Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Watch this nice video clip about inCOMMUNICATION and drop a comment.

This time you have to be a PASSAGE PERSON. So, you know, your task is to choose a passage of the text -a sentence or a paragraph- and then discuss it. Your comment must include:
1. The sentence or paragraph you chose.
2. Put it in context with the rest of the story.
3. Say why you like it.
If you want, you can also agree or disagree with your mates' opinions.

I hope you enjoy the video.


  1. ''We're generation of idiots, smartphones and dumb people''.

    I think that it's a little bit sad, have to live in a society where the people depends from a technological simply object. We only live once, and we spend our unique life watching trough a little screen ignoring the rest of the world, when we have a lot of better things to do. If we don't change it we will become antisocials completely, we won't be able to take a conversation looking at the eyes of the other person, unless we have the little screen between us.

    According to the video:
    Look out of your computer, stop to read this comment, turn off the screen and go out to discover the world.

    Raquel Martínez, 4t eso A

  2. I like this video because he said the things that we should do for not begin connect but disconnect of the real world.
    Is a little rare because we are connected but really don't.
    I hate the situation in the video when the boy don't look at the girl because he is very busy for look at her and see that the life is very beautiful and we have to lived good.
    We have to share every moment.
    Another moment that is shocking is when the boy are in the dinner with a girl and he are with the mobile phone when the girl are talking to he because i think that when you are with a person you have to be with this person and listen to this person.

    The phrase i'm going to analyze is I have 422 friends yet but i’m lonely. I speak to them every day, but no one of them really know me.

    I think that phrase it's true because we believe that the important thing is the number of friends that you have, but after in the bad moments you really know what are the real friends and i deduce real friends we have 5 at most.
    We can have recognized people but few real friends and you can thing that you never have to be alone with a lot of friends in social networks but this is not true, you can be alone.
    Look in the real life!

    Viera Expósito
    4t A

  3. "Just one real connection is all it can take to show you the difference that being there can make."
    This sentence is said when the man asks a girl and fall in love with her. The sentence says that the real connection are the relationship in person with your friends, knowns, relatives...
    I really liked this video because I'm agree with him and I prefer human relationship. I think that the social networks aren't a reason to be connected the 24 hours of the day.
    David Civantos

  4. "All is technology we have"

    We live surrounded by people but are alone. No talk among ourselves, we only use social networks. Without looking into his eyes. We played more to our mobile than another person. We look around us and find happiness.

    Marta Cruces 4tB

  5. "Stop watching this video live life to real way"
    I think that this sentence is a summary of the video, because if you didn't put on the video maybe you would have seen something or someone in the street who would have changed your life a little bit...
    I really like the sentence because it makes me want to live life, go out have fun and eat the world. I think that the video gives us a great and very important message to live the life.

    I'm really agree with Marta; I think that we have to meet with people because the good things or the important things we need to talk them face to face and not using WhatsApp or Facebook...
    So live the life.
    Joel Dorado Blanco 4tC

  6. ''The time you've taken all you've made just by giving life attention and how you're glad you didn't waste it by looking down at some invention''

    This passage which I choose explains the life of a person and how he arrived to be happy with his family.
    I think is inspiring.
    The man of the story grew old with his family and at the video we can see what would have happened if he would have been looking down his phone... Is strange seeing this in a different perspective, I thought we were a little nervous with the mobile phone, but not in that level.
    We have to learn to comunicate each other face to face before we start to be like robots without the capacity to interact to people, because if we pay attention at the life maybe we may find what life wants to give us.

    Melissa Oyola Bustamante 4tC

  7. ''We're generation of idiots, smartphones and dumb people''. ?
    I don' t think so , I think we need tecnology and it's necessary to have GPS and smartphones.
    But everything have limits, you can't be addicted to technology, and you shouldn't get more and more unsocial.
    We live surrounded by people but are alone.
    But in my opinion people who can't stand social rules need technology more than everyone.

    Eka Gvenetadze 4t B

  8. ''When you're too busy looking down you don't see that chances you miss''

    This sentence appears when he is explaining why the people needs to stop obsess of the technology and Smartphones and live the real life with yours friends and family.

    I Like this sentence because is for me the summary of all the video, because we need to learn to life without the technology or how the sentence says, we are going to lose many chances.

    Xavi Cantos, 4rt A

  9. ''Now the parks are so quiet, it gives me a chill, to see no children outside and the swings hanging still''.

    It's hard to see how generations have evolved into something that has removed us the chances of benefit our life.

