Wednesday, December 4, 2013

4th ESO - Going Ape (ii)

Hey, are you a liar? Have you got that instinct to deceive? Here's a new Going Ape video I took from the National Geographic Channel. Do you still think that humans are not so different from apes?

Look at these children, aren't they cute? What do they do? Do they help decorate the cake or not?
Tell me, what was your reaction when you saw the video?


  1. Yes, they are cute! They help decorating the cake but when there is nobody, they eat the sweets. Yes, at the beginning they help.
    I expected that reaction of the children.
    Patricia González, 4t C

  2. Yes, they are cute.
    They have to decorate a cake with candies, but when the teacher goes out they eat this candies instead of put they in the cake.
    They only decorate the cake well when the teacher is watching them.
    I knew from the beginning that when they were alone they would eat the candies, I would do the same in this situation.

    López Liras, Pablo
    4th C

  3. It's so funny! Since the beginning I thought that children would finish eating one sweet at least, It was a little bit predictable.

    Raquel Martínez, 4th eso A

  4. I was not surprised when I saw the kids eating the sweets, but it stills being incredible the way we seem our cousins, the apes. For me, the funniest part of the video is when the teacher asks them is they have took any of the sweets and they say no! It's not enough to eat the candy, they lie when someone asks them if they have done! Apart from this, I still thinking the children are very cute.

    Marta Matute, 4t C

  5. Yes, they are very cute, they decorate a cake and are useful to eat candies when they are alone.Yes, but sometimes they help them, this was waiting of the children, but they are nice and I like them,

    Dora Maria Hurtado Díaz, 4t A

  6. Look at these children, aren't they cute? Yes this children are very cute and a little naughty...
    What do they do? They are eating the sweets hiding of girl. Do they help decorate the cake or not? yes but very little.
    Tell me, what was your reaction when you saw the video? I seeing this video I laughed a lot.
    Tània Soto, 4th eso B

  7. I believe that the children are pretty because they eat candies and feel as that they are doing something very badly. This does not happen only with the children. If you give him an adult of something that he likes and say to him that it does not have to use it when it has an opportunity he do it. I Believe that this shows a great comparison because the human beings have a very similar behavior of the apes. When we have the opportunity to do something that we must not do we do it.

    Joel Perpinyà 4rt C


  9. Yes these childrens are they cute. The children eat the candies when they would have to decorate the cake and not eating nothing.
    This that make them I confess I did when I was little...
    It is inevitable!

    Francesc Taulats 4th ESO C

  10. They are vey cute! They are helping to decorate a cake but when the teacher leave from the room, the children eat sweets. They eat because it's one of their hobbies, sweets! After to see the video it reminds to me when I was young and I stole sweets because I love sweets and a long time ago I ate sweets all time.

    David Civantos 4th ESO C

  11. They are very cute!
    The children starting to decorate the cake, but when the woman leave from the room, instead of decorating the cake, eating the decorations.
    When the woman was leaving, I imagined what would happen

    Jennifer Villar 4th ESO C

  12. What we could expect? Dangerous combination: kids and candy. Children know they are doing something they should not because look at all sides before eating the candy.

    Marta Cruces 4th B

  13. They are cute!

    The children starting to decorate the cake when the teacher was there, but when she leave out the room, the children eat the decoration.

    And after, when the teacher comes back to the room the children obtain what they wanted.

    Viera Expósito

  14. Hey, I'm afraid you are not listening to what they say in the clip! Remember that it is about lying and cheating.

  15. The childrens are very cute!
    But when the woman was leaving, are predicted that not going to continue decorating the cake, because anyone would have done the same... And I'm including

    Sara Ferrer González, 4th A

  16. The children have to decorate the cake and they have not to eat the chocolate but when the teacher go out, they eat it. I think that this video shows again how the monkeys and humans are similars. Joel Dorado, 4rtC.

  17. When I see this video all i think is they are just lovely children .
    It's very funny they are eating candies without permision, but it´s normal because in this condition I would do same stupidity.
    They help to decorate the cake.
    I think it's very amusing they are so funny when they make this things .
    Eka Gvenetadze 4B

  18. Yes, they are undoubtally cute, but they are a little liars, 'cause, after a little time decorating the
    cake, when the teacher disappears, they don't wait too long to start eating all the sweets that they can. In my opinion, that video demonstrates that, even the monkeys and the humans are similars, the monkeys, at east, don't seem like they lie when other monkey ask if any ape eat his bugs.

    Iker Amillano Jimenez 4th C

  19. This video (like the first) we watch how we are similars with the monkeys. With a temptation in front of us and we can eat it we do it. The children are very good liars.

    Alex Escalera 4th A

  20. When I see the video I remember when it was a child. Because I did the same. The video is fun, because i like see how they react In front of the cameras.
    I like this video!

    Natalia Montilla 4th C

  21. This childrens are very cute!! I imagined was going to happen when the teacher go away. The children know that eat sweets is something they should not because they look everywhere before eat.
    Alicia Callejo Rodríguez, 4 C.


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