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Here's a very interesting article by Kristina Birdsong Ten Facts About Your Wacky Brain.

Say which 4 facts are the most surprising in your view. Remember that, since your are being asked about your opinion, you can use expressions such as: In my view..., From my point of view..., I think that..., As far as I know...

You can find the article at the Scientific Learning Blog website.

Drop your comments before next March 13th, 2017.


  1. Laia Trujillo
    1r Bat B
    I think point number 2 is interesting because it shows us how complex our brain is capable of developing.
    I think that point number 5 is important because it is right when saying that when we do not cover our needs well, we are not attentive or concentrated at all and although we know this we do not give importance.

    The number 7 seems interesting to me because for me when I do something new the time goes faster and not slower but still so it is curious to see how the brain controls our perception of seeing things.
    The number 9 I think is very right since the stress can affect us a lot and more to the brain that basically controls us and helps us.

  2. - Fact number 1 has surprised me a lot, because it’s incredible the amount of neurons that we have in our brain and that are continuously working. I didn’t know that we had that incredible number of neurons, more than 86 billion.
    - In my view, I’m completely agree with point number 5, and I consider it one of the most important at all levels, because maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, helps you to feel better with yourself.
    - Point number 7 has seemed very interesting and curious to me, because it always happens to me. When I'm doing something I like, the time runs very fast, but when I get bored or I don’t feel comfortable with a situation, it seems like a minute is a whole year.
    - And finally, fact number 8 I think is very curious also because although from the age of 18 the brain stops growing, but with time we lose skills that we had as small and acquire new ones over time.
    I find it interesting, because I think that by logic if the brain stops growing we would have to stay with the skills that we have until that moment.

    1BAT B

  3. Iván González
    1r Bat B
    I think point number 1 is interesting because the brain is it compare to the galaxy. The galaxy was enormous and infinite like the mind.
    I choose the point number 3 because the brain is compare to computer, with the years we lose information or feelings of our mind, and the brain is capable to create or capture new feelings or information.
    The fact 8 seems interesting to me because the brain in general increase when we are adults and the capacity to retain informations increase but the volum of the brain never arrived to the total increase.
    The last fact is the 10 and i like this fact so much because i think always we learn new things and combine it with the sport, the read or other things, is very beneficial and your brain is capable to learn faster.

  4. Adrián ÁlvarezMarch 1, 2017 at 7:06 PM

    I’m surprised with point number 1. It’s difficult to think that in our brain there are many neurons, a half the number of stars in the Milky Way. The Milky Way is enormous compared to our brains.
    I think that the number two is interesting because I know that the neurons are a type of cells and they’re constantly creating other ones, but it’s incredible that in the womb your brain create 250,000 neurons per minute.
    From my point of view, the number five is interesting. If your brain is minimally dehydrated his capacities are reduced. This is an example of if you don’t have a good diet, your brain doesn’t work correctly and your capacities in the school or in your work are reduced.
    In my view, the point number ten is the most surprising. The capacity of the brain for adapt in new situation or for learn new things is incredible. The brain is the organ most important in our body.

  5. Lorena Arcediano
    1st Batxillerat B
    I think that number 4 is interesting, because it's impressive to know how our brain has enough energy to light up a light bulb.
    The second fact that surprised me it's numer 7, and how our brain is the one who can control time, or, at least, how we perceive it. I find that what it is said in it is true, because I lived this experience myself.
    The third one that catched my attention was fact number 8, and the way our brain never stops changing, like our body does. We humans are always changing and growing (not in size but in a mental way) and I find that's a really good fact about us.
    Finally, the last point that I found interesting was the nineth one, "Stress can reshape your brain", because I would never have thought that stress can affect to the connection between neurons. And one thing that I would like to say is that the places were we should make more connections (school, work, etc.), sometimes put people under stress, so the result is the opposite.

  6. Nadya Mónico
    1st Batx A
    I think point one is interesting because it compares the brain with the galaxy, since we have as many neurons as half of stars in the sky and I didn't know that.
    In my view, the fact 2 impresses because it says that the brain grows much faster when you're a baby than when you are growing. It also surprise me that the brain creates around 250,000 neurons per minute. It's so fast.
    The fact 4 has done to compare a bulb with our brain's capacity. I liked that comparison because I would never have imagined it.
    Finally, the fact that has been most interesting to me is the number 9. This point has opened my mind because I wouldn't have imagined that stress would kill neurons and neural connections. I think that sometimes we are stressed and we don't realize. With this fact we can look more at that.

