. Finally, he recovers him and he give a huge hug because before, when he was trembling in the corner, he didn’t want to take it with the rope.
    I have could interpret with this, that despite the child has a terrible fear, which is the wind, he don’t doubt any second when his dog is in danger. Immediately he get out when he see by the window that his dog is been taken by the wind. The child saves him.
    We can interpret this passage in other ways and even we can have different interpretations of the end of the story. This is precisely, the aim of the author. He lets us think. That’s why I really like this short story because it is not silly, there’s a message hidden.

    Cristina Muñoz 2nd BAT B

  11. My intention isn't to be contradictory with myself in this comment. I didn't like this short film because I think that it's a bit childish. So I believe for example, that there are some people like the children, that probably like it.
    But I also think that this short film has some very funny moments like when the young child try to shut down cake candles, and burns his hat... Poor guy, tough luck!
    In fact, my conclusion is that this short film is a little weird, and lack of speech of the characters can be the only and main reason.

    Jordi Alemany Bartomeu
    2n Bat A

  12. I agree with many of my classmates who say it's simple, because it hasn’t music, it's black and white and the drawings are simple ... but in six minutes it says a lot of things, in this case less is more, and for that reason I like this video.

    The scenes that I like the most are those at the beginning because they are fun, as Maria says the scene of the butterfly, or the cake ... but the one that have made me think is the last scene, when the dog wakes him and despite he is afraid of wind, he gets up and goes outside. We should do the same, instead of do nothing in front of something we are afraid of, we should get up and conquer fear.

    Claudia Pavón 2n Bat A.

  13. At first sight, I thought that the video would be more mysterious and weird, specially for the beginning. But while you're watching it, like Jordi says, you start to think that the video is a bit childish. Scenes like the one with the cake or the other with the skirt show that. But at the end you realize that the video have a hidden message. The final was previsible, but that makes you understand the intention of the short film.

    But apart from this, I think the video is a little bit insipid, and I think its because of the lack of music and dialogues (even thouth this lacks are what makes the video a bit mysterious). I don't know if mystery was the intention of this short film, but I think that with a little bit of music would improve.

    Alberto Moragrega Láez
    2n Bat A

  14. I think that this video is very special. I think that the video is very sad, because all the pictures are in black and white, any one is in color and the boy,the girl and the dog never smile,only one time the baby laughs.The video haven't music, and when I am watching the video only listen the wind and sometimes,the dog. I think that the video have a funny pictures, for example the picture of the cake but I don't like the video. I hate the first picture, when the baby is alone in his bethroom,the window is open and the wind is very strong, He has some toys on the roof and with the wind the toys start moving. First the baby is happy but then the toys fall on the baby. I think that it isn't a good picture for a video, because many people have children and these moment could be a very difficoult situation.
    At the same time, I want to say that I think that the man who made the video maybe love children, and it's possible that only choose this pictures to make people laugh. I think that the video could be better with music,color and more funny pictures.

    Andrea Muniesa Muñoz

  15. I’ve enjoyed this video because I think that is funny, but at the same time it have some message on it. At the beginning, the wind makes the boy have fear of it doing bad things to him and that’s why the boy begins to be scared of the wind, but after a couple of things and the moral help of his dog, finally the boy loses the fear of the wind and go for a walk with him. I think that the message that it contains is that you have to lose your fears to do something and that the aid of your family, friends… helps a lot in this process. The dog plays the role of them in that short film. And the most representative scene for me of it is when his cap burns and the dog goes help him dropping the cake on his head.
    The scene that I liked the most and that is the funniest is when a butterfly comes to the bus stop and while they’re waiting to the bus, she put herself near a woman, and when the boy goes to see her nearly the wind blows and the skirt of the woman covers the head of the boy and both start to scream. And that's why for me is the funniest.

  16. In the beginning I found this video very strange.
    I though that they were many items without relationship between them, but I could understand the meaning at the end.
    It has a lot of fun scenes, but in my opinion the funniest was when he fell from the swing or the dog that followed and saved him.
    I liked the end when the boy overcomes his fear, saves his dog and returned the dogs to this owners.
    I think that is a very good video because it explains a lot of things in a short period of time.

