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I borrowed this wonderful activity from Colin Granger (2002). Imagine English - 3. Macmillan-Heinemann. A brave woman called Rosa Parks tells us the terrible experience she suffered one day when she was going back home from work.

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  1. My strange history

    Last month when i was coming back from school suddenly a policeman stopped me and immediatly arasted me. He told me that I was Helen Black , the woman who had stolen very expensive picture from a Museum. I refused many times, but he insisted me. Then I realized that he had brought me in a remand prison.
    There were two detectives , they asked me a lots of questions and I was upset and surprised. So at last,I said that my name was Eka , they took my fingerprints and understood that all my story was true and I went home.
    In the end, everything ended up and I was happy to have a twin.

    Eka Gvenetadze 4th B

    I was in the school with my class mates doing maths. It was eight o'clock in the morning and I was very tired, last night I went to sleep at 12:00am, yes, I celebrated a crazy party.
    Suddenly, my calculator began to ring, I took it and I said: Hello?, a strange voice said: Rachel!, and I said again: Hello? What's happening?, and the strange voice said again: Rachel!
    Then, I oppened my eyes very excited, my maths teacher was looking at me, It was very embarrasing.
    Yes... I had slept in maths class.

    Raquel Martínez, 4th eso A


    It was summer.I and my familiy were in a village in Malaga. My father was born there. We were having a few days of holidays. A Sunday, my aunt organized a meal in the field. We were away from the village. When night fell, I looked at the sky and saw a light falling from the sky. Suddenly the night became day. When light ceased we were surprised and frightened. What happened?

    Marta Cruces 4th B

  4. A strange piece of history
    It was a nice afternoon and there were two men walking through a park. Their names were Harry and Marshall.
    Harry and Marshall were holding their hands. Harry saw someone and quickly ran behind a tree. Marshall, surprised, followed him.
    They continued walking but in other direction. They were happy and were enjoying the moment, but they were very cautious that nobody could see them together.
    When they passed in front of a bench Marshall said:
    - Can we sit here?
    Harry looked around and said:
    - Ok, we can be there for a few moments. If no one is watching us…
    They sat down but they were very tired so they slept holding their hands.
    When they opened their eyes, Harry’s dad and a policeman were standing in front of them very angry.
    Harry’s dad said:
    - Why, Harry, why?
    Harry said nothing.
    The policeman handcuffed them and took them to the police station.
    Three days later Harry and Marshall were executed by fire gun. Policemen accused them of homosexuality…
    * * *
    In the past century, in our country, the law said that homosexuality was prohibited and homosexuals had to die.
    This is and invented history but it could be real history of the XX century in Spain.

    David Civantos 4th ESO C

  5. It was eleven o’clock and Lucas was waiting at a taxi stop for a taxi to take him home.
    A few moments later, the taxi arrived. Lucas opened the door and got on and paid his fare.
    When he entered in the taxi, a group of men stopped the taxi and they entered in it with guns.
    A one man of the group was looking at him. He was angry. The man said ‘’give me your bag!’’. Lucas said ‘’No!’’. ‘’Give me your bah!’’ said the man again, and Lucas again said ‘’No!’’.
    The man pulled the trigger and shot Lucas. Lucas died.
    When the man shot Lucas, the group tried escape but two policemen were walking in the area when occurred.
    The policemen arrested them and took them to the police station.

    Laila Medina 4th A

    It was one afternoon that my mom was cooking the dinner for the family, my dad and my brother were making his homework, and I was in my best friend's house when my parents called me by phone and they said:
    - Tània, Tània… come home right now, because you are very bad…
    - But…. I don’t know what’s happening!!!
    And I returned to home.
    Once at home, my mother told me:
    - Get into your bedroom and have a look of what happened.
    I did it, and I saw that everything was messy, and I told to my parents that I didn’t understand the reason why my room was disordered because I left everything tidy before I got out. But my parents didn’t believe me.
    I started crying for a long time, and my brother came to my room and told me that he came to my room after I left and saw that everything was tidy as I left ... so ... What happened?, No one ever knew who messed up my room…
    Tània Soto, 4th ESO B.

  7. A strange piece of history

    It was half past one and I took the subway to go home, and my job was over, I was fired, of course, because of the crisis.
    I arrived at the subway; I paid my ticket and I walked down the stairs to go home, in Cornellà.
    Inside it wasn't busy; it was weird, because it was always full.
    I sat down in the third wagon next to the second door. A woman with her broken arm, sat down in front of me, took the phone with the other hand, she was talking to someone.
    At the next stop a man got on the subway and he was looking at the woman who had just hung.
    At the moment the doors opened indicating that we had arrived to another stop, the man went to her and took the phone, everything happened very fast.
    He escaped and the woman ran after him, I went out had to help. The man was too fast, but I caught him and then, the police arrived, he was arrested. A few days later I appeared on the TV, "a woman in the subway helped a celebrity to recover his phone" he was saying. I didn't know that the woman was a famous person!

