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1 BAT - Exam composition

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Two weeks ago I asked my upper secondary students to write a composition as part of a written exam. The topic was Tell me something that, for one reason or another, changed your life. I don't remember if I've ever enjoyed so much reading exams as I did this time. Perhaps reading about the loss of a relative, the start of a new relationship, the birth of a sibling, among other worderful stories changed my life too!
So I asked them to post their writings as a comment to this post. Here they are. I hope the readers enjoy us much as I did.


  1. If I would have to tell someone, something that changed my life. I would tell him or her that something that changed my life is when I learned how to ride a bike.

    You could think that learning how to ride a bike can’t be something that changes your life but yes. Because when you are learning how to ride a bike you think that you aren’t going to learn and when you finally learn how to ride a bike, you have a very and very big feeling of happiness in the moment.

    To conclude, I have to say that the moment that you learn how to ride a bike, is a moment that you never forget.


  2. Travelling changed my life because It opens your mind and makes you more curious and more adventurous. When I started going abroad I realized that the culture of the other countries is, in most of the cases totally different but interesting. For example if you travel to New York or other city of USA you will see bigger buildings and longer streets than in Spain, but if you travel to Turkey you will feel a totally different sensation, because the Oriental lifestyle is something that in Western countries like Spain you can't feel. In conclusion, travelling gives you the option to learn about the others and meet new cultures and people.

    David Miró

  3. One thing that changed my life is when I started taking dance classes. It was five years ago, and it was not planned.
    When I was twelve years old, while I was walking on the street, I saw a dance academy and I asked my mom if I could go to dance classes. She said yes, so I started dancing there. During those years I've learnt a lot and I have met a lot of amazing people that have become my second family.
    We have also gone to dance competitions, and las year we went to the finals of one of them that were celebrated in Portugal. I think I'm very lucky to have them as friends and I hope to still dancing with them for a lot of time.

    Raquel Gallardo, 1r Batx A

  4. The most important thing ever has happened in my life is to have a sister.

    When I was six, my mum gave birth to a baby that was always crying, pooping or sleeping, and at first I found it very boring, but I still loved her. Then, as time went by, I started treating her as a doll, thing she liked, so we both had too much fun. And, as we are growing old, we have much more in common, and we spend lot of time together, laughing or fighting, but enjoying the company of each other.

    Furthermore, she admires me, and tries to act as I do, achieve the goals I have achieved, and that’s what makes me feel proud of my sister and has made me tried to be the best version of myself.

    María Chaves

  5. I remembered that four years ago, my family and me, we wanted to have a dog. We went to an animal rescued association. The worker gave us a little dog that nobody wanted because she was scared of the other dogs and her aspect wasn’t the best. Her hair was gray so she looked like an old dog. I fell in love at the first time that I saw her.
    We needed to wait for two weeks before we brought her home. I was very nervous and excited because we had a cat too and we didn’t know how could she react. Nowadays, my dog (Raisa) and my cat (Coco) don’t have any problems even they’re friends. I also have a hamster and a rabbit.
    Adopt my dog, changed my life so much. My love for her opened my eyes and now I know how amazing animals are. I’ve change a lot of things like my vision of the world with animals and I have become a vegetarian, and I stop eating any type of meat.

    Silvia Callejo

  6. I think that one of the most important thing that change my life is that when I was 3 years old I came to Spain.
    The most important reason is that here I have more opportunities to do what I want for my life because my village of Russia is small.
    Another reason is all the people that I met and all the people that I will know, some of these people are so important for me and if I was in Russia I wouldn’t know them.
    And the last reason is that my Spanish family is bigger so being here I can see them. However, I miss my Russian family too, that’s the only drawback.
    Eugenia Porotova 1Bat A

  7. When I was 15, I could live one of my best experiences of my life. I went to Hungary with my acrobatic team to participate in the World Competition. All of us were so excited. I was our first time that we travelled to other country to show our dancing show. Finally, after being waiting during many hours, we got the first place and we could celebrate that we had won the Champion League.

