Wednesday, May 14, 2014

4th ESO - Brain Games (i)

Here's a video I took from the National Geographic Channel programme called Brain Games. It tells you about activities you need to practise in life. Watch it and post a comment.

Your comment must include:
- Discuss an activity you can do well but you found it specially difficult at the beginning.
- Tell me your experience and how you managed to overcome difficulties.

Enjoy the video.


  1. In primary school i had to learn to play the flute and at the beginning it was a little bit difficult because i didn't coordinate my fingers and it sounded a bit bad... it was frustrating... but with patience and time, I overcame the flute lessons.
    This video it's so funny, because while I was doing the coordination exercises, my mum saw me and she looked me like: What the fuck are you doing?

    Raquel Martínez, 4t eso A

  2. When I started playing basketball I had to learn how to bounce two balls at the same time. At the beginnig I couldn't do two bounces followed, but I take it in stride and I started to coordinate the two hands, and after, I learned bouncing two balls without looking the balls. When I learned, I felt good.
    This video makes me laugh when I tried to do the exercice that makes the women and I didn't know how to make it.
    David Civantos

  3. Now I don't remember any moment that I had had difficulties to coordinate two parts of the body. But, when I was 12 years old, I had difficulties to shoot the ball with the left leg. I needed some practise to improve it and now I can shoot well with both legs.

    I have tried to do the exercises that the woman of the video said and at first I have done it wrong. I couldn't cordinate the both parts of the body. I have needed some minutes of practise and concentration to get it.

    Andrés González Lorenzo
    4rto C

  4. When I was little and I have to coordinate the left with the right hand to play the guitar I couldn't do it well and it was very difficult but with the time and a lot of practise I can do it. Now I can play some Paco de Lucia's songs and I think that I do it well.

    The exercises that the woman of the video does I can do it without difficulties maybe because I play the guitar. But I can't coordinate the legs so I think that it only needs practise and practise to do it.

    Joel Dorado Blanco 4rtC

  5. i remember one moment , it was the last year , i broke my hand , i could not write . i had to coordinate the oposite hand because i could not write nothing ,if I had not learned to write with my right hand,I had not done anything in class.
    the best is that now i know write with my two hands.

    the exercises thet the woman of the video explain ,for me, it is very difficult, I could only do it if I practice a lot

    Josué Hernández 4rt B

  6. when i was a child i did learn to go in bicycle , i had that coordinate my foots , for me it was very difficult , but practicing and practicing , i did learn

    The exercises that woman explain of the video, for me is very difficult do it without practice , if you want something , fight for it .

    Josué Hernández 4rt B

  7. I remember when I was thirteen I had to go to a gym to do aerobics, it was like dancing but with all types of movements with steps.
    It was awful for me doing that, I couldn't be concentrated and I couldn't move my feets in the right way.
    I got frustrated...after one class, I decided to take a breath and just have fun without worrying and then everything flowed.
    I could overcome that difficulty.
    Now I cannot think of something i'm not able to do, of course if we want to do something, before, we have to learn how to do it, but it's not a difficulty for me.

    At this moment, I've done all that the girl of the video did, without difficulties, well, maybe at the second one I was a little discoordinated but I did it pretty well.

  8. When I was little I played handball, the first month I did it wrong because in handball is necessary jump with the left leg for do a great throw, and I failed all the time. When it isn't usual do a determined action with a part of your body, it's difficult coordinate in the beginning, but with practice you can do all. Max Pérez 4t A

  9. I remember when I was ten, I went to a gym to do artistic gymnastics, and it was difficult to me to do one exercise, because of the coordination.
    But after of practicing it a lot of times, I got it. It was difficult to me because the teachers told me that I had to do the exercise that I couldn't do, before the class finished.
    That day, I did it and I was satisfied of my work and my effort.

    Miguel Rodríguez 4t A

  10. I can do well but I found it a bit difficult at the beginning .
    I remember that when I began to dance I could't move legs and hands at the same time, but with practice everyone can break limits .
    In 3 years I could dance very well and I was really happy .
    Eka Gvenetadze 4tb

  11. When I was nine I had to do a test for physical education. The test consists that with one hand you had to bounce a ball and with the other hand go touching cones. It was so difficult but i passed. I had passed the test because I had tried it before the test.
    I tried the things that the woman did in the video and I could do all things.

    Alex Escalera 4tA

  12. I remember when I was six and in the basketball we learned to shoot with the left hand. I can shoot well with my right hand but with my left at the beginning was impossible. I didn't know how I couldn't coordinate my left hand with all my body for the shot, but with the practice and the pursuit of time I was getting better my technique with the left hand.
    At the beginning the brain game was difficult but after do it sometimes is easy because I think I have a good coordination.
    Quim Iniesta 4t A

  13. I have played the piano since I was eight, and I think that learning to play a musical instrument is one of the most difficult things of the entire world, it requires huges amounts of dedication and effort to make that horrible sounds that you do at first, to sound beautiful, and that can be very frustrating.

    But If you give it some time, like I did, there'll be a moment, when you can play a gorgeous melody with your instrument, and all the matters and difficulties through you have passed, will become simple trivialities.

    Iker Amillano 4thC

  14. I remember when I was five and it was my 1st year in basketball, our coach was teaching us how to bounce the ball with the left hand, I remember too, how much difficult was for me because I didn't use my left hand soo much, I think that was a brain game for me, now I can bounce the ball with left hand more or less like the right hand.