    Patricia González, 4th C

  8. It was nine and i was waiting a Sara to go to Splau.
    A few moments later, Sara arrived. when she arrived we wnt to the underground.
    We enter it in our station.
    When we get out the underground we saw that there were policemen.
    The policemen need the fare, to see if you checked when you enter the underground.
    Sara, didn't have the ticket. Because she had no money.
    Three policemen arrested Sara her to the police station.

    Natalia Montilla, 4th C

  9. A strange piece of history

    It was midnight and I was running through the wild to arrive to the city.
    Later on, I saw a light. Then, suddenly, I started to run too fast, so I fell.
    I got up to keep running till I arrived to the light, but when I arrived to it, it turned off.
    Then, looking for another light that could lead me to the city, I found two more. So, I tried to run again and I fell.
    Something brilliant put on my nose, and then quickly I disappeared.
    It was just a dream.

    Miguel Rodríguez 4th A


    It was twelve o'clock in the night, and I was going to the New York Disco. When I arrived, one men said me ' What is your name pretty? '. The man was very tall, he had black big eyes and a brown cut hair. He was happy.
    I can enter to the New York Disco, but a few moments later, one girl said ' Stop please, stop! '. I don't understand anything, it was a strange voice, and a strange girl.
    Later, the girl came to me, and she said ' Hello, you're a pretty girl, and you have a pretty brown eyes '. I smiled, and I said ' I'm a model ' and she smiles and said me ' You are a pretty girl '. Have one minute of silence, and later she said ' What is your name? Are you Shara? '. And I said ' Yes, I'm Shara, and you? ... Are you Shasha? ' and she said me ' Yes '.
    She was Shasha, I'm spok with her, and it was half past fivein the morning and the party had finished.
    I was waiting for the tube to take me home. When the tube arrived, I got on and the strange girl was black, yes black. She was painting, and she can enter to the New York Disco.

    When I got to my house, I remember one note ' The black people can't enter in this disco '.

    And I rang the telephone, it was the alarm... It was a dream.

    Sara Ferrer González, 4th A

  11. Cinema

    It was two o’clock and i was going to the cinema with my Friends.

    A few momen ts leater we arrived. Then we wanted the line and payed the fare. We quickly got into the cinema, because the film was going to start

    The back of the cinema was full then we saw some seats rear the front. So we walked down the isle and sat down in the fourth rown.

    When the film started, one man sat next to me. He didn’t stoped speaking.

    The man of the back saw what happening with this man. He was getting angry. Finally he hit him.

    Four policemans arrived and arrested the two man and took them to the police station.

    Xavier Cantos, 4th A

  12. A few months ago, I was in a train because I was going to Molins de Rei. I was in my world, listening to music and looking out of the window. When four teenagers got on at stop of Sant Feliu de Llobregat. They looked angry, and two of they were discussing.
    I didn’t give importance.
    When the song that I was listening finished, I heard a knock. I turned around and I saw the terrible scene that was happening behind me: the two boys that were discussing, were fighting in that moment.
    I got really scared. At a given moment, one of the boys began to strangle the other. I thought that he was going to kill him. I got up and hurried to the back of the coach. When the boy was turning purple, the train arrived to Molins de Rei.
    I got off the train and I ran to find the policeman of the station.
    The police and the ambulances came. A policeman asked me what happened and then let me go.

    Alma del Campo 4th A

  13. It was half past five and I was walking with Iker to the Corte Inglés.
    Then we arrived, Iker told me to go with him for buy a headphone.
    We chose the best headphone and went to pay for it.
    While we were paying two policeman stopped near us. They told us to show our DNI.
    The policemen made some questions to us and after they forgived Iker and me because they confused us with two thieves
    It was strange

    Max Pérez, 4th a

  14. It was quarter to five in the evening. Peter and Lara were walking in the wood. When they found a

    cave, but that cave was different, it had something interesting, so they came in.
    When they were inside the cave, turned on the lantern and saw some cave paintings. Those cave

    paintings explained the battle between the Dragon and Saint George. And onde of these paintings

    explained that the giant lizards that lived on ot were dragons descendants.
    Peter and Lara came in to explored and... They saw a lot of: giant lizards! There were a lot of green, yellow, red, blue... But the cave paint that explained all about lizards said that the people couldn't know that there lived giant lizards but Peter and Lara didn't see it.
    Peter told it to everybody. When all the people arrived the only thing they found were a book and a rose. On the book said: << You have to read better to the little words, and you have to be more discret>>
    Lara woke up. It only was a dream, it made her to think.

