Monday, February 3, 2020


Cartoon by tom Gauld, taken from The Guardian's books section.

You may think that it is too late for making New Year's resolutions. However, it's never late for you to make short term resolutions. So here's a new assignment for you: make short term resolutions.

In order to justify them, you can follow this guideline:
- What is it that you want to change in your life?
- Why?
- How will you do it?

By the way, don't let your comment be too personal or private! Post it before next February 20 th, 2020.


  1. My short term resolutions are basically about my academic performace, as I want to achieve the marks I've kind of set in my mind for each subject.But my goals go further than that as I think I need to change and improve my studying attitude. I often get distracted when I'm studying and I lose my concentration. To improve this , I'll avoid using or checking my phone whenever I'm doing school stuff.I'd also like to pick up with my reading , as i'm always occupied and i used to read a lot but not anymore. And lastly, when I read I'd like to read more in english and in german.

  2. Well, Irene, consider including a resolution like "stop being too busy".

  3. I don’t usually think about resolutions but over Christmas break it’s always a good opportunity to look back and realize the things I want to change during the next year. This year I did it and after a month I think I’ve already achieved some of those goals. My resolutions are not stress too much about everything and let it flow without overthinking, try to organise my schedule in a better way to not do everything in the last minute and do things that are outside of my comfort zone, I literally would love to take flight by myself without any adult this year, I’d take it as a personal challenge that would help me to keep growing. These may be long term resolutions but the short term ones are basically taking small steps to move forward until reaching the final goals.

    Laura Allende, 1st BAT A

  4. My short term resolutions are academics, I aspire to improve some of my marks in different subjects because I want to try to have the best results as I can. If I don't distract myself looking at my phone when I'm studying, I think that I will be able to do it. Furthermore, I need to improve my orthography because I make spelling mistakes. I'll try to do it reading more in my free time.

    Sandra del Río Borrajo, 1st BAT B

  5. My short term resolution can be about my academic grades because I think I can do it better. I take a lot of distractions when I'm studying, mainly with my mobile phone. And I think if I didn't get distracted I could finish faster and have more free time and better grades. I'll try to get my mobile phone out of my room when I'm studying or doing homework to improve my results.

    Lucia Barroso, 1st BAT B

  6. My short terms resolution would be to be happy. Some people may think that it is a silly achievement, but in deep few people are happy most of their time.
    I would like to focus on the good times that I lived and leave the bad ones behind.
    This is a difficult resolution but I would try my best to achieve it!

    Alba Vernet 1st BAT A

  7. My short term resolutions are about academics and football as well. About school my resolution is to pass everything this term and also the retaking exams of last term's subjects. About football my goal is to win the match this weekend so i guess is a really short term resolution because every week it's restarted.

    Adrián Nuevo, 1st BAT A.

  8. My short term resolutions are, first of all, this year I have a big amount of homeworks and exams and I have less time to prepare them, and I want to do all my homeworks and projects. It’s possible to do it all if I organise myself better, using my diary more often to write down all the things that I should do every afternoon. If I do it well, I won’t have to do it all at the last moment. The other one is that I should learn how to live the present and don’t worry that much about the future because if I don’t do it, I won’t enjoy the present and the future either.

    Laura Ballesta, 1st BAT A

  9. My resolution in a short term is invert more time studying. Because this year is more complicated than the last ones. And now my marks are not the best, so I need more time to study to improve my marks. I will get it using some of my free time studying. It could be a bit complicated but with effort I will improve my marks.

    Adrià Pujol Taboada 1st BAT A

  10. After I made a draft about how I foresee mylself in a few weeks or even days, I could notice likeness to the basis of a soaring piramid -as loaded as it is- due to the largeness of exams we’re going to carry out. We all know how an exams week can involve us and the students lack of time to study that long, suiting their schedule for it all.

    I don’t want to gab about how bad that is, I want to set my sights on how I can appreciate those small-scale moments when we are doing well and we don’t need to focus on anything particularly. I guess it sounds as simple as ABC, but strain can make us be kind of dumb and not conscient of our enjoying need. My short term resolution is referring to that; a way to avoid that scene.

    In that point, I would like to start enjoying by doing something I had a ball with and don’t do it anymore due to lack of time: writing. I would take joy in writing short novel or a poem just as I did before -it’s not about becoming a writer, just an essay- by evading the study just for half an hour… maybe the whole hour would be okay.

    Júlia Canto, 1st BAT A

  11. My short term resolutions are academics. I would like to pass batxillerat and have good marks. If I can get concentrate and don't look at the mobile phone when I'm studiying my marks can be better.
    Javier Tortosa Rodriguez,1st Bat A

  12. What I actually want to change in my life in a short period of time is the way to study cause I have the habit of leaving the exams for the last day and that’s not good for my mental health because when I have an exam I usually go to sleep very late, around 2-3am. Besides the next day I’m very tired and I can’t be focused on classes. So, what I have to do is start studying a few days before the exam to get it over easily. Another thing that I want to do is a slam dunk because it's a little dream for me and my dad has promised me that if I arrive he will buy me what I have been asking for a long time, a motorcycle. What I have to do if I want to achieve it is take up working out my jump. I hope to get these things in a short time.
    Erik Arce González, 1st BATX A

  13. My short term resolutions are based specifically in my academic and sport life.
    In my academic life I'm gonna try to manage my time better than previous years to get better qualifications and especially because I want to avoid stress. I also try to take small breaks during my study time without any distraction, in order to be relax and being focus with my homework.
    In my sport life my goal is not playing games to win them because with my experience I realized it doesn't work. My goal is playing games to have fun and in this way I can really enjoy what I'm doing without nerves and pressure.
    Overall all these short resolutions about my sport and academic life will prosper if I give my 100% every time I do something, but of course controlling my nerves.

    Pau Adal Solís, 1st BAT B

  14. My short term resolutions are to improve the spelling of Spanish, because I have many errors in the exams. I have thought about reading a little more complicated books, to get more vocabulary, I will also copy a text every week and finally copy the mistakes I make in that text about twenty times.
    I hope to improve this problem quickly to improve my Spanish exam scores.
    Lucía De La Flor García
    1st BAT A

  15. I don't like to think about short term resolutions, though, it's inevitable not to set goals or try to change an habit. Therefore, my short term resolutions are related to daily life.
    The first of all would be to put my priorities in order. I have realized over time that it's very important to know when something has to be done and when not.
    My second and last short term resolution is to recover forgotten habits, such as reading or writing. Doing more varied activities enriches the brain and makes you see life differently.

    Rodrigo Romero, 1st Bat B

  16. My short tem resolutions are based in my sport and academic live.
    In my academic live I want to pass batxillerat with good notes.
    And in my sport live I want to do the 100% in training and matches
    Daniel González Sáez 1BAT B

  17. in my short term resolutions I want to be more active in all of my diary activities, practice more sports and be more concentrated studying because I want to have better marks. But the most important resolution is organize my time better because I think I lost too many time in unnecessary things.
    In fact I want to recover the routine I had a few years ago to be more prepared for all is coming in short term.

    Hugo Estébanez, 1st Bat B


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