  7. Ivan Garcia
    1st Batxillerat A

    From my point of view, without a doubt, the number 10 is the most important.

    Because we are the only ones who can change our brains, reading, writing, etc.
    Although the number 5 also surprised me a lot, because what we consume more is water and fat. It is rare that the brain hardly use them.

    But it seems that this article is certainly a source of curiosity.

  8. Íker Jaurrieta
    1st Bat A
    In my opinion, fact number 1 is very interesting because I've never thought that the brain has so many neurons, half the number of stars in the Milky Way, all of them our head.
    Another point that surprised me was number 4 because the idea of powering a small lightbulb with the enrgy that our brain uses is very surreal.
    Point number 7 seemed to me remarkable. It shocked me that the brain can make time passing slowly or fast dependig on what are we doing.
    Finally, in my view, the most interesting fact is number 10 because we can Help our brain building new neurons for reading, writing and all learnig, doing our lives better

  9. Carla Puertas
    1st Batxillerat B
    In my view fact number one is interesting on how the author of the article compares our brain with the universe, saying that we have millions of neurons as the quantity of stars that exists in the galaxy.
    A fact that surprised me is the fifth one and how our brain may not work well if it is dehydrate or if we have a bad diet.
    I think fact number nine is very curious because I didn’t listen that before, I never imagined that if you have a bad day your brain would have more difficult of learning. I always thought they don’t have any relation between it.
    I’m totally agree with the last fact, because I’ve always considered that if you do different activities which you don’t use to do, your brain will have more knowledge and will develop new brain regions that they didn’t be very useful since that moment.

  10. Gerard Alias
    1st Batxillerat A
    The first one, as expected, is one of the most interesting. In your brain there are millions of computers, making your head, probably, the most beautiful thing in the entire Milky Way. It’s not easy to imagine that half of the stars that we see in the sky are inside our brain.
    In my view, point number five it’s interesting. A good mood I usually related with a good diet and this point explains why. Our brain is 70% water so if it is dehydrated it will start to fail at his job.
    The fact that point 9 is interesting to me it’s because you can see why stress and a bad mood make a lot of damage in your brain. That’s why if you want to feel happier you need to take a deep breath or talk with someone, there is no better way to learn that being happy.
    The last point that I think it is interesting is the number 10. We all have similar brains, but what makes you different from the others is that you have your parts of your brain developed different to another person. For example, some people can draw beautifully; this is because they have his creative part of the brain more developed than someone than doesn’t know how to draw. But this last person can learn to draw by developing his part more and the only way to do it is by practising.

    1. Yes, I agree! THERE IS NO BETTER WAY TO LEARN THAN BEING HAPPY!. That's a fact!

  11. In my view the most interesting facts about our brain are number one, seven, nine and ten.
    The first is very amazing for me because it’s incredible to know that our brain contains a lot of neurons that are like tiny computers and help us to learn easier and faster. Before reading that, I imagine that we have neurons on brain but I can’t imagine how many and how important can them be for us.
    Number seven is surprising because sometimes depending on what I’m doing it’s true that the time pass faster or slowly but I thought that it could be my imagination. But, in this article, I realize that it’s true that the time pass slowly or faster depending on what are we doing or on our feelings, and we can control that with our brain.
    The nine, is very interesting because sometimes I’m stress about exams, homework, personal problems… But I don’t really know how important is not to be stress. So, right now, I know that being stress can affect my brain development, so I know that I have to be less stress or search how control it.
    The last, but not the less important is the number ten. Is incredible to realize how change my brain, how help my brain to create new neurons and to works better. Before, I didn’t thought that I could change my brain.
    1r BATX. A

  12. I found all the facts very interesting but in my view, the fact 1 is probably the most interesting point. I’ve never imagined that in my brain there are 100 billion neuros and also the fact two, that your brain is growing neurons at about 250.000 neurons per minute, it’s amazing. The fact 5 says that your brain needs water to be hydrous and nourished and I think it’s very important to know. Another point that I find interesting is fact 7. It’s curious because it talks about a think that I always think and it’s real, when you are having fun the time pass very fast and when you are bored the time pass slowly and that is like you can control the time. About the fact 9 it’s one of the most interesting for me because you can see what stress can produce in your brain and you have to do things to feel better. Respect to fact 10 I always think thatyou’re constantly reshaping your brain by learning and doing things and it’s awesome that you can change your brain.
    1r BATX A