    Patricia Alvarez Hens, 4th A

  15. A strange piece of history

    It was seven o'clock and Jhon was waiting at the airport.
    A few moments later the airplain arrived, Jhon get his ticket
    He then quickly got off, hurried to the back and boarded the plane for the back door.
    The back of the plane was full but jhon saw a free sit, so, he walked down to the site.
    More people get on. A man was standing next to Jhon. he was locking him. He was getting angry, he expected him to stand upso he could have her seat.
    The watchers saw that was happening in the plain
    The watches said stand up, Jhon said no! stand up, he refuse again
    Two policeman get on the airplain and arrested Jhon

    Arnau Núñez Pozuelo, 4th A

  16. Natural Dream

    It was eleven o’clock and I was walking in the Alps. The birds sing and the wind whistles between the trees, the calm reigns in my body. Today it is a happy day.
    I can see the animals running in the mountains, the eagles flying in the blue sky, two rabbits drinking tea… sorry? Two rabbits drinking tea? It isn’t possible!
    I ran scared in the green forest and one bear appeared all of a sudden, this bear started speaking to me.
    Oh my god! ‘Is this a real life?’ I asked to the bear, ‘you want leave from here?’, also asked me. ‘Yes’, I said.
    The bear opens her giant mouth and attack me. I appear in other site, this site is dark. I open the light and… it was my bedroom! I was dreaming!
    I smiled and sleep again.

    Albert Artís, 4th A

  17. It was eight o'clock in the evening and my friends were laughing while they were eating some pizzas. It was the moment. I had to tell it to them. So I took a deep breath and I said:
    -Boys, I'm in love with a black girl.
    Suddenly they silenced. One of them got up and said he had to go home, because his parents were waiting for him. The other one just stilled quiet. Two minutes of silence later he got up and went to his home. My best friend was the only one who stayed with me that night. We were talking about it.
    -Man, -he said- I can let you pass it this time, but not for a long time. What will the people think if they knew that? What will they think about me if I'm still your friend? You have to forget this girl...
    Then he got up, said goodbye and went out. I couldn't sleep that night. I had to tell to my parents someday...

  18. My story.

    It was one day, I was little and I was at nursery school.
    It was the time for go home and my mum came to pick me up.
    My mum got me in the car and accidentally closed the doors and she forgot the keys inside.
    At that time my mum was very stressed.
    My mum said me: "Alice, open the door!!" but I was very little and I didn't knew.
    I cried all the time because I was very scared.
    My mum returned to the nursery and said to the teacher: "Please, can you phone to the police station? My child is inside the car!". The teacher said: "Of course".
    Two policemen came and opened the door.

    Alicía Callejo Rodríguez, 4th C.

  19. It was half past tenand I was in the middle of a dark street.
    I was walking home after the training when I I heard a scream.
    I started to walk faster and I herd another scream. An old man walked to me and asked me the time, I said half past ten and the man started to run.
    An ambulance came to the street while the men was waiting in the door of a house.
    Two men got off the ambulance and entered in the house, a few moments later the two men and a pregnant women went out and got on the ambulance.
    In this moment I understood all that happened.
    So, I went home and I told the history to my dad.
    -Joel Dorado Blanco, 4rt C

  20. It was ten past six and Abdeladim was waiting subway stop to arrive home.
    A few moments later, the subway arrived, the door opened and Abdeladim get on board.
    He then quickly got off, hurried to the back and boarded to subway, because there were some thugs.
    The back of the subway was full but Abdeladim saw some site near the front.
    - A man sao seated andtold me: get a way from her, I told him: why?
    This is because he wants to seat her, I told him NO, I was the first, the man got angry.

    Abdeladim Sefiani 4th B

  21. It was eight past five and I was eating a snka in a bar of U.S.A when I finished I went out of the bar. Five minutes later the people was shouting because two airplanes crash to two building.
    I saw the buildings burning and the people of inside jumping.
    After a group of policemen went to me and told me to bw a witness.
    It was very strange, i will remeber it all my life

    Alex Escalera 4th A

  22. It was one o'clock and I was waiting for the train in the train stop with my friends. When the train arrived we got on by the nearest door.
    All the seats were occuped and we decided to go to the next wagon to find empty seats.
    We walk down the asile to the end where there were empty seats. We sat down and started to talk about the day we would have.
    In the next train stop a lot of people got on, including the revisor. He watched around the wagon and came where we were, only because we were young, and demanded us the ticket, we asked him why he came first to us if the wagon was full of people. He said "because you are young and young people usually don't respect the rules". We told him he didn't have respect and lend him watch the validaded ticket.
    He became angry because we had the reason and he kicked us out of the wagon "for being making noise".
    We went to the security people and explained the facts, they said "Don't worry, in the next train got on, we take care".
    Finally we could hace a good day.

    López Liras, Pablo
    4th C


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