Monday, January 11, 2016

1st BAT - GOING APE (i)

Hey, are you a liar? Have you got that instinct to deceive? Here's a new Going Ape video I took from the National Geographic Channel. Do you still think that humans are not so different from apes?

1. Look at these children, aren't they cute? What do they do? Do they help decorate the cake or not?
Tell me, what was your reaction when you saw the video?
2. Do you remember a lie that you told when you were a child?

Please, send your comments to post before February 28th, 2016.


  1. They are very cute. They ate a chocolate when they should not have eaten it. Yes, they help but lying.
    It made me smile, because I saw this cute children lying and I think that I would do it also.
    I remember 2 weeks ago a video similar but with people of 30-45 years, but no with chocolate they couldn't answer their calls or messages of their mobile phones, it was funny because you saw all getting up one by one.
    I remember when I was a child all the things I do bad, I say that my brother do it.

    Andrea Sanchez, 1 Batx B

  2. These kids are so cute, they were eating the chocolate even thought they weren't allowed to. They did decorate the cake but they also ate the decoration. When I was younger I used to lie a lot, I was always trying to make the others think I was the best. One day I said that my cousin was a famous actress from a TV show and everybody believed me until they asked my mom.
    Blanca Mendoza, 1rst BAT B

  3. They are asked to decorate the cake and they have been told that they can't eat any sweet, but when the instructor comes out of the room they look to see that she's gone and they eat sweets when they are sure that no one can see them.
    Yes I remember one day when I was a child. I was with my cousin and he was hungry and we cut a lot of ham, but very badly. And when my parents arrived they asked us that if we had cut ham and we told them that we hadn't done. It was very funny.
    Patri Fuentes

    1. These children are very funny!They are asked to decorate the cake and they have been told that they can't eat any sweet, but when the instructor comes out of the room they look to see that she's gone and they eat sweets when they are sure that no one can see them.
      When I was younger, I remember one day, I was in my grandmother’s house with my cousin. We were playing in the garden to see who to the deepest pit. When my grandmother realized , we were asked who had done it and we answer : were the moles.

  4. They are so cute! Their teacher asked them to help her decorating a cake and she told them not to eat the candy, they obviously ate it when the teacher left.
    When I saw the video I just couldn't stop thinking: Omg! That's totally me!
    I remember when I was a kid that my brother and I used to fight a lot. Sometimes I used to pretend that he had punched me because I wanted my parents to ground him. I must say it actually worked the most of the time.

    Sara Boquera, 1st BAT B.

    1. Yes Sara, I can imagine you perfectly taking adavantage of your innocent brother.

  5. Jajajajajajaj They are so cute.
    In my opinion the most important thing isn't the decoration of the cake. I think the video makes us reflect about "What would I do in that situation?". So, if I were in this situation, I will eat the chocolate. But. the problem of these children is the "lie" that they say, I think it is normal. Because, they need a experience to learn what's wrong and what's good.
    When I was a child, the moment that my parents question me about anything that I did bad. I always said: NO, I didn't do anything. I don't know.:(

    Xinli Ye, 1BatxB

  6. Ohhh they're so cute! The teacher asks them to help her decorating a birthday cake but with out eating any of the sweets and the first thing they do when the teacher leaves the room is to take one.
    When I saw the video I thought I would to the same. Come on, who wouldn't?
    And of course I remember a lie I told when I was a kid. How many time have we told someone that we're sorry and we didn't even mean it? A lot!
    Sara Cardoso, 1st Batx A

  7. I loved this video because these children are very cute. They try to decorate a cake without eat the chocolates, but they can’t resist it and they lie to the teacher when she come back and ask them.
    My reaction when I saw the video was very funny because I felt in indentify whit this children. When I was little I used to break a lot of thing and I didn’t say the truth about it. I remember once I broke a perfume and my grandmother asked who broke it and I blame my cousin.

    Alba Arias, 1r batx b

  8. These children are so cute! They are with a teacher, decorating a birthday cake with sweets. They are helping her to decorate the cake, but when she goes out, they take sweets and eat them.
    My reaction when I saw the video was that everyone has done this as a child. And if you haven't done it, you didn't have a childhood!
    I remember a lie that I told when I was a child: My grandma, my mum, my aunt, my cousin and I were in the living room, and I remember that
    I hide cousin's backpack and then everybody started to search it but nobody found it. It was so funny.

    Núria Ramos, 1st BAT B.