    Laura Romero 2n Batx B

  17. At first I didn't like this short film because explains the bad luck of a child with the wind but when video was advancing it like me more.

    The scene that I liked the most is, like Guillem said, when the boy is dreaming that he can control wind and save all the little dogs to the city. I especially like this part because I think it represents the spirit of overcoming our fears and proves that we can do whatever to help those we love.
    In addition, this scene remembers me the book wrote by Patrick Rothfuss,"The name of the wind", one of the best fantasy books, which starts in the same way: a boy and the wind.

    Mireia Malcampo
    2nd Batx.

  18. Personally, I didn’t like the video. The message is clear and there are funny moments but generally I didn’t like it because I find it too simple. I think that the message of the video Is the ability to control the fear.
    Mi favorite moment was when the fire of the candles burn the boy’s skullcap and his friend, the dog, tries to help him but the result wasn’t the expected.

    Marçal Blanco Martí

  19. This video caught my attention greatly. The story is all the time in black and white and the characters, drawn in a simple, do not talk. The protagonist is a boy and is accompanied by her dog. The message I think is that the guy despite having a lot of fear to the wind, is able to overcome this fear for that to help your dog, who has been in good and in bad times. The dog is gone with the wind and the guy goes out looking for him to save him.
    It is not important what the characters speak because the facts speak for themselves. I liked it.

    Helena García Segarra

  20. I agree with Claudia and some of my classmates. It is a very short video in black and white but can say many things in a few minutes.
    I love the beginning when they leave the funniest scenes like the cake, the dress ... but it is also true that teaches us a great lesson: To be overcome with fear. That is something we would have to make all our lives, when we fear something out and deal with it, instead of sitting and scared not knowing what to do the rest of our lives. I think that is the real meaning of this video, and is a very good lesson. So I liked the video because it has touches of humor, but in the end gives a very important lesson.

    Anna Jiménez García, 2n batx A

  21. This video I liked much because is very funny and is full of humor. For the child his life is a drama but for the spectator is very funny (in my opinion). Also I liked very much because I remember the cartoons that I saw in my childhood like the squirrel from the movie "Ice Age" who always had bad luck with the acorn.

    The scene I liked the most is when the child just accidentally under the skirt of the woman because I figured I would pass when I saw the dress and the wind. And as has happened has made me much grace.

    Esther Boix

  22. This short film deals with the story of a boy and his dog. The film can be divided into two parts. In the first half of the film it is shown several embarrassing situations, in which the boy is involved, the last one provoked by a hurricane. In the second half of the film, the hurricane blows away the dog and the boy decides to go in its search, putting himself in danger. The boy rescues, not only his dog, but also the rest of the dogs. Just in this moment he realizes that it was only a dream.
    I really do not like this short film. In my opinion this film is boring and sad. It is boring because the story is not entertained. It is sad because all the unlucky situations that the boy is living. The only positive experience he has, the rescue of the dogs, it was only a dream. The type of drawing used in this film and the absence of colours makes saddest the story.
    If I have to choose a scene as the best, or as the least bad, I think that the one I prefer in when the boy decides to go in the search of his dog. I have selected this scene because the boy shows his unconditional loyalty to his dog.

    Ruben Alvarez
    2 BAT - B -

  23. After seeing this film, I think the topic is very well chosen and I liked it. The scene that I liked most is that when dogs wear clothes to descend with their masters. In my opinion this story can be interpreted in two ways: first, I think that the author wants to show that a relationship with an animal can be as strong as with a person. Second, the author wants to tell us that we must lose our fear and fight for everything we love. Today's society would have to learn with stories like this.

    Xavier Macià (sorry for post today)
    2nd B

  24. I liked the scene that the dog is trying to do poop, and a comet passes around, he grabs the boy by the neck and the wind takes it, and especially the dog trying to shit is the best haha. is a great silent video because the sound effects are done very well, in conclusion i liked, is a very funny video.