  13. I think that all the facts of the article are interesting, but in concret, I really like this four:
    -The fact number one, explains that in our brain are billions and billions of cells, the same quantity of the milky way! Tis information is amazing.
    -The fact number two, explains that besides have billions of cells, this neurons they reproduce constantly, all the time.
    The fact number four, explains that our brain hate our diets. This point is very interesting for me, I have no idea of this and it's incredible as the mind and body counteract in this way.
    -The last fact that I considered is interesting, but not less important is the fact number seven, that explains their brain control the time and I sure of this, because when I have fun the time is like, the hours they become seconds. Unlike, when I'm bpred, the seconds become hours.

    1r BATX. B

  14. Alejandro Mosquera
    1st Batxillerat A
    I found really interesting fact number 4. 400 miles (or 643 kilometers) of blood vessels it’s a lot. I found that Barcelona is 505 kilometers from Madrid so only the vessels of our brain can cross half of the country.
    Fact number 6 is interesting too. You can live as normal as you would with or without some part of your brain, it’s awesome. It’s like a team, when some of the players are injured, the other ones take their place to be efficient and get everything done.
    Number 8 surprised me because I knew my brain would grow during 18 years but I never thought that some regions of it could change depending on how I develop them.
    In my opinion, the most interesting fact is number 9. We all know stress is really bad but as time goes by I know even more diseases that can be caused by stress. As it says in fact #1, we are always producing new neurons and if all this new “computers” that control our body are killed by the stress we are not developing new connections between them. So we are not just feeling bad because we are stressed, we are damaging our brain with it. No matter how much work you have, you should take a breath and try to relax.

    1. Wise words, Alejandro. Everybody should follow that philosophy: No matter how much work you have, you should take a breath and try to relax.

  15. Zhongying,Jiang. 1Bat A

    In my opinion,1,5,9 and 10 are the most interesting facts that I found in this article.

    In the fact 1,I already know that our brain has a lot of neurons, although I don’t know that they are between 86 billion to 100 billion, which is a tremendous numbers. This proved the infinite possibilities of the human.
    In the fact 5, I thought that brain needs a lot of energy to make himself work better, but the article tell me that brain needs water and can work good enough. Brain is mankind’s most powerful weapon however we just need a little bit of water to use it.
    In the fact 9, I don't know that stress kill our neurons, and this is the terrorist thing, so now I will trying to rid of this bad habit. Don’t allow stress stifle our creativity.
    In the fact 10, said that our brain, it's like a muscle, we can train it with different ways. Just don’t forget to keep on thinking then we could getting stronger and more outstanding.

    Overall, this is a very informative article.

  16. Carlos Garcia Garcia
    1st Bat A

    At first fact number one has surprised me because I thought that there was much stars in the Milky Way in comparison with neurons in the brain.
    I choose fact number four because I didn’t know that the blood produce electricity and it can power a small lightbulb.
    In my opinion fact number five is very interesting because I didn’t know that water could be so important for our lives.
    Finally I choose fact number nine because I knew that stress caused problems in the health of people but I didn’t knew that this phenomenon can reshape our brain.

  17. Marc Compte Rodriguez
    1st Bat B

    In my opinion,number 2 and 5 they're the most interesting points.

    In my opinion the point number 2 is interesting because it shows us how complex our brain is capable
    of developing.

    And number 5, that point also is very interesting because i didn't know that water could be so important for our lives.

  18. I think the number 1, which is the comparison between neurons and stars, I am interested in it because we are not aware of the capacity of the neurons that we have until this article compares us with the galaxy.
    The number 3, in which they talk about the programming of neurons, I did not know that neurons were the ones that make easier to do a thing that you already did.
    The number 9, is the only point I knew, since most adults advise that when you wake up with a bad day, it is best to talk with someone about your feelings.
    This text is very interesting, because I knew nothing about the brain and these characteristics are very useful.

    Carlota Ribot
    1 BAT B

  19. In my point of view in general this article is very interesting but if I should choose four facts I choose these:
    Number 1 because I think that it is very amazing, I never think that we have many neurons.
    Number 7 Is interesting because if we think, all is very
    psychological, we depended on ourselves.
    Number 8 in my opinion I think that it is interesting know that our brain is changed throughout life.
    And the last, number 10 I think that it is very important for us because we need to know that we can change our brain if we want.
    Alba López
    1r Batx A


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