    I like this sentence because is like saying that nowadays, people who are giving life to our planet are children, and if there's no children outside it's like the earth without life. The technology is becoming part of the problem because of the addiction that it has.

    Miguel Rodríguez 4t A

  10. 3:55-4:07 I chose this paragraph because I think it is very important. This is the moment when the man was sloped the mobile phone and no of the person with which he could spend a lifetime together. And has not been well.

    I like this, because it's the moment in which I made me reflect more.

    And I like this video in general because I'm usually "isolate" of the society with the phone. Thanks for the video.

    Francesc Taulats 4th ESO C

  11. "Stop watching this video live life to real way"

    I pick this sentence (4:50). It is near to the end of the video

    I like this sentence because is a summary of the video and you can see how we are obsessed with the technology. I'm the first who needs the technology for all; I can't imagine a day without light. It would be horrible.

    Alex Escalera 4th A

  12. "We edit and exaggerate, we crave adulation, we pretend not to notice the social isolation"

    I totally agree with this sentence, because It's a big, and scary true that, with the fast advance of the technology, we are tearing apart all the real social relationships that we can have, in the real life, one with others. That sentence, made me think too about how we, (consciently or uncionsciently), want to be flattered by other people, without meaning, just another like, or comment that don't have any real value in the real life... I think that, if it wasn't so sad, it would be funny.

    Iker Amillano 4th C

  13. "Stop watching this video live life to real way"

    I really like this sentence because i think, we arrive to waste a lot of time with the new technologies, looks like in front of computer, with the mobile phone etc.
    I think we can change this but in this moment we are too addicted.

    Sergi Martorell 4th A

  14. "We're at our most happy with an experience, we share, but is it the some if no one is there."
    I like this sentence because is a big truth, and after hearing this sentence, I thought if it really is so important technology.
    I think it is very sad that we care both mobile.
    Out of home, out with friends and enjoy the day, but... leave the mobile home!!
    Laura Malcampo 4th B

  15. The sentence I have chosen is "When you're too busy looking down you don't see the chances you miss."

    This sentence appears when he is explaining the life cycle, when you meet someone and you have a relationship, afterwards you have a child and next you're grandfather. The man thinks about it and says that if a man or a woman had been looking at the mobile phone while the love of his life was passing, his life would have changed completely.

    I like this sentence because I had done a reflexion too, and looking at your mobile phone can change your life!

    Patricia González 4th C

  16. ‘A world where we're slaves to the technology we mastered’
    That’s a really short sentence but I think it’s the one that describes all the video. He doesn’t say it in any context and I’m sure my mates have said they agree with this video, but I’m also sure they all have smartphones. I haven’t got a Smartphone and I can see the things from another point of view. So I can see how much slaves we look like. It’s really, really sad. I like because I can understand his point of view.
    Marta Matute 4tC

  17. In my opinion the best sentence is “Stop watching this video live life to real way.”

    I choose this sentence because only with these words, he tell us indirectly which we must forget the technology and open our eyes for see this wonderful world.

    I liked this video because I think the technology it’s very useful but also us turn more idiots.

    Albert Artís 4th A

    1. Albert, I quite agree with you. When you say "but also us turn more idiots" what you really mean is that TECHNOLOGY CAN MAKE US IDIOTS. This is not about you but, with time, you'll realize that some people seem to be born idiots.
      Anyway, I like the video too and I must confess that so far I haven't tried to do the exercices... just in case.

  18. 'Look out from your phone, shut down the display'
    This sentence tells that we have to leave of technologies and go out because when we see this video we are losing time to see other interesting things.
    I am not agree with this video in one part, it tells that we have to leave all technology, but that's not good, because we need technology for develop our society to be better.
    Marc Ceprian 4tC

    1. Yes, we want to use technology but may be we depend too much on it, don't we?

  19. ''I took a step back and opened my eyes, I looked around realised that this media we call social is anything but when we open our computers and it's our doors we shut.''
    I had seen this video a few months ago, the truth is that the guy talking is right. You are quite right, because the same thing happened. I really also happens to lock it, or be with the phone all day. This video made ​​me think about what we are doing with our lives. We must stop such technology aside, and enjoy reality. This is why I like the message that gives the video. People need to see these videos to think and reflect.
    David Cano 4tC

  20. ' We're generation of idiots, smartphones and dumb people '

    I like this sentences because is the truth. In this generation the most important thing is the internet, the technology... The young people is hypnotized with the mobile phones, computers, the world of tecnology. When we are with the mobile, the time pass and we leave the friends and our life in other world.