  8. It is difficult to say something that has changed my life, but if I have to choose something, it would be my brother's birth. He is twelve years younger than me and I have seen him grow up and enjoy with him since he was a baby. I have been able to show her things that I like and now that she has grown to be able to share it with her,it is something that can not be described. He is the most important thing I have

    Dani Bricio

  9. My parents had always been working in their job, where people went to buy houses. My dad had a dream, that was open an italian restaurant.

    One day, our neighbour, who is the owner of a restaurant that is near our house, proposed my father to buy it. My parents were thinking a lot about it because change their job supposed a big change.

    Finally, they decided to do it and I'm really happy. The restaurant is next to my house, so I can see my father when I want, and after I has to wait until the night to be with him. My life has changed a lot because now I can be with my family a lot of time, and I love their new job.

    Arianna Pannunzi, 1st Batx A

  10. One think that changed my life is internet. I use it all the days more than 5 hours. I use internet for do my homeworks, play videogames,chat with my friends, listen to music and edit photos. Everything i do is with internet.
    I think that if internet never existed, life would be more boring, because internet is the main font of entertainment.
    All the people use it and it is important for the world, I think that is the best invention.

    Pedro Gálvez
    1 BATX B

  11. My father has always been an athlete.
    Three years agom just after the summer, I remember I gained some weight and he told me to go running with him to do some exercise because at that time I was always playing videogames at home without doing anything else.
    At the beginning, I can say I didn't like it at all, but at the moment I started progressing and looking more fit I begat to think it was worth.
    I have met a lot of friends because of the sport and now, three years later, I am still running every day knowing that if nothing happens I will be running always, because I can say at this moment, I am truly addicted.

    Marc Espinar, 1st Batx A

  12. Something that changed my life is when my parents decided to have another child.
    Since I was three years I had been saying to my parents that I wanted a little brother to play with because they had work and I wanted to play a lot of games. So two years later they finally did it.
    When he arrived home for the first time I started crying and all my life changed.
    Nowadays, I am so happy with this and I love him a lot despite many arguments.

    Jordi Lluch, 1st Batx B

  13. In my point of view there're a lot of things that have changed my life, but the most important will be learn how to dance. I started dancing when I was inside my mother's belly, she told me that everytime I heard ‘Yo quiero bailar toda la noche' I started to punch her with my legs trying to dance.

    When I was three my parents decided that it would be good for me to go to classes. And I did it for eight years, the best of my life, but I stopped for almost five years and that was a huge mistake. But now I'm dancing again.

    Now, I have learnt that everytime I'm mad if I dance I'll forget everything and I'll be okay. That's the main reason why dance changed my life. Also it makes me feel so happy.

    Malena Rodríguez Ortiz, 1rBat A

  14. Something that has changed my life is when I came to live to Almeda, because, before that, I was too bored at my building, but, when I started to live here, I met a lot of new friends, included my two best friends.
    When I started to live here, I was going to the community park everyday to see all my friends, and I remember that we had a lot of fun together.
    Now, I don't see them very often, because we're too old to play at the park, so I miss the great moments when we were young.

    Alba Sánchez, 1st Batx B

  15. My life changed when I was 12 years old and I went to a new school, because I met new people and new teachers.
    My life changed to positive because I made friends who are great people.
    It is a very happy stage but you have to study hard.

    Judith Rodríguez 1 Bat B

  16. I've been travelling to different countries since I was a child, but in one of these countries I had an experience that changed my life.
    I went there with people I didn't know, they were boys and girls that were my age too and we were going to Ireland to live with an Irish family a full month.
    I liked so much this experience because there I felt so relaxed, I made friends easily and I learnt to be more responsible too.
    When I was there I used to go shopping with my Irish family and I went to a big party too.
    This event happened two years ago and maybe I'll visit the people that I met there, because I want to be with them again.

