Thursday, February 27, 2020

1 BAT - LET'S WRITE A POEM - Art inspiration

Edward Hopper's self-portrait taken form Wikiart.
Lately we have done this activity with which we discussed a number of paintings by Edward Hopper. They are really impressive and inspiring, and so you show with the lovely poems that you wrote. I want to share them with the world, so please, publish your poems as a comment to this post.

Do it before next April 10th, 2020.


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  2. Who can she be?
    Is she just a girl?
    Or a darkness you mean?

    Every single day
    We are on the same train
    Trying to speak first

    We just looked at each other
    As if we were afraid
    of that affair

    Our eyes meet
    Before going to the Street
    You ask my why?
    and I don't even try

    Some other day
    We smile again
    Thinking if this time
    Will change

    Too many days past
    since I saw you with that guy
    Even this I'll try
    and I'll be the first one

    Do I dare
    to start
    this at once?

    Inspired in "Car 1938"
    Patri Núñez F. 1st BATX A

  3. My biggest fear

    Who can it be?
    Why is she staring at me?
    Is she naked?
    Or could it be my imagination?
    Maybe I should be cautious…
    Should I go after her?
    And gently caress her beautiful hair?
    Am I scared?
    To get rejected,
    Or scared to start a romance?
    And I am still wondering,
    If someday I would have the chance
    To watch her dancing
    In my arms?

    (Poem inspired on E. Hopper’s painting “Eleven am”)

    Alba Vernet 1 BATX A

  4. The Woman in the train

    Who can she be ?
    Inevitably I wonder
    Is she just a runner ?
    A lonely traveler searching for a partner ?
    A body filled with sadness?
    A soul about to vanish ?
    Why is she wearing black ?
    Is she about to attend the burial of a loved one ?
    Is she just waiting for someone ?
    What's she staring at ?
    Might it be a guide map ?
    or perhaps a written speech ?
    And do I Care ?
    To find out ?

    Irene Mendoza,
    Poem inspired on Edward Hopper's "Compartiment C Car 1938"

  5. The pale girl

    What’s going on?
    Who is she waiting for?
    Who is she staring at?
    Is it me?
    The lonely boy?
    Or is she just looking the grey sky?
    Why is she not covered with clothes?
    Why is she wearing shoes?
    Is she worried?
    Is she overthinking?
    And should I

    Poem inspired on Edward Hopper's painting Eleven AM (1926)

    Laura Allende, 1st BAT A

    Who is she?
    Isn't she a bit strange?
    Where is she staring att?
    A flying bird passing by?
    What is she thinking about?
    Or is she simply disconnecting?
    Is she waiting for someone?
    Maybe her lover?
    What if she doesn't feel loved?
    What if she feels alone?
    Or is she just letting time pass?
    Isn't it a mistery?
    And do I care
    to find out?

  7. Why?

    Why can it be?
    Is it me?
    Is it him?
    Is there someone else?
    Are we doing something wrong?
    Are we changing?
    Can we fix it?
    Can we go on with our story?
    Or is this the end of the game?
    Or is everything lost?
    How long can we continue
    pretending that nothing

    Poem inspired on Edward Hopper's painting Room in New York, 1932
    Sandra del Río 1r BatB

  8. Room In New York

    What has changed?
    Are we together?
    Are we alone?

    Is this a waste of time?
    Is this a mistake?

    Why is she playing the piano?
    Why is he reading the newspaper?

    Why aren´t
    we talking
    to each other?

    Poem inspired in Edward Hopper's painting Room In New York, 1932

  9. Known or unkown?

    Who can they be?
    Are they strangers who live together?
    I think of several answers.
    Have they always been strangers?
    Or are they a couple?
    No complicity, no dialogue.
    Simply indifference.
    Just two sounds in the room.
    An old piano and the newspaper's pages passing.
    Is this situation necessary?
    And do I have
    to think about

    Poem inspired on Edward Hopper's painting "Room in New York"

    Pau Adal Solís, 1st BAT B.

