Friday, May 19, 2017


Cartoon by Jim Benton.

Can you see yourself in this cartoon? Tell us how and tell us your experience.
Drop your comment before may 28th, 2017.


  1. Yes, I can see myself in this picture because my brother and I have argues and my dad gives to scolding. Moreover I always say it isn’t my fault.

    Anabel Martínez
    1er Batx

  2. This image reminds me of when I was a child and I was playing at my grandmother's house after eating with my cousin. We always started playing well, but then we started getting angry over silly things.
    I remember once, that my cousin broke a vase of flowers that for my grandmother was very important and when she told her she said that I had broken it. I was very angry with both of them because of that situation and I was no talking to them for a few days.
    Many times this happened to me. But in the end she’s my cousin and I Love her very much.

    1 BATX B

  3. Lorena Arcediano ÁlvarezMay 25, 2017 at 9:42 PM

    Well, it's a very common situation, so I guess I've lived it.
    The experiences that I remember that could be related to the cartoon are pretty much all the fights that I've had with my brother. We used to annoy each other a lot: One of us would start teasing the other, who would get mad, then we would fight and our parents would tell us to stop, then we would start blaming each other.
    It is not exactly like the situation in the picture, but I think that it could have some kind of relation because the teaser would blame the teased too.
    1st BAT B

  4. I think that all people can see themselves in this picture; it is a typical situation in our life. I’m going to explain my own experience: Years ago, the headmistress of my school called me to the office. I was very nervous because I didn’t know why she wanted to speak with me. When I arrived she told me that I had copied the biology exam. I asked her why she had considered that option and she answered me that my classmate told her. Then, I explained to her that I didn’t copy the exam and she called to him. Finally, he accepted that who had copied the exam was him.

    Adrián Álvarez
    1 Batx B

  5. Isis Hurtado
    1r Batx
    I can remember when I was 5 years old,I was in my house with my Little sister and my mum was in the kitchen and I putted my cat in the table and my cat broke a Little glass of water and my mum very angry asked me who broken the glass? and I looked at my sister and I said it was Valeria!( the name of my sister) and my sister said NO NO! and my mum got angry at us. And this is my experience!!

  6. Laia Trujillo
    1r Bat B
    I think in this picture we are all reflected because when we were childs at some time we have blamed someone for something bad we have done for fear of what our parents or teachers will tell us because people always try to remove the guilt to feel bad

  7. Obviously, I can see myself in this picture, many times I was in this situation, with my sister and my parents, with my friends, with my cousins… Maybe is bad, but I think that all people were in this situation at least one time in their life. Perhaps in sometimes is true, and in others is lie. Sincerely, in my point of view, lie is necessary in our life, maybe for don’t hurt o for do bad actions but I think that is necessary and in this situation the most times is lie.

  8. I can see in that picture the typical behavior that we had done almost one time in our life. I can remember when I was annoyed with my little sister and she always blame me about everything that was happen or I blamed her and my father got angry with us.
    In my opinion, that picture is the situation that always happen of blaming someone in front of an adult about something that you have done to avoid that this person gets angry with you.

    1r BATX. A

  9. It's a typical image that all the people who has brothers/sisters can be reflected in it.
    When I have seen this images, I saw myself but in two diferents points of view.
    The first image that I represent in my mind when I see that, is when I was younger and I lived with my sister. She’s older than me, so I always took advantage to my sister. I had broken things and my parents were blaming my sister. However, now I feel guilty.
    The other situation that I’m thinking is now, because I have a little brother who is four years and he does the same that when I was younger. I really hate when he does it. Now I think that I understand my sister.

    Nadya Mónico
    1st Batx A

  10. Gerard Alias
    1 Batx A
    I think everyone has been in the same position as the photo. Most of the time this situation where given with my cousin when we were younger. Maybe the last experience it was when my family and I were eating at my uncle's house. Without bad intentions, I broke one of the toys of my cousin. Then, because I didn't wanted to get punished I left it broke without saying anything. After that, I heard my taunt shouting to my cousin because he was very irresponsible. It was so funny (to me).

  11. This picture reminds me of when I was a child. I have been in both situations because I have big and small brothers, so I have lived what it is like to blame someone and what it is that someone blames me.
    Aouatif Ouabid
    1 batx B

  12. Obviously, I feel very identyfied with this picture, but surely like all the persons that have any big brother. When I was a child, had a similar experience of this cartoon. When I was more younger, and my sister was two years bigger than me, my sister broke the favourite cup of my mum. When my mum was looked his cup in the floor asked us who broke it. So, my sister said that I did it. The good of the situation was that, my mum believe in me because I am a quite girl.