    Roger Ytarte

  25. At the beginning of the video my first thoght was that this video were going to be very sad or very mysterious, and this is exactly what is this but for some reason this video was a bit of funny for me. I know that this video is trying to show some message for the viewer but I don't realize it becouse there's no dialogue in the video, there are only images of one boy who is getting annoyed by the wind in his whole life, but in the end of the video he loses the fear against the wind and go for walik hit his dog. I could be stupid or something like that but there's no meaning for me in this video or maybe the creator of the video wants you to make a reflexion and find any meaning for the video.

    Maybe the meaning is that with a friend, you don't have to be afraid of anything, no matter if you were afraid of that all your life.

    Dani Márquez
    2 BAT B

  26. I don't like many silences, for example the silence produced when two people haven't anything to say between him.
    From my point of view there's nothing more unconfortable that the silence in this situations because it means a lack of confidence.
    A part from this moments, there are some good silences, like when I jump to the water of the sea and i don't listen the noises that I listen in my rutine (the cars, the people, the TV...). In conclusion, it is my favourite silence.

    Laura Romero 2n Batx B

  27. Poor boy!!, his life is a little bit sad but there are funny moments in the film. I think the wind makes that everything goes wrong to the boy and at the end of the video he overcomes his fears.
    My favorite part is when he’s blowing the candles and the birthday hat burns.
    The part that I don’t like at all is when he’s a baby and toys that are on top of the cradle fall above the baby because it makes me sad.

    Andrea del Puerto
    2n Bat A

  28. At first I have to say that I don't like the video because it's so sad. Maybe the best scene for me it is at the end, when the characters are happy because they found their pets. the rest of the video I thing that it's so sad and pessimistic. I like the simple draws and the music. I don't agree with some of my partners that said that it is a funny video.

    Andrea Contreras 2n BATX A

  29. I didn’t like too much this short film because I find it a little bit boring and tough, but the message that wants to transmit to the viewer is interesting.
    I think that what it wants to show is the importance of not leave people who is around you and that helps us when we need it, because if we aren’t with them and we step aside them, when we need them they are not going to be there.
    The best moment of the video is when the boy open his eyes and choose correctly not to drop the belt of the dog.

    Roger Niubó Clavé 2Bat B

  30. I liked the short film, and some scenes have been amused me and I laughed a lot.
    The scene I liked was the scene at the end of the thought that the guy has had, when the dog is happy because his master has saved.
    This film reminded me the some cartoons that I saw when I was a child, short cartoons that made me very funny.

    Noelia Ramos
    2nd B

  31. I haven't like this short film because I think is childish, its story is sad and exaggerated and there aren't dialogues or music.

    The scene that I have chosen is when the child found his dog at the top. It began to bark and then a lot of dogs bark too. This situation made me laugh because I didn't expect this amount of dogs there.

    Daniel Domínguez Losa
    2n batx A

  32. I think is an original short film and I like it because is a silent film. Personally, I prefer the silent films because they make you think about the meaning of the film more than if got conversations.
    The scene that most liked me is when the boy is awakened by his dog, and then he decides to take a walk with him. I liked this scene because a lot of times, when I'm afraid or I'm worried about something, I have dreams related to these problems, and when I wake up, most of times, I see my problems from another point of view, and that helps me to resolve them.

    Ferran Martínez

  33. The first time I saw this video, I liked its esthetic so much, but I didn't understand the relation between the title and the first scenes. That's because I associated Angst with fear, but a raw fear, and those shots were more disturbing, creepy or tense than frightening. But then I finished the video and I caught that it is actually about fear, and how does the little boy face his fear to the wind. I liked many moments, especially when the dogs fly down the cliff with kites made with the blown clothes. That passage is surrealistic and full of tenderness. Another sweet part is when the children have their cute dogs back. I also loved when the child is about to leave his dog go, as he does in his dream, but he picks his mate and go out to face the wind. To sum up the short film can look creepy at first, nevertheless it's really sensitive.

    Irene Cuxart, 2n Bat A

  34. I like the video because it’s funny and entertaining but I think it’s very strange. For me the best scene is when the boy is blowing out the candles and his hat begins to burn, the dog tries to help him and it destroys the cake. I like this scene because is very simple, beautiful and nice.

