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I borrowed this wonderful activity from Colin Granger (2002). Imagine English - 3. Macmillan-Heinemann. A brave woman called Rosa Parks tells us the terrible experience she suffered one day when she was going back home from work.

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  1. It was three o ' clock and my friends and me were waiting at the bus for a bus to take my home.

    Afew moments later , the bus arrived . The driver opened and me and my friends got on the bus .

    I hadn't got the fare , and my friends had baught the fare foe the driver . Because I had forgotter my purse in my locker in my school . At the next stop , more people get on . A man was standing next to me . The driver was looking at me because I hadn't got the fare . He was getting angry .

    The driver called a police . And I refused to pay so they arrested me and took me to the police station.

    Josep Carrilo 4tC

  2. One day two children wanted to drive a car because they wanted to have this experience. The problem was that they were 15 years old. Their parents didn't let them practise with their car, so they decided to take the car without permission. They waited for the night until everybody was sleeping to take the car. At 5:00 a.m. they went out the house and unlocked the car with the key. They didn't know about driving, only the things that they hear from another people.

    The boy was the first and he droved to a lost road were nobody passed by. He drove about 30 minutes but then, they realized that they were lost! they spent 1 hour trying to find the correct way and finally they found it. The girl didn't have time to drive but she didn't care. They were saved and they went back home to sleep because they were very tired.

    Patri Fuentes 4tA

  3. One day, when i was six, i went to the shopping Center with my mother, and i gotg last. I got scared and i sarted to look for my mum but i didn't find her so, i warmed the security men. While i was looking for her i saw Maria Isabel. I asked her for a signature and to take a photo with me.

    Maria Portajero 4tA

    I talked with her and i for got that i was lost, but when I saw my mother walking very angry, I remembered everything

  4. It was ten past nine and Percy was waiting for a friend to go home.
    A few moments later, the friend arrived. The friend was drank and he didn't think very well so he said a lot of faddishness and sentences without order or mining. Near home they saw a pair of policeman so they dissembled but unfortunately they stopped them. The policemen started quickly the questions: "Where are you going?" and Percy said "We are going home" but the policemen continued, "Where do you came?", "What's happen with your friend?" Percy was very nervous, "We came from a school meeting and my friend feels unwell". The policemen of the right said to Percy's friend "Why you don't speak? and as a child he said the true, " Because Percy told me that I keep silence". The policemen thought the worst thing.
    Now Percy is arrested for kidnapping an innocent person although he is innocent.

    Neus Santiago, 4th B

  5. It was eight o'clock and my friends and me were at the house of a friend.

    A few moments later, we went very quickly to the bus stop in Av. Verge Montserrat, between my school, in Riera (Cornella).

    While, were running, I almost fell to the ground because there had a hole in the ground, but finally I didn't fell.

    When we arrived, we saw the timetable. We saw that the bus was going to arrive in five minutes. We were also mad because we ran very quickly for nothing. Finally all the friends we break of whereas we laughed.

    Dionis Millan, 4th ESO B

  6. One day, I was sleeping in my bed and I had a strange dream. In the dream, I was alone in the world. I realised that the toys in my house were alive, They can talk, jump, draw and do lot of things. I was behind the door of my bedroom because I was scared. The toys were talking and thinking a plan for killing the toys in the movie ''Toy Story''.

    I was very scared, but I wanted to save the toys of the movie ''Toy Story'' because I love these films.

    I got off the door. The toys in my bedroom were surprised when they saw me. I tried to talk to the toys, but the toys were getting angry. They decided to kill me. In this moment, I woke up and I realised that all had been a dream.

    Sara Gonzalo, 4tA

  7. One day I got up at 3 p.m in the afternoon. I went to my kitchen and I drunk a glass of water. I dressed up and I went to the street to walk a little and wake up. A few moments later I realized that there was no one in the street. I started to run to find someone, but there was no body, no cars. There weren't birds flying. No soul.
    I was scared, I started to call muy mum by the phone, but there wasn't an answer. I started crying and I went home again expecting that all was a dream.
    I woke up again. I went quickly to the street. This day there were birds flying and the shops were open. But there was no human. All the city was full of animals! I started running. I fell on the floor and the animals were arriving to me. I lost concience. I woke up again. It had only been a dream within a dream.

    Ingrid Machuca, 4th A

  8. One day I went to a party with my friends at twelve o'clock. It was in the house of the most popular boy in my high school. When we arrivid the music was so loud and a lot of boys were running and screaming halft naked inside the house.
    Quickly my friends and I started to dance and drink something with a strange colour but so addictive. When we were drunk and crazy seddenly, the floor of the house started to shake. All the plates and the furnitures started to break and fall. It was an earthquake. Everyone was screaming and trying to go out of the house. I decided to stay with my eyes closed under the kitchen table, until the earthquake finidhed.
    When it finished I went out the house and I looked for my friends, but I didn't find them anywere. I took a look and I was scared, becouse all around me was destroyed. The houses were in flames, and I was completly alone.
    All of a sudden I saw a strange men falling down from the sky. He had hons on his head and he held a spear in his right hand. He stood in front of me and told me:
    - Welcome to hell!!!
    suddenly I woke up and I realised that my parents were trying to relaxme, becouse I was crying and screaming in dreams.
    Cristina Grande, 4tA

  9. The day when I got rich

    I remember that sixteenth of December in the last century that was a day before of the Lotto. As usual I didn't have anything for eat, but the only thing that was in my mind was that I had to earn some money to buy a Lottery ticket. I had saved coins that I had found on the street and I just needed two €. Miraculously when I was in a road, a car passed just in front of me and a bill flew to me. I dont know if just was it a coincidence or that day was my lucky day. I ran as fast I could and I bought the ticket.

    That day I didin't eat, I spent it sleeping in a warehouse that I had found just a few weeks before.

    When I got up there were only five minutes left to the Lottery, I knew because every year the church bells ring over the neightbourhood. Well, I supose that all of you know what happened next, yes I won the Lottery but they, the Lotto makers and the bank won't give me the money that I won because of my appearence.

    But the good thing was that I didn't need that money because I sold this story and I became famous, and rich of course. Will there be another coincidence? I don't think so.

    Milena Pin 4tA


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