    Sara Sánchez, 1st Batx A

  17. Four years ago I started playing volleyball in the local team. In that moment I didn't know that this would change my life, but it did!
    Volleyball changed my life because playing volleyball I've learned a lot of things like organise my time, have responsibilities, our be the leader of a group.
    Apart from learning a lot of things I made a lot of new friends that now are like sisters to me and at the same time I was doing sport, something that is really healthy.
    So in conclusion I think that doing team sports is one of my best life decisions.
    Ana Rodríguez 1batB

  18. It was the last year, exactly, the 6th of January of 2017. That day I started going out with my girlfriend.
    I met her two years ago in a basketball trainning, our sport. We trained three days a week and two of this three days we trained in the same place. We stoped talking one day that we got angry, in summer, and we didnt talk anymore.
    We started to talk again when we started the new year at shcool. We were talking long four motnhs before our first kiss. Now, we have lived a lot of good moments, also bad moments, but now, we are very happy, and really, that girl has changed my live.

    Xavi Ferrer, 1st Batx B

  19. The thing that has changed more my life was when I became Christian. It have changed a lot my life. I have to say that when I started to go to the church I felt weird because I didn't understand anything and I didn't believe in Jesus but I saw somethig in the people that I hadn't seen on other person and this was the reason which made me become Christian. Since I made this decision I have changed my etics and my form to see the world. I satrted, to be honest, sincer, etc. Getting conclusions, a better person for myself.

    Johnny Astudillo Soriano
    1st BAT B

  20. The death of my grandfather change my life for ever because he was a refferent for me. He said to me that if he died, he only had a word to say to me. That word was "live". And now i'm trying to leave my life like if one moment al the things that I love disapears, because sometimes we can't aprreciate the people, the objects or all the things that we have. And that's the event that changed my life for ever.

    César Urrutia 1st BATX B

  21. Last night I watched a documentary that explained the relation between the western's consumption and the poor working conditions of workers ind developing countries. It also dealt with the impact fast fashion is having on the environment. Now I don't feel that comfortable with my clothes anymore and my vision of the world has changed. The documentary blamed capitalism, since it forces companies to compete to have the lowest prices. Besides, nowaday's society is based on a non-existent relation between having more things and being happy. Realising the impact fashion is having in other peoples's life and in the environment changed me somehow and now I want to change some habits of my daily life.

    Laia Doval Rodríguez, 1r Batx A

  22. Being in an esplai changed my life

    It all started when I was very young, just a normal kid. My parents got me to G.E.Vol i vol, my esplai and I'll always apreciate that, because without the esplai, I would have never met some people that are very important for me. And being with them, for long time, on different camps helped me to see the life from a different perspecitve.
    This year, it's my last year going to the esplai as a kid, because next year I'm going to become an instructor and I'll prepare activities for the children and that's going to be a challenge for me, because being an instructor means that you have to acquire responsability, and I hope I'll do it

    David Gérez Orús 1st BATX B

  23. When I was 4 years old, I remember that I was on a bus with my parents going to a restaurant in Cornellà. I was playing with some solider toys when I realized that something estrange was happening: An old person had entered into the bus, but he was different, he hadn't a white skin, he had a black tanned one.

    After that, I started to say to my parents: "It's black! It's black!" The rest of the people looked at my parents like if they were a bad ones.

    Now I can see the difference:I started to say that, not because I was racist at age age of 4 years old, I said that because, like the rest of the children, I was curious. The bad conclusion that I can take from the story is that we're not racist because we could distinguish between what is new and relatively different compared to us. We are racist because we, unconsciously, add a negative or a positive value to that kind of different characteristics, emotional values that we "absorb" from the ambient where we grew up, values that can be eliminated.

    Adrián Llamas; 1ºA BAT.

  24. When I was eight, I travelled to China. I went to China because my mother thought that I had to study Chinese. In that moment, there weren't many Chinese schools in Spain. In China, I made friends in the new school and I learnt how to speak and write Chinese words. I think that it changed my life, because when I went back to Spain, my grades increased. Before, my grades were very bad. I had been in China for a year and I think it is a good experience.
    Bi Hui Lin, 1st Bat A

  25. Something that changed my life was when I decided to play the guitar in a music school, because I met many of my friends while I was there.
    My idea of the music changed when my music teacher taught me how to have fun while I was learning. I also learned to have less shame because I played the guitar in front of an audience.