    Elena Esteller 2n A

  35. First, I want to say that video it is strange because only appears the scenes when the boy have a bad luck with the wind. I think that he could have more other scenes where you see some good luck.
    I was shocked because this short film hasn't music only strange sounds and the characters are simple and without expression.
    In conclusion, I like this short film is strange but at the same time have fun scenes.
    In my opinion the best scene is when the boy gets below the skirt of the girl waiting for the bus when it is the only scene that I laughed.

    Cristina Ruiz

  36. I thought it was a very funny video, reminds me of Tim Burton short videos, as it is the kind of video that make you think.
    He introduces us to a child in a crib, enjoying a few simple toys .
    Then comes what we might call another person or character who is the wind, which plays an important role in the video, and after the dog, the symbol of a true friend.
    The video seems he try to convey we the value of the little things that happen every day before our eyes but we do not see we remove them and value, and we worry about things that really do not matter.
    When you get older you're putting responsibilities and forget how to enjoy.
    And I think the best scene is the last, because in which the boy after having imagined anything as flying, stop shaking, stop feeling angst, gets up and looks that is determined for start to live enjoying.

    Marta Moreno 2n B

  37. To be honest, I found the video a bit disturbing at first, but as you keep on watching you can see scenes that reflect a special meaning. For example, in my opinion, one of the most interesting ones is when the boy, after having had very bad experiences with the wind, on a very windy day does not want to take the dog for a walk, drops the leash despite the animal's insistence and stays indoors, absolutely terrified. Then, when his dog, which has been with him all his life, flies away because of the wind, the boy runs off to help him, overcoming his fears. All this is a dream, and afterwards we see him helping some other dogs that have been trapped on a very high rock. He improvises some funny kites which help the other dogs go back to their owners.
    At the end of the video, the boy thinks about his fears and he overcomes them when, this time in the real world, leaves the house to take his dog for a walk.
    I think this video is about how we all overcome our fears and how our friends, in this case the dog, can help us to do so.

    Arnau Llaudet Sendín
    2n batx B

  38. In my opinion is a original short film and I like, but it's very strange and the first time I didn't understand the meaning of the short film. The style of the animation I love because I remember the old movies. This history for me it seems at the movie 'A dog's life' because the protagonist had a dog and the film is in black and white.
    The part that more I liked is when at the en of the video the boy overcomes his fears and he goes out with his dog.

    Aida Subirà
    2 Batx.A

  39. I liked this video because it was funny. The scene I liked the most is the one which shows the boy watching a buterfly and the girl gets scared of him. However I think it is a bit weird because of its drawing and it makes me remember some cartoons I used to watch.
    This short film teachs us we have to fight our fears and overcome with them.
    Alberto Gonzalez Moreno 2 bat A

  40. I like the short film! It’s so beautiful. At first, I thought that I didn’t like, but at last, I liked the end. I think these because after all the things that happen to the protagonist for the wind, he decides go out of her house and confront the wind. It’s so brave.
    And I think that the best scene is, apart to he decides to go away from home, is when the wind drags the boy and he shrinks and stretches her body to fly. It’s a very funny scene and I like for these.

    Maria Villarejo
    2bat A

  41. This video is very well!! It is very funny and original. My favorite part is the first scene because is essential for understand the video. In this part wee can see the first problem that the boy have whit the wind. The boy's history is determined for this situation.

    Jon Ander Jiénez Corral

  42. I like this video because it's very simple but it's too difficult understand the meaning or the intentions to the author, it's an evidence at the author intent send one message.
    This video presents much of moments between one boy and her dog, happy or sad moments, her form to spend the time of all days in summer or weekend.
    I like one scene, the moment when are eat the cake.
    Finally, this video it's very funny and entertain he was remember me a lot of moment when I was child.

  43. I've watched the video twice and I still don't know if I like it, I mean is a curious short film to see but it didn't really like me. For me is just an entertaining 6 minutes lenght video. I just haven't seen it so mysterious as my classmates say.
    Anyway for me the best scene is when the boy accidentaly gets into the lady's skirt, because I didnt expect it.
    But I have to mention that it's very difficult to imagine and make a film like that. You have to be very creative. My congratulations to the author.

    Carlos Sánchez 2 BAT B


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