    Who can she be?
    And her mind, where is it?
    Why is she naked?
    She is as god made her.
    What is she looking for?
    Is she looking at a car?
    Or is she looking at someone?
    Who is she waiting for?
    Is she staring at her youth?
    Or her impossible love?
    Maybe it's me who she is waiting for.
    And do I dare
    to open
    the door?
    Poem inspired on E.Hopper's painting "ELEVEN AM"
    Erik Arce González, 1st BATX A

  11. Eleven Am

    Looking through the windows
    Thinking on you
    I still remember
    When I met you

    Do you remember the first days?
    I was very happy
    But now I only have
    A memory of you

    I know that you will com back
    But how long will it take?
    Look here
    Smile, don't forget me


    Why is she there?
    She is naked in all the sences
    Not afraid
    Not scared
    Maybe she is alone
    Maybe not
    We don't know
    Is it dark?
    Is it bright?
    Does she only know
    What she is looking for?
    Everyone can see what they want to see
    Is it correct?
    Is it wrong?
    For someone it is
    For someone it isn't

    Poem inspired on E.Hopper's painting "eleven AM"

    Cristina Carrasco Pérez
    1BATX A

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    Why can it be?
    What does it mean?
    Why doesn't he speak with me?
    I can't understand!
    Could I tell him?
    Has he stopped loving me?
    Has he set an affair?
    Should I look
    for the answer?
    Poem inspired on Edward Hopper's painting Room in New York, 1932

    Lucia Barroso 1st Batx B

  15. Who can it be?
    Maybe it is a Friday night,
    drinking 43 with sprite
    or a passion day
    with your dream girl.
    Maybe they are lost
    beacuse their car is damaged,
    they had to stop
    beacuse, they can't continue their travel.
    Maybe is a celebration night
    spending money without stopping
    Or it's a bad day
    and drinking they want to forget it.
    Maybe they are a couple,
    a couple of robbers
    who are stealing at the bar,
    whith a sneaky form.

    Poem inspired on Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks"

    Lucas Garcia Mayo, 1st BAT B.

  16. Suspicious bar

    Who can they be?
    Do they know each other?
    Or they have just met?
    We couldn't tell.

    What they have been doing
    during all over the night?
    Maybe they are detectives.
    Or are they just standing in the bar?

    There is also another person
    Is he lonely?
    Or does he want to enter
    the conversation?

    (Poem inspired on Edward Hopper’s painting “Nighthawks”, 1942)

    Where it can be?
    Where can I find it?
    When I'm gonna find it?
    When I'm gonna find the happines?
    My motional balance
    One person who loves me
    When is she gonna come?
    And do I dare
    To love it?
    Poem inspired on E.Hopper's painting "Eleven AM"
    Javier Tortosa Rodríguez
    1BATX A


    Why can it be?
    Why is he like this?
    What have I done wrong?
    Why does he matter?
    Does he love me?
    Do I love him?
    And do I dare to tell him the truth?

    Adriana García Castillo
    poem inspired on E. Hopper's painting "Room in New York"

  19. Where can it be?
    Is he thinking about me?
    Will he want to see me again?
    Will he come back to USA?
    And will he play with me like NBA?
    I'm just looking through the window.
    From the window I can see his gang.
    Maybe he has come back with his friends.
    And do I dare
    to text him

  20. FAR AWAY
    Who could she be?
    Is she poor?
    Is she blue-blooded?
    Or is she a poor woman that pretends to be rich?
    Is she really reading?
    Or does she lower her head
    not to see the dead man?
    Does she enjoy travelling on the locomotive?
    Or it depends on her perspective?
    Is she running away from someone
    But maybe is the man
    who observe her
    from the car?
    Poem inspired on E.Hopper's painting "CAR".
    Álvaro Parra Rodríguez
    1 Bat A

    Who is she?
    Where does it go?
    Is escaping from something?
    Why loneliness travels with her?
    She wants to go unnoticed
    because she is wearing black?
    She looks sad
    Or is she just relaxed?
    What is she reading?
    Might it be a novel?
    Or a map?
    And do I care
    to worry?

    Paula Sánchez Urbaneja
    poem inspired on E.Hopper's painting "Compartiment C Car 1938"

  22. Where can it be?
    Is he tinking anout me?
    Will he want to see me again?
    Will he come back to USA?
    And will he play with me like NBA?
    I'm just looking through the window.
    From the window I can see his gang
    Maybe he has come back with his friends.
    And do I dare
    to text him

    Poem inspired on Edwar Hopper's painting '11 AM'


    Eleven AM
    Which is my aim?
    Sitting right here
    I feel kind of weird.

    The sun through the window
    Makes it feel tough
    To feel warm
    In this lonely world.

