Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Don't miss the best TV show ever come directly from FUTURAMA. Beware, don't watch it for too long, you might get addicted or hypnotised.

Now tell me, what was your reaction when you saw it? What do you think? Can you see the metaphor in the author's intention?


  1. My reaction when I see this is that I don't understand what this video wants to convey.
    I think this video is silly to see it because it makes you eye damage.

  2. Frog hypnotizes the sheep and sworn Victor Gomez 4B

  3. I don't have a reaction because I don't understand this video, but when I see the video I can not think nothing because I don't think to say. And I don't see the author's intention.
    Tània Soto, 4th eso B

  4. When I saw the video I was surprised because it's a little strange. A toad hypnotizes everyone. The toad does strange sounds and do an unusual thing with its eyes. At the end you can see that all the stadium is hypnotized. The author blendstwo words: hypnotize (action to controle someone) and toad (the male of a frog) and obtains the word hypnotoad. "Hypnon" means sleep, dram; and -tized refers to a disease

    David Civantos 4th ESO C

  5. Wow! It's so funny and original, I think that the metaphor of this video is that the frog hypnotizes all the things, and the person who is watching the video, watch fixedly the eyes of the frog, thinking that is going to happen something, and it's wrong! The frog is hypnotizing you! hahahah.

    Raquel Martínez, 4th eso A

  6. well, first when I saw the video I thought that it was a little bit silly but then I realised that maybe is a kind of metaphore about how we can be hypnotized or controlled easily even being a toad who does it.

    Melissa Oyola, 4th ESO C

  7. I was surprised that a frog is "sheepdog". I did not like the video, especially music.

    Marta Cruces 4th B

  8. In the video appears a frog who hypnotizes every living thing that look into her eyes. I don’t like the video and the music too.

    Viera Expósito
    4t A

  9. The video show us how a toad can hypnotize sheeps, to do what toad want. Then it look to the judges and us to hypnotize, and you are waiting to the end to see what happens but is happening now, the toad is hypnotizing you. At the end we can see how the toad wins because it have hypnotized the judges.

    Patricia Alvarez Hens, 4th A

  10. When I saw the video, I was surprised because I think that is very strange. We can see how a frog hypnotizes first sheeps, later it try to hypnotize you and then hypnotizes everyone.
    I think that the metaphor is that people don't have their own personality, and when someone tells you to do something, you do it.

    Patricia González, 4th C

  11. This is an orignal viedo, when I saw the video I strarted to think in my things . But you can imagine the video in his title " Hypnotoad" I imagine one toad hipnotizing things but i don't think te final video is very original.
    Oscar Sánchec, 4th C

  12. When I saw the video I kept thinking what kind of competition was and why there was a toad, there, in the middle. I understood all when I saw that the author's intention was that, supposedly, we have to get hypnotized like all the sheeps and judges.

    Miguel Rodríguez 4th A

  13. When I saw the video, I was surprise. Because is strange see a frog trying hypnotizing a person.
    Later we can see the frog trying hypnotizes you all the time.

    Natalia Montilla, 4th C

  14. It's very original, I think the metaphor means that the frog hypnotizes everything. If you watch the video, and watch the eyes of the frog, you think something will happen. Frog is a hypnotist.

    Sara Ferrer González, 4th A

  15. In this video first the toad hypnotized to the sheeps for do what want, after to the person who saw this video and finally the toad hypnotized everybody!
    I don't like the music and when the frog stand still to hypnotize.
    I think the metaphor is as everybody can be hypnotize very easy.

    Alicía Callejo Rodríguez, 4th C.

  16. I think this video is a little silly because I haven't understood what the video wanted to mean with the frog.
    I think that people can be hipnotized and watching the video I have put all my attention on the eyes of the frog.

    Rosa Isabel 4th B

  17. It's amazing what happens! The toat take the sheeps into the enclosure just looking at them. After the toat tried to hypnotize the judges. I didn't like the music, but I think the frog is original.

    Maite González, 4th C

  18. I really like the tv show Futurama, is one of my favorites. I have watched this episode before, of course shorter and I think that the metaphor that matt groening wanted to express , is how the television and politicians can change our minds. Joel Dorado Blanco. 4tC

  19. Is the silliest and one of the worst videos I've saw. I think like Melissa, I think the video's author wants to say that almost all the people do that another person says or do that the society sees like correct, they don't think by their own.
    Ah, and I think that the video doesn't have music how some of my classmates have said, It has background noise.

    Pablo López Liras, 4thC

  20. This video is very strange. I understand that this video of a frog hypnotizes people and a lot of sheep to win.
    When he saw me was hipnotitzed same the sheep. This is the TV show Futurama jeje it's very funny. Good video strange but good.
    David Cano, 4thC

  21. When I saw the video I thought the image wouldn't stop and it was going to be ten minutes just moving the eyes and that horrible noise would be sounding the whole time. I had to stop it because was giving me dizziness.

    Lucia Ramirez Valentin, 4t C

  22. Initially of this video we see to a frog hypnotizing to a few sheeps, then hypnotizing the judges, and to the moment I believe that it tries " to hypnotize his us ".
    I think that the author wants to say to us that it is possible to hypnotize anyone.

    Jennifer Villar Faya, 4thC

  23. I don't like this video, especially music , this frog who tries to hypnotize me looks like very silly and ugly .

    Eka Gvenetadze 4B

  24. I love Futurama, is one of my favorite shows. I watched this episode long time ago, of course, and the hypnotoad appears in other episodes, like a little reference of how easy the submiminal messages, (the eyes and the sound that the frog makes are like a brutalization of smoother things that we don't appreciate in things like commercials).

    Iker Amillano Jimenez 4th C

  25. I thought that this video will be some funny but when i saw that all the time was a frog hypnotizing people i thought that it was really stupid. I didn't like that it's really silly

    Marc Ceprian 4th C

  26. The first time I saw the video I didn't understand anything but: I just saw a toad doing silly things with its eyes. I neither understood the end of the video and less the author's intention so I asked someone and he told me that it represents a toad that hypnotyzed everyone like the TV on the people.

    Marta Matute 4th C

  27. This video is really strange and for other band i really like it. Because it's like a Toad hypnotizing people but is funny when the sheeps close the fence and the people claps. And i think 10 minutes is too long for this video but that's well.

    Alex Escalera 4th A

  28. Oh my god, I was surprised to see that the frog did as a pastor, I did not like the video at all, you stay looking so attentive eyes her frog for something to happen,like you're hypnotized, and the sound makes you nervous

    Dora Maria Hurtado Diaz 4th A

  29. Oh my god, I was surprised to see that the frog did as a pastor, I did not like the video at all, you stay looking so attentive eyes her frog for something to happen,like you're hypnotized, and the sound makes you nervous


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