  13. I feel very identified with this image because it is a situation that we all live when we are young. I remember once my sister and I were setting the table to go to eat and my sister threw the bottle of water to the ground, and my parents came and asked us what happened and who threw it. So my sister answered quickly: - I have not been, Mar did it.- Referring to me.
    Mar Gimenez 1batxilleratB

  14. I think everyone has been in the same position as the cartoons of the picture, because it’s a very common situation when we have brothers or sisters.
    My own experience happened a few years ago when I was seven and my sister was twelve. We were alone at home because my parents went to buy food. I entered to my sister’s room because I was very bored, and I was annoying her. She started to get mad with me and she pushed me, so I hit the phone and it fell through the window accidentally.
    When my parents arrived at home, they asked us who had been, and I answered quickly that was my sister. So they get mad with her and as I was feeling very guilty I confess that I had been and it wasn’t her fault.

    1st BATX. B

  15. Well, this picture reminds me of my childhood and more specific to my brother and I when we are little. And yes, I see myself in this picture.
    The green pencil, I can say that is my father who was and is always angry with us. The blue one maybe it’s me because I am the big sister and the red my poor brother. He always takes the blame but just some times because I always try to say de truth to my parents, but that’s now, when I was little I was a very good liar. This draw says a lot of things; I think it transmits a message that says that the people since we are littles we lie and we continue doing it. And also that we hide many things but at the end everything just knowing.
    Elena González Sáez
    1BATX A

  16. Yes, I can.
    I can see myself in the cartoon. It's a typical situation for those people who have brothers or sisters. In my case I have a younger brother and a younger sister so i can say that it's my everyday life.
    I have had this situation since my younger brothers born and luckily it doesn't carry on.
    I still remember one of the hundred situation, we were alone at home and one of the brothers need to clean our living room, and unfortunately I broke my mom's flower vase, it was the most her liked. And you can guess what happened, yes, I blamed to my little brother.
    My mom get very angry with him, and he looked me very innocently and I didn't had the courage to say:Mom, it was my fault.
    I haven't told her yet that it was my fault, and I can't believe that my brother doesn't revealed the truth. So I think owe him a sorry

    1st BATX A

  17. Yes, of course I see myself in this cartoon. I think is something that everyone has experienced once in life. It’s obvious that you’ve done something wrong but you still try to hide it. I remember that I’ve experienced the same situation that is in the cartoon. I don’t know how but the sole of my shoe touched the wall and it got dirty. I told my mum that it wasn’t my shoe, it was my brother’s one but obviously it was mine because my foot is bigger than his so of course she caught me. Right now is funny but back then it wasn’t.

    Alejandro Mosquera
    1r Batx. A

  18. This picture reminds when I was younger and more specific in kindergarten was very naughty and I did something bad, but I always blamed other classmates. My teacher already did not believe me because my classmates were calm. When I was in kindergarten I broke a teacher pensil and I blamed my classmate. I think that this image is more representative between the people who has brothers, always it had fights between them because one brother does something bad and he blames the other brother.
    1st BATX A

  19. Zhongying,Jiang
    1 Bat A

    Well,I can't see myself in the photo, probably because I used to be in my aunt and my cousin”s house when I was a child, because my parents were in spain, so my childhood may be a little bit diferent from others.

    In my memory, there was not such thing in my life, because I clearly know that it is bad to betray others or to stigmatize others,so if if I had this situation I will say we did it together or I did it,and the reason is that my aunt give me a good education, and the TV series in China like “Journey to the west”,“Princess huanzhu” or “A dream of red mansions” those are Chinese classic TV series,and they give me a lot of fun and let me learn a lot.

    All in all I'm not the blue crayon,and I think that we have to do is bear with each other,and when we are old , too old to walk ,we can remind a lot of stuff and a lot thing that we did together,you have me in your life and I have you in my life, we can sit together and say: did you remember that time? When your mother going to hit you and I said “I did it too!". Take the time back a long time ago,and aftertaste of our time together,our dessert after dinner...

  20. Everyone can feel idintificated with this photo.
    It remembers me one day when I was 8 years old, I was playing football with my cousin in her house, and in one shot I broke a plant of my uncle, and when my uncle came I said to him that it was my cousin who broke the plant, So they get mad with her and as I was feeling very guilty I confess that I had been and it wasn’t her fault
    Iván Lopez Villena


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