Monday, October 21, 2013


I'm not much interested in Halloween but I found this scary movie for you to watch. Sepend five terrifying minutes and send me a post comment following the questions bellow.

There is something that makes it petrifying, can you say why? Did you like it?


  1. Is petrifying because there is a man who walks very peculiarly and always is grinning with a sinister smile. The man is everywhere and this is very petrifying. I like this video because I love the creepypastas and scary stories.

    David Civantos 4t C

  2. The thing which makes petrify to the boy is a mysterious man walking with a strange form.
    Yes, I like it. It's so curious.

    Raquel Martínez, 4t eso A

  3. More than fear makes me laugh "the smiling man" but i not would like be in the same situation...
    The form that he walk it's petrifying. Yes, I like this video.

    Francesc Taulats 4th ESO C

  4. The movie doesn't petrify me but I like it. I also think that it was foreseeable, maybe because I watched a lot of horror films. I really enjoy this video.

    Joel Dorado Blanco, 4t C.

  5. I'm not much interested in Halloween neither, because I think that it's stupid to celebrate Halloween in Spain when it's a tradition in the United States. Commenting on the trailer, what is truly petrifying is the man's face, which is directed at the boy, seems to want to kill him. I liked it because I get scared fast and I like to spend it badly seeing a scary movie.
    Patricia González, 4t C

  6. Thanks to you my dear teacher, I will have bad dreams tonight. I like this video because it is very creepy. The face od the "Smiling man" has been marked in my memory.I imagine this man running toward me, or having his face near mine...and I want to scream.

    Alma del Campo

  7. What scares the boy is a strange man walking rarely and all the time looking at the sky with a petrifying smile.
    The short movie doesn't make me feel horror, I don't like it because I hate the horror films because I get scared very easy.
    Pablo López Liras, 4th C.

  8. The movie doesn't makes me petrify, the only petrifying was the music with the steps. The video for me it was very funny I enjoyed it so much,

    Marc Ceprian, 4t C

  9. I agree. If you watch the film with the sound off, the thing becomes really silly. However, the music is great and matches with the atmosphere.

  10. The thing that makes the boy petrified is the way that the man of the suit walks. That way to go after the boy... Nobody sane would do that...

    I think that it isn't a bad terror short. The running could've been done better. It would've been scarier if the camera focused on the man of the suit dancing further and further away, then when he is pretty far away, suddenly turn around and start to sprint at the victim. Also, the last scene was very predictable, if you saw at last one horror film in your life.

    Iker Amillano Jimenez

  11. The movie doesn't petrify me because I think it is the same in all scary movies. But is a strange and curious movie and have good scary music.

    Quim Iniesta 4th A

  12. The video is petrifying because the man who smile all the time appears in all the places. When I watched this video I was very afraid because the man walked very strange and now I can't sleep......

    Alicia Callejo Rodriguez, 4t C.

  13. There is something mysterious and scary about the man who follows the boy, the way he walks and the way he looks at him. And also it's frightening the boy's face.
    It's petrifying because you never know where the man is and what he's going to do next .
    I didn't like it because I don't enjoy watching scary movies or shorts .
    Eka Gvenetadze 4t B

  14. I think it's petrifying because it is night and the road is lonely. By day The Smiling Man seems Michael Jackson dancing "thriller".

    Marta Cruces 4t B

  15. I think it's petrifying because one man is in the middle of the road by 2 in the morning, alone.
    Appears another man who looks set to happen to the other man.
    Finally the man who looks like a zombie does nothing. That's what surprises me.

    Viera Expósito

  16. The thing that makes the man petrifying is a strange man walking with a courious form, this strange man has a terrorific smile.
    Yes, I like it because I love the short films.

    Albert Artís 4th A

  17. petrified: Is in the way in whitch Mr rarely walks. I liked a little, is interesting and draws attention

    Dora Maria Hurtado Diaz 4th A

  18. Yes, because not common to find a man walking in a strange way and terrifying smile taking

    Yes, I like the video.

    Rosa Isabel Casas 4th B

  19. I think it's terrifying because it is night and the road is empty.
    I like the video.

    Abdeladim Sefiani 4th B

  20. I believe that the man that appears in the short film and is looking at the sky, makes us feel fear. Without doubt, I didn't like it because it's too short.

    Miguel Rodríguez 4t A

  21. In my opinion the film is very mysterious because the men that was following the child is very strange , the face of the men that is smiling is frightening , the way he walks and the way he smile is strange .
    i like this film because have a part of mystery because it leave you with intrigue.

    Josué Hernández 4t c


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