    In my opinion, this generation can change.

    Sara Ferrer González 4th A

  21. Agusti juegas al imvu esta tarde?

  22. When I was young I play imvu and it was very hard to coordinate.

    Dora Hurtado, 4rtA

  23. ‘A world where we're slaves to the technology we mastered’
    I really like this sentence becouse is a big truth.
    We live in a world where we are all addicts to technology, we can't live without it

    Arnau Núñez

  24. I have chosen the sentence: “But none of these times ever happened you never had any of this, when you’re too busy looking down, you don’t see the chances miss”

    I’ve chosen this sentence because, like video shows, you could lose a very important person in your life only for being looking your phone.

    We must live without many machines that make us stupid, because every stupid machine make us silly. I’m sure that simple things that our grandparents did when they were young, we don’t know how to do. I think that we've progressed more in videogames than in worry about the people that is dying because they can't eat.

    I like this sentence because makes you think in the way that you want for your life. Now people are more worried about how many "likes" they have, than in what is happening in the world, it’s very sad.

    Patricia Alvarez Hens 4th A

  25. “Be there in the moment as she gives you the look that you remember forever that’s when love overtook.”
    I like this video because I can see we are a generation of idiots. I think we spend too much time on our mobile phones we are in a society where the people depend on a lot of the technology. But then, I think we need this technology, because it’s very useful.

    Natalia Montilla 4rt C

  26. I can't choose a specific phrase. When the man explained the life without looking a screen all the day, I felt tickle for all my body. Because it's true, maybe we lose a lot of experiences by a only reason: we're looking our smartphones all the day. We stay at home playing the videogames or watching TV, when we can come out and spend our time with friends.
    The video is a monologue of a man. While he speaks, we see different images. The man explain that we're looking screens all the day, that we live in a virtual world. We spend time with our friends trought a screen. The man recommend us that we have to leave our smartphones, our computers in home, and we have to come out to the street.
    The other thing that he says, is the problem that we have with the new generation of kids. It seems that nowadays, the kids can't play without a Ipad, or something like that. There aren't kids in the parks, and thats a very big problem.

    I agree with the video. Because it's true. I can't live without my smartphone, I can't stay faraway of it. Sometimes I've felt idiot, because I've been nervous because I didn't have my mobilephone.
    I think that we have to work to search a solution for this problem. But maybe the government wants a population of idiots. Because if we are idiots, they can control us better.

    Alma del Campo 4th A

  27. ''Stop watching this video live life to real way"
    I think of these sentence that is very true, when you're when your phone or with your computer you can't see the time that's are happening.
    I like a lot this video because is very interesting and he is right.
    Tània Soto, 4rtB

  28. I have chosen the sentence: "When you're too busy looking down you don't see the chances you miss."
    I think this sentence is very true because if we are all the days with the phone or something we will lose a lot of things that can happen in our lives.

    I like this video because are true. I can't live without my phone but I never lose things of my lifes with the phone. I think in this world are person that lose moments in their life and with this video can change that.

    Quim Iniesta 4th A

  29. ''We're generation of idiots, smartphones and dumb people''
    I think this video is logic because all the people use technologies, phone, tablets...
    Its ok but not to exceed because you can do more things.
    I like this video because is the truth, I could not live without my phone, but I never lose my lifetime, I always can do more things.. not all are the technologies...

    Noelia Chia, 4th A

  30. “I have 422 friends, yet I am lonely”
    This video shows us that the news social networkings are changing our form of communication. Now, we spend more time talking throw the social networking and we don’t have conversations face to face. We have like a virtual socialization. We can have thousands of friends, but we don’t really know most of them.
    I agree with Quim Iniesta when he says that we often are too busy looking the social networking and we don’t see what happens around us.
    Andrés González Lorenzo

  31. "We're surrounded by children, who since they were born, have watched us living like robots, and think it's the norm"

    I have chosen this sentence because I think that one of the biggest problem of our society now it's how the kids are growing up, and what kind of humans are they going to be, if they'll just continue doing the same things that we do.

    And the worst thing about that it's that I can't even think about a solution of that fact, because, like most of teenagers, I am nervous when my smartphone isn't near... But at least I had a good childhood, the children that are being born right now, they will start with that, and if we don't do nothing, they will be less than robots.

    Ivan Martín 4th C

  32. 'Look out from your phone, shut down the display'
    I think that this sentence is a summary of the video, because the people are obsessed with the technology.
    I like this video, because is very interesting and I'm agree with the video and I prefer human relationship
    But I'm the first who needs the technology every day.


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