    Sara Raimundo, 1st Batx B

  26. I think that the most important thing that I’ve ever done is a travel to Guatemala with my family last summer. I was excited to go to America because I hadn’t been there before.
    There, I visited a lot of Mayan buildings and I discovered a new culture with languages that I hadn’t heard before, with indigenous clothes and different people.
    This trip changed my life because I hadn’t seen not nearly as a poor country as this; children selling instead going to the school or a lot of rainforest that now is disappearing. But the trip allowed me to meet new people that have changed my life, because they were poor but they were always happy. This is a thing that we must learn in Europe, you can be happy although you haven’t got a lot of money.

    Asier Jaurrieta, 1st Batx A

  27. Five years ago, I was a really shy person. I found it really hard making friends and I didn't talk to anyone. My grandfather always told me to be more extrovert, that I had a really nice personality and he was sure that it would be really easy for me to make new friends. But I didn't listen to him at all, until one day, he passed away. It took me one year to realise that maybe he was right, so I did what he told me and now I have a lot of great friends that support me, and I love them all a lot. It changed me completely, and I'm sad that he wasn't able to see me being this happy.

  28. The main change in my life was when my brother was born in 2003, because he was a new member of my family. We share a lot of moments and we spend a lot of time togheter.
    And other reason are my pets because I love them so much, they are like my brothers. They make me feel so happy.
    I think that travel changed my life too, because I learn new things, new culture and new languages.
    Nerea Arce, 1st Batx A

  29. Last year I saw a movie with my brother. The movie was about a boy of 15 years old who died by accident. First, I didn't think about anything, but later I realized that it could happen to anyone. Today we know where we are but tomorrow we will not know. At that moment I understood why we have to live every moment and not think so much about the future.
    The present I can enjoy, but the future doesn't know if it will arrive.
    Marta Casquet, 1st Batx A

  30. All the things that have happened have changed my life, for good or for bad. In particular, there is one thing, and that is to adopt a cat. In my house, we have always tried to have pets, and we have always given them because my father said he did not feel comfortable. Since I was little, I could not give my opinion about what I was thinking and all those animals left my house from one day to the next. But when I was a certain age and I could decide I looked for information about cats to adopt, I told my parents and my mother decided that we would adopt a cat. One day we went to take it, and now, three years later, we are all happy in my house, there is harmony. That is why she changed my life and I changed her.

    Emma Jiménez

  31. Something that changed my life or at least the way i see things is politics. I got interest in politics a long time ago, when i was still quite little i remember hearing somenone saying in the tv that if you didn't make your own politics (your own decisions) someone is going to make them for you and then i got really interested, since that day i gathered a lot of information: how countryes work, what they did what they did and that's really important, because knowing what interest have every ideology is something key when you are voting, and sadly, the mayority of people are voting without knowldege.

    Marc López 1st Batx A

  32. When I was seven I went to the Barcelona stadium for watch a football match. While I was watching the match and I saw the players in the field I realized that nothing in this life can be achieved without work and dying because that players had trained for years and after a lot of work they become to superstars of football

    Christian González 1st Batx B

  33. During my life there were a lot of things that changed my life. The first was when I won my first medal in the Championship of Catalonia when I was 10 years old. But everything that happened weren’t nice. It was when my untie died I was 11. And today she’s still in my heart. And the end, the best experience that I had ever, my first exchange will Holland.

    Amalia Leiva, 1st Batx A

  34. Start "batxillerat" is something that has changed my life. There are many reasons for that, but the main reason is that I have changed the school. For ages, I have been in the same school. I started P3 there, and also I finished secundary there. I met everybody: my friends, my teachers... Also, there, I was more relaxed . Secundary wasn't as difficult as batxillerat is. Now I am more stressed and busy. I spend most of the weekend sutying.
    On the other hand, not all is bad. I have made new friends and also I have discovered new teachers and new subjects that I really enjoy.

    Elena Muñoz, 1st Batx A


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