Thursday, November 12, 2015

1st BAT - Edward Gorey

Here's one of my latest findings. Believe me, as a book illustrator, Edward Gorey was a great artist.

The Gashlycrump Tinies is the first  of Gorey's books I saw. A dark morality alphabet. Every letter is illustrated by a child's misfortune.

Now, watch the presentation below. Your comment this time must have two parts:
1. General comment. Did you like the presentation?
2. Discuss two of the stories. One must be the most beautiful and the other must be the saddest. If you can make a decission, you can choose your name initials.

[NOTE: There was a nice presentation of Gorey's book here but the Eduard Gorey Charitable Trust refuse to "license the Edward Gorey works for that purpose". I suppose that that purpose means educative purpose.]


  1. I liked the presentation, but it was a little bit strange and beast.
    I think that the most beautiful is the last one "Z is for Zillah who drank too much gin" because if you like gin, you can drink all the gin that you want and if you dies it's like "I can't feel anything". And the saddest "letter", I think that is "V is for Victor squashed under a train" because I think that it will be horrible and the most ghoulish thing. I don't have good memories for this.
    The initial of my name will be "N is for Núria who died of heartbreak".

    Núria Ramos, 1st BAT B.

  2. Well I think that this video is so original, because it is about histories in alphabetical order of the names of the persons who die, disappear or damaged.
    The history of Winne that is who die emedded in ice is the most saddest because I think that is so painful and i don't think that any of this histories is beautiful.

    Andrea Sánchez, 1BatxB

  3. At first I didn't understand anything but the second time I saw it I got the idea. I think that this video is a little bit gloomy and dark and very sad too. In my opinion there isn't any beautiful story in this video and for me the saddest one is "K is for Kate who was struck with an axe" because being struck by an axe should be so painful and bloody.

    Maria Martínez, 1st BAT B

  4. I liked the presentation, but in my opinion in this video there isn't any beautiful story. All the stories show a way to die but some stories are surrealistic.There are two very hair-raising, one of this is "R is for Rhoda consumed by a fire" and the other is "Titus who flew into bits". But there are two very surrealistic, "G is for George smothered under a rug" and "N is for Neville who died of ennui".

    Sandra López, 1st Bat A

  5. I liked the presentation, because it's original and intreminds me a Tim Burton's work.I think any of these deads are beautiful, but if I have to choose one Ernest who choked on a peach because for me is the less tragic one.
    In my opinion the saddest one is Rhoda who was consumed by a fire because I can't imagine how painful it was.

    Alba Arias, 1r Bat B

  6. I really love these types of pictures!! I know it isn't so pretty, but the imagination of the author is original and strange.
    I can't choose the saddest or the most beautiful story from this presentation because all of them show me how to die. But in my opinion the most interesting story is the one about Nevilla who died of ennui, before this I couldn't even imagine anyone who could die of ennui.

    Xinli Ye 1BatB

    1. According to the Macmillan dictionary ENNUI is "a feeling of being bored and having no interest in anything". Yes, it is hard to imagine such a cruel death.

  7. I don't like the video because it doesn't make sense. In my opinion it’s too sad the ways in which the artist think and the only idea that this could happen scares me.
    If I have to choose two letters, I choose: the M for Maud is the best because the draw is funny and the less violent, in the other way the worst is O for Olive because this is horrible to see how a little girl is through with an awl.
    Cecilia Paniagua, 1st Bat A.

  8. I like the presentation because it’s very original but at the same time it’s horrible and terrible. The way that he uses the alphabet to produce dynamism is the most beautiful part of the video.

    I could not choose the most beautiful because I think that all of the letters are saddest. For me the death of a child is one of the saddest things in the world, but I need to choose one, so I choose "X is for Xerxes devoured by mice". I choose it because I think that is the saddest way to die, mice are everywhere and you can’t protect any part of yourself. Your death is painful, hard and slow.