    Sergi Martorell 4th A

  15. When I started playing the piano, I did not know how to place my hands. I felt bad because I was wrong and it sounded really bad. With effort and dedication, I learned to coordinate both hands and learn to play the piano well. in this video, the women have an exercices of coordination, when I have the exercices I felt stupid and ignorant because they do not know, but I have sought and every time it seemed easier.
    Thanks for this video so funny!
    Laura Malcampo 4th B

  16. I remember when I was eight years old I injured my foot and i have to coordinate the movement with the opposite foot and it was difficult at the beginning, but with practice you can get everything in your life.
    I have to coordinate my body too when I had started to walk, at the beginning it's very difficult, but after it's not difficult.

    I had tried the exercises that the girl proposed to do to us, it's a bit difficult, but when I tried a couple times, I did a bit more well.

  17. At first can seem a bit ridiculous, but, for me, play football it’s so dificult… Who can run and drive a ball at the same time? I really have a bad time when I practise this sport. Nowadays, I still without knowing how to play football. However, I think I’ve never have a situation specially embarassing… I try to avoid them, and I think I really do it!
    Marta Matute 4tC

  18. When I started doing ski mountaineering it wasn’t easy for me coordinate the alternative movement of my sticks. With the passage of time I can control all of my moves and I can up mountains faster than four years ago.

    Good video! It’s so funny! I can’t make the moves of the video.

    Albert Artís 4thA

  19. I have played basketball since I was six, at the beginning I could'nt coordinate well, I coudn't bounce 2 balls at the same time, but with practice i could do them and passing the balls to the other hands.
    I had tried the exercises that the girl shows and the first exercise the first time was some dificult.
    Marc Ceprian 4tC

  20. jajaja, this video is very funny. I liked a lot, and although it cost me some exercise and I miss the pretty well.
    In life cost me quite a lot of things, such as cycling. I spent many years trying to do well. I fell many times, and the truth, to hurt me. But after a long long time I got it. I felt proud of myself after all.
    David Cano, 4tC

  21. I remember when I was seven, i start to play handball.
    The coach said me: You have to learn to bounce with the left hand. Was very difficult to me becouse I didn't use my left hand soo much, I think that was a brain game for me.
    Arnau Núñez

  22. I remember when I was two years old, and I started dance classes. The first day was very frustrated, but when the time pass, with patience was easy.

    I like very much this video, it's very funny. When I had to do the exercise, was very stupid, but I have coordinated my body more or less.

    Sara Ferrer González 4th A

  23. I can remember when I was at primary school when I had to pass an exam of skipping rope. I had to coordinate my body and my feet and it was very hard. Finally, at the exam I did it well and I pass it.

    Xavi Cantos, 4rtA

  24. I have tried both activities that the video show and I have found it too difficult. I have only done well the one that you have to coordinate banging your leg and caress it, and then switch. It’s like if your brain couldn't change as fast as you want. I felt impotence, I wanted to do it okay, but I couldn’t.
    It’s like when you want to explain something that you really want everybody to know. You think the idea in your head, but when you have to explain, your tongue doesn’t work well. And your words don’t have sense. You want, but you can’t, it’s really frustrating.

    Patricia Alvarez Hens, 4th A

  25. I’ve always loved cooking, especially I love cakes. At first it seemed very complicated to have to be moving the ingredients while you have something in the fire and while you have to go cleaning.
    As I've grown I've been learning more and also to organize myself, and now I think that my cooking is very well.

    When I saw the video I found that the exercises were very easy and I could do it but I was wrong, because I can’t do it.

    Patricia González, 4th C

  26. When I started dancing I had to learn it and do it at the sometime. I found quite difficult, because it was the first time that I had done it. At first it overwhelmed me, but gradually he practiced at home, and I improved a lot. Now I can dance well! I think the exercises in this video are difficult.

    Natalia Montilla 4rtC

  27. I remember when I was five years old, and started to play foltball in Almeda C.D . I had to did ten touches to the ball with te left leg. First was very difuclut because this leg is my bad leg and I did three o four touches , but fainally I learned to do touches and I pass the test to enter at the club.

    Oscar Sánchez , 4rt C

  28. I couldn't do the exercise. I thought that were easy, but I was wrong. It's curious, I'm dancer, and I can control different parts of my body at the same time, but I can't do the exercicies of the video. I think that is because I dance since I was little, and it's natural for me. When I'm dancing, I don't think about which parts of my body I have to move, I just do it.

    I have problems of cordination with the sports. I can't bounce a ball while I'm running, I can't catch a ball while I'm running. And a lot of things like that. But maybe is because I hate sports. I think that with a little bit of practice, everyone can control their own body in all situations.

    Alma del Campo, 4th A

  29. I remember when I was 5 and played basketball on a team Hospitalet. In the trainings to play we were taught to use both hands to the ball. It was very difficult but as we put interest us just coming out. If you try hard, do your duty. Alex Platel 4th B

  30. When I began to do this exercise like a woman, at first I could't do it but at the end I did it without problem .
    Two years ago I used to play football , I broke my right leg and I couldn't play football, I was very furious of myself .
    I practiced it for many times and at the end now I can play without dificulties .
    Abdeladim Sefiani 4eso B

  31. No tendras un cigarrito tron?

    1. No, dear. You know I don't smoke. Hey, don't tell me that you do!

  32. I love playing video games, but I remember that when I began to play, I was incredibly bad at it, my brother was mad at me almost everytime because I failed even in the easiest parts of the game... But I enjoyed playing, so I played since now, and I am a good playe, at the moment... So, If I stopped playing videogames, I wouldn't be so good now...

    The exercises in the video were difficult! I couldn't coordinate to do it, at first, but the second time, I have done it a little better... like all the things, I think it's just practise.

    Ivan Martín 4th C

  33. I remembered when I started to play with a wave board it was very difficult because I needed equilibrium and concentration, after weeks that I was trying I got it, now I can do many things on the wave board and I enjoy with this activity, because I need to coordinate my mind and my body.
    I will try to do the exercises recommended in the video, it seems interesting.

    Armando Mérida L. 4rt C


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