  9. These children, like most of them, are very cute. But also, as most of them, are very intelligent and naughty. The teacher asks them to help decorate a cake with sweets. But when the teacher leaves, they put sweets in the cake and also will eat it. So, do they help decorate the cake?... In my opinion yes but deceiving the teacher.
    Yes, I remember a lie that I told when I was a child. I ate a piece of chocolate and I leave, the chocolate, bitten. My parents realized when they saw the teeth marks in chocolate. They asked me and I told them that I don't knew nothing.
    I think when you're little you have weakness for chocolate and sweets...

    Maria Gutiérrez, 1 BAT A

  10. They are so cute! They are decorating a cake and when they ensure that they are alone, they eat chocolate. I laughed a lot with the child that saved the chocolate in his pocket, I would have do the same! When I was younger I didn't say many lies, maybe when I did something bad and I wouldn't say, but that all the childrens do!

    Sara Gonzalo, 1st Batx A

  11. I love these children because if I were in that situation I would do the same. Actually, everybody would do it. These children are decorating a cake with sweets and the teacher says to them "Don't eat any sweet" but when the teacher leaves all of them start eating. My secret lie is that when I was little I used to hide things under my bed or in my wardrobe when my mother told me to tidy up my room.

    Maria Martínez, 1st Batx B

  12. The children appeared in this video are so cute! They know that they are not allowed to eat the sweets but they want to. In front of this situation, some of them try to resist their instincts of eating the sweets and the other ones simply not, but all of them, after ensuring that they are alone, end eating the chocolates. After that, they all lie the teacher saying that they haven't tasted the sweets. It has been really funny!
    I remember that, when I was a little child, I used to do something similar. I used to hide the cookies on my bedroom to eat them and when my mother asked me if I had them I used to say that I didn't.

    Lucía González Trigo, 1st Bat A.

  13. These children are so cute. The teacher asks them for help to decorate a cake with some candies, when the teacher leaves the room, the children eat a few candies. After a while, their teacher returns and asks them if they have eaten some sweet and they deny it. When I was a child, I was playing with the ball inside my home when, accidentally, I threw a vase. When my parents asked me about the vase I said that I didn't break the vase.

    Álex López, 1st Bat A

  14. Yes, they are cute. The video is an experiment about children's behaviour and the little lies. Their teacher asks them to decorate the chocolate cake and don't eat the candies. But, the childs don’t follow the teacher's instructions, all children had eaten the candies, they even lie to their teacher. This shows us that humans and apes are very similar. When I saw the video, I expected the reaction of the children.
    I remember that when I was seven years old, my grandmother made a soup of vegetables, which I didn't like, so I told that I want go to the bathroom and this was a lie...

    Cecilia Paniagua 1st BAT. A

  15. I laughed a lot with these childrens, they are so cute!!! They are helping to decorate a cake with some sweets, and the first thing that they do when the teacher leave the bedroom, is take one of this sweets. There are one child that keep one on his pocket, he's really funny.
    I think that all of us would do the same, if we were in this situation.
    I don't remember a lie that I told when I was a child, but I remember that when my sister do something bad, I always had the fault. She was very liar...

    Carla Peláez, 1st BAT A

  16. These children are very cute for all because we think that we would do the same, and of course because they are very little. The children do the right, because they help to decorate the cake, but charging their price when they remained alone, some candies. They are so intelligent, especially the kid that kept some in his pocket, because is the better form to make a good use of their opportuniti.
    I remember that when I was a child, i use to go secretly to the kitchen for eating a spoonful of nesquik, but one time I started to cough a lot. I was so scared what I stoped to do it, altrouth I loved it.

    Laura Paredes, 1st BAT A

  17. They are soon cuteeee. And I really think that they help to decorating the cake because maybe with more chocolate It could be to mush heavy. But for me, there is never to much chocolate. They lie but they are so cute to get upset. When I saw the video I laught because they remind me when I was a child. One day my parents told me to help with the dishes and I shout “ I’m the Cinderella of this house” shivering. I don’t remember this day but my parents always told me when I don’t want to clean the dishes or something like this.

    Neus Santiago, 1st Batx

  18. They are very cute. They help decorate the cake, but they eat a candy, so is very normal. There is one boy who seems to save a chocolate in his pocket. I am sure that I would do it also.
    When I was a child, in my grandmother's house there was a norm. If you want to go to the beach you have to have a snack. This snack includes three biscuits and a glass of milk. It seems that isn't a problem. But, for me, yes. Because since I was a child, I hate the milk. And if I didn't drink the milk I couldn't go to the beach. I remember one day when I threw the milk into the garbage to go to the beach. And I lied to my grandmother, I said "I had drunk". But she found out what I had done and she put me another glass of milk.

    Sandra López, 1st Batx


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