    Neus Santiago, 1st Bat A

  9. What I like most of the presentation is the images that accompany the text. They are simple but very clarifying.
    There is no story that seems beautiful to me although the less beast is "N is for Neville who died of ennui". I think that isn't an unpleasant death. The most sad is "O is for Olive run through with an awl". It is a slow and painful death. One of the things that has produced me anguish is the sound that sounded in that moment.

    Maria Gutiérrez, 1st BAT A

  10. First, I didn't like the presentation because I only could see awful childrens deads, but when I watched more times I started noticing other thinks. For example, I thinh that the music is very right because is like the TV cartoons music and give at the presentation a funny feeling. I don't find any beautifull moment, but my favorite is the letter ''M'' because one time I dreamed this, and the saddest moment for me is letter K because all the blood and the forest at the background remembered me the film ''Texas killing''.

  11. I like the video a lot, especially by drawings and the originality of the things that happen to the children. There aren't any little story that I like because all of them are scary and sad, but the: P is for Prue trampled flat in a brawl, makes me laugh because it's so silly. Otherwise for me the most shocking is: K is for Kate who was struck whith an axe, because makes me very scared and very bad. But I like it it's funny.

    Fran Andrades 1Bat A

  12. I like it very much!
    Although it is a little ghoulish, I love this kind of presentation and drawings, although it be scary. The way I explain how the alphabet is the original and very funny.
    I will look for more information about this author.

    I think there is none that are very nice, but the most funny for me is: "Z is for Zusan who drunk too much gin."
    And the most saddest for me are: "O is for Olive run through with an awl." and "K is for Kate who was struck with an ax."

    Marta Baquedano, 1st Bat B

  13. I liked the video, especially the background music. I couldn't choose a story that seems to me the most beautiful or saddest, but if I had to choose one, the most beautiful story for me is: "O is for Olive run through with an awl." because I found it very funny, although the character dies. And the most saddest story for me is: "K is for Kate who was struck with an axe." because I think that this way of die have to be very painful. In general, all the stories are very original.

    Sara Gonzalo, 1st Bat A

  14. For me this presentation is very disturbing, they only kill children and some of the deaths are cruel and strange, as the child who drowns under the rug.
    There are some deaths that are crueler than others and it can seem grim, but this is a very original book, for me it's a nice presentation.

    The saddest death for me was the Neville's death, he died of ennui.
    In my opinion, the funniest is Desmond's death, he was thrown out of a sleigh, because it's a ridiculous death, for me there aren't any beautiful death.

    Álex López, 1st Bat A

  15. I liked the presentation, but these deads are so cruel.

    Especially, i liked, the background music, sound effects and animations. Because knowing that the author made these paintings in his time, someone had to collect all the pictures and make this animations (I supose it must be the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust).
    If I had to choose the worst, it would be: X is for Xerxes devoured by mice. But i can't choose the best, because i don't really like any of them.

    Miquel Perelló 1st Batx A

  16. This video for me is so strange. I'm sure it has a meaning, but I can't appreciate it. I only saw pictures of kids dying, nothing special. I liked the music, I think it was choosed correctly, because the pictures are like old, and this music creates a more real environment.

    Only the story of "V is for Victor squashed under a train" and "R is for Rhoda consumed by a fire" draw attention to me. The first is evident, and that's why when I saw my name here the first I thought is me in this situaton. The second one tells me the attention because it made me think about this way to die, slow and painful.

    Victor Langa, 1r Batx. A

    1. Wow! So you think that 28 kids dying one after the other is "nothing special"! Well, I don't know how your life is or what your hobbies are.
      I think that this macabre alphabet is really special!

  17. It's a strange presentation, but I think that is original and I love that aesthetic, so dark and creepy.

    For me the, saddest way to die of the presentation, is ' M is for Maude who was swept out to sea ' being in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by water that you cannot drink and the only thing that you can do is waiting to your death. And the most beautiful death for me is ' Z is for Zillah whi drank too much gin' no for the death but for the way that the author represents the death with the doll.

    Sergi Alejo, 1st BAT A


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