    Being a featherless bird
    Watching the whole Earth
    Makes me wonder
    If I dare
    To face
    This cruel world.
    Do I?

    Poem inspired on Edward Hopper's painting ''Eleven A.M.'', 1926.

    Jiaying Jin, 1st BATX B.


    Is this the life I really want?
    Is this the life I've chosen?
    Maybe yes, maybe not.
    The only thing I know is that I don't know.

    What's the problem here?
    What's the matter with my head?
    Maybe the correct person has to arrive,
    maybe I need less people in my life.

    This torture can kill me,
    maybe this world is not for me.
    Possibly my time has come,
    possibly it's time to rest alone.

    Poem inspired on Edward Hopper's painting "Eleven A.M.", 1926.

    Nuria Corbacho, 1st BATX B


    What can it be,
    The reason why
    Am I standing here?
    I wanna leave
    I wanna hide
    Hearing people laugh
    Is killing me
    Without even knowing how.

    Loneliness is invading me
    Why am I standing here?
    Questioning myself if,
    I’ll be brave enough
    To scape
    And leave it all.

    Poem inspired on Edward Hopper's painting ''New York Movie'', 1939.

    Pol Vierge Meseguer, 1st BATX B.

  26. What's there?

    What is happening there?
    Are we talking about a sir?
    Are the windows open to renew the air?
    What is she looking for?
    What dropped on the floor?
    Maybe there is her phone
    Maybe someone threw a stone
    Why is she so alone?
    Is she going to have a piece of bread?
    Is she going to sleep inside her bed?
    Does anybody know
    What does the image show?

    Poem inspired on Edward Hooper's painting "Night Windows"
    Eloi Garicano, 1st BATX A.


    Who am I?
    Where am I?
    The sunset shines
    behind the city
    Touch my skin
    without clothes
    Can I do something?
    Every morning
    at eleven am
    the sun hugs my white body
    in front of the window.
    I'm feel mediocitry
    in a dark room
    there it shines
    each sites, every moment.
    The sunset follow stuck in me.
    Can I stop it?
    Why are we here?
    the sunset

    Marta Navea, 1st BATX B

  28. Suspicious trip

    Who could she be?
    Where is she going?
    Is she escaping from something?
    Or is it really just a trip?
    What is she reading?
    Or she's just trying to hide something by looking down?
    Why is she wearing a hat?
    To hide who is she?
    Why is she wearing black?
    She want to look like a dark person?
    Maybe it's just a journey to find herself
    I don't know. Nobody knows.

    Poem inspired on Edward Hopper's painting "Car"
    Ainoa Sánchez, 1st BATX B

  29. Hugo Fusté CanalsMarch 29, 2020 at 1:53 PM

    What can it be?

    Maybe it's a group of strange things
    Maybe they're watching a film,
    Maybe it's only a Friday night
    And the girl wants to play Fortnite
    Drinking a little bit of Sprite,
    And I think Connor McGregor wants to fight,
    Because he has gone to the cinema,
    and at the entrance has caused a stuck

    Poem inspired on Edward Hopper's painting "New York Movie", 1939
    Hugo Fusté, 1st BATX B

  30. Trapped

    What is she looking through the window?
    Is it the gaze of a widow?
    Is she watching an spectacle?
    Is she witnessing a miracle?
    Or is her sunbathe time?
    Or is she cleaning her mind?
    Are the shoes a woman’s choice?
    Another one preference?
    Does she need to hear a comforting voice?
    Do I have to help her?
    Why are we not free?
    Why can’t I fly like a bee?
    Why can’t I die to go there?

    (Poem inspired on Edward Hopper’s painting “Eleven AM”,1926)
    Alex García Álvarez, 1st Bat A

  31. Love or Pain

    What can it be?
    Why are you with me?
    Why don't you listen to me?
    Don't you love my anymore?
    Do you think of another woman?
    Don't you miss my kisses?
    Don't you miss me?
    Do you really don't want me?
    Do you really want this?
    Do you want this
    to come to
    an end?

    Poem inspired on Edwar Hopper's panting "Room in New York".
    Lucía De la Flor García 1st Bax A

    What can it be?
    Why he doesn't talk?
    Is it for me?
    Did I do something wrong?
    Is he hiding something?
    That' how things will be now?
    Maybe I should say something
    But I will be brave
    to do

    (Poem inspired on Edward Hopper's painting "Room in New York")
    María Sánchez, 1st batx B


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